9/4 @ 700PM
SOURCE: http://ent.sina.com.

The Three Kingdoms---Resurrection of the Dragon, has faced some trouble recently.

Yesterday the investors indicated that behind the delay of the enthusiastic set, was that the Korean investor is withdrawing from the collaboration, & originally to act as Zhao Yun, Andy Lau is also withdrawing from the set.

Korean investors had initially pinned high hope on the movie, & had even successfully roped in Andy to play lead. The movie is eye-catching in this year's period epics.

But the coming of John Woo's Red Cliff send the plan of The Three Kingdom into chaos.

From the start, the 2 movies are almost equal in investment, but over time, Johnfs fund keeps increasing, until it has now reached US$75 million, it has also roped in Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lin Chiling, Chow Yun Fat & other big names.

Doubting the box office of The Three Kingdoms, Korean investors was the first to call off. It was said the Korean side was not satisfied with the script, their understanding on Chinese history & focus point is different. Despite several change of script, both sides fail to reach an agreement. This has caused the set to delay in shooting.

Andy who is busy in schedule has also announced withdrawal.

Korean withdrawal has caused a shortage of fund, to give up the movie will mean loss of tens of millions.

Director is unwilling to give up, he is soliciting financial support from all directions.

At the moment, there is no news as who to play Zhao Yu (Zhao Zilong).

SOURCE: http://ent.sina.com.cn/

Director Yan Hao who had produced movies including ....others, was in Nanjing to select shooting locations.

He indicated the movie, Christmas in Nanjing 1937, has been approved by the censor board board last month , it is invested at close to 300 yuan, shooting will begin end of the year.

The male lead has tentatively fixed to be Andy Lau, the other actors on Yan Haofs temporarily list included Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman.

Yan indicated the scripts faced several set backs & took 2 yrs to complete. After it was approved, he contacted America CoCwhich has produced movies by Martin Scorsese & Shan Yin Co.

"The script is looking from many angels on the Westerners, invaders, anti-war partiot, & refugees, I hope to give some space for the audience ponder, when there is a fight, shall we use force to settle it. "said the director.

He disclosed camera will start rolling either in Nov or Dec, & to be completed within 4 months. At least 3 months of shooting will be in Nanjing,

"We plan to set up a Nanjing old city, abt 6 to 700 sq meter, with 100 million rmb. "

According to yan, when Nanjing fell to the Japanese on 13 Dec 1937, before & after Xmas, was the time when the Japanese invaders slaughtered the craziest, at a time when the westerners celebrated the festival, China fell into infinite sorrow.

Yan indicated it will be more complicated & shocking than Schindlerfs List, "This part of the history, almost 99% of the westerners do not understand, so the filming process is going to be extra complicated."

"This movie will be brought to international market, so we are collaborating with Hollywood, the actors we are inviting are internationally renowned."

On his temporary list other actors are Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet.

Male artistes temporarily are to be Andy Lau. Daniel Wu, Edison Chen, Kitano Takeshi are some of the supporting actors.

Yan indicated roles other than Yi Ling, the others roles are yet to be confirmed. The actors are being contacted indivually, Hollywood stars will be handled by American movie producers.

Yan is still searching who to play female lead, Yi Ling,he hopes to get one who is around 20, can speak English, & willing to expose herself in one part of the movie, " The exposure will be v shocking, but it is not on Japanese invaders sexual abuse, we hope to get a suitable one asap."

SOURCE: http://campus.chinaren.com/

Some undergraduates from a few of Zhengzhou higher institute of learning, calling themselves 'once-ardent' fans of Andy held a street protest, smashing Andyfs cds that they had collected in the past 10 yrs, they even handed out pamphlets to onlookersc


"Andy has made no mistakes, the star chasers should reflect on their thinking." said the vice president of the Province Social Science Institute.

"Pursuing a star to a stage of craziness, even causing lost of life of close family member, should be a call for attention by the educational dept. There should be more widespread discussion, & proper guidance given to the youngsters."

He added, "Some stars become famous, other than their inherent talent, a lot of them is due to their diligence & persistence on the career, the product of their work, be it albums, movies, etc, satisfied part of people's spiritual pursues, has manifested certain social value, but at present time the star-chasers see only the glorious side, & forget the values in the star that are worth learning from."

DATE: 9 4 07
SOURCE: http://ent.tom.com/

Yesterday afternoon a mysterious man under the escort of 2 bodyguards went to a plastic surgery in Hangzhou wanting to have surgery done to make him look like Andy Lau.

The clinic disclosed that the man named Liu Xin Da, age 39, is a director of an organization in Shanghai, dealing with property & food business. But the dr concerned feels that his look has a vast difference from Andyfs, the surgery is too difficult, & had tried all his best to dissuade him from doing.


I (the author) can understand teenage infatuations--- I had my fair share of being starry-eyed as a teenager. But that was before the age of the internet & cable TV. My access to the stars was limited to the leisure section of The Straits Times &, when my pocket money allowed, a few issues of pop-stars magazines.

These days, we are inundated with endless or rather unhealthy information abt celebrities in the media & the Internet. More often than not, it is abt their misdemeanors.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep impressionable young minds away from it all. But surely something can be done to stem the tide.

Celebrate the hip teacher who goes to developing countries to participate in Habitat Humanities efforts to construct houses for impoverished villages, or the celebrity sportsman who starts a foundation to give scholarships to disadvantaged children. Letfs affirm good role models & their worthy acts often enough that it becomes a staple reading. Let's celebrate positive models than fuel idol worship.


Don't let devotion dominate fans' lives

Obsessive admiration or even worship of a popular singer or film star can be disastrous.

Yang Lijuan, a 28-year-old fan of popular Hong Kong singer and film star Andy Lau, is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of this phenomenon, devoting almost half of her life to a bizarre pursuit of the star.

To finance her dedication to Lau, Yang's parents sold their house and accumulated a debt of 30,000 yuan ($4,100), and her father even thought of selling one of his kidneys to support his daughter's dream of meeting Lau. Although Yang's dream finally came true when she met Lau in Hong Kong, it quickly turned into a nightmare when her father drowned himself.

This tragedy is not the first of its kind. A desperate fan of Hong Kong singer Jay Chou overdosed on sleeping pills in 2005 after the star announced he would not give a solo concert for the next two years, while a fan of the singer Nicholas Tse attempted suicide after seeing him off at an airport in Wuhan.

There is nothing wrong with young people being fans of singers or film stars. Even adults can develop a special fondness for a particular performer and try to watch whatever program or film their idol is starring in. But however fond they are of a particular star, most fans tend to maintain a sense of proportion by not letting it take over their lives.

This is just what problematic young people such as Yang are lacking and are badly in need of. This is true not only for fans like Yang, but also with other young people who are addicted to the Internet, gambling and other pursuits.

People like me who were born in the 1950s were unlikely to have such outlandish dreams as today's younger generation.

The hard times taught us to be practical people. We helped our parents with the household chores and did all we could to help them save money.

We had no televisions to watch and we did not have pop concerts to go to. The biggest entertainment event at the time was to see a film every now and then, normally at an open-air cinema.

There were fewer temptations, fewer unrealistic aspirations and fewer dreams. In material terms, the quality of life for today's younger generation is far better than when I was young. And the market economy and a much more pluralistic culture have provided young people with a more colorful world.

They can go to concerts, watch shows, films, TV series, have online chats and play games, enjoying a great variety of entertainment that can make their lives much happier. However, at the same time, they have more difficulty in resisting temptations that prevent them from becoming mature.

In addition, it is undeniable that those born in the 1980s are a spoilt generation. Most are only children and have had too much love heaped on them by their parents and grandparents, making them vulnerable to the pressures of the real world.

When they try to escape these challenges, temptations from the unreal world, which is constructed by their imaginations or fantasies, dominate their lives. In these circumstances, youngsters are very likely to develop psychological problems. Yang Lijun is a very particular and extreme example of this. She quit school at the age of 15 when she "met" Andy Lau in a dream, the point at which the star started to dominate her life. When her parents could not make her abandon her absurd addiction, they started to support her with all their might.

In the first place, her parents should have had the courage to face the fact that their daughter was too selfish or had psychological problems. What she really needed was either psychiatric help or to be made to support herself. When newspapers reported that her father would sell one of his kidneys to support his daughter in realizing her dream of meeting Andy Lau, some psychiatrists suggested that the father and his daughter both had serious psychological problems.

But it is a pity that our media got so obsessed with the sensation such a fan could create and failed to alert the girl and her parents to these potential dangers. Some media went so far as to encourage and help the girl to meet her idol rather than persuade her and her parents to give up their unrealistic dream. In this way, the media pushed the girl even farther in her unrealistic and disastrous mission.

Parents should learn lessons from this extreme case to guard against their children from going too far in whatever hobbies they pursue. They must also learn to teach their children how to give love to others rather than only being loved by others.

If Yang had even a tiny bit of love for her parents, she would not have allowed them to sell their house and run up a heavy debt to support her fanatic pursuit.

Perhaps our schools need to learn a lesson from this case to start teaching youngsters how to support themselves rather than depending on their parents even when they have become adults.

Maybe our media also needs to learn a lesson. It needs to have a greater sense of social responsibility. When cases such as this are reported, they need to publish analysis or comment to point to the potential dangers and try to persuade these fans to give up their unrealistic dreams.

DATE: 6 4 07

Andy had said he will give no more response to the Yang matter.


On the 3rd day of stay in HK, crazy fan Yang & her mother could not control any longer, they continued with 'star chasing'. Yesterday with he aged mother in a walking stick, all their luggage, they cruised around Mongkok, Kowloon Tung,... area by taxi.

After arriving in HK, they two has checked in to a hotel at Nan Chang Rd. At around 10 am they checked out of the hotel, lugging their luggage they went to Mongkok by taxi to pray at the Guang Yin temple in Shangdong street, praying for her deceased father & a meeting with Andy. During praying, her membership card dropped out, she said, "It is of no use now."

After that they went to He Wen Tian area searching for Andyfs residence, wanting to pay a visit to his house. As they do not know the exact house number, they even resorted to knocking house by house. A big group of media came on hearing the news, a big convoy of vehicles were packed outside Andyfs residence.

[O D: It was said Andy had wanted to go for holidays with her parents but was troubled by the fan & chose to stay at home all the time.]

Yang mother kept knocking at the doors, & pressing door bells of the houses, asking for Andy's house. The funniest thing was she even knocked at Sandra Ng's house, but Sandra was not at home. As she does not understand Cantonese, she once mistaken 'he does not stay here.' as 'staying here' & lingered for a long time.

During the process, a lady came out in a Benz from a house, Yang mother intercepted the car to ask where Andy was. She was hit slightly as she was not in time to avoid. The lady increased her speed & left. Luckily the injury was mild & needed no hospitalization. They left in dismay on failing to visit Andy's house.

At noon, they took a taxi to have lunch nearby. The taxi driver on seeing them counting the coins, gave them a free ride, probably knowing who they are.

But when they entered the eatery, they left without placing any order. They changed to another fast food restaurant to buy take-away.

When the media kept taking photos, Yang suddenly turned & scolded them, "How can we eat when you all are taking photos like that?"

They then took taxi back to the hotel they had stayed wanting to take a rest, but were rejected, with the excuse of there was no more room.

They rested in the nearby park. They attracted many onlookers, some commented on Yang's 'protruding teeth'

The two had a quarrel. Yang left, leaving her mother alone in the park, she sat in a daze, appeared lost & crying loudly. The police came & took her to the police station.

Yang took a taxi to Wang Da Xin temple & loitered around there, eating chips to 'cool down' . She sat by the stall for more than an hr, Her behavior was weird.

She was spotted by the police & was then sent to the police station in a police car to meet up with the mother at 4 pm. Some onlookers commented they wasted the time of the policeman.

They stayed till 8 pm, Yang left by the backdoor quietly. When the reporter called her, she said she was eating, & cut off the line when Andyfs name was mentioned.

[Oriental Daily]At the interview, the reporter found that Yang's hair was v oily & full of dandruff, her emotional was unstable, she rebuked, "Are you all forcing us to death?" She felt that Andy should have conscience to attend her father's funeral. Said, "He has not even give a word of condolences, he can write or call me. " She said she hates Andy, now without her father, there is no more meaning.

There was a news saying mainland broadcast bureau has forbidden the local TV stations to continue broadcasting news on the mother & daughter.

On HK side, it is learnt that Andy has not enough evidence to apply for injunction order to the two.

SOURCE: http://yule.sohu.com/

A member of the popular Taiwanese boy group F4, Vanness Wu, will act in the China-Korean collaboration movie, The Three Kingdoms---Resurrection of The Dragon.

According to sources from the producers, other than the activities that he paired up with An Qi Xuan , KangTa & Vanness, in Korea, this is the first time Vanness is taking part in a movie involving Korea participation.

This movie, a collaboration of Tai Yuan Entertainment & Visualizer is a big project costing 200 million. The story starts from the formidable general of Chu Kingdom, Zhao Zi Long, & is directed by Daniel Lee.

Andy is acting as lead Zhao Zi Long, Maggie Q as the grand-daughter of Cao Cao. Sammo Hung who initially was to be the action director is playing the role as a good friend of Zhao Zi Long. Ti Long who had played in My Wife is A Mafia 3, will act as Kuan Yu.

A Korean actor was to play the role of Ma Cao, but is said to be replaced.

Tai Yuan Entertainment person i/c indicated, "We are thinking of screening the movie at the same time in both China & Korea." Shooting started since April 1, the movie is estimated to be out in the upper half of next year.

DATE: 7 4 07

The suicide of a father in the quest for his daughter to meet her idol privately has caught the attention of all sectors in the society. Sichuan directors Chen Tian Xing & TV serial scriptwriter will join hand to make it into a documentary serial with the story as blueprint, they even declare all the profit will be donated to the mother & daughter, to help them carry on with their living.

Chen feels that idol peruse has to promote the development of all aspects of the body, using stars as a learning targets to get happiness & good fortune in life. When such a tragedy happens, it is not only the involved has personal problems, the society at large has problems too, this should be taken seriously.

"Hope that Yang can come back to normal life. I too is a star chaser before, I was a farmer, Bruce Li, Jacky Chan, & other action movie stars were my idols, their devotion in martial art & endurance inspire me to work hard & progress myself, leading me to learning martial art & filming."

Chen as an actor, director & fan of Bruce Li, had acted, directed in ..... movies, he is touted be 'Bruce Li of Sichuan'.

"When such a tragedy happened, on looking back, fans fighting among themselves because of idols, fans committed suicide, & other thigns, we feel as part of society we have a duty, so we plan to shoot a narrative serial/film 'Family Pursuing the Star', to remind the society the importance of strengthening young people's ideological education & the home education, reconsidering such social tragedy, & prevents it from happening again."

Shooting will begin on Apr 16 in Sichuan, using sympathy, reconsidering the matter as the subject, to portray the whole incidence, no judgmental view will be added, the audience will be left to ponder & judge for themselves.

Accordingly they had contacted Yang via phone, after a few words she said she was sad & refused to talk further. They had sent workers to contact her, other than giving more info, they hope to get her support for the shooting.

They could not be bothered for being called publicity stunt, they feel that they are not doing a bad thing, & is meaningful to the society. The claim will give the family their profits, while any losses they will shoulder, the movie will be self funded, even silly, they will still carry on.


After the lost of life in the case of Yang, media from China, TW & HK continue with their pursue of news. Mainland media had even helped them with lodging & food the moment they touched down their homeland. They continued to support them with money & effort, to go to BJ to receive 20,000 from a singer.

Chinese University News & Broadcast Institute associate professor Feng Ying Chien indicated that Yangfs event until now is still progressing, the media has to take certain responsibility.

He pointed out, the moment the family has no assistance, they will 'see the difficulties & retreat' asap, but the mainland media directly interferes, even to the extent of giving money & assistance, to continue the dream of 'chasing after star' of the family, allowing the matter to 'continue to progress' .

This action infringes 'making news', is against the ethics of media, definitely not acceptable.

Feng indicated most of the HK media would not use money to ebuy newsf , also, this action is not acceptable to the local HK people.

But the mainland media method of interview is a vast difference, the interviewee gets 'interviewee fee', private organization in order to attract media interview give the reporters red packets. This is a common practice. This trend should be eliminated gradually.

Feng added it is understandable that media is frenzy with the pursue of news, but the media should be the 3rd party reporting the news, & not interfering or assisting the involved parties to affect the progress of the event, other than in very exceptional cases that require emergency attention, such as the concerned party needed money to take care of the funeral, the media can use it as a reason to help the party, this is acceptable.


Yangfs affair has caught vast media attention in the mainland. Recently a U student from BJ, on his blog posted a photo, showing him using a pair of scissors pointing to his stomach & neck, & a note pasted on his chest. He announced that he will use death to force Andy to marrying Yang, & blamed Andy for being 'cold' . He claimed he is not doing this for publicity, stressing 'death is not to reach the aim, but is a method.'

The youth named Zhang Po, is a 4th yr student studying in a law school. At the interview, he said he is using an eeven more extreme sick mannerf to express his request.

Zhang said Andy is responsible for the consequences of Yang, & should treat her well, before more harm happens to the family, & hopes netizens how concern to the evictims of tragedyf. He indicated there is a time limit to his request, & will not extent the date.


A fan of Andy, girl aged 20, coming from Jiang Xi , 2 days ago at 10 in the morning, at the busiest street in BJ, opposite the Xi Dan Mall, set up a banner with words, 'Hua Zai, Support you forever!'

in a hand-held mike she sang songs.

With a base-ball cap & faced covered with a mask, she declared since Yang said she had chased after Andy 13 yrs, she too wanted to sing for 13 hrs, using her voice to support Andy, but at the end she lasted till 7 pm before she called it a day.


After receiving mainland singer's aid of 20,000 yuan, Yang & her mother flew from BJ to Shenzhen yesterday at 1 am. They had planned to come to HK directly but were too tired & stayed a night in SZ.

At 11 am the next day, they came to HK & boarded the direct bus to Kwun Tung. They had not exchanged a word on the bus.

At 1 pm both of them reached Kwun Tung, Yang carried a heavy backpack & a nylon bag, her mother with a walking stick followed behind. The reporter asked her if she was going to AWC in Kwun Tung after she alighted, she indicated she took a 'wrong bus', & wont be going.

She did not know how to go to the funeral parlor in Hung Ham, & appeared lost. She tried to cross a 8-lane road, the reporter stopped her.

After some struggle, the reporter on seeing the helpless two, volunteered to take them there in their car to the funeral parlor. The parlor after some discussion, collected 6,100 as fee, & another 1.300 for cremation.

Temporarily no date for cremation was given, as the crematory waiting list was 10 days. After that they went to the mortuary to collect the body. Though it was a public holiday, they were given special attention by the staff.

Before they left they said angrily, that they hope Andy can come to see the father for the last time, he could come in disguise.

At 5pm , they went by taxi to search for a lodging. As they did not know where to stay, the reporter helped them to find a room of HK$250 in Nan Chang street.

The reporter asked her again when she could fulfill her father wish to meet Andy alone, she stressed this trip was to settle the funeral, temporarily she wont think of that.

DATE: 5 4 07

After posting the response online, last night Andy went to Jordan for song recording, this is the first time he was spotted after the incident, he was expressionless on alighting from the car & did not say a word.


Crazy fan Yang Li Jian will set foot in HK today. Yesterday afternoon she & her mother Were in BJ to receive the donation from a mainland singer, (made famous by the online song 'The Mouse Loves The Rice') a sum of 20,000 yuan for use in traveling & lodging from Lanzhou, to BJ & HK & the funeral of her father.

After receiving the sum, they took a flight to Shenzhen, from there then to HK. Till late last night, they were yet to be seen in HK.

Yang indicated he was shocked with the news, & he volunteered assistance so her father can be buried. He hopes Yang can wake up, & stop doing nonsensical things. After burying her father, she should takes good care of her mother, so that her father can rest in peace.

The donation activity attracted 30 over media, mother & daughter appeared to be in a daze & did not said a word. On asking their plans on reaching HK & on receiving the sum, they answered ehavenft thought off as reply.

When a reporter asked if her chasing after the stars is against the norm, she said she was just thinking of bringing her fatherfs body back for burial. She did not reply when the reporter asked her on 500,000 rmb from Andy or if she had ever beat up her father.

After the press meet, she was asked if she still insists on seeing Andy alone or asking Andy to attend the funeral, she turned agitated, stressing her visit to HK & by meeting Andy alone she is not overdoing, it is what Andy duty is. He should attend the funeral & fulfill her fatherfs wish.

The act of the singer in giving the donation is questionable, many media suspects it was just for propaganda, the reporter asked why wasnft the sum given in private, but such high-keyed, the singer & his company did not give a reply.

According to Xin Hua net, a BJ undergraduate Zhang Po, recently posted a message to assist Yang, urging the public not to take Yang as mentally ill. He claims himself to be Andyfs fan, & understands her behavior. He thinks Andy shd give special care to Yang & even takes care of her for life. He declares if within a week Andy shows no response, he will kill himself in protest.

DATE: 4 4 07
SOURCE: http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/filmm...07/contest.htm

'The HK Special Administrative Region tenth anniversary movie selection' aims to affirm the diligent movie person achievement in the 10 years since the SAR was set up, & to look forward to future continual development of the movie industry, to support & encourage the newcomer movie persons to continue participating in the movie creative work.

10 award categories were given in commendation.


Best Film--- Infernal Affairs

Best Director---Johnnie To (The Mission)

Best Scriptwriting---Alan Mak, Zhuang Wen Qiang ( IA)

Best Actor---Anthony Wong (Ordinary Heroes)

Best Actress---Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love)

Actor with Most Potential---Daniel Wu

Actress with the Most Potential---Charlene Choi

Best New Director---Peng Hao Xiang

Movie with most HK flavor---Made In Hong Kong

Most Creative Movie---Shaolin Soccer

Outstanding Achievement Award---Jiang Zhi Qiang, ANDY LAU

The ceremony jointly organized by RTHK & HK Film Awards, was held at 3 pm today, RTHK


Organized by RTHK & HK SAR 10th anniversary movie selctionf announced the results yesterday. Anthony Wong was named Best Actor with movie Ordinary Heroes, while Maggie Cheung was the Best Actress with In The Mood For Love.

Best Film goes to Infernal Affairs.

Anthony who dated a 23 yr-old model Jessie Cheung recently, unexpectedly thanked his wife when he received the award.

Attendees included Golden Harvest chairman Raymond Chou Wen Huai, HKFA chairman Wen Zhou, Stanley Tang, Teresa Mao, Isabella Leung, Andrew Lau, Alan Mak & others. The awards are to commemorate the 10th anniversary of HK SAR. 11 award categories were contested among 1,000 HK movies.


Andy & Jiang Zhi Qiang were conferred Outstanding Achievement award. This is to commend the hard work put in by the two of them all these years in the circle.

Andy due to some happening was absent, but still pre-recorded a footage to thank the organizer, said, "In the movie circle, many people are doing the same type of work as me, movie development is meaningful. In circle 26 yrs, I feel I have not wasted my life, my path is correct, I shall continue to walk the path, hope we work harder for HK movie."

As one of the investors, Jiang Zhi Qiang, had invested in movies such as Fearless, Curse of the G F & others. He hopes to contribute to movies, making it the dreamland of many, & he too can continue to

develop his own dream


Crazy fan Yang Lijian caused the lost of a life when the whole family came to HK, as center of the matter Andy had only through his manager gave a simple reply, he had not appeared in person openly.

Yesterday at 4:06 am he wrote an article personally, & posted it at the message board of his AWC website, in response to the matter.

Using 'You cannot understand my sadness' [a phrase from his song, Water To Forget), as title, he thanks his good friends in the circle& fans, stressing 'personally have nothing much to respond, in future I will also not respond'.

In the article is attached a simple picture, looking like pencil-drawn. In it, a person standing on the ground, is using a shovel to fill up a hole, below the level is a big heart.

It was not stated if Andy had drawn the pic himself.

Since after the article was posted, close to 300 replies were received by the evening, mainly from fans in China, HK & TW showering him with support.


Recently quite a lot of things happened, this has caused everyone to worry for me.

I received concerned calls from many of my good friends, I wish to specially thank Ah Lun (Alan Tam), Haken, third brother (Miu Kiu Wai), Ah Sa and Ah Giu (Twins) etc etc...I know that all of you dote on me. And of course there is all of you, there are 40+ pages of replies alone.......all of it, every single person's post, I have read them all! Some of you do not normally visit this forum, or seldom leaves replies for me, yet all of you came up specially this time to see how am I, to encourage and cheer for me...AWC fans are so good that I really have nothing to say. Everyone don't worry, I'm ok ....

A friend told me that if there are things that I cannot make sense of, then don't bother thinking, anyway it will be over eventually. Maybe at a certain time in the future, I will come to understand. He also gave me the following few words

Everything should follow nature's course
When it's over one should face it calmly with dignity
When times are good, one should be indifferent
When times are bad, one should be confident
There are bound to be ups and downs
One will come to understand after he has gone through all the difficulties

I think that these phrases are not bad, so I'm sharing them with you.

ps: I know that a lot of reporter friends are very concerned about me. Whatever you wished to tell me, my staff has already passed me the messages. I'm also aware that everyone hopes I will give some response, I will tell everyone here, I'm sincerely thankful to all of you, but I have no response, whatever should be said my company has already said, personally I have not much response, I will also not be giving any response in the future. It has been hard on all of you.



On knowing online signing activity, both Ah Sa & Ah Kiu said they will go online to support. Ah Sa had SMS Andy to show her support. Andy had replied thanking her. Charlene also supports that Andy must not meet the fan....

DATE: 3 4 07

In his official website, Andy gave the reply to the recent incident.


A crazy fan of Andy , whose father sacrificed his life in order for her to meet Andy had made Andy to shoulder a crime of 'mo xi you' (not necessary to have evidence/may or may not have the evidence).

All this while Andy has not openly responded to the matter, days ago he finally responded, "Actually I'm v unhappy, if a girl because of liking me, has doen so much things to harm her father, I feel it is a regret." He urges Yang to stop this type of unreasonable behavior, & other fans must not follow her.

According to sources, Yang will be back to HK again, but she said she was not to meet Andy this time, she was to claim the body, said, "This is to bring back my father, to bury him. Other things, no more." She said HK govt regulates that if a body not claimed within 2 weeks will be sent for open burial, so she is in a hurry to apply for permit to come to HK.

SOURCE: http://yule.sohu.com/

Super Fans, a movie by Wang Jin, starring Ah Sa & Leo will be out on Apr 5. Yesterday afternoon at the promotion in Guangzhou, Wang Jin at the interview expressed his view on the crazy fan,

"Indulgent in idol worship is a sickness, this Yangfs matter should give a warning to others, the movie is reminding fans not to be crazy."

The attitude on pursuing stars is up to a limit, & to your own ability. Also, if the idol one worships is a good person, it is fine, but if the idol has bad characters, then it is terrible.

Ah Sa, who is also a fan of Andy, indicated, "I feel sorry for Andy on one hand & feel sorry for Yang on the other. I feel by listening to the idol's songs, & watching his movies can help to balance our lives, as there are pressures in work, the songs can help us to relax, but if likeing someone to such an extent, to a stage of indulgent, it is no good, this will upset our daily lives."

Leo said, "In this movie I am not a fan, just that I like Ah Sa & I can do anything for her. Indulgent in idol is a sickness, this is a phrase from movie, is also my feeling. I feel Andy is innocent, all along I know Andy loves his fans a lot. "

Ah Sa feels that by meeting fan alone is being unfair to other fans.

Leo had met many female fans professing their love before, he was shy, & helpless, but now he is matured, & hope that fans be sensible, after all, everyone has his own life.

SOURCE: http://hsb.huash.com/

(Reporter rating: The Hope[Yangtze Jiang No.7 comes strong)

SOURCE: http://www.dailyvc.com/html/

It was learnt that Peter Chanfs 250 million period epic, Violent Land, has wrapped up last week, the camera was switch off successfully

According to the long time partner of Peter, Andrew Morgan, Peter will soon go to the next stage of post-production week in HK, LA & Bangkok, Thailand.

As the first shot for the new year period, it has been confirmed to hit the big screen on Dec 13.

From the set, the reporter learnt that as early as Mar 15, Jet Li & Xu Jing Lei's parts were all done, while Andy & Takashi left only on Mar 19.

After that Peter & the crew remained at the site for some additional shots. The set was dispersed officially on Mar 28.

Despite some setbacks such as the crew involving in a fight, sued by the artist Wang for copyright infringement , which is being handled by BJ first court, Morgan during the interview said he is satisfied with the process of filming, "All is completed, every segment is very well done, almost no regret, other than the harsh weather in the North."

The movie will be out in most of the countries in Asia on Dec 13, except in Japan, which will be later.

DATE: 2 4 07

That Yang fan of Andy from mainland is being described as 'bone-ash fan' by the media, sounds frightening to the ear.

Before she left HK, her final request was for Andy to pay respect to her father, & meet her alone in private, in order to resolve the enemity between them.

As everyone knows, if Andy is willing to concede to the request, more people will die, fans one after another will force their parents to drown themselves, just to be with heir idols.

Miss Yang said she dreamt of Andy in 1994, in 1995 she was so besotted that she lost her reasoning ability, in 97 Sept she came to HK the first time & the story continued.

A report said in 04, when her several attempts to meet Andy failed, she attempted suicide, the parents not only did not try to cure her 'Fans syndrome' , teamed up with her to chase after the star, this is indeed hard to phantom.

On the surface, Miss Yang has gone crazy because of Andy Lau, in reality her parents because of indulgent in spoiling the child had gone berserk.

On this matter, all the comments are in support of Andy, supporting him not to concede to the demands, this has educational value to the fans who chase after idols, & their families.

Miss Yang's behavior is extreme, but local fans with sickness of no less severe are aplenty, to them it is like '50 steps laughing 100 steps'.

Many fans spend a large part of their time & energy to trail the idols, some have only one idol, whoever is popular they pursue.

Most of these are youngsters, but actually a lot of them are middle-aged.

Middle-aged people may not chase after middle-age star, some are crazy with young stars aged around 20. They do not have proper job, harping their lives on the artistes.

Most of these with 'fans syndrome' are low in self esteem, they will thus put everything on their idols.

When the parents find out the children have 'idols syndrome', if they continue to give material support, to make them happy, a 2nd Miss Yang ensues.

To cure 'fans syndrome' is not to stop them, but to build their self confidence, that they do not have to get the idol to confirm their worth.

1/4 @ 9:30PM
SOURCE: http://www.yn.xinhuanet.com/

Yesterday, (March 31), based on the incident of 'a crazy female fan from Lanzhou had forced her father to commiting suicide by drowningf, & initiated by Andy's fans, 10 websites including YULE. SOHU, Tianjin Society, Bloggers net, Catty net & other popular network community jointly launched a large-scale country-wide fans signing activity, using signature to support Andy & to promoting healthy idol pursuing.

Calling itself 'Full Support of Andy, Healthy Star Pursuing' , the activity was launched online at 10am.

Within a short 5 hrs, 80,000 fans signed. Though it was a weekend, tens of thousands of them chose to go online instead of resting, & participated enthusiastically.

According to incomplete statistics, by 3 pm, more than 80,000 had signed.

Other then signing, many fans left messages to express their views. Many indicated they understand their feelings & condition, but hope this will not be an example for others to follow. A ironrod-fans group spelled out 16-character slogans in the activity: Cherishes oneself, respects oneself, respects the star, respects life. They appeal for a rational & calm way to like the idol, & use the right channel to express their adoration to the idol.

SOURCE: http://www.xbsb.com.cn/

The reporter learnt from the crew that The Three Kingdoms will start shooting today, at the of outskirt of Shi Bao . The actors had all arrived yesterday morning. It was also learnt that the cast is strong, other than Andy, there are 3 mainland actors, .....

Yesterday at the shooting location the reporter saw a stand-in for Andy for the fighting scenes. Andy is estimated to arrive in the middle of April.

At 6:30 am yesterday, all the actors gathered in front of the hotel entrance. At the same time, Dun Huang actors had set off to the same shooting location at 3 am.

The reporter saw a familiar figure, holding a long weapon & was practicing with other eactorsf . His movements were like Zhao Yun. Has Andy arrived privately?

On a closer look, he who bore his upper torso is one of the stand-ins for Andy, & was having a practice before the shooting. This agile actor is Sammo Hungfs student.

Though director Daniel & all other actors were already there, the main actors are not all in yet. Andy is coming in middle of April, Yu Rong Guang、Pu Chun Xi、Xia Yu are playing cameo roles, Pu who always give a righteous image will play the witty Kong Ming---Zhu Ge Liang.

DATE: 1 4 07
SOURCE: http://www.lanews.com.cn/

Yesterday for the first time Andy gave a response, "Actually I am very unhappy, if there is a girl who because of liking me, does so many harmful things to the father, I feel it is a regret." He urges Yang to stop all such unreasonable actions, & other fans do not follow her at all.


A long time good friend of the Yang father, Mdm Peng, disclosed to the media last night something which is hardly known to others abt the Yang family.

She disclosed that the Yang has a strong family history of mental illness. Mr.Yangfs younger brother was brutally chopped to death by his mother, who was later diagnosed to have mental illness. The parents were divorced 10 over yrs ago & yet to remarry. c. The couple had a age difference of 14 yrs, both had the daughter at an old age & ..........

Apparently both of them were 'kept' by some media on arrival at the home town & were not contactable at the moment.....


Charlene Choi & Leo Ku were promoting their movie, Super Fans, yesterday. The movie is a comedy, but on the mention of Andyfs crazy fan Yang Li Jian it is of no laughing matter.

Ah Sa had once received an invitation from a fan, telling her meet him at a faraway place of Gold Coast, even told her, I wont leave till you come, she was so worried about the safety of the fan.

She feels that one should not be too indulgent in supporting the idol, there should be a balance with one's daily life. In her younger days, only when her result was good would her parents buy her CD as encouragement, the most crazy thing she did was to watch 4 nights of Aaron Kwok's concert at the ehill topf (back rows).

Leo feels that the most innocent person in the whole matter is Andy, supporting idol one has to be reasonable, as children they must be filial to the parents, this is the most important, especially so as Andy is famous for being the most filial in the circle, he will like his fans can be as filial as him. In supporting idols the fans must have an enthusiastic outlook in life, he hopes the fan will not do anymore aggressive things.


No fewer than 4 Chinese films abt the Nanjing Massacre are planned for this yr, the 70th anniversary of Japanese's capture of China's former capital. Xinhua news agency reported.

The latest film, Nanjing! Nanjing!, has been approved by the Chinese censors & would start shooting next month, Xinhua said, the same month that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao embarks upon an ice-breaking visit to Japan.

"We've spent 2 yrs collecting historical documents abt the masscare, :Xinhua quoted the film director, Lu Chuan, as saying.

"I will try to make history clear & explain it in the movie, rather than expose the sorrow between nations."

Lu is one of the leading Sixth Generation of Chinese directors & his film Kekexili: Mountain Patrol, abt attempts to save the Tibetan antelope from poachers, won the best feature film award @ the 41st Taiwan Golden Horse Awards in 2004.

The 200 million yuan (S$39 mil) film would feature a scene in which 40,000 people were killed. It will also involve a recreation of 1930s NJ in Chinafs frigid north-eastern province of Jilin at a cost of 16 mil yuan.

China says invading Japanese troops slaughtered 300,000 men, women & children in NJ, then known as Nanking. As Allied tribunal after WWII put the death toll at abt 142,000.

Apart from Lu, HK director Stanley Tong has said he is making The Diary with backing from investors in China, Japan & the West.

He said last yr he had been planning for the movie for 5 yrs. He said he got the idea for the movie after visiting & leaving, weeping, the Nanjing Massacre Museum.

His film will cover the period from the Marco Polo Bridge incident to the Tokyo War Crimes Trial.

Another is Nanjing Christmas 1937, by HK director Yim Ho, who said he was inspired by The Rape of Nanking, the famous book by the late Chinese-American writer Iris Chang.

His story will revolves ard a gp of foreigners who risked their lives to build shelters for NJ citizens during the event.

Reports also says BJ-based Huayi Brothers, one of the most commercially successful film & TV production companies, plans a movie entitled John Robe.

Robe was a German businessman who helped to shelter thousands of Chinese from slaughter during the massacre.

Flming on NJ! NJ! is expected to be completed by the end of the yr, for a premiere on Dec 13, the anniversary of the Japanese occupation of NJ in 1937.

Lu said he hoped to shoot 'a true Chinese war & disaster film.'

He studied in a military school for 4 yrs in NJ, "When I was in the school, I heard so many stories abt NJ Massacre, & I have wanted since then to shoot a film abt the event."

According to website CINA.COM, the producers of the film have been with stars like Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung & Tony Leung Ka Fai abt starring it.

SOURCE: http://ent.sina.com.cn/

The reporter visited Andy World Club, which is the biggest among all the fans club in HK. It was extremely quiet that day

A lady, Miss Tai, attended to the reporter, she was courteous & skillfully answered all questions.

R (Reporter): Why are you all a limited company, is it set up by Andy?

T (Miss Tai): On the company, it is not convenient for me to talk.

R: How many members in AWC?

T: (smiling) Donft ask me too much.

R: We from the mainland are very interested with the matter

re: Yang Li Jian, how do you all view this?

T: I donft know.

R: Do you mean Andy fans in HK are not aware of the matter & give no comment?

T: It is not convenient to talk now.

R: Heard that Miss Yang wants to ask 500,000 from Andy, do u think she is too much?

T:cc.(smiling, not answering)

R: Is Andy in HK now? Will he give any response?

T: Donft know.

No matter what method is used, nothing came out from her. The thing most precious about her is she maintained her smiles throughout, & did not appear to be impatient at all. Look like Andy has the staff well-trained, & maintain 'lips sealed' from top to bottom.

The reporter thought she belonged to some rank in the office, when asked, she said, "I'm a receptionist, take phone calls."

The reporter discovered that ALL the newspapers are back to normal in HK, even the most nosey tabloid with hot gossips such as The Sun, Oriental Daily, & others newspapers which stresses on entertainment news, from the first page to the last page, there is NOTHING on Yang mother & daughter.

From a fan who refused to disclosed her name, to fans of Andy in HK, the request made by Miss Yang to have an one-to-one meeting with Andy, this 'wish' of her is against the regulations, "Because in HK, we do not have the chance to meet him alone, he does not have that habit of meeting the fan alone, also in HK, the stars usually meet the fans as a group, there is no special care."