DATE: 30 APR 05

Andy went to C R yesterday for the promotion of his new song. In the interview by hosts of the Tea Pot Talk Show, he was asked if Deanie Yip whose concert is around the corner has invited him as guest. He quipped if she invites him he will surely be there. He too wishes to be her guest a lot. But a pity she has never invited any in her previous concerts. He teased that he would get Anthony Lun to teach him singing secretly, wait till Deanie went to the backstage for dress change then he will sneak up to the stage. He knows there is a 15 min interval, he does not mind be given a 'toilet slot' to sing. What is he going to do then, he quipped, "I know how to do a lot of things, anything can!"

Deanie has criticized that some singers are not punctual with opening time, said Andy, "The singers need self recollections, if continue to be late he will have no concert in future! Do not blame on make up. If so then shd change the make up asst." On the audience for coming late, Andy said this is a bad habit, the more expensive the more the nos of latecomers. This can embarrass the singers . If it is due to the traffic, maybe excusable, but not if it is due to having dinner. He had tried to embarrassed the late comers by asking, "You have just come, u listen to 2 songs less, do u want us to refund some money to you?"

In celebrating hundred years of movies in China, Andy is one of the 360 over actors to contest in the Most Popular Actor category. He admitted he has no confidence, there are many more good ones, he will pick Kwan Tak Hin, Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung or Chow Yin Fat, in the female section, he will pick Anita Mui, Bak Suet Sin, Ya Kim Fai, Jacqueline Ng.

East underwater tunnel has set to increase the toll by May 1 under voice of protest. Andy will protest with action, he will stop using the tunnel for the time being, until they cannot make a profit. Yesterday morning the long-haired Legislative Council Congressman Liang Kuohsiung in attempting to walk in the tunnel as protest had led to a bad traffic jam. On this, Andu said, "Long-haired, I Have You!" He took the opportunity to promote his song! He dedicated the song to him, he said his action was not known to the residents before hand, leading to the big traffic jam, this is wrong. He shd have chosen May 1 to do the protest.

Sam Lee was 45 min late for an activity , he blamed the traffic jam. But he was exposed to have used the West line instead of the East line!

DATE: 29 APR 05

Andy went to Metro Broadcast for an interview yesterday. When told shooting has started for the Hollywood version of IA, The Departed, Matt Damon who reprises his role looks fat & does not look like him, he disagreed. The role is not made ugly at all. He commented, "The director Martin Scorsese has his own way, maybe he wants the actors to look fatter! They look good, not bad!"

He is more concerned on how the movie can be remade, how the backdrop & the religious part can be changed. HK version of IA used a lot of scenes in HK, there is a deep sense of Buddhist philosophy. Talking on Heaven & Hell, there are many layers of Hell in Buddhism, so the director must have his own insight. He has seen Martin's movie Gangs Of New York, it is terrific. He thinks Kung Fu Hustle has some scenes & angle copied from this movie.

Recently the customs announced it will sue BT on infringement of copyright, Andy thinks this must be done. But if the law does not set a rule, going to court may still lose the case. But he is v supportive, he is even willing to pay the legal fee to sue the BT fans for copying. A few years ago he sued the bank for his picture copyright, but he did not win, finally it was settled out of court. Each side shared half of the legal cost. To him, going to court is still undesirable.

While the entertainment circle put in effort, the govt has to support such that the industry can develop. HK marlet is not as big as in other places, HK is deeply sick to the bone, even suing BT, there is no guarantee box office will not lose money.

It was rumored that he has bought a house in Malaysia, & has secretly married Carol Zhu, he clarified, "I have not bought any house, if I have money I use all up in movie investment."


To commemorate 100 years of Chinese movie, most popular top 10 movies , most popular director, actor & actress will be selected. The public can select from the 103 movies which were previously picked by the movie professionals. Details is available from the 24th HKFA magazine. Days of Being Wild, A Better Tomorrow & The Boat People are among the 103 selected.

DATE: 28 APR 05

The Departed, a Hollywood big investment & a remake of HK movie, Infernal Affairs, official starts shooting in New York recently.

Renowned director Martin Scorsese & a group of Hollywood hot actors get themselves fully involved in the shooting. Leonardo Di Caprio , who played the role of Tony was seen in a baseball cap with face covered most of the time.

Shooting location was done in Broklyn in NY since the beginning of the week. The 2 leads Matt Damon & Leonardo were present. Matt looked grim-faced as he walked. He had police pistol & medals hanging from his waist. Leonardo was looking down most of the time, even using his shirt to cover the face. The actress who has not been mentioned Nellie Sciutto was also present that day.

The movie is a co investment by the movie co Plan B owned by Brad Pitt & his ex wife Jennifer Aniston & a few others movie co including Warner Co. Though separated, Brad Pitt & Jennifer will still be the executive directors . Scorsese is the director cum executive director.

Other than Leonardo & Matt who acted as Tony & Andy respectively, Jack Nicholson who is twice Oscars winner of Best Actor will act in the role of Eric Tsang as the triad head, while Mark Wahlberg will act in the role of Anthony Wong as Wong Sir.

The script is written by William Monahan. There is some changes in the fine details. The backdrop of the story is to be in Boston, between cops & the black triad originated from Ireland. Matt, as triad member infiltrated into the Boston police force as directed by the triad head. After graduation he was all smooth-going in the police force. On the other hand, Leonardo who infiltrated into the triad as mole suffered as the long inhuman treatment has shattered his life. At the same time, both cops & triad begin to suspect one another, vowing to bring out the under-covers.

At an interview, Matt Wahlberg disclose a fine detail, "I am a cop, the senior of Leonardo & Matt. I have become a psychotic serial killer, I kill all be it triad or non triad. The script has been changed."

Andrew Lau expresses pride in his movie being remade to a Hollywood blockbuster. Thro phone, he said, "As far as I know, the change is not great, as the cultural background is different, the change is to suit the America culture. For eg we used a temple in the opening, they use a church. I hope they will do well, if the movie sells well in the world, Alan Mak & I the original film maker will feel proud too.

He does not exclude the possibility of remaking of IA 2 & IA3 by Hollywood.

DATE: 27 APR 05

This is the 6th year Andy shoots commercial for Dao Ti green tea. The commercial song, My Best of You, has love story as theme in the MV. The story narrates a man after meeting 'My cup of tea' in life, tries all means to woo her. He withstands rain & thinder waiting for her on the street, never mind if he was wet through. Finally he wins her heart.

To reach the feeling in MV, he had to run in the rain several times, with only a plastic sheet as cover. The raining scene took 3 hrs to complete. As the weather was rather cold, wearing only a summer clothing, the director who worried that he might catch a cold, prepared many sets of clothing for him to change. But to save time, after every run, he used only a towel to dry himself. He was soaked at the end. The director had to stop shooting, & ordered him to change. He would not be able to pay compensation if Andy falls sick & cannot shoot movie!

Socked for 3 hrs, Andy said it is not tough, "Green tea is v good to me, they have increased the fee this year. Being wet for a while is ok. How much increment? Haha, if water represents wealth, just see how much water there is in this commercial, then you know how much is the increment!" As it is to be a thunderstorm, he said, "It is so! The fee almost equals to one movie! Do you think a little water is tough? How to make enough to film HD movies?"

Has he ever done the romantic scene to chase after girls in the rain? He said he was the one who suggested the story to the director. But his story was not romantic, the director in fact thought it was ridiculous. In real life if there is such a silly person, he will never get any girl, so only the part waiting for her in the rain was used. The rest was up to him to express. How was the original version? He said, "During my school days, I tried to date a girl. It was No 3 typhoon signal , the rain was heavy. I stayed in Kowloon, my house was poor & I was not familiar with the name of the Hotel. The girl told me to wait at the Furama Hotel in Central. I did not get it right & not sure, but was shy to ask. I went to wait for her at the Miramar Hotel in Kowloon instead. She waited for me in Central. For half a day we did not meet. No matter how hard I explain later she did not believe me. Sigh. It was over. But I was really at Miramar Hotel a few hrs, & was wet through. If she sees this today, maybe she may regret she did not believes me that time, haha!"


After the publication of the book, Yu has openly declared that she will not talk on Andy again. But recently she is again back to before, she is intending to collaborate with a man in Xian to put the love on TV, with she & her mother playing the roles of female lead & mother. Both mother & daughter are again using Andy to make money.

Their love is over 10 over years ago. For years Yu always put this on her lips. She even put it to a book recently. Though the book was boycotted by Andy's fans, she was still able to reap in profit. Her mother indicated the trip to Xian was a pleasant one when contacted. She contradicted herself, she said they definitely will not act in the TV serial. They will recruit newcomers, perhaps in Sept or Oct they will look for actors.

If the story is made into Tv serial, it is expected she will receive more criticism from the public.

Is she not afraid Andy will pursue the matter for violation of private affair? Not sure if the mother was afraid, she answered, "This is the matter on Xian side, I do not know. It is only a sketch now, not sure if it will materialize."

On the ex making use of him again, yesterday Andy remained silent, refused to comment.


Taiwanese sex-bomb, Playboy cover girl, Andy's ex gf, writer, is to have another title added , Headmistress Yu. Yesterday, a person who is collaborating with her in Xian disclosed that Yu is building a Film & TV Art school. It is open for admission soon. He also disclosed that Yu's book, Starry Night Love Sea—Andy & I, will be transcripted to a TV serial. There is a possibility that Yu may play the lead role. The main line is the love between the 2 of them. It is not sure how the steaming part with Andy is to be played. But one thing for certain is Andy will not be playing the male lead.

The book that unveiled her love with Andy has successfully put Yu who has lost popularity on the limelight again last year. In the autograph sessions in many cities in China, she had also gone to Xian, where she had made a survey on building an art school.

The person said that Yu is riding on the big market potential in the mainland & thus wanting to have a hand. The person thought with her name as Andy's Ex is a draw, the collaboration went through immediately.

When the reporter called Yus home, Yus mother answered the call, as Yu is still in outh East Asia autographing the book. The mother admitted the agreement made in setting up of the school. Yu will be the honorary headmistress, she needs not stay in the school but pops in when she likes it. As to why Xian instead of big cities like by most people such as Shanghai, Beijing, she said the trip to Xian was v pleasant & there is people showing interest.

The book revealing the lost love has received criticism from Andy's fans, now it is making into a TV serial, it seems Yu has no fear, she destins herself to sponging on this lost love.

Her mother said Yu has already knew abt this & is discussing on how to write to a script. The names used will be fake, there may be some changes, but will not deviate from the love of the 2 of them. The mother even said if her health allows, she will play a cameo role as the mother, she does not exclude her daughter to play the lead role.


The house in Malaysia for Andy & Carol Zhu is built with NT$ close to 100 mil. It has become a tourist spot recently. As the neighbors broke the news that they had seen Mr & Mrs Lau watering the plants at the balcony!

The house was completed early last year. It was said Andy had wanted to marry Zhu last yr, but until now there is no news. The neighbors said the couple appear v loving at the balcony watering the plants! They called Miss Zhu Mrs Lau!

DATE: 26 APR 05

Chapman To was interviewed by C R @ Hits Music program yesterday, he was also asked to select top 3 songs from the 13 sent in to the station. When he was asked on what criteria used in the selection, he quipped, "There is friendship in this world, further more everybody talks about relationship. The top 3 will be from those closer to me." When asked if the entertainment circle similarly talks about relationship, he admitted without any reserve C R is the same. Said, "At least C R is so, I suspect." The host asked if it is through friendship that he was the guest, he answered, "No friendship how to have a place."

Chapman chose Andy's song as No 2. Said, "I feel that he is one who is full of confidence. Most of the artistes I know are confident too, but they do not want others to know. I do not think Andy is especially humble. Actually he is v conceited, a very true person." When asked why he chose Andy's song as No 2, he teased, "Because he is used to not being No 1 at C R."

It was always rumored that Andy will marry Carol Zhu, but there is no news hitherto. It was disclosed recently that Andy was spotted watering the plants at the balcony of a luxurious house in Malaysia. The alleged house interestingly becomes a tourist spot. The neighbors call Miss Zhu Mrs lau. The local police patrol call the house is Andy's palace.

25/4 @ 1400HRS

DATE: 25 APR 05

Andy has been busy with shooting of the new movie Child's Dream lately. Yesterday he was spotted shooting @ the West Ring in a hardware shop. As the screen look starts from young till old, everyone is curious & hopes to catch the look. However, the screen look is still a secret. The area was cordoned with black canvas. It was fruitless after a long wait.

Luckily a friendly Andy came out with the director to have photo taken by the reporters. Also, time & again he went to a hair dressing saloon nearby to have touch up done & rest when he was not shooting. 40 over onlookers & a group of fans followed him from behind as he walked, it was like the Emperor on patrol! They asked for his autograph, he signed a few before he was whisked off by the workers. When the reporter asked if this look is tougher than LOAD & ROK, he answered, "Much more relaxed this time, there is no need to stick on a head gear or wear fatty suit!"

He looked relaxed in a casual t & jeans. He was however mustachioed. When he saw his fans paying him a visit, he was delighted , waved to them & went forward to shake their hands.

In a rather dirty looking clothing, he was seen shooting opposite some kids. Though he had turned old after taken magic pill, he was still playful, he went to his classmates house to play. They thought him magic. High spirited , he even demonstrated the skill to the reporters. His jealous fans asked him to demonstrate the magic skill later & he obliged.

There was a report that in the next half of the year he will shoot a movie called Mo Zi War Strategy, a 150 mil joint venture by the Chinese, Korean & Japanese companies. It was said he has read the script & showed interest. Miss Tam from his company disclosed that there was such a negotiation, but nothing has been confirmed & declined to comment.

In his teacher's 60th bday, he was not able to go personally, he had sent a board with calligraphic couplets as congratulation.

Mo Zi War Strategy is confirmed to be directed by Jacob Zhang Zhi Liang, the lead is Andy. A director from the mainland Huang Jian Xin is to be the first executive producer. The backdrop of the movie is the Spring-Autumn Warring period. It describes the discipline adopted by Mo Zi, which is more of defence than attack.

Zhang Zhi Liang had directed in the movie 7 Swords last year. He has deep insight with this movie & accepted the challenge. had collaborated with Andy before in The China's Last Eunach. It is now waiting for the contract to be inked.

DATE: 24 APR 05

Thank you very much for your bouquets for Andy Town, dear friends!

sheila mai writes: ...oh katherine, i am so thankful for your neat and organized way of allowing andy fans all over the world together. you are andy's ideal fan! much love! sheila
Heidi writes: Dear Katherine, My name is Heidi. I came about your Andy Town website while I was doing a search in Yahoo. I am not exactly a fan of Andy, in fact not a fan of anyone. But I do admire him quite a lot! Haha! And so I was surfing around and trying to read up more about his news then I came to your site sometime last year. I want to tell you I am really impressed by your effort of maintaining the site so regularly and for so many years! Many fans of Andy out there will be so grateful! In fact, for me not even a fan is grateful as well. Every now and then when I am free, I will surf around your site to see the latest pictures and news of Andy. Please keep it up!....

DATE: 23 APR 05

Andy ordered a specially made gift for his teacher's 60th bday & had sent someone to bring it to the teacher. Many have asked Mr Tang about the gift, but he has his lips sealed, Andy has told his teacher to open it only on his bday, as he wants to give him a surprise!


Derek Yu in the press meet for his new movie Early Puberty [literal translation] was told that the female lead, Fiona, in his movie does not perfrom well in the TV serial Heroic Cops. Derek defended her by saying Chow Yin Fat & Andy Lau appeared dumb when they were in the early days too. Is he stepping on Chow & Andy's early days in the circle to encourage newcomer Fiona?


Mark Lui was guest of the radio prg hosted by Sandra Ng & Shen Mei earlier on. When Mark was asked why he has never collaborated with Andy before, despite having written 500 over songs. Said Mark, "Whenever I meet Andy at the music awards, he will call me Fatty. He has never talked to me on song writing, maybe he does not like Fatty to write song for him!" Sandra in turn teased that a vain Mark must be unhappy because Andy called him Fatty openly, so does not want to write songs for him!

22/4 @ 1130 HRS

Tomorrow is the 60th bday of Peng Teng Hui, the face-change guru in Chengdu. At abt 1:20 pm yesterday, a mysterious gift arrived from HK from Andy. Peng's asst received the gift from the 'ambassador' Mr Tang sent by Andy.

It has been 6 yrs since Andy called Peng teacher to teach him the art of face-change. Andy is said to be proficient in 7 to 8 face changes now. Andy is v respectful to his teacher, other than meeting up with him regularly, during festive seasons he will call to send his best wishes.

When Andy knew that his teacher is holding a bday bash to celebrate the bday cum his 50th yr in the Sichuan Opera, he ordered a specially made gift for him.

When asked what was in the box? Was it a board? Or calligraphy? Mr Tang declined to tell the reporters.

It was said the bday bash tomorrow will be a grand affair, it will include those in the opera circle, movie circle, & art circle. A fewe hundreds will be present. Peng disclosed that Andy had called several times to congratulate him. As Andy has a v tight schedule, he will try his best to come to Chengdu in a special chartered plane. Not until tomorrow nobody knows if he can come.

DATE: 22 APR 05

It was reported yesterday that Feng Xiao Gang who is busy shooting his new movie, The Aristocrat , is not able to meet the deadline for new year screening as the script is still not ready. The company who invested in the movie however reassured that the movie will be on time for the new year.

The spokesman also disclosed that as the script is now undergoing correction, Feng Xiao Gang is setting off today to the 7th Far East International Film Festival in Italy for the opening ceremony, as A World Without Thieves is the opening movie.

It was reported that both Far East IFF & Montreal F F in Canada had both invited Feng's movie AWWT to be screened since the beginning of the year. The Italian FF chairman had gone to Beijing 3 X previously to invite Feng to attend the annual event in April, Feng had turned him down as he was always bsuy shooting. At the end of last yr, the chairman came again to Beijing to invite him & told him AWWT will be screened at the opening. Feng kept to his promise & accepted his offer. He had to forgo Montreal FF. Montreal is a bigger scale competitive event, while Far East IFF is a non competitive film festival.

21/4 @ 1130 HRS

The movie directed by Peter Chen, 'If.... Love', previously called 'Forget-Me-Not', held a camera opening ceremony in Shanghai yesterday. The director, female lead Chou Xun & most actors & crew were present, however, the 2 male leads Jacky Cheung & Takasi Kaneshiro were absent. Takashi was probably avoiding the recent Sino-Japanese clash.

The movie invested @ HK$80 mil, is touted to be the most viewable Mandarin movie in Asia in 2005. Said Peter, "This movie has the theme resembling Comrades, Almost a Love Story, the audience will be able to feel the sweetness of love." The renowned choreographer, Faran Khan, was roped in to design the glamorous dancing scene. Farah Khan latest production , Monson Wedding, exerts the most influence over the modern Indian dance movies.

Peter disclosed the movie includes a fantasy role called Monty. He is in the process of inviting a star of heavenly status proficient in acting & singing to play the role. In the cameo role, he will appear as an angel for about 10 minutes. He is said to be Andy Lau.

DATE: 21 APR 05

Andy has plugged a new Cantonese song yesterday. It is a commercial song for the green tea.


so loving family..
so handsome little boy...

[This is a brief translation on a long interview on Miu Kiu Wai, specially for a fan who likes both Andy & Miu. More photos of Miu coming to your mail box later, Le My! ]

...Miu Kiu Wai has a racing horse named King of Pastureland. It is not named Jewel of the Spectacles, or Star of the Spectacles or King of the Spectacles.. He bought the horse, as his 12-yr old daughter has an interest in horses, & both of his children like the Japanese animated serial on a horse ,Makiboah.

Like master, the horse 7 yr-old, category 3 , is graded with 60 marks, an average beauty. HK Jocky asso allows a racing to race until the age of 9 before it retires. The horse with no pain no sickness is still on the racing track. Though it leads at the beginning but lacks behind later, but at least it is given a chance to have the thrill when the gates open.

Miu entered the circle in the 80s is one of the 5 Tigers. He retired after marriage but he has re launched his career in the entertainment circle after the long lapse. For him to be in the front line as Andy & Tony is almost unthinkable, but his new movie on the Heroic Cops is definitely coming strong, more so than Felix & Ken Tong. Again, he is graded in between.

Miu has wined up his spectacle business. When he opened his shop, the 5 Tigers were invited to cut ribbon for him. At the peak his had more than 50 shops. In 02 it was sold to an Australian gp OPSM, for more than hundred million.

Miu has calls one after another, from the TV station asking him to be guest at Cruelty Yi Ting ( Minute to Star) or magazine interviews.. He is not high-sprited, but he is definitely oozing self-satisfaction, hard to keep off from his brows.......

DATE: 20 APR 05

The official publication of TVB, TVB Weekly, organized an award ceremony for the artistes with strongest popularity yesterday. 10 over awards were given out. Other than Eric Tsang all the winners were present. Andy Lau, Yuen Biao, Shek Tin, Luo Lan & Leo Ku were award presenters. Gigi Lai was the big winner of the day with 4 personal awards. Both Gigi & Myolie Wu were moved to tears with the win. Their tears other than winning cameras surprised those below the stage including Andy. Dayo Wong Chi Wah even broke out laughing. [Ming Pao] Ron Ng Cheuk Hei & Dayo won 2 awards each. Myolie cried & said she always thinks to be an idol one has to be pretty & feels thst she would not be able to make it, so she keeps telling herself to work hard. Since after one award in 02, she was quite lost, the new award gives her a new hope.

In the singers category only Andy Lau & Joey Yung won awards.

Andy as award winner was also conferred The Strongest Popularity All Round Heavenly King Honorary award. Ron won Most Popular Idol King & Most Popular Ancient Costume King awards.

Andy expressed his delight in seeing many old biddies, & many artistes from different generation won awards. He feels TVb should encourage the newcomers more, such as Tam Yi Yin who has hosted children program for so many years should be encouraged. The losers should not feel disappointed.

Andy & Maggie Cheung were named Most Popular Chinese Actor & Actress in Asia lately. He said this proves his direction in his career & his working attitude is correct. He hopes he is not only welcome in Asia, but more people will know him internationally, through him the foreigners can know more about China & like China.

DATE: 19 APR 05

A young guy from Chang Chun, Wu Ke An, had plastic surgery done to look like Andy. He was in Beijing to support a talent search contest yesterday morning. Pic shows the plastic surgeon explaining the facial feature that was altered.


DATE: 18 APR 05

Li Bong Bing is in HK presently filming Media Asia new movie , Child's Dream. She has become the target of news recently due to her amorous involvement with Ken Chu, a member of F4 who has a gf, @ a hotel in Beijing. It was said the target of media has affected her mood in work.

Her manager however denied, saying she is not bothered with the news & her mood is not at all affected! She came to HK last week to play in the role as the mother of the small Andy. During shooting she was seen chatting & joking with Felix Wong & the young actor Shi Li Xuan. She even fed the young boy to eat.

She had a shock when she received the invitation, as she was to be the mother of Andy. Later she learnt she will be the mother of a 6 yr-old boy, & she will act as husband & wife with the other Hua Zai, Felix Wong Ri Hua.

Shooting was done @ an army camp in Feng Rin. The director Chen De Sen introduced Felix Wong to Li Bing Bing as soon as she arrived. Li said she loved to watched the TV series Legend of the Condor Heroes the most & liked the role Guo jing played by Felix the most. Felix politely quipped if he has another chance to act as Guo Jing, he will get her to act in the female lead Huang Rong.

Felix in Child's Dream is a man with many hearts, he has emotional entangle with Karen Mok & Li. Felix was told by the director he has a bed scene with Karen, but he was disappointed when work started, as he was only to chit-chat with Karen on the bed! But it is good too, as if it is too hot, he may not be able to take it!

Felix praised the make-up of the aged Andy, it was meticulous. Said, "Actually it is a v tough job, the make-up takes more than 5 hrs each time, he has to wear a specially-made contact lens during shooting. From the neck onwards is a head gear. I can see that it is v hard on him. But the after effect looks v real. I was hoping to find a flaw, but I cannot find any."

DATE: 17 APR 05

Korean soap opera Jewel In The Palace has become the most popular TV serial in China Taiwan & Japan of late, it has even set an unprecedented rage of everything-Korean in HK. Other than the outstanding script which leads to the success, the right selection of cast is another factor. Korean netizens after the local release made their own list of actors for the HK version of the story. Actors from HK, TW & China were used. HOFD Zhang Ziyi & Andy were selected to play the leads in the HK version as the Great Jang-Geum or royal physician in charge of the King, & Min Jung-ho the great Royal Guard who fell in love with her respectively.

Tony Leong is listed to play the role of the Emperor, Rosumund Kwun as the beautiful empress. Cecilia as the other female lead. The photo of Andy is the most similar to the real role played by Ji Jin Hee. This proves Andy is the best person for the role of one with righteousness & character!

DATE: 16 APR 05


IA3---A Masterpiece, the last chapter of the IA series, HK triad movie.

DATE: 15 APR 05

Have you read the last issue of next Magazine? Skimpily-clad Myolie Wu was on the cover. She was v surprised to see it, I (the writer) was even more surprised to read the report on her on pg 24. 2 weeks ago at the Next TV awards presentation, she was elated to see her idol Andy. After the presentation , suddenly she held my hands tightly, pleading, "If I win again next year, please invite Andy to be the award presenter!" while all the others were busy posing for photo-taking! ..


…After Christine Ng had a locked-arm photo taken with the Korean actor Ji Jin Hee, who acted in the popular Korean soap opera Jewel In The Palace, she had an unforgettable impression on Ji. As she waited at the make-up room, she sat motionless in front of the TV , admiring the clip of her with Ji, smiling with a sweet happy expression on her face. When Eric & Miu Kiu Wei walked past, she urged them to call he Mrs Ji, she quipped, "I am happier than marrying!"

After meeting Ji, her feeling is still not back to normal, said, "Other than Andy Lau, he is one that can give me this feeling?