Date: 16 Apr 02
Headline/Source: 80 year-old Chang Che is conferred with Lifelong Achievement Award (Ming Pao)
Andy announced Chang Che winner of Lifelong Achievement Award (stareastnet)
Andy plans to film a classic wuxia movie (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy ever collaborated with big director (Apple Daily)
Andy voluntarily wants to help Chang Che fulfill his movie dream (Oriental Daily)
Wuxia director bestowed with Lifelong Achievement award (The Sun)
Andy never forgets Chang Che kindness (Min Shen Pao )

At the 21st HK Film Awards press con yesterday, 80 year-old veteran wuxia director Chang Che was honored winner of the highest title , Lifelong Achievement Award.

Andy was invited to make the announcement. He represented the movie circle in showing respect to this senior. Andy highlighted the deep influence director Chang had on wuxia movies in HK.

Andy is probably the only in his era to have a chance working with Chang. In ’83, when Chang was filming Shanghai 13 Taibao, the male lead Fu Shen was killed in road accident. Director Chang hand-picked Andy to act in the movie.

Director Chang has always hope to film wuxia movie again. Andy wished he could help him to fullfill this dream

But Andy’s ability is limited. He is seeking the help of others such as Johnnie To, Andrew Lau Mr & Mrs Heung. He hopes that with the cooperation of many , another wuxia classic can be filmed. Andy commented people like Stephen Chow are those who have potential for action movies.

Andy visited Chang recently, they communicated by writing as Chang has diminished hearing & has strong dialect accent. Chang wont be present to collect the award as he has difficulty in walking.

The award will be presented to his house. Those who had collaborated with him such as Chen Pei-pei, Wang Yu, Chiang Da Wei etc will be present.

Andy was asked on feeling of being nominated. He quipped, “I almost forgot I was nominated, I will be anxious only when I am there! “ Andy will sing Kick Out A Future on that night.

Other performer include Thai singer Tae & others from Japan, etc.

On the arrest of Nic, Andy said, “I am in no position to comment, hope everything will be over soon.”

Would it affect artiste from buying car insurance?

“It is always difficult. My car insurance is bought under the name of the driver. I seldom drive.”

Source: Apple Daily

It was rumored that teamwork soon-to-be filmed movie , Gongfu Boy & Girl, is contemplating change of leads. Is it due to the negative news of Cecilia & Nic ?

The movie was initially slated to start filming next month, but now with the leads undecided, it may be postponed a bit later. When Andy was approached yesterday , his asst Kali replied, “Nothing has been fixed yet. Initially it was only thinking of getting who to film, the slot is not confirmed. Now it is still at preparation stage.”

Chinastar Ms Li said they are still at negotiating stage, as to change of lead, they should ask Teamwork.

D f al.com

15/4---Today attended the press con of HK Film Awards. I am honored to announce the winner of Lifelong Achievement Award. He is the renowned director Chang Che. Everyone don’t think that he is the famous director of the 60s, so I have never worked with him before. Actually I was selected to act in a movie directed by him. The name of movie is Shanghai 13 Taibao. Director Chang capability is extraordinary, his contribution to movie circle is enormous. I am v respectful to this senior. He is loved by all in the circle. His winning is deserving.

14/4---After touring a day in Japan, today going back to HK. But before boarding the plane, couldn’t help went to play again. This game is quite fun. Haha~~~ that’s to clip toys ! V happy can bring the winning items home to HK.

15/4 @ 1700hrs

News from al.com
Title: Relax tour at Universal Studio

After his work at Osaka, Andy stayed in Japan for a visit. He visited Universal Studio. When he saw cartoon characters, like a kid, he rushed to have photos taken with them. He had a playful time in the studio.

Date: 15 Apr 02
Source: Min Shen Pao

Yang Shen Hua is a lucky girl. After she became the female lead in Andy’s Icy Rain MTV, she entered entertainment circle. She did a commercial last year with Lin You Wei. She signed up with a managerial co, has filmed movies & TV serials. She too hopes to become famous one day.

She disclosed the experience of being ‘electrified’ by Andy. During filming of MTV, unexpectedly, Andy warmly helped her to apply the moisturizer on her hands. She was shocked to be loved & appreciate his caring move.

D f al.com

13/4---With a relaxed mind , visited Universal Studio. The whole gp of us toured around the area, met the actors too. Whenever I am outstation I really enjoy the time to visit places. Other than 'opening up the eyes', it is spice for my busy schedule.

Date: 14 Apr 02
News f al.com
Andy performance in Japan was warmly received

Andy was invited to attend IBM gathering in Japan Osaka. He sang a few popular tunes. He was warmly received by the audience & he mingled well with them. It was a busy nite. Boss of IBM presented Andy with bouquets, to thank him for coming & had a duet with him !

Source Sudden Weekly [ Part II]

When he saw Chinese lady’s apron being sold at the shoping center, he was v excited. He gave a thumb-up, proudly praising product of the Chinese ! Wei ! Mr. Lau, this is the section of female lingerie !

During his shopping spree, a scene of ‘teacher-meet-student’ was enacted.

A familiar voice came from behind, calling him by his name, “Liu De Hua !” On turning his head, Andy saw the sale person of the shop was actually his old English teacher of Ge Li Sec School , Miss Lee. She had migrated to America few years ago, & opened a store here. Andy pulled his gang to support with patronize . A photo is a must with Andy’s visit to her store.

She asked Andy to select a souvenir. Andy thought of getting a cute piggy […heehee.. in Mandarin : pig is 'zhu'...]. But later he chose a practical item, a pencil sharpener. This can help him to sharpen his eye brow pencil during make up. He is really a serious person.

At the end of his America tour, out of his 8 bags of luggage, half are from his present shopping spree, no wonder he took a day to pack.

[The End]

13/4 @ 1630 hrs
D f al.com

12/4---At Osaka tonite, attended gathering of IBM company as their performing guest. Everyone had a v good time, even the boss of IBM was v involved. He had a duet with me on the stage. Guess what song was it ? Not Japanese song ! It’s Days Gone Through Together, really surprised !

Date: 13 Apr 02
Source: Sudden Weekly issue #350
Headline: Andy swept sale items in New York

In HK, Andy hardly has a chance to enjoy shopping, not to say going to a sale in the commoner shopping center. But at end of March, during his America concert tour, he took the opportunity to go shopping in NY & Toronto. It was time of change of season sale. Andy bought 100 over items of shirts, long pants & shoes, spending only HK 100,000, really a bargain ! During his shopping spree, he met his secondary teacher by chance . Meeting an old friend in a foreigh land, the world is small indeed !

Though Andy is a Heavenly King, his clothing style is not limited to branded items. Actually he has always love the local American casual wear, its simple design, the quality good & easy to mix & match.

Maybe because he seldom has a chance to shop in such a relax manner, he was seen pushing the cart round & round the shop, as happy as a kid, he kept saying, “So long never buy so much things, so happy !”

Other than t shirts, jeans are his target too. He went in & out of the changing room, the ones he tried are mostly dark colored series. He bought finally a total of 8, a big spender indeed.

To sweep the chap items, of course include new sports shoes. Within an hr, Andy tried 30 over pairs but only 8 are successful buy.

As he was happily buying, Cherrie Yin appeared suddenly. Cherrie was actually having holiday in her home in NY, on learning Andy’s arrival, she acted as host to guide them to this area for the sale.

[a few more short notes coming up tomorrow..., late for work now. ]

D f al.com

11/4---Reached the airport early this am, for official duty in Japan. Arrived at Osaka this afternoon, I am staying here for a few days, then back to HK.

Date: 12 Apr 02
D f al.com

10/4---Earlier have always been busy with work, so happy today have some free time, met up with an old friend, feel v happy. Who is he ? He’s Ericsson higher official, also my good friend. Though my contract with Ericsson is over, we still maintain good relationship, mixing v well with him !

Date: 11 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy set up own company (Apple Daily)
Andy set up regional Multi-media company ( Stareastnet )

[News as in yesterday.]

D f al.com

Recording progress is v smooth this time . Everyone is satisfied. Today need to record a highly difficult song, need lot of energy to sing. Maybe I was too absorbed in singing, those in the recording room were v happy. As they saw I used up all my energy to sing. I think after singing I would lose at least 3 lbs ! Ha~~~

Date: 10 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy set up another new company (Min Shen Pao)
Andy , boss of Multi-talented (Sin Pao)
Andy set up Multi Media co (United News)

Yesterday Andy announced the set up of a new company, ‘Multi-talent Media’ Pte Ltd , in HK, TW, M’sia & S’pore, he as the sole proprietor. The co will design & produce his albums, concerts & develop new talents.

This co is still in the process of preparation. New office in TW at Fu Xin Nan Rd is still under renovation. When it is ready he will come for the opening ceremony.

He was to TW ‘secretly’ in the middle of March for photo shoots. The shoots were taken for the cover of his soon to be released album. He is doing recording at the moment. Li An Siu is his music producer. If all goes on well, he will come to TW in the summer holidays for the album release. The new co will handles his upcoming album.

It was rumored before that Andy has withdrawn his investment in Tian Chong Entertainment, & has ended his collaboration with Lando Li. Now he has set up his own co, does it mean that he & Lando Li collobaration of 20 yrs has come to an end ? Has he withdrawn from Tian Chong ?

Lando Li when contacted via phone in Beijing, explained , “Tian Chong is still a co owned by Andy, he is still the shareholder. In future Tian Chong handles mainly filming of movies, tv serials & concerts. Andy does not film TV serials, Tian Chong does not handles albums, so now he set up another co to handle albums. I am still collaborating with Andy.” Andy who is magnanimous , does not say a word on the matter.

Source: Stareastnet dated 9/4

2002 Mc Donald Youth Soccer will accept applications starting from tomorrow. This is the biggest soccer activity in HK opens to youth age between 6 & 18. Andy is invited to be one of the promoters of the activity…

sina news dated 8/4

Andy believes strongly in exercise. He said exercise helps in rejuvenation, & keeps him in top form. He exercises at home when he is free. His gym at home is complete with exercise gadgets. He trains to toughen up the chest & does sit-ups, with swimming to keep fit. Before concert he jogs to train the stamina. When he is filming he exercises with dumb bells, keeping himself v fit.

D f al.com

9/4---Recording studio has almost become my office this week, everyday reporting for work here. Similarly for today, spend the whole day in the studio. Some fans worry that I only concentrate on movie development & neglect my music. But everyone rest assured. I am still full of enthusiasm for music. With the support of all, how can I give up ! Would not even let everyone disappoint .

Date: 9 Apr 02
D f al.com

7/4---Today continue with recording work. As I am filming new movie soon, lately rush with productions of new album. Want to know what lyrics I write ? Want to know what sort of music I make ? Haha~~~ remember to support my new album.

Date: 8 Apr 02
Source: Apple Daily /Ta Kung Pao

Anita Mui’s concert ended 2 nights ago. At celebration bash, she commented, “I am so touched, I feel I have passed the most prosperous 20 yrs of my life.” But she has still yet a wish unfilled, that is to do a musical play. Is she going to do with Andy ? She admitted that is their common wish, but they are still waiting for a good script, before they get investors to support. She will wait patiently no matter what happens.

Date: 7 Apr 02
D f al.com

6/4---Today recording studio rented out to someone, don’t need to do recording, so stay at home. But I did not laze around, stay at home the whole day to write lyrics for songs, unknowingly a day passed.

5/4---After busy with concert lately, now busy with preparation of the new movie. Today rushed to do recording of new album. All in all it is busy ! Busy ! Busy! I know everyone has been expecting my new album for a long time. Hope everyone be patient, my new album will be out soon, hope everyone can support then !

06 04 02
A Special Birthday Wish to a Special person:
Many Happy Returns, Ms Zhu ! Have a wonderful day!!

Date: 6 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy & Anita sang a love duet song (Apple Daily)
Anita & Andy sealed enmity with a kiss , fans turned frenzy for 3 minutes (Oriental Daily)
Andy appeared only after ‘thousands of calls’ (Ming Pao)
Andy kissed Anita lightly showing his true feelings (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy & Anita hugged & kissed on stage (stareastnet)

Andy was at HK Coliseum 2 nights ago after returning from America on the same day. He attended Anita Mui’s concert.

On the stage, he hugged her warmly, gave her a kiss openly. This made Anita v happy. The close behavior quells previous rumor of them being not on good terms.

Andy watched the full show, he waved glow sticks, his hands & moved like a kid. He wasd not spotted at first.

In the middle of the concert, Anita said, “I heard my friend Andy came tonite, …” before she could finished her sentence, the audience yelled “wahzai wahzai.!” Anita smiled sweetly,” He is only coming to see, he wont go up the stage..” The audience became even more frenzy, they stomped the floor, & screamed fro Andy. Anita started singing to control the atmosphere, but the audience wont relent. 12,000 of them gave a 3 min of screaming & stomping. On seeing this , Anita had no choice but to invite Andy up the stage.

Andy jumped over the barricade without second thought. He hugged her warmly, & kissed her on the face openly. After which he prepared to leave, but the audience yelled, “Sing song sing song “ The duo lovey-dovey, then Andy said, “I accompany u singing!” Anita said, “u sing I listen from here!” Finally they settled with the duet, Moon Represents My Heart.. It was touching & heartwarming Anita concluded” I have known Andy for 10 over yrs, we will keep this relationship, no matter what happens!” Ge Ming Hui who was another guest, teased on the stage, “Andy is smart, he just appeared in the middle of concert, don’t need to dance till so breathless, he just hug & kiss & sang , there, told u Anita loves Andy the most !”

Date: 5 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy sent condolences at WTC, blue beams added to his grief (Ming Pao )
Andy met Alan Tam by chance in Atlantic city (Sing Tao)
Andy appeared in Coliseum to support Anita (Oriental Daily)
Andy sent condolences at WTC site (stareastnet)
Deep feelings on sending condolences at WTC site, hopes the beams becomes rays of peace (Ta Kung Pao)
Grieved at WTC remnants after 911 event, Andy hopes Rays of Peace bring the deceased to Heaven (Apple Daily)

When Andy was having his concert tour in America, during his free time he went to NY to watch a show & do shopping. The most unforgettable thing was however the special trip he made to the remnants of WTC to send the condolences.

He had visited WTC before & had photo taken. Now on re-visiting the place, what he saw was a rubble. He was overwhelmed with feelings. Though the site where WTC was has been renovated, the area is no longer as bustling as before. To commemorate the loss, the Americans shine 2 giants blue beams into the sky at night. As he had photo taken in front of the beams, he was full of thoughts. He said, “Hope the beams are like Heavenly ladder that lead all the deceased to Heaven. I too hope this Ray of Peace will remind the world the importance of peace.’

On that day of visit, he was sadden to see the workers dug up 2 bodies. Despite the 911 event was over so long, there are still remains in the rubble, the workers are still working day & night to clear the rubble. He hopes there is no war, now that the situation in ME is v tense.

Andy also visited the Condolence center under the guidance of the authority. He was grieved & sadden by the notes of remembrance, left by relatives of the deceased. He was v touched to see photos of the deceased police & fireman who had made the heroic sacrifice.

Andy met Alan Tam in AC, Alan was also there to do shows too. They had meal together. At the time when Andy was put in the cold by TVB, Alan Tam had taken Andy for concerts as dancers or acting as guest, as such Andy is always v grateful to Alan.

Andy had read news while in America, he knew Anita has increased shows. He went to her concert last night to render support.

Missed out news dated 4/4
Source: Ming Pao

It was rumored lately that Milky Way Movie productions under the control of Johnnie To has the intention of releasing IPO in HK. Andy Lau is the 2nd major shareholder of Milky Way.

Johnnie when contacted confirmed the plan for IPO, but declined to comment further on the dividends & other details.…

d f al.com

3/4---Today back to HK, but have no time to rest, rushed to have meetings for the new movie, to discuss the script, believe will be v busy with work soon

28 Mar to 4 Apr --- I am going on holidays, ....er, not to America, but Down Under... ! News update may be delayed a day or two! Bye2.

Visit website by Janechu, , read a complate wrtite-up by Jane on SF concert. See many interesting pictures. Thanks a lot, Jane.

Date: 4 Apr 02
Source: Oriental Daily

Andy had returned from NY yesterday morning.

CCT Multimedia had invested in Teamwork since Teamwork was relaunched 2 years ago. The colloboration is always happy, but lately there is a rumor that their relatiosnship has turned sour. It was even said that CCT had sent Andy a letter , telling him not to interfer with the admin work, is kicking him out of the board of directors. He was told to concentrate on his entertainment production. The reporter waited for Andy at the airport to confirmed.

Andy was stunned with the news, he said, "Is it ? Who said that ? I have never heard of it, I am not sure myself. This is a serious matter, I have to understand first. "

CCT when contacted , denied the rumor. "The co is working fine with Andy, there is no problem at all. There is no such letter. How come there is such a rumor?"

Teamwork had filmed mnay movies last year, box office all v good. Andy is the soul of Teamwork, CCT owns only 40% of stake. Andy is the big boss, nobody can kick him out of the director board.

Source: Ming Pao

Andy is still the main pillar of HK movie box office. The movie starring him with Rosumund & Shu Qi, Wesle's M F is still the top at bix office for Easter's holidays.

D f al.com

2/4---Today leaving A C for NY city, to take an evening flight backto HK, see all in HK then.

[Katherine leaving Melb today, see u in S'pore ! ...]

Date: 3 Apr 02

Concert in Atlantic City

D f al.com

1/4---2 shows in A C has now completed, many thnaks to the fans for the warm support, such that the concert could go on smoothly. After attending post concert party, returned to hotel room, guess waht would I do in the room ? Haha.

Date: 2 Apr 02

Relaxing in Toronto

D f al.com

31/3---After arriving at Atlantic City , the first thing to do is to sleep, 'cos the first concert is at 2 am, must conserve enough energy. Seldom need to do concert in the wee hrs of morning, this is real fresh experience.

I had read the news today, knew Taipei has earthquake.I too worry for the safety of fans, hope u all take good care.

Date: 1 Apr 02
Source: Apple Daily/The Sun
Wesley's M F leads at box office

Since Nic Tse has openly indicated his separation with Faye Wong & his new love interest exposed, his movie opened last Thurs, Love Star, was hit with poor box office, until today there is no sign of improvement. It loses to Andy's Wesley's M F badly.

After 3 days, Love Star collected $ 580,000, a far cry from champ movie Wesley's M F, which collected $2.5 mil in 3 days. Collections for Leslie's movie was $750,000, & Princess D $560,000.

At no.2 spot is The Time Machine with 1.89 mil.

Dear Jane,please contact our new friend, Dorothy Wong

Below is mail from Dorothy: Received with thanks !!

Dear Katherine:
... Please let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great work you have done and the diligence that you have endue all this time.... When Andy was in San Francisco, Jane Chu has a write up about her encounterment with Andy. I enjoyed reading it very much. I am also from San Francisco and did go to meet Andy in the airport and of course attended the concert with eight other friends. After reading Jane Chu article, I really wanted to get to know her and maybe contact her thru e-mail, .. Hopefully, when Andy is in town again, we will have a larger group of fans to give him the warmest welcome from San Francisco.

Before I go, I want to share with you my experience with Andy while he was in SF, if you like to share it with other fans on your site, you are welcome to do so.

Andy was here and now he is gone

On Saturday 3/23/02, local time 12:45pm Andy arrived at the SF International Airport. I was fortunately enough to meet him face to face at the airport. There were a few Andy World Club members also present to welcome Andy. He looks very nice, dressed with long sleeves sweat shirt and dark color jean. Always has a smile on this face. He pushed his own luggage cart while his assistant Ka Li walked in front of him. He paused momentarily for the fans, but the bodyguards insisted him keep on moving. He was a bit confused too and made a remark to the bodyguards saying "You ask me keep going, I didn't even know which way you want me to go !" Poor Andy. I believe only one to two persons were able to get his autograph. Someone bought him some sort of home made drinks (maybe soup)? I did try to take picture of Andy during this short period of time (all together is less than 3 minutes), only two photos did come out clear, that was when he first walk out from the custom exit, the rest of it are all out of focus. He was taken in a black limousine and left the airport right after.

There is a side note about this encounterment. While we all are waiting patiently for Andy to come out from the custom, there were also other passengers continuously coming out from the same exit. There were two American men looking very excited and talked to us immediately when they first came out. They said that they knew who we are waiting for, indicated that Andy was still back inside and knew that he must be some sort of superstar! We all respond to these two men with a proud face and a great smile. Andy really has his charisma that even attracts foreigners to notice him.

On Sunday, I went with my friends (totally 9 of us) to attend the concert. Of course it was spectacular and Andy performed to his utmost. The selection of songs was a bit different from the concert in HK, but overall the show was the same. All my friends who has very limited exposure to Andy's music, but after the show, they all agreed that was a well worthful event and would understand why I was so thrill about Andy. Look, I have successfully converted eight other individuals to take interest in Andy now. I feel so proud of myself and hope Andy's work will continue to prove to them he is an all around artist who has both the talent and look. In fact, because of this concert, I further discovered that beside this group of 8, there are other friends of mine who are also crazy for Andy. From now on, we will have nonstop conversation topic about Andy beside our professional work. ....

Date: 31 Mar 02
Headline/Source: Andy examined himself immediately & exclaimed: still got a lot ! (Apple Daily)
Andy stole time to do shopping while having concert in SF (Oriental Daily)
Andy's show in SF, audience asked if he has axillary hair(stareastnet)
America & Canada concert tour greeted with warm welcome, Andy had extraordinary gain (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy opened concert in SF (Ming Pao )

Andy had started his America concert tour. His first stn was in SF.

In the concert , Andy again put in his best, with good songs & hot dance. The audience were fully enchanted. The most unforgettable incidence was when after the show had started not long, an audience yelled, "Wah ! You dont have hairs under the armpit ?" On hearing this, Andy mischievously turned his back to the audience, peeped sheepishly under his armpits, then turned back to face the audience, exclaimed, "You frignhtened me ! How can there be no ? (hair ) So much also can't see ? Do u have problem or not ? " The audience burst into loud laughter.

Other than getting on well with the audience on the stage, Andy is one who assumes no air off the stage. On the first day of arrival , he was worried with the time difference, he could not sleep at nite , that might affect his show, so he chose to roam abt with his assistants than to sleep in the hotel.

Though he is a superstar, he is not a slave to branded goods. He asks for comfort the most. He went to a shop with big sale & bought a lot of stuff, from t-shirts, jeans, belts to shoes,a full cart-load cost him only a thousand over.

Whenever Andy goes, he is always recognised. During this trip, as he was waiting for his assistants, many foreigners, Black & Caucasians, smiled to him, greeted him & shook hands with him. Some even went up to tell him ,"Good movie !" Andy was v puzzled at first. He found out later that his movie DOAD was shown on the plane, many passengers thus recognised him, & actively greeted him !

D f al.com

30/3---This afternoon again met another friend, no time to have a meal with him in HK, now had lunch with him in NY. He is Alan Tam. Alan is here on official matter, could have a good gathering with him here. He paid for 30 over of us, here I said thank you to him.

Nite time enjoyed a show. The style of performance is v special. The audience need to stand up to see, the performance will use wire, flying above our head. So exciting ,really an eye opener.

Date: 30 Mar 02
Source: stareastet

4 days of Easter holidays in HK started yesterday. Many new movies were released during this golden slot. The trend, however, does not point to a soaring box office, esp for HK movies. Despite having lots of love news , Nic Tse's new movie is not selling well. Looks like he wins in love but lost in box office. (Rumor that he has dumped Faye & Cecilia is his new love interest). It may also be due to many Hongkongers having gone overseas.

China Star Wesley's M F with the strongest cast is the biggest draw, among the 4 HK movies. It tops at boxoffice, collected $720,000 on the first day, was the champ movie. None of the other HK movies make it to $200,000. Princess D (Want To Fly) shown in 20 cinemas, colected $180,000. (?) by Leslie collected $160,000 in 22 cinemas, another one opened in 27 cinemas collected $150,000, is the worst movie at box office.

Western movies, in contrary, are more welcome, movies such as The Time Machine, We Were Soldiers & E.T each collected $400,000 over.

D f al.com

After leaving Toronto, have 2 days free, went to NY for tour. So happy to bump into an old friend. Actually she is my teacher when I was in Ge Li Secondary school. This Miss Lee opens a toy shop in NY, able to meet an old teacher overseas,feel extreamly close.

We too visited a place that leaves too much memory, that's is the site of WTC after 911 . The nearby buildings still have shattered window panes. It makes one think abt the devastating scene. We saw a place which is only for the releatives of the deceased, saw many photos of the deceased. Reminiscence of those days makes one frigtened. We saw many photos of the fireman & policeman, feel real sorry. This event warns the World, hope there is peace on Earth.

29/3 @ 1530 hrs Melb time
News fr al.com

28/3---The 2nd concert in America was held in Casino Rama. It was a full house of 5,000 audience. But when the concert began at 8pm, only half of the seats were filled. Andy had a shock when he saw this, he thought the response was so bad. Not until 8:45 pm the audience started walking in continuously & took up all the seats. Andy was then relieved. Actually Totonto had a snow storm, resulting in a heavy traffic jam. The atmosphere was highest at Latin dance section.

D f al.com

28/3---After concert in Toronto, stayed here for another day to meet the fans. Had not seen them for a long time, know everyone is concerned abt me.I too took this opportunity to communicate more with them. Though I cannot meet the Canadian fans often, your support is appreciated. Thank u very much !

27/3---When I left hotel this am I felt v cold, the temp was onle -3 degree C,snowing too. The journey which should be only 1/2 an hr took v long to cover.Concert in Toronto went on smoothly, the audience response was alos v warm. The only drawback was the concert venue was a casino, only 19 & above are allowed in, those which children are thus not allowed in. From casino to hotel took naother 2 over hrs, after the concert took a shower at the changing room. After shower felt v relaxed & comfortable, fell asleep as soon as I was on the car.

Date: 29 Mar 02

Greetings to u ! I arrived in Melbourne last night. My flight was kept pleasant, being accompanied by my newly-acquired book, Pigeon Garden, [courtesy of buddy Margaret, thanks a lot !] I had finished reading the first bk (it's easy reading) , & finally I understand the story that I could never understand before from the Cantonese radio drama . The bk comes with few interesting pic , heehee...drawing with face like Andy. Andy wrote calligraphy for the title of the bk, with the word 'ge' (pigeon) shape of a pigeon, ....

News update coming up later. Happy Easter !

Date: 28 Mar 02
Source: Apple Daily

[...before I go to the airport, briefly...]

Concert in Toronto was met with snowy weather...seats were only half-filled, as the audience was caught in the bad weather. Luckily all turned out well, & audience came in in full force. It was a successful concert !...

Bye bye !

Correct name for the new movie : The Wisley's Mysterious File.

Schedule fr al.com

24/3---Concert Tour San Francisco Henry J Kaiser Event Cneter
26/3---Concert Tour Toronto Casino Rama
31/3---Concert Tour Atalntic City Taj Mahal casino resort

Date: 27 Mar 02
Concert in SF

D f al.com

26/3---This am taking a flight to Canada, for concert in Toronto. At Canadian customs, checking was v stringent. All the luggage & body were checked. We were no exception. Some workers even had to take off the shoes to let them check. Really thorough. Stepping out of the airport, cold air hit my face, so cold that my body was trembling all the time. The temp was actually ?5 degree C. Weather forecast was snow tomorrow. How cold shall let u know then.

Happy Shopping in SF

Date: 26 Mar 02

D f al.com

[updated 26/3 @ 1730hrs ] 25/3---Tonite is the first nite of America concert. Afternoon went to survey the concert site, got ready for concert.

Saw many people at the concert, had not met fans in SF for a long time, everyone was v high, some fans even shouted, ?Do u have hair at the armpits ?? Ha ! Why should I not having ! Of course I lifted up my arm to prove to her ! But really thankful to the support of fans tonite. Tomorrow going to Toronto.

[...was that u, Janechu ?? heehee...]

24/3---After many hrs of long distance flight, finally arrived at SF. Had not been to American for a period of time, took this opportunity before the concert, to roam abt in city & do shopping. Had a relaxing day.

[?saw him, Janechu ?? ]

Source: Stareastnet/Singtao

Some in order to win abode in HK, created havoc in the territory, some use the correct path, with her own talents. The person mentioned here is Shirley Wong. She became famous immediately after appearing in Andy?s concert. In addition she played a role in Andy?s movie DOAD, putting herself a step further. Now she is a celebrity in HK , her shows are always a draw. Many rich tai-tais have enlisted her as dance instructor, she has even clinched a commercial deal of a sports center.

Source: Stareastnet

Liao Wei-siong (Ah Chan) indicated he will invest in a production co later on, to film a 13-parter TV serial of a different genre, with a sum of 2 mil. The serial is titled Rich Friends & Poor Friends, the theme is on Andy Lau before he was famous. He is yet to inform Andy, to avoid misunderstandings.

Date: 25 Mar 02
Source: Nanfang Net

Fu Min Xia, 23, Chinese Olympic gold medallist, is to marry HK?s financial chief, Anthony Leung, 50. At interview, she was asked to comment on HK man, which type she prefers, it it the charismatic Chow Yin Fat, Wang Mian De, Andy Lau or intellectual powerful Anthony Leung & Zen Minqian ? She disclosed she is more familiar with Andy & Leung. She prefers man who is matured. How abt Andy Lau in her eyes ?

?I feel he is a v nice man, just like a big brother, he is always v nice to younger singers in the shows.?

She quelled the rumor that her manager had contacted Andy?s co before. She has no manager.

Source: United News

?Fu Min xia first encounter with Anthony Leung had left her with an inedible impression, he occupies her heart as much as her idol Andy Lau, with the same position, at this 1st encounter.

Ta Kung Pao

Andy said was shocked by the news at first, but he wishes to congratulate them, age is not a matter as long they truly love one another & happy at being together.

Source: Sin Pao dated 24/3

2nd Music Hits Awards in Shenzen Mainland China, touted as Grammy of China, was held last night. It is a big annual event with singers coming from the 3 countries across the straits.

The grandest awards of the day is Most P M & F Singer, followed by Best Composer M & F Singer awards, & the local Best M & F Singers.

Best Male Singer : Leon Lai (HK), Jay Chou (TW)

Most Popular Male Singer : Andy Lau (HK), Richie Ren (TW) Soon-nan (China) .

Andy did not attend as he has concert tour in America he thanked the orgniser thro the screen.

D f al.com

23/3---Today set off to America for the concert tour. For a long time have not met American fans. See u then !

[Congratulations to fans in America, Janechu, van skreen, Terrie, hsiu & all !! Good luck !! ]

Date: 24 Mar 02
Headline/Source: Shu Qi with low-cut beat Rosamund who was all wrapped up (Apple Daily )
Andy respects ?elderly?, held Rosamund (Sing Tao)
Andy 3-hr training at gongfu to film new movie (Oriental Daily)
Andy: will take full precautions (Ming Pao)
Rosamund took it as respecting elderly (Ta Kung Pao)

Shu Qi, Andy , Rosamund, Wang Pei Xia , Andrew Lau , Mr , Mrs Heung , their son & others were at the premiere of Wisely BBM at Tsim Sha Tsui Hai Yun cinema 2 nights ago. Sui Qi wore a low-cut D-mop skirt, was the center of attraction. In contrast, Rosamund clad in a casual outfit with no flesh exposed was not the interest of media.

Andy was gentlemanly. In between the 2 ladies, he seemed to take care of Rosamund more. He held her up & down the stage. Zhi zhi joked, ?He is respecting the elders."

Rosamand said there was no difficulties for her in filming the passionate scene, as she did was not on wires.

Teamwork new movie, temporarily named Gongfu Boy & Girl, original name was Golden Bamboo Basket, will star Cecilia Cheung & Vicki Chao as female leads .

Andy will act as a rich man son who loves gongfu. The story ended as he turns over a new leaf.

He is learning hard at gongfu presently. 3 times a week. He said, ?not necessary to be perfect, just need a style, just like in Moment of Romance I rode the motorbike just for show, actually I couldn?t ride.?

The story is set at early Ming dynasty, he is happy to know that he will be wearing shorts to play gongfu.

The love story is abt a girl who was adopted since young by the rich to be the ?daughter-in-law? Who will be this pitiful girl, Cecilia or Vicky ? Andy smiled & did not answer.

As everyone need to know some gongfu, Cecilia has just recovered from spinal injury, will Andy make things to suit her specially ? Jested, ?Everyone ask her to be careful. How abt me, don?t I need to be careful too ? I was injured before, don?t u worry for me ? ??He explained they will have safety precautions .

Andrew said the male lead is Andy, female leads will come from Mainland, HK & TW. Production at 4 to 5 mil. Filming will start at end of Apr in Shanghai.

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22/3---Does everyone know that every occupation has some dangers lurking around ? I knew it only today ! Attended Occupational Health press con as ambassador, understand not only high rise or worksite have dangers, it is just that we do not pay attention . Everyone take care of health in yr occupation, then can we be happy & safe.