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8/12 @ 1500hrs
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7/12---Today leaving Vienna, fly to TW to attend G H awards. As the time is v rushed, everyone is v anxious. Tomorrow nite the results will be out, confidence I have, but I will still take it like usual. Fatso welcomed by all, is already an acknowledgement of my hard work. I know everyone is so supportive , some fans even going there to give support, actually this is enough alreday.

Katherine to Eleana:

Thanks for your mail! Merry X'mas to u too!

Fri, 7 Dec 2001 Eleana Pham writes: How did u get the card from Andy? [Katherine: U will get the card if u are an AWC member]... Can u also please send me an email concerning an email address where I can ask questions from his web site [Katherine: Please write to].... Merry Christmas! By the way, your translation for his news are very good (extremely excellent cuz u update his news every day I believe).[Katherine: Yes, daily update since launched!!] Please keep up the good work. I have been reading your web site for over a year now. Congratulations on your hard work! U deserve that card from Andy! bye-bye Eleana [Katherine: Bye2 & thanks again, dear friend!]

Date: 8 Dec 01
Source: The Sun

Despite split pants at a Latin dance in his concert, Andy still dancing hard with Anita in his latest movie Dance Of A Dream. The dance is not without face-to-face contact. In a scene, Anita wore a skirt which costs $40,000 & was sponsored by Christian Dior She danced with Andy & abt a 100 dancers from a pro dancing school for a gala occasion.

Worried that the skirt would split, Anita dared not do certain actions involving splitting the legs, her partner Andy seeing that she dance with controlled actions, & even in walking she was so restrictive, told her to dance bravely, if the skirt is split he would pay for it.

Sandra who acted as a cleaner used a mop to dance with, she has quite a bit of bust exposure in the movie.

News from

After his work in Germany, Andy went to Vienna to attend the premier. The weather in Vienna is colder than Berlin, it was snowing, Andy likes the snowing scene, saying it was v beautiful.

The first day he was busy with interviews from the local media. Meeting Andy for the first time, the reporters were all v interested to understand him more. They asked a lot on personal & work related questions. It looks as if Andy is v welcome by the locals. Nite time, Andy went to the theatre to watch a musical titled ‘Hair’. Andy was v absorbed. In HK he hardly has time to sit down & enjoy a musical, so he took this opportunity, hopes that it will give him some ideas, for his future musical play.

[The rest of news same as in the diary.]

7/12 @ 1500 hrs

My Christmas card from Andy. Have you received yours??

D f

6/12---This afternoon had interviews in Vienna, later had a gathering with the local fans, had fans coming from Germany & Netherlands. This is the first time I am meeting them, feel v happy, because they are v warm. Maybe this is the first meeting, they asked me a lot of questions, we chatted happily together.
Nite time went for the premiere, joined the welcoming party later. Other than movie & businessmen from Vienna attended, the China ambassador in Austria also attended. It was a bustling scene. Tomorrow early morning I will leave Vienna, fly to Taiwan to attend G H Awards, see you then!

[Andy Andy today already the 7th, are u on your way back to Taiwan??]

Date: 7 Dec 01
Source: Apple Daily/ Oriental Daily/The Sun

38th Golden Horse Awards will be held at the Xian Li Stadium Hualian in Taiwan tomorrow. The organizer announced guest awards presenters 2 days ago. Karen Mok will give out Best Actress Award with Ekin Cheng. Francis Wu & Lolitta Li will give out Best Actor Award. Andy Lau & Carina Lau will give out Best Director Award.

Fruit Chan with the movie Durian Durian is nominated in the Best Director category. He has high chance of winning the award. If he wins, he will receive the award from Andy, the two were rumoured to have some discord with work cooperation before.

But whatever the rumour, the two big men meeting up in a foreign land will definitely not be in discordance. Said Andy from overseas, “Fruit Chan started from Teamwork, if he wins of course I will be happy.” He who has seen a lot gave an appropriate answer.

Andy is nominated in Best Actor category has a big group of supporters.

Katherine to Vinh:

Thanks for your bouquet, allow me to keep here in Andy Town as souvenir.
Thanks again, dear freind!

Wed, 5 Dec 2001 Vinh Do writes: Hey Katherine, My name is Vinh and I'm a frequent reader of your 'Andy Town' page. I would just like to say Thank You for creating such an interesting web page, and all the time you spend on it. It is much appreciated, and your writing is also improving a lot. Just like how you support Andy Lau, I will support you and your webpage. Much Thanks, Vinh

6/12 @ 1530 hrs

[Thank you for the pictures]

[hi Andrea, thanks for your report from Germany!...Look, this one got socks.....
Wah! here food there...]

D f

5/12---Wah! So chilly! The weather in Vienna is much colder than Berlin, even snowing a bit. But under a blanket of white, it is v mesmerising (like drunk..).
If u have ever come to Vienna, u will know the city smells artistic, every building is a piece of art. In such an environment, feel so relax.
Today accepted interview by the local media. After the interview, went to theatre to admire musical show, not only can relax, it allows me to get some new ideas.

[I shall give you some real large pictures as visual treats sometimes, hope u like them!]

Date: 6 Dec 01
Source: Apple Daily/ Ming Pao

Golden Horse Awards will be held this Saturday in Hualian. Easybets, a British net betting company opens betting for fans on the net. In the Best Actor category, the faves are not Andy or Ekin. Both of them are given a 5 fold compensation against the odds, whereas the other 2 new actors in Lan Yi, Hu Jin is given 2 fold & Liu Hua 3 fold compensation.

Source: United Daily News

Golden Horse awards announced the last batch of awards presenters names yesterday. Andy Lau will paired up with Carina Lau to give out Best Director award.

Source: Suddenly Weekly issue#331

Entering yr 2001, other than Andy Lau, who can still retain his Heavenly status, the other Kings don’t seem to be able to keep up with their previous records. Aaron Kwok is even bumping into darkness all the time this year, his album record sales drop, concert stagnant, Para Para Sakura box office poor, even his French Restaurant Studio Workshop co-invested with friend is doing poorly, but dark news keep following him…

Leon Lai is stepping into Coliseum in Dec this year, he has booked at one shoot 26 days for his concert, vowed to break Andy Lau’s 15 days record. A pity he did not do his calculation well. It is so difficult to get the organizer & sponsors. He was initially turned down by old partner Hutchison quoting poor business as reason & refused to sponsor him. Later was spurned by the banks & credit cards previously having worked with. On top of that, his popularity has dipped recently, he has no choice but to shorten days of concert as much as possible. Finally he got Gigi Leung to cover his 3 & 4 Jan slot.

Until now, he has temporarily decided to hold 8 shows. From the initial 18, it is cut by half, still, ticket sale is unsatisfactory.

Other than giving treat, giving out free tickets, Leon has to actively cut ticket price to increase sales. Earlier on Andy Lau tickets were sold at $400, $200 & $100 are his opening show price. But this time Leon has dropped his initial price of $200 to $150, economic price from $100 to $80, to increase sale with less return.

5/12 @ 1500 hrs
D f

4/12---In Germany today, visited a v special place, that’s Germany Shoulin monastery. China Shoulin gongfu is really terrific, as far as Germany have Chinese & Germans learning the gongfu.
Nite time attended premiere of Film Festival, the organizer held a grand welcoming party, I met the German reporters, actors & film dealers, was even invited to sing the song Chinese, everyone seemed rather interested with Chinese music!
I found out that German food is delicious, such as German hot dog, beer & goose liver etc, actually v tasty, suit my taste buds. Haha! Tonite I want to sleep early. Tomorrow early morning flying to Vienna!

News from

5/12---Andy flew to Germany specially to attend the Film Festival. Before setting off, Andy & the staff thought the temp would be v low, maybe below zero. On arrival then only they knew it was not so cold. Still it is abt 3 to 5 degree. Of course Andy is well prepared, he brought quite a lot of warm clothings.
As soon as he arrived, Andy had not stopped, he was interviewed by the local media & filmed video clips for the advertisement, also met the circus troupe from China. Yesterday he visited Shoulin monastery. He was v surprised, he had never expected to see a Shoulin monastery here, quite a nos of German are learning the art. Chinese gongfu makes the Chinese feels proud!
Night time, Andy attended the premiere. Movie makers from around the world attended. As international star & boss, Andy mingled with them. There was a welcoming party, Andy met the German reporters, actors & business investors. The organizer invited him to sing a song, Chinese, he received warm applause from the floor.
Andy will go to Vienna today for its Film Festival.

Date: 5 Dec 01
Headline/Source: Skinny felt empty with self caressing. Anita received tips from Sandra on how to be buxomy (Apple Daily)
Anita & Sandra reminisce the past with impersonating (Ming Pao)
Anita & Sandra dance oldies steps (Sin Pao)
Dance Like A Dream starts the promo attack (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy bringing up Cherrie Yin full heartedly (Oriental Daily)

Among the movies slated for released this X’mas, Dance Like A Dream seems to be more appealing. This comedy movie is in tune with the upcoming festive mood of the public.

Andy is Latin dance teacher. Under his coaching, Sandra & Anita master good dance skills.

Before going for a dance competition, Sandra consulted Anita on her dance costume. They self caressed their breasts at the dancing room. Sandra feels that she is not buxomy enough & worried she wont be able to show her figure with the gown, Anita taught her secret tips to enhance the breasts size.

Andrew Liu said actually the tips were offered by Sandra, but in the movie she is only a cleaner, no reason for her to know all this, so it was scripted that Anita taught her. The shooting of this self caressing scene had many NGs as because both laughed uncontrollably all the time.

In the last scene, Anita & Sandra accompanied Andy to a party, both impersonated as the late renowned Cantonese opera singers, Ma-zai & Cheng Jichen. They imitated the voice & dance, it was v comical.

Andy as boss of the movie said he hopes other than 3 of them, the public will notice new faces such as Cherrie Yin & Lin Jia Tong. He added Yin has potential & is refreshing. He hopes he could give new comers more exposure. Yin was happy with Andy’s comment & said she had dieted to loss weight for filming of the movie.

Promo of the movie will include a grand premiere & a series of activities including dance competition.

D f

3/12---Today no special work to do, because almost the whole day is on the plane, so can take the opportunity to rest.

I will stay for a week in Germany, so if I were to attend Golden Horse award, it is v rush, but I too hope to be able to attend, because I know a lot of fans is specially going to Hualian to support, so I shall try to arrange, hope to attend Golden Horse awards with all.

Date: 4 dec 01
Source: Apple Daily

The writer Feng Ren Shou has news that Dennie Yip will hold a 3-night concert at Coliseum next year from the 1st to the 3rd March. Will her good friends Andy Lau & Andy Hui be there as guests?

Source: Oriental Daily

Lydia Sum advised Eason Chan should not be too 'ultimate' with what he said, but his record co will know how to handle the situation. She added Jacky Cheung's singing is v good, the other 3 are v hardworking, Aaron is v good in dancing, Andy has multiple talents & is always seeking new breakthrough, Leon concentrates more on filming, everyone has his own world to develop. Eason may be is too truthful, this good point can be a bad point too.

D f

2/12---Lately work load is really heavy! Before I go to Germany, rushed to finish all the work I have on hand, so I can feel at ease going to the Film Festival there, hope to let film makers of other countries have a deeper understanding of Teamwork. I am taking a night flight to Germany, reach there tomorrow night, whole day will be on the plane.

Date: 3 Dec 01
Source: Oriental Daily

Many Eastern & Western movies will hit the big screen this X’mas prime time. 4 HK movies : Dance Like A Dream, 2002, ROOT II & God of Fists vie for box office

Dance like a Dream will have opening ceremony & has Latin dance competition, it is a movie not to be ignored.

Source: United Daily News

Hosts to Golden Horse awards had been finalized, all the 4 are the local Taiwanese. The initial combination of Carol Cheng & Andy Lau had been scrapped, Carol was because of price & Andy because he has no time to rehearse.

3 movies but 4 competing for Best Actors this year. They compete not only in acting skills, they compete the sacrifices made in the movies. Andy became fat, Ekin a lame, the other 2 acted as gays.

The much coveted title Best Actor award in G H is touted as the King of Kings in movies. Though ‘the ball is round’, the movie on gay, Lan Yi, is a film difficult to made. Both stars Hu Jin & Liu Hua are without the burden of stardom, they could fully display their acting skill. Both of them command higher chance of winning the award.

L O A D is a commercial love movie. Johnnie To while filming the movie was not bothered with winning G H awards. Lead actor in this type of movie being able to catch the attention of the judges is definitely not easy. Andy can be nominated has proven that he acted fat is not just for gimmick only.

He entered this time not by acting as hero or handsome guy but one with a lowly background & a kind heart.

20 years in movies, this cast would not be difficult for Andy. The test is on him if he could be accepted by the audience? Are his movements, facial expression look like a real fat person? He does not disappoint the audience, the way he walks, he salivates at food are vivid. His unique air or charisma is not lost as a fat guy. This nomination is a stepping stone for his next target.

D f

1/12---Dance Like A Dream had celebration last night, everyone went home satisfied, really v happy. After shooting, now have to whole-heartedly involved in recording new album. Rest assured! I do not neglect my singing, but recording was v rushed. Because tomorrow I am flying to Germany, to stay for abt a week or so, to attend the local film festival. So whenever I have time I will do recording, hope can release earlier for all.

Date: 2 Dec 01
Source: The Sun
Headline: Invested in movie of different genre, promoted new directors, Andy Lau's movie clinched award in Venice

Andy has always been v enthusiastic with promoting HK movies. After supporting Fruit Chan in the filming of award-winning movie Made In HK, he invested in a new movie 'Ge Ge' (Brothers) last year. This movie won Best Director award in Venice.

Other than investing in his own co Teamwork, Andy has also supported new directors in the filming of movies of different genre. Made In HK & The Longest Summer had both won critical acclaims & he made famous new comer Sam Li.

Last year, with his personal name, he supported a new director Mai Wan Xuan to film Ge Ge. The movie won International Film Critics Joint award in HK Film Festival April this year. In Sept it received another award, Best New Director, in Italy Venice Film Festival. After Venice, the same movie showcased in 10 other international film festivals continues to receive rave reviews. Other than investing, Andy was also involved with its production, was the production advisor, & his co was i/c of the later production of the movie.

Mai wan Xuan graduated in '98 [?89] from HK Art Institute, she was involved in movie production in '93, Ge Ge is her first long movie, the movie was co-invested by HK Art Development Board & Andy Lau. She said she is v grateful to Andy Lau, he is v supportive to her, other than giving money, he asked his co to help in the later work of production. She was v surprised at winning awards, because 6 other movies from different countries have big casts & budgets, with good filming skills, it is a movie filmed in Qinghai China & being recognized by foreigners.

Source: Oriental Daily/ Ta Kung Pao
Headline: Andy Lau nominated for Golden Needle

RTHK held its 24th Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs awards press con yesterday to announce nominees of Golden Needle Award & Top 10 Gold Songs.

Nominees for Golden Needle Awards are from names nominated by fans on the net. They include Liang Tong Han, Andy Lau, Wang Pek Guo, Sally Yeh, Sandy Lam, etc. The award is given to one who has contributions to the music circle, has outstanding results & representative to the music circle. The organiser has not decided who the winner is.

Singers from 'Ying Huang' have the most entries. Eason Chan & Joey Yueng have the most songs, each with 5 ½ songs. Andy Lau, Andy Hui & Aaron have 5 songs each. Jacky Cheung, Nic Tse & Edison Chan have 4 each. Gigi Leung ranked 2nd after Joey in the female categories, beating Kelly & Sammi who have 4 each.

It was rumoured that the high ranking personnels of RTHK are related to Ying Huang, the results make one speculate more. The responsible i/c claimed that both Eason & Joey win on their own accord.

Faye Wong & Mirium Yeung were both not nominated.

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Sandra was at a public activity to herald the arrival of Xmas at a shopping complex yesterday.

The reporter jokingly asked if she bought Andy's album. She replied, "Of course!" She said Andy is her sweet heart, how not to buy his album. She buys all the other kings albums too.

She may duet with Andy the theme song in Dance Like A Dream.

She clarified that Eason is always a v talkative person & people might have misunderstood him, now that he is famous.

D f

30/11---Ai Jin Ru Meng has finally completed all the filming! Days after days of continuous filming, finally today can take a breather. Tonight all of us go for celebration, not only can thank everyone, can have some fun too! But all the actors find hard to part, because all are v friendly towards one another, all are happy working together, laughter always filled the shooting scene, a short period of a month over is enough for friendship to develop, hope there is chance to work together again in future.

Date: 1 Dec 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Held concert at the same time, but wide difference in price. Andy’s concert DVD only $69, cheaper than Alan’s by $100

Andy Lau Summer Fiesta Concert held in Aug had officially released a karaoke version vcd yesterday. Copyright was bought by Universal Entertainment at a high price, but both vcds & dvds are for sale at an exceedingly low price.

VCD is for sale at $49 whereas DVD is only $69. Compared to Alan Tam’s concert dvd released last month, it is cheaper by close to $100!

The price is shockingly low. The main reason being Universal E, which produces & distributes vcds, hopes to attract more consumers with the low price & set a precedent record.

The director of the co when contacted said the low price at this economic downturn is to initiate the consumers. The low price has less profit but has more buyers to counter piracy.

Source: Sin Pao

Andy’s love for bowling is well known. When he is Taiwan, despite his tight schedule, he usually goes to Tang Shui Hai Zhong Bowling center, which is further away from the city for bowling. For convenience, he keeps his set of bowling equipments at the center.

A recent fire broke out & gutted the center. Andy’s bowling shoes, balls, gloves were all gone. The manager called Andy’s asst to apologise. Andy was shocked at first & asked: how come? But he is not too bothered, he optimistically said he had bought a new ball recently, as it was brand new, he had asked his staff to keep in his office, so luckily one bowling ball is saved. But his staff still asked this king who likes to bowl,” Where will we go next time?”

Source: Apple Daily

Eason Chan had apologized openly at a Weekly mag interview on the incidence. He attended the opening of a Freshmart yesterday with his boss Yang Shou Chen. Yang said he had got his punishment & would give the reporter a treat one day to apologise…

30/11 @ 1345 hrs

D f

29/11---After a month over of intensive filming, filming of most parts of Ai Jin Ru Meng has completed, just a little bit left only. Will be ready for Xmas release. Lately everyone has been working hard, today no shooting, everyone can take a rest, so happy!

[...Katherine @ computer school updating news during class computer course is coming to an end soon!.. Bye2!]

Date: 30 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Angela Leung set right rumour: sincerely invited Andy to perform (Ming Pao)
Andy continues to dance to Macau (Sing Tao)
4th Mistress stressed she actively invited Andy to perform (Oriental Daily)

Andy had said a few days ago that Angela Leung had invited him to perform at Macau Return to China anniversary celebration on the 21st Dec. However, a newspaper distorted the news & said that Angela invited Shirley who in turned recommended Andy.

Yesterday Angela clarified that from beginning to end she is v sincere in inviting Andy as a performing guest. She stressed that she did not said the alleged rumour. Andy has contributed to sports & dancing & is the right candidate. Macau Sports Development Board has also invited him. It was an official invitation.

Is she worried that Andy will mind after reading the report? Angela said she believes Andy will not be bothered with it. She admires Andy dancing skill.

Source: The Sun

Christmas is always a golden period for movies. 4 movies catching the attention this year are: Ai Jin Ru Meng starring Andy & Anita, Running Out Of Time II by Lau Qin Wan & Ekin, 2002 starring Nic Tse & God of Fists by Gigi & Ekin.

Ai Jin Ru Meng is movie showcasing dance skills of the king & queen. Combination of Andy, Anita, Sandra & Edison is refreshing. The actors spend time in practising many types of dance steps.

D f

28/11---Aiyoh~~~today has a bit of backache & loin pain, perhaps because lately need to dance often, rush with filming! Sandra has a dance section, but she is just not too familiar, so she is practising v hard, we too try v hard to help her, hope her result turns out better.

Date: 29 Nov 01
Source: Apple Daily

Eason Chan held a 10 min no-question-allowed press con yesterday. He clarified that he did not say the statement ‘other than Jacky Cheung, the other 3 Kings have no attraction? He buys Jacky’s albums only as Jacky is his idol, he does not buy the albums of the other 3 but that does not mean he is disrespectful to them.

At the Metro Radio music awards press con, he was being pressed by the reporters for denying the alleged statement. While still denying, he suddenly knelt on the floor & pleaded the reporters to let him go. Following that he acted dumb & munched his chips. When someone suggested playback the tape for him to listen, he shouted loudly, “Do u believe I will beat u up??Another reporter still pressed him on, he kicked the counter, again shouted, “Do u believe I will beat u, rotten face Yi (name of reporter)!?Everyone was shocked to speechless, his asst pulled him out of the scene & left with him.

Aaron who was there replied when asked, “Nothing to do with me.?

Andy left soon after without being interviewed.

Metro Hit Awards Top 10 Singers are: Eason Chan, Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui, Andy Lau, Nic Tse, Jeoy Yeung, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Mirium Young & Sammi Cheng. Jacky Cheung & Faye Wong are not on the list.

Oriental Daily

Actually everyone has his own right to express his own views & his principles, including Eason Chan. But when his remarks hurt another person, one with culture will bear a certain degree of responsibility, but Eason Chan chooses to a complete denial, pushing all the responsibility to the reporters. At press con yesterday, Eason showed his ugliest self in response his criticism on the 3 Kings. He has been labeled to be one who is ‘once in position, starts to talk nonsense? & famed for his arrogant behaviour. At press con yesterday, the reporters had finally tasted a full dose of all these?

Source: The Sun

At the press con, Aaron & Andy did not talk to Eason at all & appeared to be keeping a distance away from him. The trio were seated together at one corner with Andy Hui & Nic Tse. Aaron was seen bypassing Andy Hui to chat with Andy Lau all the time. He chatted with Andy Hui & Nic too, but not to Eason, who was left alone. Throughout the press con Andy did not have direct eye contact with Eason?

Headline: Andy’s fans: we hate Eason a lot (Apple Daily)

At the Metro Radio music awards press con yesterday, many fans were outside the hotel waiting for their stars. A few Andy’s fans were discussing Eason’s incidence. They said, “We hate him! We don’t like him to talk like that, he is not qualified! No culture. His songs are not so nice, we wont buy his albums too. Andy wont say like that on Alan when he first started. He is jealous, he exposed his bum, but we wont jeer him when we see him.”…

28/11 @2330 hrs

Source: China Times
Headline: To be Andy’s girl friend, other than beautiful, must be able to stand hardship

Andy had an interview with RTHK in the early hours past mid-nite 2 days ago, to reminisce the past . When his love life was brought up, he said point blank that it is v difficult to be his gf .

He said, “First, she has to be v beautiful. This is not my requirement, but the pressure from outside. If she is not beautiful, people would ask how can she be together with Andy Lau. But the gf I choose need not be too clever or capable, I just need one who can care for me.?#060;P> For so many years he has never been photographed together with his gf. Andy said he is actually not intentionally trying to protect anyone, but his daily life is only work, he is actually very involved & loves his work. Asked if his gf complained abt him. He answered tactfully, “Not to say if there is one first, even if there is, I think she would need to accept my way of life."

Andy said he is not sure when he will get marry, but if he wants to have children, he is sure to get marry.

D f

27/11---2 days ago filmed till dawn, a X’mas ending scene. Though filmed till v late, everyone was v happy. As it was late at the nite, I was worried abt the safety of fans who waited outside, so advised them to go home. Edison also went out to chat with his fans, when he returned he brought a cup of milk tea for me. I was a bit surprised, his fans had actually bought drinks for him & the crew, & bought a milk tea for me. Thanks to Edison’s fans & thanks to their tea.

26/11---Tonite filmed part of the ending scene but half way thro? I could not carry on, as I had to rush to the radio stn to record a prg, as guest of ‘Use Songs to tete-a tete? It was terrific, chatted some old stuff with the dj. Maybe have been too busy everyday, already put all these memories behind, now thinking back was v happy, esp listening to the recording done previously, really feel like ~~~smiling. Ha! Do u all listen?

Date: 28 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Dancing nonstop in & out of movie. Andy's Latin dance to celebrate Macau's return to China (Apple Daily)
Andy to perform Latin dance at Macau’s return to China celebration. Invited by 4th mistress, from his effort in promoting the dance (Oriental Daily)
Consented to 4th Mistress invitation to attend Macau Return, Andy trained Anita to dance Latin dance (The Sun)
Give face to 4th Mistress, Latin dance to celebrate Macau Return (Ming Pao)
Andy to perfrom dancing at Macau Return (Sin Pao)
Andy represents HK to dance Latin dance (Ta Kung Pao)

Earlier on Andy had included Latin dance in his concert, in his movie Ai Ji Ru Meng he acted as a dance instructor. Now he has even accepted the invitation of Stanley Ho’s 4th wife, to perform at the celebration of 2nd anniversary of return of Macau to China.

Ai Jin Ru Meng filmed its final scene 2 nights ago. Andy acted as a popular dance instructor in this movie, & had even won the hearts of a waitress & a rich man’s daughter. But actually he was a mean person, always thinking of procuring money from his students. At the end, he was moved by Sandra's sincerity in dancing & became a changed person, he invited Sandra to an open competition.

To make sure he looks convincing as a dance instructor, he had Shirley to teach him deeper dance skills, & to act as an asst dance instructor in the movie.

Andy had an interview by RTHK 2 nights ago.

He was invited by Angela Liang, 4th wife of Stanley Ho to perform at Macau’s anniversary celebration.

Andy had not accepted the invitation initially, he had some reserve as many world class dancers from Italy, South America & China were invited. Angela presuaded him saying he had contributed in promoting the dance in HK & is qualified to perform. The dance will be performed at a 40'x 40' dance floor & many people will be watching. As Shirley will be representing China on that day, & not able to collaborate with Andy, the reporter suggested can get Angela as partner, Andy said cannot, maybe he will get Sandra or Anita.

Andy said he is not representing HK, he is only representing a man from HK. He wishes people will take it as any person can also dance & give him less pressure.

During filming of A J R M, he had invited 20 pairs of pro Latin dancers from China & England, they were impressed by his standard of dancing, for he is only a singer. Andy was once said to be a lousy dancer & his dancing was like Chinese gongfu, he could now clear his name, & proves that nothing is impossible, without the criticism, he wont be able to see his mistake & make improvements.

Andrew Liu the director said filming of the dance movie had not been easy for Andy, he has practised hard for a long time, he has to clear the hurdle of the director, working crew & prof dancers 3 stages, he passed all. TVB 2 nights ago presented awards to long service staff. Andy was among one of those awarded. He has been working for TV 20 yrs but he did not go to get the award as he was filming.

Andy has denied being a host to G H Awards. He will be in Vienna & Gernmany next moth to promote TW movies.

Exact place & date not given. .

Source: Apple Daily

Now at year end, it is time to give out report cards of singers in the music circle again. Yesterday Metro Radio announced its nominees. Additional 3 awards were included this year.

Top 10 Singers nominees are Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui, Nic Tse, Eason Chan, Sammi, Kelly, Gigi, Mirium, & Joey. Jacky, Faye & Leon were not in.

The ceremony will be held on the 30th of Dec.

since 28.4.01