DATE: 14 APR 05


A Japanese market research company Video Research had earlier on carried out a survey in Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou 3 places. The survey was done according to population proportion on 1,200 people with questionnaires to select 'The Asia Star I Like the Most'. The final result shows Andy Lau & Maggie Cheung were named the most liked male & female Asian star respectively.

Jacky Chan & Chow Yin Fat ranked 2nd & 3rd. China basketball star Yao Ming ranked no 7 & is the only sports star to be in. On the female side, Lin Xin Ru & Cecilia ranked 2nd & 3rd. Japanese actor Kimura Takuya & singer Sakai Noriko were named most liked male & female stars, while Korean actor Cha Tae Hyun & actress Kim Hee Seon were the most liked male & female stars.


The actors of IA3 Andy, Tony & the directors Andrew & Alan together with scriptwriter go on as planned in Japan with the promo work of the movie, without worrying the local anti-Chinese protest in Japan.

As Tony was late & Kelly was absent, Andy had to shoulder the press con alone. On Hollywood doing a remake on IA3, Andy took pride, "I hope this will help to promote HK movies to the world!"

Tony was in time for the movie premiere at night. 600 fans were drawn to the scene. Tony quipped in IA3 he was already dead, luckily he was not arranged to come back as a terrifying ghost!

13/4 @ 21ooHRS

DATE: 13 APR 05

Andy flew to Japan 2 days ago for the promo activities of IA3. The movie opens this Saturday, meeting head on with Hollywood blockbuster Constantine, acted by Keenue Reeves. Keenue & Andy arrived simultaneously, with Keenue arriving 10 min earlier at the Narita airport.

Yesterday afternoon, Andy, together with IA3 director Andrew Lau, Alan Mak & scriptwriter Zhuang Wen Qiang had a press con @ the newly opened Prince Hotel Park Tower in Tokyo. Andy becomes the first Asian artiste to hold a press con in the new hotel.

More than a hundred reporters were drawn to the press con, it was a bustling sight. Andy was delighted with the response, he was almost moved to tears. Andrew disclosed that during shooting he always argued with the scriptwriter, luckily Andy was v patient with waiting. Andy quipped, "I was adopting Tony's attitude, he can wait for 5 yrs to shoot one movie." This made the floor burst out with laughter.

Japanese comedian Fujii Takashi who acted in Lost In Translation sneaked into the hall halfway & mingled in the reporter seats. In Mandarin, he comically asked if Andy was hungry!

Tony who arrived only yesterday were at the movie premiere with Andy in the evening. 300 lucky fans were allowed in after balloting. The males had to come decked out in suits.

As the red carpet was on both sides of the audience seats, when Andy & Tony appeared , the female fans rushed to shake their hands. The security guards failed to control them!

The recent anti-Japanese rage in China has forced temporarily suspension of a Japanese TV series in HK. IA3 however is not affected by the pressure still carry on with the promo activity in Japan.

12/4 @ 2030 HRS

7th Barcelona Asian Film Festival will be held from 29 Apr to 8 May. In the non competition section, 4 HK movies were nominated for screening, namely One Nite in Mongkok, Jiang Hu, Yesterday Once More & McDull, Prince de la Bun. This proves HK movies still exert influence. Director of ONIM Derek Yu , who is promoting new movie in Beijing, is delighted with the news, he hopes the boss can sell the movie well overseas. YOM director Johnnie To is happy that the movie receives recognition!

DATE: 12 APR 05
SOURCE: http://www.infernal.jp/news

Andy & Alan Mak were at the super premiere of IA III in Japan yesterday. The promo activity took place in Tokyo & Shinjuku Milan. The house was packed to the brim with 1000 fans. No seat was left empty. As soon as Andy appeared on the walkway up to the stage, he was warmly welcomed. He said he is v happy to come to Japan again & asked if they were happy too. He quipped, "Everyone, please do not see the pirated version, no matter what.. "( Laughing ). He said the movie was released sometime ago & finally it has come to Japan. Alan Mak said everyone is sure to like the movie. 2 fans from the thousand were selected to receive a secret present from Andy. The event ended with the screening of the show. All tickets to the super premiere event on Apr 14 in Osaka has been completely sold out.

[...kindly excuse me for the poor translation, which is from news written in Japanese.
Terrie-san & my other Japanese friends may be able to update us with more details later... ]


IA3 opens in Japan. The director & some actors had set off to Japan for the promo activity. A press con will be held today. Kelly Chen's sudden absence from the activity sparked the rumor that she is trying to avoid the conflict between China & Japan. Anti-Japanese demonstrators in China come amid Japan's bid for a seat in UN Security Council & the release of Japanese textbooks that China claimed have minimize the Japanese invasion. The reporter tried to contact her co but she was not contactable.

IA3 lead Andy, directors Alan Mak & Andrew Lau have arrived in Japan. Tony who agreed to go will meet them today. Tony's manager said they are not worried about the anti-sino rage, the activity was planned long ago.

11/4 @ 1630 HRS

Infernal Affairs III female lead Kelly Chen was scheduled to go to Japan today for the promotion of IA3 together with Andy Lau & LL. But Kelly was forced to cancel the trip as she fell ill. As such, only males will be present at the promo activity. Kelly's manager contacted the Japanese side midnight on Apr 9 to tell them Kelly is ill, she has lost her voice.

DATE: 11 APR 05
Cover page of in base magazine


Recently on TV saw an interview on Andy, when he was asked which story he likes to act the most, he answered, "The story on Li Feng & the Emperor." For 10 years it seems he has mentioned this not only once, but he is yet to accomplish the wish. I (the writer) is puzzled, why is Andy favoring this story so much?

In the days of Shaw Brothers, Li Han Xiang directed the movie Beauty & the Kingdom, with leads Lin Dai & Zhao Lei. Subsequent remakes were similarly loved by all. In Beijing opera there was Dragon Phoenix Inn, there were TV serials, Cantonese movie Swimming Dragon & Playful Phoenix. The theme song is almost known by all.

But what I think is, other than the romance between handsome man & beautiful lady aside, this is nothing more than a flirty man flirting with a young lady of a wine tavern. The end result is nothing more than subduing others with power & position.

The story happened during the Ming dynasty. One day the plain-clothed emperor visited a small town called Mei Long (Blossom Dragon) & chanced upon a wineshop owned by Li Long & his sister Li Feng. The emperor was besotted by the young & bubbly beauty Li Feng. They flirted & even had one night stand. Li Feng was summoned into the palace finally.. Other touching plots between the two were up to the pens of the script writer…

The dish called Swimming Dragon & Playing Phoenix was said to be personal concoction of Li Feng (Believe it or not!) The phoenix is nothing more than a spring chicken cut into pieces, deep fried after coating with a layer of egg paste. It is fragrant on the inside & crispy on the outside. Swimming dragon is the cuttlefish, which is cut into flowery shape, mildly braised, & put in the soup. The dish comes with spicy sauce & vinegar. The dish has since then passed down till now!

DATE: 9 APR 05

strong man, strong boots...

DATE: 9 APR 05

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Flowers from my garden comes to andy town!!

close to nature, close to andy town...
close to andy town, close to andy...

DATE: 8 APR 05

Last Thursday on Mar 31 Next Magazine held a 'Next Mag TV Awards' ceremony. Guests present included leads from the small screen to the Best Actor on the big screen. Due to busy shooting the new movie Child's Dream, Andy had not slept for a day & a night, but he still came as the award presenter, really not easy.

When Myolie Wu saw her idol Andy she almost lost her control, she laughed uncontrollably forgetting her image. She caught the hands of her colleague Wu Zhuo Xi & exclaimed, "I really wish to have a photo taken with him!" But she could not have her dream fulfilled as she had to rush back to work. The hand shake she had with Andy was enough to make her laughing till she forgot to close her mouth . Talking on patience, it was Wu Zhuo Xi. One photo with Andy on the stage was not enough, when the show was over he lingered around, he waited for Andy to finish with the press interview, then he had a few more shoots taken with him! If Myolie knew about this, sure her saliva will wet the floor.. The focus of the day was Andy & the 4 female leads of popular TV series War & Beauty.

DATE: 7 APR 05

Andy had earlier filmed a short film for the HK Promotion Bureau, 'HK Sentiment from the words of the stars'. It will be shown in the mainland soon.

In the short film, other than introducing the evolution of HK in the hundred years of history, he leads everybody to his birth place, Tai Hen village, for a sightseeing, introducing the culture of HK & the local village lifestyle at the same time.

As the short film touches on the hundred years of transformation of HK, the scene was taken from HK History Museum. Andy was amazed to see how HK has gone to come to the achievement of today. He was in part of the history & this gives him fond memories. When he saw a store in the 60s, he jumped inside & exclaimed, "The store we had in our house was something like that!" He feigned himself as a wax figure & took a pic with the store. He jumped onto the barber reclining chair for a photo when he saw a barber shop.

He seldom goes back to the village since after he left with his parents in his younger days. Though the shoots were not taken from the exact place he had stayed before but at the nearby areas, almost all in the village heard the news of his visit. He was swarmed by the villagers as soon as he got down from the car. Some nannies grabbed his hands & asked if he could remember them, they told him abt how he bought things from the old stores, & sent regards to his mother.

The village headman held his hand & reminded him to come back more often to visit them. One man came with an old photo & told Andy it was a pic of them kicking football together. Andy could not recognized himself, but he insisted it was definitely Andy, he was not sure to laugh or to cry.

Said Andy, "I left the village when I was 6 to 7 yr old, the group of boys in the pic were at least 14, 15, how can it be me ? I really have no memory this photo was taken."

Andy said he had not gone back to the village for a long time, but his parents go back often to pray to the ancestors, his grandparents. He is always held up by work & cannot follow. He knows the old house that he used to stay in his younger days is still there, but is now occupied by other relatives. On reminiscing, he feels v proud of his father, as with the word 'courage', he took his whole family & left for city life, he did not wait at home to divide the land inherited from ancestors, but to strike out on his own.


Kelly has taken the place of Andy to be endorser of a toilet bowl brand in Taiwan. Her manager thought the brand is not bad, also Andy had filmed the commercial before, so she accepted the offer. But Kelly was conservative in filming the commercial, she did not hug the toilet seat to dance & sing, she wore a sexy bathing robe, shaking the water off her head in the bathroom.

DATE: 06 04 05

Cheung Tat Ming was the guest of the TVB entertaining prg called 'Cruelty Yi Ting' yesterday. As the contestants were of high standard, most hit 50 sec-mark, he was full of praise for them.

The most outstanding was contestant No.4, The Fat Andy Lau, who came decked out in the look of Andy in the Vision Tour concert. He planted 2 feather dusters on his head as head gear, indeed creative. He won loud applause as soon as he was up on the stage, belting out Andy's song, The Chinese. Later he took out 2 axes made from cardboard, imitating The Axe gangsters in Kung Fu Hustle. He won 65 sec stage-time, was the highest of the day.

He did not however kick out the winner from the last contest, 3R formed by 3 girls. The 3 girls sang, danced, somersaulted, did the split, & other acrobatic acts. They won 72 sec , successful in retaining the throne. But they have decided not take part in the next contest as they do not want to neglect their studies.

DATE: 05 04 05

Recently New York Daily made a study on the HK stars other than Jacky Chan that are active in the HK movie circle, so as to introduce them to the readers in America. The stars being introduced included Stephen Chow, Simon Yim, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Nocholas Tse, Twins, Daniel Wu & Shu Qi.

Stephen Chow feels that his comedian act is better than fighting, & admits he is not an action star, his standard is far from Bruce Li. To the media in America, in comedy, Bruce lost to Chow, just watch Kung Hu Hustle to witness this.

Andy Lau who entered the circle in the 80s was mentioned. His swiftness & agility in action improve over the years. The American audience remembers his HOFD & IA with Tony the most. Tony was deemed cool, be it in action movie such as Hero, or as a policeman.

Nic Tse & Daniel Wu have outstanding performance in New Police Story. It was mentioned that Daniel who grew up in America & learnt martial art there is competent in action movies, he will become the most prominent action star in HK one day. Twins have kicked to a new horizon & shines in Twin Effect, one is agile one has potential. Shu Qi is the new generation action star.


Ellis Tang entered the entertainment circle under the shelter as the god-daughter of Andy & joined Andy's managerial co Focus Group. She used to be obedient, but recently she indulges herself in affairs of the heart & neglect her work. Though her manager has given her advice, it falls on deaf ears. This irked the managerial co a lot, & has put her on the ice, hoping she can reflect herself. The co instead turns to promoting Hong, her junior. Hongs new album is on the way.

Ellis reportedly is head over heels in love with a the boss of a restaurant in Causeway Bay. She keeps her bf company everyday & puts all her work aside. God-dad Andy thought being in love is a private matter, he has no right to interfere, but as she has neglected her work & does not listen to her manager, he said, "I have learnt about the matter, & had talked to her, but I will hand it over to the managerial person to handle it fully."

Her manager Mr Leung denied the allegation of putting her on ice, but admitted Ellis has not reached the requirement of the co, said, "She grew up in Holland, her Cantonese is always no good, it is competitive in the circle, her Chinese does not meet the demand of the work, her Cantonese is not ideal, the co of course wishes her to work harder, & improves." He stresses the co never forbids anyone from falling in love, it is only natural to fall in love, she is not 16, the most important thing is to balance work & private affairs.

beautiful dolphin, beautiful baleno people....

DATE: 04 04 05
SOURCE: http://app.hkatv.com/special_events/05/tvc_award_2005/vote_sp.php

Vote @ 10th HK Top 10 Television Commercial
[needs HK ID :-( ]

Category 9-- The Most Romantic Love Commercial
2. Baleno [Waiting for Excitement]

Category 10--The Most Popular Male TV Commercial Star
10. Dao Ti Green Tea Andy Lau[ kendo show]

Category 12—The Most Popular TV Commercial Song
5. Dao Ti Honey Green tea: Chang Yan Dao
OR 7. Baleno : Actually I Have Love Andy Lau

DATE: 3 APR 05

Andy is currently shooting Child's Dream with Karen Mok, Lam Ka Tong & others. 2 nights ago he was spotted at Wancai nearby a flyover shooting. In the movie, he ages from 20+ to 80. He was made to look like a 60+ with the special make-up . To prevent his aged 'ah-pek' look from being exposed, the field workers were in full battle array, many layers of canvas were used to cordon the area. When the reports stepped onto the flyover to photograph secretly, the staff went forward to shoo them away immediately. Finally the police was alarmed & called in to settle the dispute.

Boss Peter Lam paid a visit. Lam Ka Tong though not involved, arrived at 12 mn, he left 2 hrs later. Asked when he will start work, he said, "Not so fast, I come to visit Andy today. ( What do u think of his look?) I have never seen this look before!"

DATE: 2 APR 05

Pic of the new Nestle coffee commercial in China.


Yesterday the reporter learnt that Mdm Tussaud Wax Museum in HK had taken measurements of Andy , who already has one wax figure, to make a new one for him. The special thing abt this new figure is there will be heart beat.

Andy is one of the earlier HK stars to have a wax figure made. According to the i/c of the museum Miss Mak , when the first figure was displayed, Andy had gone to see personally, he was v satisfied & praised the eyes look vivid. The only thing is the skin is a bit dark. The new figure will be using the latest rubber cast technology. A heart that beats will be fitted to the figure. Fans will be able to feel his heart beats. This is the first rubber cast figure in Asia.

As to why is Andy, who already has one wax figure chosen, Miss Mak explained that the museum makes strict detailed market survey before a wax figure is made for an artiste, from the survey, the most popular star currently is still Andy Lau. The new figure will be out early this month !

1/4 @ 1200 HRS

A survey was made recently by HKIFF on the 330 movie dealers coming from all over the world & business participants of the festivals. The poll was to pick the tops of HK, top bankable directors, actors & actresses in HK.

Jacky Chan & Stephen Chow who always play duel roles won the hearts of them all, both are in the top 5 of the director & actor categories. The other directors named are Johnnie To, Wong Kar Wai & John Woo. The other most sellable actors in HK are Andy Lau, Tony Leung, & Jet Li. Most bankable actress include Sammi Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Maggie Cheung , Mirium Yeung & Michelle Yeoh.


Andy attended an award ceremony of a TV station to give out awards to the Top 10 TV Artistes yesterday. Many of the award winners expressed their wish in working with him. Lately many new faces sprout on TV serials. When asked if he is aware of them, he commented Wu Zhuo Xi & Myolie Wu are two serious workers. Among the experienced actors, he thinks Sheren Teng & Gigi Lai are not bad. Though they have been in the circle many years, the result they have today is worth a note of praise.

HKFA has ended, yet there are endless rights & wrongs. Bickering between Wen Chou & Xu Xiao Ming receives the most attention. Andy who is always v supportive of the movie industry, exclaimed he feels 'dishonored'.

He said the matter is a v dishonorable act to the HK movie industry. As to who is right & who is wrong, there is really no need to probe further, he hopes they can stop. Which ever side wins will harm the industry. They should adopt a broader attitude, be more accommodative, as each has his own view. He hopes they do not continue with the fight, this will leave a negative impact on the audience.

He added Wen Chou had written a new book 'What can we use to save the movie industry', & had asked him to write the title of the book, he suggest Wen should read the book, what he can use to save? Also, ATV is delving into movie industry, Xu should put more effort on it, & do not waste time in bickering.

On Cecilia who was criticized as disrespectful, as she used 'wrinkled man' to describe Best Actor, Andy commented this is not worth the while to talk on, it will not cause any aftereffect. Cecilia is a straightforward person, maybe all the nominees are more matured.