13/4 @ 1515 HRS

For days British footballer David Beckham has been dogged by news of his affairs with a nos of females. Andy quipped that having affairs with females is tougher than kicking football, he believes Beckham will not have enough of energy left.

Chen Dao Ming criticized Hero & IA3 are 2 movies that is meaningless & over publicized. It is not the movie that attract the viewers. Though a certain degree of advertisement is necessary, the movies nowadays is just like making a commercial. The result is not what the viewers have hoped for. What is he seeking then ? He quipped it is wisdom....


Jiang Hu which was initially scheduled for release on May 1 in China has been called off, according to internet news. The news had been confirmed yesterday when Wu Si Yuan was contacted, he said another movie will be screened in place of JH, if there is still no progress. The movie put too much weight on HK actors, it has not been in accordance to the agreement that 1/3 of the roles shd be from the Mainland actors. The storyline is too sensitive, as it involves underworld gangland. Too much jargon by gangsters were used at the official website. Eric said he had overlooked this & he will make some changes on that.

DATE: 13 APR 04

2 nights ago, together with 1.200 friends & fans, Andy celebrated his Best Actor wins at Ocean Palace with a 100-table dinner. Fans came from Mainland, HK, TW, Japan, Korea & other places around the world. His friends who came to congratulated him included Mr & Mrs Heung, Anthony Wong, Haken Li, Miao Qiao Wei, Felix Wong, Josie Ho, Chang Chao Fei, Karen Mok, Stephen Feng, Lam Ka Tong, Ellis Teng, etc. Sally Yeh rushed from airport after her arrival at 9 pm to congratulate him.

Andy toasted with guests on the stage. Haken suggested singing the duet of IA3 with Andy, to the delight of all. Haken said he has let Andy down as the song was not even nominated in HKFA movie song, if Andy had sung it, it might be nominated. Andy thanked him for helping to record the song & reassured him nominated or not, he is the best candidate to sing the song. He teased that it was not his fault, as the co stressed more on IA2. They sang this song which was written & composed by Andy himself.

After the song, Andy promised his fans that he will not give up on singing, even though he has lawsuits. He reminded his fans other than buying his album, they shd support Haken his best friend.

Andy had prepared a gold medal of Running on Karma to present to all the friends who came. At the back of the medal was his writing, 'Give or take is all a thin line of thought'. Indeed v meaningful.

Stephen had most unexpectedly left the dinner midway & drove home to take 6 tapes back to the restaurant. He presented them to Andy. He said, "Brother Andy is always my idol. 10 over yrs ago when u acted as Yang Guo, I had already taken u as the most handsome guy on earth. I had clipped all the parts that had only u in the serial & made into 6 tapes. I had always thaught 10 yrs later I can be a handsome actor too. But never know 10 yrs alter u are still so handsome. I have no more chance, so I change my target to be the most handsome director. I can only compete with Andrew Lau et al, I think I can make it, haha. "

Anthony was v comical, when he received the medal of Best Friend from Andy, he quipped, "I am afraid of u now, every time when I contest with u, I always lose." Andy followed, "Anthony, the best thing is you do not contest with me next time . Actually I am more afraid of u, your acting is too good, it is more true that every time I am afraid of losing to u."

When Andy popped champagne at the tables, he playfully sprayed at his friends Felix, Miao Qiao Wei & Chang Yao fei at al, they had to hide with the table cloth, Karen & Josie sought cover. Felix & Miao later took revenge by shooting back at Andy when he was not prepared. Andy was thus drenched . His coat was gone but he wont mind, they hugged & smooched, everybody was having fun & happiness.

Not only Andy had photo taken with all the fans on the stage, he went to every table to toast. His fans who are all extreamly happy with his recent crowning, had prepared many bottles of champagne , paper poppers etc. to celebrate with him. Each embraced Andy. Andy had at least hugged 1,200 people tonight , even if it is not a world record, it is definitely a HK record !

Apr 10 to Apr 12-----News update will be delayed. I am going to HK for the AWC Movie Awards celebration dinner party!

9/4 @ 1930 HRS

Andy, newly crowned King of Movie, was happy & was touched by his fans on his way out. He went bowling at Kowloon Wan 430pm the next day, continuing with celebration. After a heavy night, he did not play his usual standard but the fans were too happy not to bother.

9/4 @ 1400 HRS

Best Actor Andy is again having a big production! Though the newly conferred title made him excited he is not lax his work on hand. On Apr 20 he will be flying to Lan Zhou in Gan Su to shoot a movie with Rene Liu, Ge You in the movie directed by Feng Xiao Gang, called No Thief On Earth.

The strong cast itself is a draw. But the most looking forward to is the role played by Andy, he will act as a bad guy this time. He will be a thief on the train.

The reporter had a chat with Andy's good friend yesterday. He expressed concern as the shooting environment in Gan Su is not v conducive, it is going to be a tough. But why does Andy want to take up the tough role? He replied that it is a modern day movie, Andy & Ge You will act as thives. Andy after reading the script is satisfied & feels the movie is characteristic of Feng Xiao Gang. He is not afraid of hard work.

He added Andy does not matter with fame anymore, he hopes people will acknowledge his acting. In IA he acted as the bad guy, in ROK he shaved his hair off to let people take note of his acting & not his look. Zhang Yomou has praised his acting & professionalism. Andy is humble. The director has tailored this role for Andy.

DATE: 9 APR 04

?Mrs Heung dragged Cecilia into the room & reminded her the more she talked , the more mistake she made. Andy happened to be outside the door yelled at her, "Hey, congrates !" Cecilia came to Andy's side, she beat Andy on his chest, "What joke! What so many romance news." Looking somewhat surprised, Andy explained, "I followed the script . ( when Andy presented the award to Cecilia, he described her as one with lots of romance news.) Andy then talked to Mrs Heung, while Cecilia sent sms.

Andy & Cecilia stayed for abt half an hr at the post award dinner,before they went to the dinner by China Star....

At the backstage, Andy & Jacky who were to present the Best Actress award, practiced their lines. They already knew it was Cecilia. Andy said, "This one has lots of romance news, figure is good, fee is also high?" Jacky nodded . Then Andy changed the lines suddenly , "Shd say like this: Tony, sorry, Carina has no share this time; Sandra, really v sorry, work harder next year; as to who else ?(the other one being karena Lam)…ah..Xin Hao. Xin Hao (co which Karena is under )? Jacky followed, "Wang Hai Feng .. (boss of Xin Hao), bro Feng, sorry, it is not your Karena, then who is thwe winner of this yr HKFA ?" Bith of them laughed after having the fun. But due to time constraint, the above conversation were snipped.


A group of TVB artistes put up a comical Look-alike Imitation show 2 nights ago. They impersonate singers & actors. One of them acted as sally & one as Andy. Sally teased Andy, "TVB cut your part at the HKFA, you were not able to say your feelings, I know you want to say, you were thinking of thanking TVB ! "It is teasing TVB which snipped off Andy's acceptance speech.

DATE: 8 APR 04

As Andy held the Best Actor statuette high in his recent win @ HKFA, a ring glittered conspicuously on his left ring finger.

Traditionally when a man is married he will wear a ring on his left ring finger. Is he now married to his long time gf ? At al.com, other than congratulatory messages on his win, there were wishes to Carol Zhu whose bday falls on Apr 6. Many fans called her affectionally Mrs Hua & quipped the ring & the win are presents for her.

Andy was busy working yesterday, through his co workers he clarified, "The green jade was given to me by the co, it is not a wedding ring."

In February when he was conferred Best Actor by HK Film Critics Society, he wore the same ring. At the beginning of every year, he sees a geomancer. This yr he was told green is his lucky color, so he wore it specially on those days.

Andy seldom wears accessories. At the premiere of ROK last yr in Sept, he wore a silver diamond ring which had also sparked rumors. Actually he bought that ring after seeing Beckham wearing it at a car commercial. Cartier had sponsored him a white gold ring last year at GH Awards.

He buys some hip hop rings or chains, but has no opportunity to wear them. He stresses that after telling so many times, if he is married, he is sure to inform everybody, he wont keep it a secret.


The original date for release of Jiang Hu on May 1 was changed to April 29 with premiere on Apr 26. The co wishes to screen the movie concurrently in HK & China, but there is some problems with the censor board in Mainland, leading to a change in the plan.

It was rumored that the storyline & cast did not pass. No Mainland actors was included in the cast, the storyline differs from the original one submitted. The theme is thus unsuitable, & needs alternation. The distributors are still working hard to arrange for a concurrent screening.


It was reported that HKFA's transparency with votes was the brainchild of Johnnie To. Sandra Ng who lost reproached HKFA. She said the organiser shd not had listened to one person, it is embarrassing for losers. Johnnie To in rebuttal told her to use her brain, the decision is made by the organizer, one in the circle shd accept the outcome?

DATE: 7 APR 04

All Round Ambush is completing the last bit of work in another 10 days. The movie is set to premiere on July 10 @ Beijing Workers Stadium. A grand ceremony bigger than that one for Hero will be held. other than the director, actors Andy, Zhang Ziyi, Takashi will attend. In addition, Jay Chou, Han Hong etc will be the performing artistes.

Zhang Wei Pin the producer said the movie premiere is v special & differs from all previous ones. It is like a celebration dinner, the stage is decorated from a scene in the movie, The Phoenix Tavern. The audience & those present get the feel of being ambushed. The move is to promote China movies.

Ending of the story was disclosed. Andy who from love turned to hate, had a life & death duel with Zhang at the sea of flowers. When Takashi arrived to save the dying Zhang, Zhang expired together with Andy, in the arms of her lover Takashi. It was like Maggie Cheung dying in the arms of Tony in Hero.

HKFA had ended, but accusations on TVB have not stopped. A report yesterday said it was due to the speech by T Chee Hua, from 1 min to 6 min that led to important segments being snipped at the end.

TVB chief manager clarified that it has nothing to do with TVB. It acted according to HKFA arrangement. There was confusion & lack of order in the production of HKFA. TVB is just the broadcaster. The accusation directed at TVB is unfair. The show was overtime by 17 mins. If it was not snipped, the last award on Best Film could not even be broadcasted.

On March 24, TVB indicated it can give HKFA 122 mins. HKFA indicated it needed only 111 min. TVB was willing to give 122 min still. On The day itself, the whole show took 129 mins 34 sec. TVB broadcasted 124 min & 54 sec, 13 min 8 sec more than forecasted by HKFA. Tung Chee Hua spoke for 1 min 20 sec only.

On HKFA transparency with votes, LL in a strong reaction, said there is no such necessity, it is funny?.

6/4 @ 1830HRS

The movie directed by Zhang Yimou opens in July. The movie will enter contest at the Cannes Festival next month, 2046 directed by Wang ka Wei will be at the Festival too.

Andy has clarified that he is playing the supporting role in the movie & will not be involved. He is worried that people might mistaken him when Takashi & Tony vied for Best Actor title at Cannes.

Andy is not able to take being spurned by Zhang Ziyi, he continues to woo her, even wanting to kill her.

After falling in love with Takashi, Zhang made ex lover Andy wanting to kill them.

Andy acted as the highly skilled cop, but he was not able to get himself out of the love triangle.

DATE: 6 APR 04

To boost its transparency, starting from this yr, HKFA will unveil percentage of the votes of the top 3 winners. The results of 23rd HKFA disclosed yesterday shows Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor & Actress & Best Supporting Actress won by a wide margin. Andy with ROK won by more than double.

Andy is v happy with his convincing win. He leads with 38.3% , far ahead of F N. Said he, "I had thought all the other nominees are of high standard & each has his own good points. My win by big margin other than the panel of judges think I act well & diligent, is perhaps they doted on me!" He added since the night before Bauhinia Awards, almost daily whenever he met with any worker, friend or artiste, everyone told him HKFA will be his. He os v touched. "I have made lots of good friendship these 20 yrs. I feel this is more important than winning the award. Many thanks to all the friends who love me. "

FN lost by a fold to Andy, saying there is loss in any competition, he said it is better to lose, by winning one may have no mood to work. In which part he think he loses to Andy ? He quipped Andy acted too well, also his role is both action & non action, also have to convey msg on Buddhism, & Andy had mastered it perfectly.

The results:

Best Film
ROK (35.7%), PTU (25.7%), Lost In Time (17.6%)

Best Director
Johnnie (37.2%) Lost In Time (23.2%) Johnnie & Wei ka Fei (21.7 %)

Best Actor
Andy Lau (38.3%) F N (19.4%) Lau qing Wan ( 17.4%)

Best Actress
Cecilia ( 47.2 %) Cecilia (14.7%) Sandra( 14.3%)

Andy nabbing Best Actor again was extremely happy the whole night. Perhaps he was too happy, the whole night he was thumbs up at all the photo shots. He went to 4 celebrations! His fans were ubiquitous! First he went to HKFA post award bash, a big group was there with banners cheering him. Before he left he shook hands with them all. His car was engulfed by fans & media. He opened his top window & told them to allow him to pass.

Then he went to China Star dinner & stayed for 10 mins. In a hurry he alighted from double yellow lines. His fans again presented him with champagne. A small girl was to kiss him but she was she & turned him down instead , giving him lemon ! Before he left the media presented him with red wine & cakes. His fans cheered on seeing him. He opened the top window to share his happiness with his fans.

After that he went to Andrew Lau B day party. After half an hr or so, at abt 1 30 am he went home in his nanny car. Abt 100 fans lined the road to cheer him at his home for him. They presented him with flowers & cakes & he toasted with them,

But after all the hustle bustle, the thing he hopes most is to allow him to be rid of court case, even useing his trophy in exchange.

TVB which gave live coverage had too many abrupt cuts. Wen Juan expression his dissatisfaction. Andy's speech was snipped too. He however was not unhappy, as it was not a performance, media shd know time is of utmost importance. He had make a deal with Simon if he wins , they will invite the crew from PTU & ROK for a tour, as both are Johnnies movies.

DATE: 5 APR 04

Andy with ROK was crowned Best Actor at the 23rd HKFA.

It was a tense moment when the result was to be announced. When Eric Tsang announced the winner was Hua Zai, Andy continued shaking his head, not sure if it was really him, as Simon is also called Hua Zai. Despite his experience in big occasions, Andy was choked with emotion on the stage, with warm tears in the eyes, he said, "Next time I can be introduced as twice Best Actor Andy Lau. Francis, I remember you, you are one of the 4 evils?(They acted in Condor Heroes before) I am sure to have a chance acting opposite you. Hua zai (Simon), Jacky, thank you! At this moment, fans down the stage yelled, "I Love You." He replied back, "I Love u too I love u all, I love Movie!"

Andy quipped he is equally excited as the first time he won at ROOT, as the contenders were all of equal standard, he did not harbor high hope this time. Lately many people continued to congratulate him, this gave him pressure. As in Bauhinia Awards, everyone patted on his shoulder before the awards, believing he will win but he did not. With that experience, he did not give himself pressure, what others say do not mean all. So he is extreamly happy this time. Those workers whom he never know before all congratulated him.

He admitted whoever got the award, he would feel happy for that person. He would not mind. He is most happy that ROK gets Best Screenplay award, it means that this genre has also scope of full play. He lost when he was nominated in his role in Love On A Diet, now this type of movie is being accepted.

He has not thought of how to celebrate.

As Cecilia had used up too much time in her acceptance speech, the prg exceeded time, Andy's touching acceptance was cut off. TV viewers were v disappointed. Wen Juan the chairman regretted the move of TVB.

Andy did not forget to pay 'tribute' to Francis's declaration that 'My acting is better than Andy Lau.' Francis came decked out in cheong pao & suits. He regretted a lot on the remark he made yesterday. He was not sure if he was drunk at that time, he had forgotten he if he had said. He wanted to explain to Andy but was worried that it became more messy, what he said was too outrageous.

Other than the nominees, there were many other guest award presenters, including CE Tung Chee Wah, Jiang Wen, Feng Xiao Geng, Liu Xuan, Chou Xun, aaron Kwok, Cherrie Yeung, Sumo Hung etc. There was a segment at the beginning to pay tributes to Lam Cheng Qiang, Ko Shou Liang, Leslie & Anita.


Andy & Tony comical dubbing for Duke of Mountain Deer won much applause. When asked abt his feeling at that time of shooting the serial he replied it was v good, both of them were meatier before. He quipped there was no tough time, unlike Tony, as after that he was being put on the shelf.

It was said he is the supporting actor in All Round Ambush, while Takashi K is the lead. All the advertisements are using him. He said actually Takashi really has more parts than him, he is the lead. If the movie enters contest in the Cannes F F, is he deprived of a chance ? He clarified that he thinks he would have no chance to vie for the title. He is not bothered & not sure how the panel judges movies. He is afraid that people who do not understand may think he is thinking he is the lead.

Congratulations to Andy--- Best Actor of 23rd Hongkong Film Award !



The most attention-grabbing annual HKFA held on the 4th Apr @ The HK Culture Center was finally over. Running On Karma won big at the nominations, took home 3 awards. Twin Effect with 7 awards is the most outstanding. Andy Lau & Cecilia Cheung under intense competition finally emerged as the new Movie King & Queen. Best Supporting Actor went to Chapman To & Best Actress to Josie Ho. Best Director is Johnnie To with movie PTU. Best Film is deserver ably Running On Karma.

The event began at 730pm with the red carpet walk. Cecilia won the award with movie Lost In Time. When Andy was named Best Actor & received the award from Eric Tsang, the house screamed with excitement. This is the 2nd time Andy won the award, after the first win in Running Out of Time. With tears brimming in the eyes. Andy, calling himself belonging to idol category, said he always rubbed shoulder with the acting awards. He expressed his deep gratitude to all with the win.

DATE: 04 04 04

Protect The Young Charity Nite jointly organized by TVB & the Foundation where Josephine is the chairman, was held last night. A satisfactory sum was raised. Andy & Tony not only contributed their time in performing, they contributed money.

They performed the art of dubbing. Together they re-dubbed a segment from their old TV serial Duke of Mountain Deer. The coordination was perfect, indeed undisputed Kings of Movies. Josephine gave them a kiss as appreciation, to their delight.

When Josephine revealed they too contributed in cash, they appeared embarrassed, as both are low-keyed with charity.

Upon the quest from reporters, Tony disclosed that he contributed the fee he got from dubbing an animated movie to the Fund. Andy through his Andy Lau Fund contributed yearly to the foundation.


Nominees to this yr HKFA are all of high standard. After clinching the award at B Awards, the chance for Simon in winning has increased considerably. Andy's role in ROK is viewed by outsiders to be the winner. While Andy's acting & diligence is indisputable, Jacky Cheung in G Chick 2 is not to be neglected. Director Derrick praised that Jacky's role is hard to act & he acted well!

But Francis Ng who has been eyeing the award bragged yesterday, "I have bought red wine together with Lau Qing Wan, we are going to celebrate if he or me win. But I really wish to celebrate for my role in IA2! Compared to Andy, I trust my acting is definitely better than his. All in all, I will make everyone regret, including Andy Lau!"

Andy, on the other hand, is not bothered with the comment, he smiled, "In this line, take it as a joke! But I don't wish the whole world to regret, so?let him have the award!"

HKFA catches the attention of the whole HK. Many websites held online voting. The big awards are contested between combination of Johnnie To & Wai Ka Fei , Andrew Lau & Alan Mak. But the netizens seem to favor ROK more, in Best Film & Best Director they get more than half of the votes.


As HKFA draws closer, the pic has become clearer that the hot fave is ROK Andy & Lost In Time Cecilia to win in Best Actor & Actress categories. Simon Yam would have votes v close to Andy. Best Film & Best Director almost certain to go to PTU.

At phone interview yesterday, Andy said, "If I can be recognized, of course happy. Actually I had beforehand always wish Simon will get it. The nominees all have gotten the award in different awards presentations. So everyone can go with ease of mind to attend & support. I will be happy for anyone. Being nominated means I have won."

Johnnie To said to win or not is beyond one's control. It is decided by the panel. "When I shoot movie, the most important is to answer to the boss, & the audience feel good to see, win it or not just take it easy."


Simon praised that Andy is more hardworking than him, good in singing & acting, & the fittest among the 5.


Tung Chee Wah for the first time will attend HKFA tonight & be a guest presenter. Daffy Tang & Liu Pei Ji will also attend to receive award from Andy & Tony for Leslie Cheung & Anita Mui respectively.

There is a report recently saying that the co owned by Peter Lam & Tony is signing up Haken Li. Haken clarified yesterday, "Peter & Andy will only call me bowling, Andy has never asked me to leave my co, Pater has never called me ! Also, I had continued my contract with Universal recently."

DATE: 3 ARP 04



There is no giving chances with awards! But when Simon Yam who had been in circle 30 yrs first wont the Bauhinia award, he was congratulated by Andy & Jacky. It was heroes appreciating heroes.

Though Andy who was a hot fave before the show, congratulated Somon sincerely, he said, "This Hua Zai has been working hard for yrs, I am v happy for him !"




…Simon Yam once said he wishes to share the title with Andy at the HKFA, yesterday at an open activity he hopes all the 5 can share the award !

Tony Leung though not nominated in HKFA, will attend the event tomorrow. On Cannes FF that he might contest with Andy in Best Actor award, he said it is too early to comment on anything.

A praying session was held yesterday for HKFA. There is only one male Wang Zhi Hua & 8 ladies to host tomorrow's event. Other than those previously mentioned, Ada Choi & Kuan Yin are the other 2.

DATE: 2 APR 04

The movie acted by Andy & directed by Chang Yimou opens in July. Andy acted as a cop, has eyes covered by a green cloth in one scene, looking v good. The co uses new tactics to promote the movie, & hopes box office will exceed Hero.


The movie directed by Qian Xiao Gang, No Thief On Earth, is now lacking a male lead. Award-winning Mainland actor Xie Yu has turned down the offer to act the role of Simpleton Geng, probably due to his age. It was rumored Qian's old partner will act, but until now no suitable substitute has been found. On top of this, approval letter from the china authority is yet to come. The set has been in Gan Xu for a month, waiting for order to start shooting.

The other actors of the movie, Andy, Rene Liu, Ge You, Li Bing Bing have their screen looks done. They are to protect Simpleton Geng in the movie.


23rd HKFA will be held this Sunday. Movie personnel Huang SiYuan disclosed yesterday that Tung Chee Wah will give out Best Asain Movie award to show his support to the industry. The govt has also supported their application for a piece of land as permanent address & he is optimistic with the outcome.


Other than giving out awards this Sunday, HKFA will disclose votes of the 2nd & 3rd runner up the next day to make it more transparent. The chairman said it was Johnnie To who pointed out lack of transparency in HKFA in their Beijing trip last year. But if the difference in votes is close, will it invite discontent ? The chairman said there wont be any mistake as it is done by appointed professionals. He added the response to HKFA is v good, the seats are not enough, the ceremony will thus be shifted to Coliseum next year.


HKFA is to be held this Sunday at TST Culture Center. Andy who had won in HKF Critics Society & Simon Yam in B A as Best Actor will meet again in the HKFA. Lau Qing Wan in Lost In Time is not to be neglected.

DATE: 1 APR 04

Jiang Hu starring Andy, Jacky, Eric, Jacqueline, Shawn & Edison opens on Good Firday. As this is a HK big production of late, a big sum of 5 mil is invested in the promotion. The movie is jointly produced by Anytime Image, Focus Films, Media Asia & SinMei International Productions.

Posters filmed earlier was designed by Double X Workshop, a co by Guo Ming Hui. Black is the color theme of posters. Eric by using a newcomer director Wang Jin Pu & a new scriptwriter, hopes that the new blood will add force to the industry.

One of the posters shows Andy, Jacky, Edison & Shawn toasting at a table. It has a special meaning. Ge quipped before a storm there is always a scene of calm, this is Jiang Hu !

2-storey tall posters 22'X24' will be up at Amoy Garden in Kowloon Wan & Grand Central shopping mall in Mongkok. The selling point is between Jacky & Andy, there is one showing them looking at each other intensely.

A website is set up to increase publicity. There is a segment where fans are asked to join Jiang Hu Club. Fans can win movie tickets if they can get more members. They can imagine they are Andy or Jacky.


A concert to raise fund for the family of late Ko Shou Liang is confirmed to be held on the 5th & 6th of May. The list of singers is also confirmed. Volunteer singers for the night include Andy, Jacky, Richie Ren, Jay, Emil Chou, Daniel Chan, William So, na Yin, Eric, Bowie Tsang, jacky Wu, Qi Qin, Han Hong etc.


Media Asia boss Peter Lam admitted yesterday that as Andy is involved in court case, the chance of him cooperating with LL is more than with Andy, but it is not yet set. He stresses other than this, his cooperation with Andy is limitless. Andys movies & concert were all handled by him this year, the only thing is the albums. He quipped he is doing business, any profit-making ventures he will do, when asked if he will work with LL. He said Initial D will start filming in Japan, Jay is the male lead, while Anthony will act as his father, the movie is directed by Andrew Lau.