Date: 6 May 02
Source: Sudden Weekly (Cont )
13 Apr 3 :00 pm

After leaving the Studio, felt quite loss. My first time here, stayed for only 3 hrs. As I made all the others lost the thrill, felt quite sorry.

Bought low-cost tees & hats, actually I have a lot of these things. But having fun buying with the gp, not bad enjoying this shopping thrill . At the most I give to friends as souvenir.

Many hats here, I anyhow bought two, but actually I already had a lot, not sure buy for what ?

Yee! For photo taking, dress up with a tall hat !

Lunch time I insisted on eating by the roadside, had a big bowl of roast pork miam, steaming hot, real shiok.

In HK no chance to eat by the roadside. In Osaka, I insisted on eating this miam.


D f al.com

4/5---Today came to the football field, saw a few handsome footballers, age only half of mine, but already v skillful in the game. They are real young heroes. Today I came to support a gp of children, they wanted to complete a task, i.e a thousand of them passing balls at the same time, & set a new world record. But finally only 500 over passed balls. Though the target was not reached, but is already a good encouragement to these children.

5/5 @ 1210 hrs

Headline/Source: Andy anxiously protected the goal (Oriental Daily)
Andy most scared to eat ‘poh-piah’ in soccer (stareast net)
Saved many goals, Andy as goalkeeper : don’t shoot my face ! (The Sun)
As goalkeeper Andy protects earnestly ‘small hua’ not being injured (Sing Tao)

Organized by RTHK, ‘2002 McDonald’s Youth Soccer Campaign’ was held yesterday at Qin Yi Stadium. Andy was the ambassador of the activity. He opened the kicking off ceremony & witnessed 1,000 children kicking & passing ball to one another continuously on the field. This record event will be submitted to the committee of Guiness Book of World Records

Andy together with Edison Chan & his rumored gf Chan Wen Xuan, Jouy Yeung & others had a friendly match with 7 other footbollers form the youth division. Andy had not played soccer for 10 over yrs, he took the position of a goalkeeper. He humbly admitted he is not up to standard, so he can only be a goaldie.

The children welcomed & cheered him warmly. He was presented with a pair of new goalie gloves. The weather was v hot, one boy had heat exhaustion. Andy shown concerned & reminded them to take more fluid & don’t exposed to the sun for too long.

Out of 14 kicks , Andy was able to save 7.

He was asked whh part of the body he is most worried to get injured ? He laughed heartily, “Of course the face ! I need the face to make a living ! “ He had told the other beforehand not to hit his face.

How abt the important part ?

Andy smiled & embarrassed, “All are man lah, they know where not to hit. If there is danger, I will avoid immediately, as goaldie the msot important is to run fast !”

He was hit on the face once, he felt like a concussion, & was admitted for observation.

Date: 5 5 02
Source: Sudden Weekly [cont]
13 Apr 9:00am
Queing at Universal Studio

No work today. I got up at 8 in the morning. Woke up my asst & other members, set off to Universal Studio. I gave treat ! Haha !

Not joking ! I was so excited ! I think who ever likes movie, coming to this fantasy land, will have special feelings.

Not sure who suggested it, the first thing to do was watching animal show. Not knowing the first animal to come out was a mouse. I am most scared of mouse, really '?? '! [in Cantonese, I think it means upset the whole thing] , the show after that, I had no mood to watch… quick, better played other games

Ran to 'Back to Future' as theme action movie, got a real big shock, the q was so long, … waiting time was 2 hrs.

At this time many tourists from HK & TW recognized me. I had to trouble the workers to thank them & rejected photo taking, before I could go in to play. Waited for 2 hrs, played for 15 mins, not worth the while !

Ai ! Let's go lah ! Not yet 1 pm, already left the place !

At the Studio, of course must buy souvenir. I bought this pair of funny green hands, are they real ?

The most prominent spot in ‘xin ji qiao’ [name of the place] is this moving giant crab. I want to act like a crab. Wei ! I had changed my jumper & cap, fully in yoh !

Most boring photo, was this one taken in front of Statue of Liberty, dressed like a terrorist.

Wah ! Universal Studio ! So excited ! Stand upside down .

Flying legs, got style ! If u havent got it , I would do again !

[to be cont]

D f al.com

3/5---Today has only one thing to do, i.e meeting. Nothing else, pass a day.

Date: 4 May 02
Source: Sudden Weekly

Going to Japan for tour is reasonable, just that it can be a bit boring. But Heavenly King Andy is still full of enthusiasm, at Universal Studio he jumped & yelled. 40 year old still played ‘clipping toys’, refused to admit defeat, paid thousand over ‘school fee’, finally caught many toys back.

Everyone thought it is boring, he thinks it as interesting & playing it happily.

So fun, because in HK he has no chance to be so ‘bored’. So bored as to play games, roam the street, eat by the road side. To him, this is luxurious.

So boring, let him tell u personally.

11 Apr 8:30pm

This trip to Japan was as guest of a company, details tell u later. As work was little, took this opportunity to tour the place.

It was evening when we arrived at Osaka. After dinner, went out to roam the street. I had been to Japan many times, also stayed here for abt a month filming LOAD before. To me, the greatest difference between Osaka & Tokyo is here less people recognize me. I can v freely roam the street. Though my asst & other stuff all complained bored, I insisted on going out. They don’t understand how much I enjoy this type of fun.

That time, I played clipping toys by the road side for almost an hr. Actually I didn’t like to play this girly game before, there is no Ultraman toy that I like, waste energy & money…. & I am many tens of years old. But look at it, the toys were so cute, I refused to admit defeat….. no reason why I couldnt get it. Finally I used up HK$1,000, played almost an hr, back full load.

So actually now at this age , playing kids stuff can still be so happy.

Calling Takako Tokiwa ?

I entered this shop selling family grocery. The uncle security behind me surprised to see me at this age taking so boring photo. Che ! Who care ! I don’t understand why this shop has this ‘ ??’ (what is mannequin in Cantonese)


Date: 2 May 02
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy threw in millions during economic downturn to be a movie magnate

Andy’s Teamwork movie production co , with the support of CCT Mutli-media , launched a series of big plans for movies production 2 years ago, & had even plans for listing. But since last year, there was some changes in their relations. Andy has since used Teamwork to invest in Milky Way Movie co , in which Johnnie To is the biggest shareholder, with millions , to become its 2nd biggest shareholder. Milky Way made tens of millions last year. Johnnie To is applying for Milky Way to be listed.

According to sources it will be listed in the middle of next month, with an estimated asset of 50 to 80 million. The co with Johnnie & Andy 2 sellable pillars, aims to do movie & TV serial production. Han Jia Wei will help Johnnie to take charge of TV serial production.

While Andy & Johnnie is planning to expand this year, Golden Harvest is doing the opposite. GH has lost 24 mil last year. To cut cost, other than closing the album production dept, its affliated co, Image, will be closed after ending of 2 year contract. Some of its staff have pay cut. On production, the initial plan to film a movie by Gigi & Louis Ko is put on hold.

Its spokesman said yesterday that those who received $20,000 & above will get a cut of abt 10 to 20 %. With the closure of album & Image, there will be less staff on the payroll...

Source: Ming Pao

Richie Ren is holding concert in Coliseum middle of May. He sought Andy’s advise on pointers of a successful concert.

D f al.com

30/4---Today recorded something. But not for the new album. Guess what is it ? Soon all will know.

Date: 1 May 02
Headline/Source: Andy swallowed ‘lemon’ at filming studio (Sing Tao)
Andy ate ‘lemon’ in front of all (Apple Daily)
Andy ate ‘lemon’ both times seeking for kiss (Oriental Daily/Ming Pao)
Andy kiss rejected by beautiful ladies (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy rejected by Lucy & Olivia in kiss (stareast.net)

Andy was invited by IBM as a performer for its private function in Osaka recently. During his free time, he visited Universal Studio. As soon as he entered, he met cartoon character parade. When he saw Lucy, he wanted to kiss & hug.

But Lucy, smitten by Schroeder, flatly refused Andy’s advances. After swallowing his first ‘lemon’, he sought another target. He chose Olivia, gf of Popeye this time But unlucky Andy was spurned again !Shaking his head, “Ai ! Never experience so much failure before. Most of the time is other people want to kiss & love me, I wont let them. Where had it been I want to kiss someone, someone refuses. Haha ! Now I know Lucy & Olive are the same as me, as faithful in love ! “

Without love from Lucy & Olive, Andy however, was the attention of HK & Japanese tourists, who asked him for photo taking & for his autographs. But there were just too many people, he wont be able to finish all. He pleaded them to let him go. They were v understanding , allowing him to have time to himself.

Seldom have time to visit fun land, Andy chose to watch shows in the Studio. He had no time to join the q for games, seeing show he can learn from others. But to see a show, the q was a few hours. So there wasn’t enough time for a lot of shows.

D f al.com

29/4---Today work schedule is not so tight, but still need to go back to office for meetings, after that nothing to do, can go home & have a good rest.

Date: 29 Apr 02
D f al.com

28/4---Back to HK today, went to AWC for fan club gathering. Wah ! Saw so many fans, felt v happy. V relax, chi-chatted with them, became open & cheerful. They asked many questions, some were never thought of, brought happy surprises to many. Really like this type of gathering. I shall arrange more time for this , think everyone will be happy too !

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

In Beijing for only a day, 2 days ago after being interviewed by 200 over reporters from media around Mainland, Andy had an exclusive meeting with the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily in the evening.

He had changed his black outfit to a green track suit like that of a soccer team. He thanked the reporter sincerely for the meeting. "Many thanks to Beijing Y D for all the work done on copyright . I will sure visit your office if I've a chance. "

The reason for saying this is because Andy had previously agreed to come to B Y D for a live web cast, but when the newspaper YNET web site learned that Andy has a contract with his own al.com, the paper actively called Andy's manager & cancelled the activity. Though many readers & fans were unable to see Andy online, Beijing Youth Daily respects copyright rule & vows to protect it. Andy too urged fans not to buy pirated products.

20 years in showbiz, Andy laments time ready passes v fast, if there is another chance, he will choose to be an artiste again, as other than singing & acting , he cant do any thing else. 20 yrs has seen advancement in age, but gain in maturity, He has also learned to respect others. He has read a book recently, How To Be A Living Dead . The bk has inspired him to think what type of person he wants to be & how to contribute to the society. His feelings are always expressed in his songs. He is selective in lyric writing, such as Water of Forgetfulness, Silly Child & Man Cry Is No Crime. The songs expressed his inner feelings & represents himself.

"In the circle for so long, from one with only one scene to Heavenly King, At first, everything was so green, after sometime, thought I know everything . Now at this stage, realise actually I know so little. Really no limit to learning !"

The impression given to the reporter is Andy is one who is easy to get along with. He said beause he is a public figure, his actions influence the young, so he has to have self discipline. He told the reporter to pass words to fans waiting outside, "Go home early, learn hard, don't let the parents worry. "

Source: Sin Pao

Artistes have always been rumored to be killed in accidents. This has happened many times to Andy, Jimmy Lin, even Britney Spears, & recently F4.

Andy is the one with the most such rumors. He was once rumored to be killed in car accident in TW, the deceased bore the same name as him. HK Andy expressed sympathy to TW Andy. He said the trouble began because of having a common name. The rumor continued, twice on the net for being killed during filming. Andy, alive & well, got to appear to quell the rumors, & leave rumor mongers aside.

Source: Daily News dated 28/4

The organizer admitted, " Most afraid of Andy coming to Beijing for activity, because got to get more securities, got to handle large crowd of media. Really v troublesome. ."

He movies such as LOAD, DOAD, FTK, had done v well last year, He indicated he wont aim to be a director , as he has no such ability. On whether he would go global, he gave a careful ans, "Every actor wishes everybody in all parts of the globe recognises him, & like him. But this takes time & needs affinity."

The role he wishes to act most is a simple man on the street, such as in LOAD. If the audience commented one day that his acting as a horse is v good, he would be v happy.

On Nic Tse headline hogging news, Andy was asked to comment. Displaying his dexterity, he said, "What ever we said now is going to be unfair to him, just wait & see the outcome is the fairest."

One reporter asked him on how he thinks abt Hongkongers ideology 'Spirit of Andy Lau' , in creating the miracle story of a 'boy in grey'. Andy with a determined look, quipped, "Andy Lau Spirit is basically Never Giving Up Spirit The ans won heartfelt applause from the reporteres.

Errata; 'lao sai' is 'boss', not 'son'.

28/4 @ 1120 hrs
Source: sina news/Beijing Youth News

Yesterday afternoon, Andy, without sunglasses, appeared at the premiere of Wesley’s Mysterious File in Bijing cinama, Qin Lian Gong. The cinema was encircled by many fans long before the 3pm show .

Thro’ the car’s window, he greeted the security guards. As it was not a public hol, only 5/4 of the cinama was filled. But this does not affect fans & media frenzy with him. Despite his age, his charisma is no less .

He did not put on airs . He met the fans before the movie. He went up the stage to the tempo of beating drums, all of a sudden, screams, cheers came from all directions. The guards & dark-uniform workers held hands to form 2 rows of human barricades to stop the surging audience & reporters. Even the reporters were not able to get near to him.

He seems to have lose some weight, & wanted the audience to give him methods of becoming fat.

In a all black ensemble, a pair of shining black long pants, a black tee, a pair of pointed black shoes, Andy under strong request of the audience, sang his new song. Never believe those banner-brandishing fans could chores along. One fan asked loudly, “When can we have your concert in Beijing? “ A sincere face, “Once approval document received, I will come !”

Fans jostled to ask questions, he replied humorously, “As .long as u don’t ask me how old, how heavy, any question I will answer.” He who is used to screams & flowers, maintained his cool, his willingness to ans any question put all at ease, the scene was warm.

On answering which is more important, singing or movies, he replied, “I like both, I like the feeling of live performance, it is an enjoyment.”

At the backstage press interview, some ask, “In this science flick, what is the thing that give u deep impression?” With gestures, “Bed scene ! A scene with the aliens, as they are from different planets, they have to float in the air. The scene was taken separately, & joined together later. When I filmed, I had to appear loving, so I hold my head & cuddle myself, especially meaningful.”

Which one is better to work with, Rosumund or Shu Qi ?

“This question is too difficult, don’t ‘kill’ me ! I can only ans both are good. Had worked with Rosumund many times, we are v familiar with one another. Shu Qi after filming has her Cantonese improved.”

D f al.com

27/4---Flew specially to Beijing this am, to attend Wesley’s MF premiere. Had not been to Beijing for a while, now can come to meet the fans. Today went to 4 cinemas , the response was v good in all the cinemas,. This gives me confidence with the movie locally. Under the careful planning of the organiser, the premiere went on smoothly. Hope the movie is welcome by all here.

Date: 28 Apr 02
Source: ent.tom.com

This afternoon (27/4), Andy brought his new movie Wesley’s MF to meet fans in Beijing. The scene was bustling.

Date: 27 Apr 02
D f al.com

26/4---Want to share with all an interesting thing. It happened on my colleague. One day this friend accompanied her friend to an up-market shop to buy a watch. Her friend chose a watch of a new design, asked the salesperson, “What are the functions of this watch ?” The salesperson answered, “The usual functions of a watch !” This colleague couldn’t help but commented, “Your attitude of service at present on this day is not enough.” The shopkeeper was dumbfounded, smiled, & said, “Sorry ! I get another salesman to explain to u in detail.” Never expect the ad I filmed , has such effect, haha~~~~

[I think Andy had filmed an ad on courtesy. Err... Not with this cub, haha... cant get over these cute little things.. ]

25/4---Today quite busy with work, non-stop meeting, meeting, again meeting, one after another, but had a fulfilling day.

...come come come (lai lai lai..).. cute little kids..

...see his bermudas, TIGER STRIPS.. & face drawn like tiger.. 'daddy-tiger-look-alike' hahaha..

Date: 26 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy turned to become a daddy Tiger (Sing Tao )
Andy cultivated emotional link by milk feeding (Oriental Daily)
Filmed commercial in Thailand, Andy strolled on the beach with 4 small tigers, fed milk with chest exposed (Apple Daily)
Andy became daddy of tigers & leopard (Ming Pao)
Andy brought fame to 4 tigers (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy was taken to be daddy by 4 small tigers (stareast.net)

A new series of green tea commercial by Andy will be released next Monday. In this com, not only he will act like Tom Hanks in Castaway, floating in the deep sea, building a raft, 5 super-cute ‘small friends’ co-acted with him. The so-called small friends are 4 small tigers , 2 mth-old & one BB leopard, 1-mth-old .

The com aims to harmonize smooth soothing feel of nature into it, thus arranged for Andy to stroll on the beach, not with beautiful ladies but with some wild animals.

On seeing the 4 small tigers & the BB leopard, Andy was highly excited, the tigers were like puppies, tame & cute. Though they were not trained for movies, after Andy had fed them with milk once, they took him like a daddy, sticking to him all the time. Wherever Andy went or sat, they followed. They kept teasing Andy to play with them. The crew & Andy were all happily surprised. At first they thought these small animals would be hard to control, need to spend more time, but actually it was different. Every scene was done with 1 or 2 takes. So smooth that it had never happy before

Andy tried his best to pose upside down , the tigers observed quietly.

Andy smiled, “It is the first time I collaborated with tigers, never thought they were so terrific, BB leopard is v cute, when I carried him he just snuggled on my body, just like a kitten. Though they are tigers, they are still small, v timid. Haha, one of them when I pretended to frighten him by acting like a tiger, he was so scared , he turned his head & walked away. Everyone laughed dropping to the floor. Really v cute, now still think of them. “

Andy said these small animals brought them lots of happiness, the time passed v fast. He couldn’t bear to part with them. A pity that he does not know how to handle tigers when they are big, otherwise he was thinking of bringing them home.

Andy is v worried that these small tigers will be brought to training center & perform in circles or tourists spots when they are bigger. Days will be hard then. He feels that these wild animals should be released to the nature after training them how to hunt, so they can have happy days too. He hopes animals lovers org can take good care of these animals & give them a safe environment.

Andy received a good news yesterday, the com personnel told him the 4 tigers will be adopted by the zoo. Thai govt knew the 4 tigers had filmed com & is opening to the public to give them a name each. Andy was v happy with the news, he jested, “Changed name ? One call Lau Ban (Boss), one Lau Sai (son), one Lau Fu Che (Master Q, a cartoon character), one Lau You (old friend). “

[hahaha… family of the Lau !..]

Thanks to fans in S'pore, with your votes, Andy was able to stand at No.2 spot on 933 Top 10 Male Singers for the 1st Season Year 2002.

Date: 25 Apr 02
Source: Beijing Wanbao

Labor Day weekend is a long holiday in China. Many movies open in Beijing cinemas, Wesley’s M F is the only HK movie among all other local movies.

WMF is a recent hot movie in HK. It rolls into one science fiction, love & action, it uses advance computer effects to a bring one to a stage beyond reality. The story narrates a United Nations Alien Research specialist Wesley taking charge of matters concerning aliens on Earth. In a visit to an antique shop to view a piece of mysterious blue-blooded bone , he encountered a blue blood being which he saw once when he was a child. While trying to catch up with her, there was an attack by the aliens ….

Wang Jin , the executive producer & Andy will be in Beijing on the 27th for the premiers of the movie in the many cinemas.

D f al.com

24/4---Throat is almost alright now, but still has some cough, see dr again. I will remember to take my medicine on time, rest more, everyone rest assured !

Date: 24 Apr 02
News f al.com
Title: Strongest cheer group in support of Andy

At 21st HKFA lately, Andy was nominated Best Actor for his movie LOAD. Though he did not win the award, he is already the Best Actor in the hearts of many fans. When Andy was at the red carpet, he was cheered by large gp of fans. His fans nos the most & was the strongest. They were united to cheer for him.

D f al.com

23/4---Many thanks for the concern you have on me lately, my sickness almost all gone, everyone don’t worry. Today work v busy, so after the work, went home to sleep.

22/4---Had an ordinary day, only had meetings with stuff to discuss official matter, not much of other thing to do. Amid the busy schedule, having a day like this occasionally, gives me momentary relaxation.

Source: The Sun dated 23/4

Milky Way Movie Production is actively preparing for the listing of the co . The news was leaked out by the author some days ago. The boss Johnnie To accordingly is having a meeting this Friday . IPO is actually v common, but this is a movie production co, many stars are involved, in addition to having Andy as one of its boss, it will be a glittery affair. As to how much the share price will be, the author is not sure.

Errata: Francis Ng instead of Francis Wu, Chu Tian Lam instead of Zhu Tian Lin
Thanks, Stephanie.
Dear friends, the 'weird' names in the translations came abt as they are read in Mnadarin instead of Cantonese. Thanks for your tolerance with webmaster Katherine 'weird' translations, in names & language, many a time.

23/4 @ 1400hrs
News f al.com

A Superb Creation of a Great Creator for a Great Star

[...I had a good laugh, how abt you ?... HAHAHA]

AWC had a BBQ gathering lately, Andy of course was there to meet the fans. But when he was on the stage talking, his voice suddenly ran out of tune. He had laryngitis & sore throat. As such he couldn’t talk loudly, couldn’t sing. So there was no singing this time, but he walked round the whole place, chitchatting with fans. He played games too, he said something abt himself to test the fans. Everyone had a happy time.

Date: 23 Apr 02
Source: Sing Tao
Headline: Andy faced caressed by fans in chaotic state

At the end of HKFA, many fans waited at the exit of the backstage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars. 2 packed rows of fans lined the exit. Andy’s fans were the most in nos & strength.

As there were too many people, accidents unavoidably happened . When Andy walked out, after taken off his coat, he was engulfed completely by his warm fans. Some took the advantage of the moment when he opened the car door, to stroke his face gently. But Andy did not take it to heart, he pulled open the cart door & left .

Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Piano prodigy loves Andy the most

10 yr-old piano prodigy Chu Tian Lam had a press con for his first album release. He was asked which singer he likes the most & if he will write songs for them. He said, “I like many, such as Andy Lau, but I wont specify which one I will write for, I will do when I have a chance.”

D f al.com

21/4---If everyone had watched TV tonite, would have known the results of HKFA. Though I cannot get Best Actor this time, I am not too disappointed, as I didn’t have much expectation before the ceremony. I even think Stephen Chow could win, my guess was correct. SS winning many awards is deserving. But everyone must also cheer for me. Though this yr cannot get Best Actor, maybe next yr I can !

[the lady on the R is Maggie.]

Date: 22 Apr 02
Source: Apple Daily
Twins fans no match for Andy’s fans

Andy was contesting for Best Actor award, while one member of Twins was nominated for Best Newcomer award last night. At the red carpet area, fans cheered for them. Andy’s fans were the most in nos, most united, much more than the popular fans of the Twins.

Source: stareast.net

Shaolin Soccer was the big winner in the 21st HKFA , sweeping a total of 7 awards, including Best Movie. Stephen Chow was the most glorious, for the first time he won Best Actor award, in addition to Best Director & Outstanding Young Director award.

The Sun

Anita Mui & Tony Leung gave out Best Actress award. Tony teased that all the nominees are her friends, Andy is an extraordinary one, Jacky Cheung her related friends, Stephen Chow her usual friend, & asked her to choose one. She urged him to announce. Tony teased that he will announced & she will hug.

Andy & Francis Wu gave out Best Actress award. Andy praised highly of Sammi, but her contestants are 2 previous Best Actress, Anita & Sylvia Chang, so even if she loses is still alright. The award was finally won by Chang

Andy’s fans are the hottest, they chased after him, hoping to get as near to him as possible. They love what he loves, cheered loudly for Anita Mui too.

Ming Pao

Andy’s loyal fans armed with banners cheered for Andy outside the Center. In their heart, Andy is already the Best Actor.

D f al.com

20/4---Really sorry! As my voice is hoarse, at fan club BBQ today, my voice was out of tune even during talking, luckily what I said everyone can hear. I did not sing for all at the gathering, hope everyone wont mind. But I chit-chatted with all the fans. V happy to see many new faces, hope these newly joined fans can experienced AWC’s warmth & happiness.

Live broadcast of HKFA at 8 pm HK time today : http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/schedule/radio2/20020421.htm .

Live telecast on Singapore Ch 48 8 pm

Date: 21 Apr 02
Source: Ming Pao /stareastnet / The Sun

The director Chen Jia-san wishes Stephen Chow can get Best Actor award tonight. He & Stephen Chow are friends & also, Stephen was been nominated few times before but was disappointed all the time. He admitted Stephen’s old movies are better. He likes SS & commented it is the Best Movie. But at the same time, he thinks Hu Jin may get Best Actor award.

Louis Ku & Chen Ge Xin chooses Hu Jin, Mirium Yeung thinks Andy Lau can win Best Actor award.

Ming Pao : Andy’s acting in LOAD is not bad, despite the heavy fatty costume, he was agile & suave. Betting on the net shows he is the lowest on the bet. Both LOAD & SS are comedy movies, but SS has more nominations. With one person one vote, Andy stands at a disadvantage.

Top 10 Commercial Andy’s Tao Di Green Tea was not selected .

Sina news

Voting shows Andy begged 880 votes in Best Actor category , is the winner, followed by Hu Jin with 342 votes & Stephen 330 votes. It is just a public poll, has no deciding factor.

Ming Pao dated 20/4

Andy,”Of course I have confidence, there must be good performance to be nominated. I think Stephen can get it, hope SS can get Best Movie award, as it is so rare for a comedy to get 2 awards.”

D f al.com

19/4---Today not feeling well, a bit of sore throat, voice become hoarse. Really need to take a good rest. But everyone don’t worry, I will take good care of myself, will be well soon.

[take care,…]

Date: 20 Apr 02
Source: Ta Kung Pao

21st HKFA will be held tomorrow at Tsim Sha Tsui Culture Center. Some members of the organization , hosts & Tae from Thailand were at the Center for the prayer .

40 over guests are invited as award presenters. Andy Lau & Francis Wu will give out Best Actress award, Tony Leung & Anita Mui the Best Actor award.

Liu Yue was winner of Best Actor in TW Golden Horse , will he clinch the award again ? The other nominees in Best Actor category are Hu Jin, Stephen Chow, Jacky Cheung & Andy with LOAD.

Stephen Chow is a tough contender of Fatso, after all, instilling gongfu into football is formidable, it could even pierced thro the wall, Fatso maybe not be able to withstand this force. Jacky has to win as a black horse.

Source: Show 8

10 yr-old piano prodigy, Zhu Tianlin, who had played piano for Andy before, will attend as a performer in HKFA.

Source: Wen Wei Pao

Organized by ATV, annual Top 10 Commercials award ceremony will be held tonight . 5,000 over commercials qualified for selection for yr 2001. 38 were finally out-listed. Andy’s My Heart Can Only Contain U is one of the 9 songs nominated.

D f al.com

18/4---Today don’t need to work on album, but need to film commercial. This year the com was filmed in different places, should be able to meet all soon .

Date: 19 Apr 02
Source: stareast.net

21st HK FA will be held on the 21st Apr. Trend of net-betting at easybets.com shows no great changes, in the Best Movie, Best Director or Best Actor & Actress categories.

LOAD is at no.4 position of bet in Best Movie category, its female lead is still a hottest bet.

Odds against Andy in Best Actor category continue to worsen, from last week 9-fold to 11 fold , compared to Stephen Chow with 2.8, Liu Yue 3.25 , Hu Jin 3.5. & Jacky Cheung 5.

D f al.com

17/4---As whole day busy with meetings, after interview in radio stn, had to rush back, felt rather embarrassed. New album production work almost finished. Today went back to studio to continue with work. Happened to be Li An Siew’s bday, we bought cake to celebrate. Trouble you a lot, An Siew ! You spent your bday at work. Happy Bday to him !

Date: 18 Apr 02
Headline/Source: Andy wishes Eason speedy recovery (Oriental Daily/Ta Kung Pao)
Andy wishes Eason is blessed (Apple Daily)
Andy send the message: Be careful ! (Stareast.net)

Andy was at RTHK yesterday for an activity. He was the ‘Soccer ambassador’. The activity involved selection of Prince & Princess of Soccer by a Q & A session. Andy challenged 10 mock questions , the chairperson was shocked to see Andy got them all correct.

Wherever Andy goes many will follow. Similarly yesterday the studio was bustling with reporters. Andy wore a football No.10 jersey with his own name on it. He autographed on 2 footballs.

Eason Chan while having a concert in Taiwan university had a fall , resulting in injury to his scrotum. He was admitted to hosp for drainage of blood. Females artistes are unable to empathize the situation, but male representatives like Andy Lau & Andy Hui express their deep empathy.

Andy,” huh…oooh…. I knew it after reading the papers. Hope he has a speedy recovery ! Accidents are hard to say, everyone must be careful ! Be more careful ! (Eason has his vital part injured !) Yes, he is blessed !”

Ever had small accidents on the stage ?

“I fell on the stage all the time, but injured during filming . “ Andy said he had injured his coccygeal spine before after jumping from a height. Jested, “Backbone is also an important spot !” He was on wheelchair for few weeks & had physio for a long time. (Any residual effect ?) Okay la, no problem. (Would u use stunt next time to take care of your body ?) Injury does not come with dangerous acts, sometimes simple act can lead to injury if careless. Three are safety precautions for dangerous acts, so chance of injury is less. Accidents are hard to avoid, be more careful !”

On the rumor that Cecilia has been replaced, Andy said he does not know. He only knows the one that is confirmed is his own role. He does not mind working with anyone.

Source: Apple Daily/Ta Kung Pao
Headline: Chang Che has fond feelings of Andy

Chang Che is the winner of Lifelong Achievement award in the upcoming HK FA . He has written a letter to express his thanks. He will be 80 next year, at this age, he is not able to be a director but he wishes to be the consultant of Chinastar. He said he had collaborated with Andy only once, but he has fond feelings on Andy.

Andy is forever so warm a person. He had given Andy some advise before, told him not to be fat, or forced himself to be a ‘arthouse actor’, he should persist on his usual way. Andy listens to him & now he is still the mail pillar in HK.

As his age is catching up, he has no wish to direct, he has no more dream unfulfilled. But his enthusiasm with movies is still there, he pays special attention esp to the main pillar of HK Andy. He suggests a discussion panel be held for HK movies. He hope to contribute to the industry. He is still consultant to Shaw org, China star. & he wishes tocooperate outside Teamwork or Chinastar.

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16/4---Completed recording of the new album Went back to studio today, listen to every song again. Later will do some followed up work on album, then can see all !

Who is a 'Taibao' ? ---- A spoilt brat who becomes a young thug or ruffian. (His gf ? A Tai-mei of course!) [Dear Tai,.. just joking eh, haha... ]

Date: 17 Apr 02
Source: Chen Pao
Headline: Andy new movie will be delayed by a month

Cecilia Cheung has continue bad press report lately. It is rumored that Andy’s new movie Gongfu Boy & Girl has a sudden change of female lead. Cecilia’s manger Mrs Heung indicated Cecilia had accepted Andy’s movie offer, but Andy has now postponed filming by a month, it may thus affect Cecilia’s schedule.

She said she is still discussing with Andy on the date, the matter on Cecilia is still being managed.

Lee Wei, one of the 2 boy gp called Wewe from Taiwan, was asked abt his idol. He said his idol is Andy Lau. He respects him for his years of diligence in singing & acting.

Source: United News
Headline: Initial D, Edison Chan called Andy papa

HK Media Asia announced its 10-movie a year plan last night. One of the movies is Initial D, starring Andy & Edison. They hope to have filming done in Yang Min Shan, a tourist spot. But according to the deputy chairman of Media Asia, cooperation from govt is the key, otherwise, it is impossible to film car racing in the hilly spot.

The cast for the 10 movies are grand, 2 movies have Richie Ren as lead. Jacky Chan, Andy Lau, Edison, Kelly Lin, Maggi Q all have roles. Directors include Ann Hui, Andrew Lau etc. From now till next spring, there is non-stopping filming.

Will the co come to Taiwan for filming ? The deputy replied that TW is a land of gold, the market can start from zero, of course they wish to come here, esp with Initial D. He will approach the concerned depts. for approval in using the mountain for car racing.