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Date: 11 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Thinking of getting married every second is not untrue Andy dotes on little children at his autograph session (Apple Daily)
Andy new album sale is good (Oreintal Daily)
Andy album sold 400,000 when he is not the boss (Ming Pao)
Andy lamented he is a born worker (Sing Tao)
Andy commented he does not fated to be boss (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy changed venue (Wen Wei Po)
Andy: better be a worker than a boss (Seng Pao)

Andy was at Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City yesterday for an autograph session for his new album, A Better day. Abt 1,000 fans gave him the support.

As the weather was unstable with warning of impending strom , the initial outdoor activity was shifted indoors.

The first fan at the q was there since 6 am. Andy hip hop attire drew screams from the fans.

Fans sang along with him when he sang Practise. It was a heart-warming sight.

As everyone was waiting patiently for Andy to get ready , a female fan yelled, "Andy, I love u ! " Andy was of course v happy to hear this, pretended to be serious, he asked fans in Mandarin, "Who is that ?"

He had said he thinks abt marriage every second, as it is time to have BB. This is evidently seen yesterday. When fans came with cute BBs, he carried them & had photos taken with them. He was also v warm to young fans.

At the fastest speed, within an hr or so he finished signing for 1000 over fans.

MVs of 2 songs Practise & The bat Air Force were played at the big LCD screen outside the building. Many gathered to watch.

Andy said MV for The Bat Air Force was done with plasticine clay, preparatory work took 2 to 3 mths . There were young middle-age, & old looks . The fee was high at abt a million. The manufacturer presented one of the toys to Andy. One look has moustache, with winter cap & thik chain.

Andy said the toy was made by a Korean fan of his, he only charged him ˝ the price. It is not sure if it will be out for sale.

The song Bat Air Force is a hip hop song, Andy tried his hand on rap music. He practised for more than a month. said he, "Many people thought it was not my song. The rap was horrible initially ! " He is thinking of including the practise part in his MV, all the 10 songs MVs will be released within a vcd.

The album sells the best of all these yrs, hitting 400,000 . Andy quippedd , " When album was released I was no longer the boss, it is beter to work for others."

Milky Way Movie production has delayed its IPO due to the law suit of Mak & Andy, as both Mak & Andy had a share with Johnnie To in it. Lately Mak had sold off Teamwork share of 12.5 % in Milky Way, there is a chance Milky Way will be listed soon. Johnnie To aid he is not clear with Mak's sale of stake, his intention is to promote movie industry. Andy refused to commemt.


Today work on movie is cancelled, unexpectedly got a holiday. I went to office for a look, make good use of time today.

Date: 10 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Andy thinks of getting married every second (Apple Daily )
Andy has the thought of marrying every second ( Oriental Daily)
Andy is both scared & like to be married, wants to have family but afraid of divorce (Ta Kung Pao)

Andy will have an autograph session today at Tsim Sha Tsui. MV for the song The Bat Air Force will be released for the first time . The story bears some semblence to his movie A Momment Of Romance III. The story is abt an air force being separated fr his wife to defend the country. After 30 yrs, his wife together with their grown-up child received an old pilot back at the airport. It was a touching scene with the reunion.

[i think there is a change of the story ! ]

This MV comes with new idea. In it, a plastic toy moulded into the shape of Andy was used. The look is vivid, resembles the real person , complete with big eyes, sharp nose, & thin lips. The female lead also has big eyes, high nose, resembles Rosamund Kwun. The son has the same mould as Andy.

The record co disclosed that it was a true story on a young Taiwanese man. This man has a father who worked in the air force. Before he was born his father was sent for a mission. 30 yrs later, he & his mother were told to receive him at the airport, but what they received at the airport was the ashes. Actually his father was killed 30 yrs ago in the air raid.

But in order to suit the album title A Beautiful Day , the ending is changed to a happy one.

’My wife is most probably a v common person’

Andy was interviewed by Metro Radio recently . He talked on his views with dating & marriage.

He indicated he has always think abt marriage. He said, “Actually every minute I will think of this problem, because this is the time to have a BB, if I see others are happy after marriage, I will think of it. . But if I see people having problems after marrying, I will drop the idea. ”

Andy does not have high demands with his partner. He said rich or poor does not matter. When asked which type of lady is suited to be his gf or wife. He said, “Don’t think what type of lady will Andy’s wife be like always, maybe she is just a v common person, maybe her character is extraordinary, so much so that she can let one who is so talented, so wise like Andy subdued. I feel that people around me all have some pressure, such as my younger bro, everytime when I introduced him to others , because of having Andy as brother, he feels that he is fat.. “

Asked he is so busy how does he find time dating, he didn’t deny he did not date, he said the most important thing is to be happy together, as long as they are not disturndd by others. On he likes to have dating overseas, he said he has heard of the rumor, he feels the best way is to be antural.


Today continued to film new movie. Filming site is only 300 sq ft, there was no air con, it was quite tough. But my part was not a lot, tonite don’t need to film till dawn, can go home early to rest.

Happy National Day Singapore !
Date 9 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Andy’s fans bring good news to him (Ming Pao)
Andy thumbs-up to praise fans terrific (sing Tao)
Fans with poor result smiled on being consoled by Andy (Ta Kung Pao)

2 nights ago Andy was in Mongkok Zhi Jie Primary School shooting Wu Jian Xing Zhe. Many passersbys gathered to watched. Abt 30 fans came to visit.

HK exam results were out 2 days ago. A few fans came to report good news to him. One fan yelled, “Andy, I got it !” On hearing the good results, Andy smiled broadly & gave a thumb-up to her. Andy said every year there are fans telling him exam results, some have followed him since young. While some are happy, some are sad. Some will come crying because of poor result. He tell them to continue to work hard. Would he reward them? He said, “No, but share their happiness! Those fans with result not so good, I would console them, tell them not to give up .”

Andy said he has completed filming a scene opposite Tony. Was there any spark ? Andy said has filmed only one scene, it is too early to tell. He hopes the combination is fresh for viewers. Andy said Tony privitely taught him water skiing & table tennis, he too is interested.

At filming site, there was a crane tractor. Was it a scene of jumping fr the building ? Andy said this movie does not have a lot of actions, it is mainly a brain game. He was acting as a CIB to negotiate a deal.

Andy will act opposite Eric Tsang. Andy said he has much ‘affinity’ with Eric. Since his first movie The Rainbow he worked with him. Later in Sworn Brothers he cut hair for him. The reporters joked if Eric has hair to cut ? Andy, not scared of Eric, teased that among the bald persons, Eric is one with the most hair.

Later Peter Lam came to visit. He was rather shocked to see reporters. He refused to have photo taken with Andy as requested by the reporters. But when Andy invited him for a shot, he agreed to it.

Headline/Source: Elva being rejected by Andy in public (Oriental Daily )

Elva Xiow is holding her concert at the end of the month in Coliseum. In order to invite Andy as her guest, she brought cakes personally to the filming site @ Mongkok. After discussing with his asst , the 2 days when Elva has her concert, on the 30th & 31st., he is having his in Mainland, so he rejected Elva on the spot. Elva was v disappointed.

“Andy is my idol, I like him v much. He was my guest the last time when I had my first concert in HK. Actually I would like to sing a duet with him, or dance with him. I have a dance section in my concert, now he has no time, cant be help.”

Thugh he has no time as guest, andy promised to write lyrics for her new songs. Elva was elated & said she would write songs rightaway.

Elva said Andy’s eys are electrifying, she had got the ‘electric shock’ before. In her 3 encounters with him, she dared not look at him direct at his eyes. In her last concert, at the backstage, she dared not look straught at him. Even when seated next to him, she would pretend to be on the phone. But she was actually v excited, her hands were wet. This visit was the same, when she saw Andy, she was at a loss. Like a little fan, she said, “I am so excited.”

Andy was v caring to her. From the cakes she brought, he chose a piece for her. Idol picked a cake for her, of course Elva was elated. She ate & chatted happily. Andy admires her musoc skill a lot, commented she has potential. The reporter asked since Andy is still looking for an acteess to cast as his gf in the movie, will he consider Elva ? Andy admitted Elva is too young, but there is always a chance in future. he wishes her success in her concert.


Last night filmed new movie. Boss Peter Lam came to visit. It was also Boss Lam’s bday. Together with Eric, Tu Wen Zhe & others we celebrated for him, wish him happy bday, good health & happy everyday !

Date: 8 8 02
Headline/Source: Andy considered a win if album sale equals that of Jay Chou (Oriental Daily)

In an earlier interview @ a radio stn, Andy talked on his music To him, ‘have substance may not necessary sell’ . He said his album Tain Kai Le released last summer, though the quality was not bad, but due to busy filming, he had no time to promote it. Also at that time Jay was fresh & Jay’s album quality is v good. On comparison, he was lagging behind by a big margin. This yr again he faced Jay, he remarked if he can equal his sale it s already a win for him.

Source: Sudden weekly issue # 366
Headline: Andy: Tony Leung looks like David Jiang

Movie by Media Asia has the collaboration of 4 best Actors in its movie WJXZ. (Andy, Tony, Eric Tsang & Anthony Wong) . How Andy & Tony pit their acting skills is something everyone is looking forward to.

But before the movie is up, the 2 are having a face-to-face. On 23 July, after the praying session, the 2 were interviewed separately by reporters. Tony won a bit in terms of the degree of popularity as he is seldom exposed.

But on eloquence, Andy seems to be better. Tony in the whole interview, was like pouring out fomulas on the content of the movie. But Andy was sharp, after the usual words of courtesy, he ws asked how is the feeling on cooperating with Tony again ? He answered, “ We have all grown up, “ & added out of topic-ly, “I feel he is like David Jiang, really alike…”

The ans sounded unintentional, but actually it is interesting, looking left & right, where do they look alike ? What Andy means , is it the melancholic macho look ?

Andy promo activity in Taiwan

[More pictures to follow ]


On the flight home today, the weather was v unstable, wind was v strong, plus thunderstorm. But finally arrived safely in HK. Once reached Hk have to work non stop on filming of movie.

Date: 7 aug 02
Headline/Source: Fans received Andy at airport, young & old in tow (Apple Daily)
Andy fans wont care about the rain still receive him at airport (Seng Pao)

Andy returned from work in Taiwan yesterday @ 12:30pm. He was in a light sport attire. As soon as he stepped out, 30 over female fans presented him with gifts, fans inclusive of middle-aged ladies, some came with kids in tow.

As it was raining heavily, fans were busy shielding him from getting wet with umbrellas.

F4 arrived from TW at the same time, Andy was gentlemanly, he joked & chated with his own fans. (Liberty Times )

Headline/Source: Personal calligraphy has market value, Andy’s charity commemorative cover raised a sale heat wave

Andy who is always enthusiastic with charity, had written a calligraphy for Fu Ai hosp fund raising activity, for sale as commemorative covers. The response is v hot, many fans have called to book !

He wrote: ‘Together we built prosperity for the glory, widely spread your love in HK (Xiang Jiang)’. The words were printed on the commemorative cover. There are 2 versions, day & night, with scenery from HK island as background. Each set is HK$12, order forms will be out at Jia Zhou Hong Karoake, Dao Heng Bank, & certain convenience stores. At the Karoake , patrons can buy on the spot. The covers will be ready on Friday, but there are samples for viewing.

Response from HK, TW & China is v hot, esp from TW. Before the order forms are out, thro’ phone fans have booked few hundreds sets. Hosp hot lines are ringing nonstop . HK fans however, have chosen to buy on the charity sale day to show their support for Andy.

Fund raised will be used to benefit the geriatrics, Traditional Chinese medicine & Paedriatics depts.

The sale will be from 12 noon to 6 pm on the 11. Andy will be present on that day. 8 other gold plated covers will be out for auction, The price has not been fixed, but it is said to have reached few hundreds thousands .

Andy will have filming today on WJXZ.

Headline/Source: Linmitless creation with Andy’s DIY fashion (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy altered dress with confidence (Wen Wei Po)

Andy has invested in hair saloon. Not only is he good in styling hair, he likes to DIY with his dress at home. In a MTV prg, there is a section of dress DIY for him to showcase his skill.

He transformed a pair of high-waisted jeans to one of its kind. He slashed away the waist portionn, changing the common high-waisted jeans to a sexy ultra-low waisted jeans. The cut away section was used to wrap around the neck , a demin accessory of unique style.The waist button was changed to neck button. He teased that if one worries that is not nice, it can be used to hang the cellphones.

The t shirt was too long. He cut away the lower portion & make it with frills Then he pulled every frill deftly to prevent the tread from coming out. With a spray, he srpayed to make layers of color . Within 10 mins, he changed a common dress to one with a taste of hippie. He further trimmed the pockets, the length of the pants, & cut holes.

The DIY dress will be presented to TV viewers, so his fan can wear it to his concert in Taipei.

Missed out news dated 6/8
Source: Min Shen Pao

Love story novelist Shen Xue shares the same fame as Zhang Xiao Xian in HK. She launched her book ‘No. 8 Store’ in Taiwan yesterday. In HK & Mainland, youngsters have got used to saying ‘ I use Xiao Xue’s method to love u’ . This shows how great the influence of her love stories is. As soon as this book was released in HK 3 yrs ago, Andy had bought its copyright .

Andy likes novels by Xiao Xue, who said, “When I was writing this, the male lead was based on Andy. He is handsome, righteous, gracious. The female lead is like Shu Qi, 2nd lead is like Cecilia Cheung. In the story, the male lead is one that is immortal, the 2nd female lead is normal human but fell in love with him helplessly.


Finally finished filming music video , within a short period of 2 days filmed 3 MVs, with the style TV idols serial. Can be considered a challenge. Many thanks to the help from the gp of workers , also the 2 pretty female leads, for MV to be completed smoothly. Hope all can have the chane to watch these MVs !

Date: 6 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Andy takes Teamwork just like his child (Apple Daily)
Andy clarifies he is still in control of Teamwork (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy still in control of Teamwork (The Sun)

Andy was interviewed by Metro Radio djs Char & Li Lixin yesterday.

On the lawsuit involving Teamwork, he said the truth is actually not as reported by the press, which gave a skewed view. All along, the other party was just saying , there is no actual action. He quipped, “Teamwork is like my child, now it has become as if the child refuses to take care of his father.” As such he is somewhat unhappy. The matter has been for a while , he is grateful to friends for showing concern. Some new artistes too couldn’t understand why it was as such.

He clarified , “Other than moving the money, I am still in control.”

Teamwork has always collaborated with Media asia, there is new projects, new movie WJXZ is one of them, the script is good so it is worth filming. He accepted the movie as an artiste, so there is no conflict with the case. He joked that he has some stress filming with 2 other Best Actors.

Headline/Source: Andy shares his experiences in achieving success (Ming Pao)

Andy famous for being heardworking & enterprising in spirit, is the role model of many youngsters. He believes firmly ‘Tomorrow’s well beings depends on today ‘s work’

22 yrs of life as artiste, he has set his path to success. He was bestowed World Top 10 Outastanding Young Person, in Guiness book of World Records for being Cantopop Singer with the Most Nos of awards etc. He advises that young person must set directions , understands clearly the path one is taking, understands his value in existance, & plans from there. One shouldn’t be too hasty, must be involved in your undertakings, to reap result one has to put in hardwork. He must make use of opportunity wisely, as once gone it will be regrettable.

Andy believes in lifelong learning. As artiste working hrs is not fixed, every munute & every second must be make used of to learn new things, to enrich oneself. He feels that family, friends, fans are the driving force behind him . In order not to disappoint them, he always want to do the best. When faced with setbacks, he feels it is best to talk to someone, face it with courage & overcome obstacles.


Today filming musical drama, but the time scheduled was v rushed. After finishing all the work, already v exhausted. better rest early !

Date: 5 Aug 02
Aource: Liberty Times/ Dong Shen News/ Sin Pao

Rosamund Kwun was in TW for the promo of WMF. On her long time screen partner, Andy, she shook her head, commented with much admiration , “ He is forever having limitless energy, never stopped working , nothing much has changed with him.”

Chang Yau Yang , another actor in WMF, said Andy always brought tibits for them, & likes to joke , he brought laughters to all.

On kissing in space, Andy had expressd there was no satisfaction as there was no real contact before. Rosumund jested that it was a real pity to lose the chance!

Andy had said Rosamund was bsuy in love & wont bother with friends. Rosamund smiled, “He likes to joke the most ! I wouldnt dare not to bother him, he wont let me go either! He likes talking the most, he will chase after me ! “

Missed out news dated 4 Aug
Source: Da Chen Pao
Headline: Andy, Dicky autograph sessions, young & old followed. Album ran out of stock

Andy & Dicky had a marathon autograph session across 6 provience yesterday (3/8).

Andy started off @ Sin Zu from 12 noon , followed by sessions @ Chong Li & Dao Yuan. Andy had preserved his voice & kept body in top form these few days to tackle the 3 sessions. At Sin Zu, where typhoon is common , the sky turned sunny suddenly. The autograph session was held @ Sogo which was kind enough to lend a big fan for Andy to cool down.

Fans swept all the cds from nearby stores. Even cds brought along by the record co ran out of stock. Andy signed 1,500 copies without complaining tiredness.

Andy is most impresed by an 80 yr-old fan, grandma Ong , she followed him to all the 3 sessions, from day to night. Andy was worried she couldn’t stand it & wished she would not follow him. But she was too enthusiastic. At every session Andy had to get the workers to give her a special spot .

Andy enjoyed Taiwanese food along the way.


Really a bit tired ! Today attended 3 autograph sessions, many fans came to support, v happy. But some fans couldn’t get to buy the album, so couldn’t have the autograph. Really sorry, hope the record co prepare more albums next time, so everyone can get the autograph.


Read a riddle book in Taiwan, give u one, for u to guess. What is the longest car (che) on earth ? The ans is : not the train (Huo Che) , is the traffice jam (Du Che) .

Date: 4 Aug 02
Source: United Daily News

At 3 pm yesterday, Andy was @ an autograph cum singing session at the atrium on the first floor of Far East shopping center in Chong Li, Taiwan.

The fans began queing up since 8 in the morning. Soon the q got longer. Fearing the situation might become uncontrollable, the organiser sent 10 over security guards to maintain order & gave out q nos. Before 1 pm, 1,000 nos were snapped up. The weather was v hot yesterday, all the fans were wet with persiperation. But none complained.

Fans screamed on seeing Andy, who sang 2 songs for them. The atmosphere was bustling. The police took the opportunity to warn youngsters to stay away from drugs.

Headline/Source: Supported 40 children Andy had surprise meeting with his daughtr (Oreintal Daily)
Andy happy meeting with 2 adopted girls (Ming Pao )
Andy has a daughter 22 year-old (Sing Tao)

News as reported on Aug 2

Source: China Daily News

Rosumund Kwun had arrived in TW yesterday for the promo of WMF for 3 days. She was accompanied by her bf.

Andy @ HK Handover Concert in Beijing

28/7 @ 12:50: Rou Ma Qin Ge, jumps to #9 ! Dear S'pore fans, pls call 1900-9120933 to support . Thanks

Date: 3 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Andy appeared secretly , Xiao Ciang dares not go near (Min Shen Pao )
Andy as stand-in for TV serial at 8 pm (China Daily News )

Andy charisma is terrific, even ‘The most beautiful woman in Asia’ on seeing him has stage fright, for a while dares not go near to have photo taken . She quipped, “How can a lady take the active role ?”

Yesterday Andy was in a 8pm TV serial trial recording , In Love With U Secretly. It is a serial full of love illusions . He was a charm at the studio, even the actors became fans & fought to have photo taken with him.

Andy gave the station much face, not only he sang I Miss You at the end of the serial, in the afternoon he was in the studio to film 9 trailers for the prg. He too agreed to play a cameo role . Leads like Tae, Chong Han Liang, etc were present. But the center of attraction was still on the stand-in Andy.

Before appearing, Andy chit-chatted with the actors at the back stage. He actively said hello to a new comer Xu Wei Lun, who was so excited. such was a heavenly king with no airs & leaves her with a deep impression.

Xiao Chiang on hearing Andy has come, was v excited & searchng, “Where ? Where ?” When photo was to be taken with Jimmy Lin & Andy, she dared not go near at first. She was led by another actor. & was introduced to Andy as Asian’s most beautiful woman.

Headline/Source: Tough fight at KTV between Jay Chou & Andy ( Min Shen Pao)

Summer holidays war @ KTV continues. Hao Le Ti KTV dishes out the trumph cards of Jay Chou & Rine Liu to challenge MoneyBox KTV’s Andy & Sun Yan Zi.

Monybox has been actively promoting Andy’s song Mushy Love Songs on TV . This week its songs with Andy’s Practise & Mushy Love Songs were all in the top 3 of the chart. Andy’s charisma is fantastic.

Headline/Source: Andy adds 3 more autograph session this Saturday (Da Chen Entertainment News )

Andy’a album has sold 400,000 copies, tickets to his concert on the 17th has only 2,000 left. To thank the fans, he has added another 3 autograph sessions with this newspaper this Saturday.

The target of 400, 000 copies was also set by Jay Chou, but Andy has reached first, he said humbly, “Because I release mine first, v soon he can reach the target too.” Actually the totla album sale from all the singers in the last one yr was 1.8 mil copies, the market is sluggish . The good result is really surprising.

He said he will do his best for the concert in TW this time, the fund is limited , but the effort cannot be limited. The original dinosaur cannot come, but he heard TW has models of dinosaurs too, he has asked his workers to find out if he can borrow.

The 3 places are places he has never been before, Dao Yuan, Xin Zu & Chong Li. Fans with his album & front page of this newspaper can have autograph with Andy, & win a chance to get Baleno t shirt.

2/8 @ 17:00
Headline/Source: Two children came to meet him, daddy Andy so satisfied ( United Daily News )

Adoped 20 over children, through Super Sunday Super Mission unit , Andy met the adopted child that he has been thinking about the most, Minuk again. Minuk came from Java of Indonesia. In ordert o meet Andy, she learnt English diligently, she used Mandarin to write Happy Father’s Day . This made Daddy Andy so touched & happy at heart.

In 1990, thro’ the invitation of Earth Vision, together with other artistes, he adopted some poor children from around the World. It was due to work at the time, he didn’t put in much emotion .

In ’95, he was in Indonesia for filming of a watch commercial. He met Minuk the first time. They had a happy time together for 3 days. They went shopping & eating. It was then he felt the satisfaction & happiness of fathering children. Since then he continue to adopt another 20 over children. Andy said, “When I left Indonesia, Munik didn’t cry. It was I who cried terribly bad.”

At the recording yesterday, Andy met Munik the 2nd time. On seeing the now 22 yr –old Munik, Andy commented he is really happy & satisfied. Munik said Andy suported her till university. When she first met Andy, she didn’t know Andy is such a famous star. She learned English, & always hopes one day when she meets Andy again, she can communicate with her daddy.

Munik has just completed her U. She wrote a card for Andy. Another child Rina adopted by Andy gave a surprise appearance too, she thanked the daddy that she had never met before, she brought the sarong made by her mother for Andy to wear.


Today recorded a TV prg in Taiwan. The station had asked me earlier whom I like to meet the most, I told them I wish to meet the Chinese girl in Indonesia that was adopted by me. They really took the trouble to get my adopted girl to come to meet me. When she stood in front of me, I had an undescriable feelings of touched. She is now grown up , I feel very consoled, actually the feeling of a father is not bad.

Date: 2 Aug 02
Headline/Source; Andy’s complained new album sale of 400,000 copies too little (Apple Daily)
Andy is willing to get less fee in singing (Oriental Daily)
Andy broke ice to celebrate (The Sun)
Andy album sale broke 400,000 (Seng Pao)

2 nights ago Andy held a dinner party @ a Japanese resturant in Taipei to celebrate the good sale of his album, A Better day, it exceeded 400,000 in Asian region. His concert on the 17th has sold 10,000 tickets in 10 days. He broke an ice sculpture of 400,000 figure.

On this result, Andy said he is not too satisfied, he said, “Previuosly I could sell a mil in Asia, now with 400, 000 is actually little, maybe it is due to piracy. I have collected less loyalty fee, hope the money can be used to film better MTV. Hope the sale can be beter year after year. “

With less fee, less sale, is his collection less ? He answered, “Less by abt half.”

He wishes singers can take turns to release albums.

Headline/Source: Topic of the town (Apple daily
Andy: must love one self (Oriental Daily)

News of actress Pauline Chen Pao Lian commited suicude in Shanghai shocked the entertainment circle , everyone worried abt the new born BB.

On hearing the news, Andy was shocked. For quite a while he was speechless. He commented later, “U can said I am old fashion, I have always worried abt her, I hope someone could help her in her life. “ He sighed that one has to value life, value oneself.

1/8 @16:30
Headline/Source: Andy gave treat as celebration for the good sale of album ( United Daily News )
Andy gave lavish treat, the scene was most high (Dong Shen News )
Andy celebration party took instant photos with all (Central Daily News )

Andy was in Taiwan last night. He held a celebration party to celebrate the good sale of his album & the upcoming concert in Taiwan.

He spent lavishly on media personnels from 200 over newspapers, TV stations, KTV, band musicians & others. Not only he went round every table to toast, he was so meticulous, he prepared 200 instant photo shots, to have photo taken with everyone, one by one. Even the restaurant staff q to have photo taken with him. Thet were at a Japanese restaurant.

When people commented that though he was the sure chart topper, when Jay Chou’s album was out, he dropped to No.2. He smiled , “My album had been top for 3 weeks, if I can still beat him, then u don’t have to eat this, I will invite all to the moon.”

Andy had swept the gloom he had recently away. A Better Day sold 400,000 copies, his concert has sold 10,000 tickets. Though he lamented that celebration before was for 1 mil copis, now with economic gloom, with this result is already not bad.

During photo taking, he even mimic the TV station reporter to shoulder camera in photo taking. With CCT court case unsettled, owing him HK $30,000,000, Andy has no income for 6 mths, he joked that he needs to take money from his mother when he goes out.

On the court case, Andy is taking it easy. He said he can do anything, “I can go back to cut hair, open a pub to sing for my fans, that I can do for a lifetime. “

When he feels troubled, when he couldn’t sleep, he gets up to copy Buddhist sutra . The suta cannot anyhow write, when the mood is messy, he has to continue writing, after an hr or two, he will feel the peace.

Andy specifies his value ideas from fans, he is always online once a day. At chat room, he uses his own name, the fan usually couldn’t believe it.

Everyone was much entertained & enjoyed themselves at the party.

News of Chen Pao Lian committed suicide in Shanghai was a shock to everyone. Was it due to drug over dose or postnatal depression nobody knows. Andy felt it is a pity. Andy is a staunch Buddhist, he said writing of Buddhist sutra can help one to relieve stress. After writing, he will bring to the temple to pray & burn. This is his best way of relieving stress. Maybe that is why Andy seldom has mood swings & always take it easy with the ups & downs in career.

DIARY 31/7

Tonite in Taiwan for the celebration party of the new album, many reporter friends attended, we had a happy time together tonite. Actually the relationship between media & artiste is to cooperate with one another. Many thanks to the reporter friends for the support given to me. As for the good sale of this album A better day, many thanks to the hardwork of the staff in the record company, & most important is to thank the support of fans.

Date: 1 Aug 02
Headline/Source: Andy feels relax in not being a boss (Apple Daily)
Andy will look at the nose in his selection (Ming Pao)
Andy is very firm : next time no more partnering people to do business (Oriental Daily)
Andy will do business alone when he is boss again (Seng Pao)

2 nights ago Andy was guest of a prg @ RTHK. Together with 3 djs & a live band they sang 10 over songs, including the old classics. It was a fun time for all .

Filming of Wu Jian Xing Zhe has begun, but the female role, young version of Tony, etc have not been confirmed. As for yonger version of Andy, Andy is asking for one that has nose look like him. Will he play back his younger self ? He said he is v against it, as he is unable to act back the ‘spirit’ of yesteryears. If cannot find one, he would rather choose a younger popular actor to act.

On the court case between CCT & Teamwork, Andy sighed that at the earliest it will last a yr, or even dragged 3 to 4.

Any possibility of resolving ?

”It is troublesome to go to court, but must give back my innovence.”

His lawyers will handle the case. Now he is used to the actions that are meant to create troubles.

He had felf unhappy, but it is now over. He stressed within this short period of time , he wont be a boss, even if he wants to next time, he will not partner with anyone else. At the moment he feels relax as an artiste with nothing much to worry about. “Now I am happy, don’t need to be a boss & don’t need to go for meetings, I can wholeheartedly take care of fans & media .” But he wont because of this & becomes suspicious of friendship.

DIARY 30/7

Do all of u listen to tonite’s RTHK prg ? Really a chance hard to come by, other than live band , also could sing live some gold songs with the djs in a relax manner. Haha~~~ for along time have no such ‘unretrained ‘ performance, many thanks to the dj of the prg, for giving me a night of fun. My addition to singing came to full play, after the prg still not feeling enough !

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