DATE: 15 DEC 05

'2005 Top 10 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards' press con was held yesterday @ a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Many singers attended. The 2 hot faves for the Most Popular Male Singer award , Andy & Haken, caught the most media attention. When asked if they have confidence in winning, they were v courteous, & sang praises on each another. Haken praised that Andy is the Dragon Head Big Boss of the music circle, Andy humbly quipped he was just a ' 2 against 6' & has not been a Big Boss for a long time!

Andy was winner of the Most Popular Male Singer last yr, is Haken confident of snatching it from him? Haken said he does not have the confidence, it is usually Andy who snatches it from others, no one can snatch it from Andy! He praised that Andy is like a highly-skilled martial art exponent, if he can be a black horse every year it is enough, Andy is the white horse. But Andy due to work commitment may not be able to attend all the music award, why not he ask Andy to give him a chance by not attending JSG music awards? Haken quipped one should not say thus, he hopes Andy can attend all the music awards, as without Andy the ceremony lacks luster.

Andy said he has not been a Big Boss for a long time, & mused that he has plans to 'wash his hands in the golden basin', (to withdraw) & let Haken takes over. If Andy attends this yr, will the Most Popular Male Singer award still go to him? Andy said he is happy he got it last yr, he dares not think of it again this yr, as it will be too petty, let nature takes its course.

Andy has concert in America on Dec 24, on Dec 25 it is Metro Broadcast music awards, it all depends if he can get a flight to come back on time. TVB music awards falls on Jan 15, he will have shooting in the mainland, he has to see if the director can release him. Before Jan 15 there must be no snow, otherwise progress of the shooting will be affected. The only awards he is confident of attending is RTHK's on Jan 23.

When asked which award they like to get the most, Twins replied it was Charity Live Group award, as if they win this, they can sing live with Andy! Ah Sa admitted she likes to duet with Andy a lot!





KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau enthralled his fans with a flawless vocal performance combined with amazing showmanship during his Vision Tour concert last Saturday night.

He also proved that age was but a number – at 44 he is still at the top of his game.

For three hours Lau danced and sang close to 30 Mandarin and Cantonese tunes, ranging from romantic ballads to upbeat numbers, during his concert which was held at Stadium Merdeka here.

It included Zhong Guo Ren (Chinese People), Wang Qing Shui (loosely translated as Waters of Detachment), Ben Xiao Hai (Stupid Child), Jia Zhuang (Pretending), Qian Yan Wan Yu (Untold Words), Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian (Love You A Thousand Years), Ai Bu Wan (Endless Love) and Zhen Yong Yuan (Forever).

Each song was delivered with gusto, which had fans singing enthusiastically along, too.

It was more than just glorious music – it was a visual feast as well. From the Roman, Chinese to Broadway segments, no expenses were spared in creating the mammoth sets, props, clothes and special effects.

Little wonder the Hong Kong media have touted Vision Tour as Lau's most spectacular and biggest concert production in his 20-year singing career.

Malaysia is the only South-East Asian stop on the performer's world tour, which heads next to the United States. The tour kicked off in Hong Kong in September last year.


The iron wrought gates opened at approximately 8.30pm. You could almost hear the gasps resonating throughout the open-air stadium. It was indeed an incredible piece of engineering; add that to its sheer size and this will be talked about for weeks to come as one of the highlights of Andy Lau's Vision Tour Live in Malaysia concert, held at Stadium Merdeka last Saturday.

The stage design – resembling a castle – is by far the most impressive I have seen, a testimony of Andy Lau’s sincerity when he said that he wanted to offer fans something different with every concert.

Lau's army of 14 dancers trooped out, keeping fans waiting on the edge just a bit longer before the man of the hour, literally, popped out. All 28,000 fans went hysterical. He may be 44 but Lau obviously still has what it takes to drive fans wild.

Starting with a four-song medley of fast tracks, he got the crowd all worked up. None of them could remain seated for long. They were all up on their feet singing, shrieking, swaying and snapping photos. Lau was invigorated by their zeal and gave it all he’s got. Despite an earlier leg injury while filming his latest movie Mozi Gong Lue (Battle of Wits), he was running, prancing and dancing. And it was only 10 minutes into the show.

But that was how it was for the rest of the night. Song after song – 30 Mandarin and Cantonese tunes in all including Zhong Guo Ren (Chinese People), Wang Qing Shui (loosely translated as Waters of Detachment), Ben Xiao Hai (Stupid Child), Jia Zhuang (Pretending), Qian Yan Wan Yu (Untold Words), Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian (Love You A Thousand Years) and Zhen Yong Yuan (Forever) – he kept up the momentum, though at times it was obvious he was a little breathless. This was the last show in South-East Asia and he was going to end it on a high.

Clocking in at three hours, the concert was broken into three segments with differing themes – Greek, Chinese and Cabaret ala Moulin Rouge. The Greek segment was by far the most extravagant with props that included inflatable columns and a King Cobra, a replica of the Coliseum and colossal Greek warrior statues. In the Chinese segment, it was tanglungs galore, enveloping the stage in a warm crimson glow while hundreds of hanging lights lit up the stage for the Cabaret portion.

From the fantastical sets and props, amazing costumes (numbering over a dozen, including Lau and his dancers), life-sized animal puppets (an adorable white lion and forlorn-looking horse), to the special effects (confetti and pyrotechnics), money didn’t seem to be an issue in bringing this HK$10mil (RM5mil) production – which took two years to plan – to life.

As the concert began winding down so did the mood of the evening, taking a poignant turn. Some of Lau's old movies including As Tears Go By (1988), A Fighter’s Blues (2000), Infernal Affairs (2002) and Running on Karma (2003) played on the two large screens. How Lau has grown and matured as an actor and individual. He has had a good career, playing diverse roles that span various genres. But as he confessed that night, at the end of the day, he prefers to be just Andy Lau and he hopes fans will remember him as such.

"And should you one day bump into me on the streets, even if you don’t recognise me, I'll catch hold of you and tell you who I am," said Lau, to the cheers of fans.

Although the media had no prior knowledge of any guest appearance, Lau surprised all when he brought out fellow actors Lam Ka Tung, who co-starred with him on the highly acclaimed Infernal Affairs and Felix Wong Yat Wah. Both performed a duet with him.

During his tete-a-tete with old chum and Five Tiger member Wong, recently seen playing Lau's father in the moving Wait Till You're Older, Lau said he is happy to be among friends. In the past, he became so consumed in his work that he forgot about his buddies and loved ones. Wong then reminded him to spend more time with those dear to him.

Lau delivered the final two songs of the night – Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui (It Is Not A Crime For Men To Cry) and his self-penned 17 Sui (17 Years Old), which tells of his difficult rise to fame. It was a touching finale and Lau, who promised himself that he would never cry, kept his emotions in check. Andy Lau's Vision Tour concert was truly an auditory and visual feast. If it were meant to prove that the 44-year-old superstar was still in his element despite his advancing age, he has succeeded. If he wanted to show that idol singers (whose looks took precedence over talent) could sing, he made his point with an impeccable vocal performance. While still not quite in the same league as fellow Heavenly King Jacky Cheung, Lau’s effort to improve his singing over the years has paid off. His rich baritone voice was intense and resonant.

But I felt the night and the concert belonged to fans. It was concert for the people thrown by the People's Idol. Every song – such as Xin Zhi You Ni (Only You in My Heart), Ai Bu Wan (Boundless Love) and Xie Xie Ni De Ai (Thanks for Your Love) – had been selected to show his love and appreciation to fans for their unending support for the past 25 years in his acting and singing career. When he wasn't singing his thanks, Lau spoke them, reiterating numerous times that it was the fans who had enabled him to stand as high as he is today.

For his final gesture of gratitude, Lau presented fans with the gift he promised them at the start of the concert – it was a sincere wish that they be happy because "if you're happy, I'm happy."

And in dramatic style, a shower of fireworks lit up the sky before Lau retreated into his castle, closing the iron wrought gates behind him.

14/12 @ 2330 HRS

Your bouquet received & treasured @ Andy Town,
Thank You for the kind words of encouragement, dear friend!
adelenazahari writes:
hi katherine, ...thanks for the wonderful website....i stumbled upon it a few months ago... been an avid reader since.....its perfect for those english reading fans of andy... keep up the great work.... really appreciate your time and effort for doing this...thumbs up!! thanks also for the great pics of andy... i was at his concert in malaysia last saturday.....needless to say it was fantastic... eventhough i hurt my knees a couple of days before the concert..and had to limp my way there it was worth every minute.... thank u again for the fantabulous website.... sincerely, adelena

DATE: 14 DEC 05

HK UA Cinemas gave out Hong Kong Blockbuster Awards 1985-2005 @ its 20th anniversary 2 days ago. HK Civil Administration Affairs Bureau chief He Zhi Ping & Legislative congressman Hou Zheng Teng were invited to give out awards.

Top 10 movies in order of merit are: Kong Hu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Police Story VI First Strike, Rumble In The Bronx, Infernal Affairs, God of Gamblers Return, Justice, My Foot! , All's Well Ends Well, Lighting & Mr Nice Guy.

The biggest grossing movie star in 20 years is Andy Lau. Andy alone grossed the highest with 1.7 billion, while the top Actress Sandra took in 700 million. The highest box office director is Wong Jin, with box office of 1,037,516,695.00

Sandra Ng at the thank-you speech said she is v happy to get the award after 20 yrs of movie career, her next target is to be a supporting actress, as she has planned to act till she is old. As she was coming down the stage, Andy & Simon Yim went forward immediately to support her. Sandra is said to be pregnant, she was in maternity dress. However at the last step she tripped suddenly, giving the floor a shock! Host Cheng Dan Shui warned that Peter Chan was no there, Andy was thus responsible for everything!

With the most nos of movies , 108 under his belt , said Andy, "In these 20 yrs, my movie has an average of 20 to 40 mil box office." He aims to have a movie that can break the box office of Kung Hu Hustel & Shaolin Soccer! Of all the movies he likes LOAD the most, esp the fatso look. Now with the 1.7 b he teased he can ask for a fee hive. He has never thought of this big figure, he will take some time off to celebrate.

2nd of the list Stephen Chow accumulated 1.3 b , while Jacky Chan 890 mil. The other actors on the top 10 list are Lau Qing Wan, Ekin Cheng, Tony Leung with 500 m each, Leung Ka Fai 300m, Simom Yim & Louis Ku with 200m each.


Andy attended the press con of Metro Broadcast Hits Awards 2005 yesterday. The Awards ceremony will be held on Xmas day. The 4 grand awards, My Most Admired Male & Female Singer, Group Singer & Song will be voted by fans on the spot . Andy was invited to announce names of the top 5 in the 4 categories.

He was also told to pick winner of each category, he laughed that to avoid offending anyone he is sitting on the fence. For female he picked Kelly, for male he picked himself, for group he picked Grasshopper, as for the Hit Song, he declined to pick any, he quipped his Beauty of My Love is actually v good!

When he was named the Most Admired Male Singer, he asked the house, "Any objection to Andy in winning?" Every one agreed with the result, he smiled, "Deservingly his!"

His new album is out today, he is most happy as many of his censored songs can now be out, has he got pressure with album release? He said, "No, I do not harbor expectation. If I can sell a few hundred thousands it is enough, But I have the confidence, It shd be able to break the single figure, shd have a double digit figure.

Your bouquet received with much appreciation, Thank you very much, dear friend!
Sian Williams writes:

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am that you take the time and effort to find and translate Andy's news for all his English-speaking fans (I'm a British Caucasian). I look at your site every day to see what Andy has been doing. Thank you for your dedication, and thank for for all the gorgeous pictures of Andy! I am only a new fan, but having such a great resource like your website means that I can feel more up-to-date with Andy's life :) Best wishes to you, and thank you again for your wonderful generosity! Sian :)

13/12 @ 1300HRS

BYLINE: Vivienne Chow

Andy Lau Tak-wah last night claimed the title of biggest grossing movie star in 20 years, beating Stephen Chow Sing-chi, while Sandra Ng Kwun-yu was named box office queen at the Hong Kong Blockbuster Awards 1985-2005. The 108 films Lau has starred in over the past two decades have taken more than $1.7 billion at the box office.

"Please tell me which award is worth more than $1.7 billion?" said the dumbfounded Lau, whose Infernal Affairs is number five on the list of top earners. "I never thought it would hit $1.7 billion. I really enjoyed making the films."

Despite having made the hits Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, the two highest grossing movies of the past two decades, Chow came second to Lau with films earning $1.3 billion.

Action star Jackie Chan, who has four movies in the top 10, came third with $894 million.

On the women's side, films by comedy actress Ng made more than $700 million, just beating Cannes best actress Maggie Cheung Man-yuk. Late Canto-pop diva Anita Mui Yim-fong came third, with than $500 million.

"This award is more meaningful than any acting awards," said Ng. "It shows the audience appreciates my films."

Despite being criticised for his movies' bad taste and toilet humour, director Wong Jing was the most successful movie director in terms of generating profits. His movies, including God of Gambler's Return, which came in at number six, made more than $1 billion.

"It is such a shame that all the bankable directors are already in their 40s," he said at the ceremony last night. "Young directors are too artistic. They dare not face the public by making commercial films. I hope that more young directors can make commercial movies."

Awards organiser UA Cinemas earlier announced a list of the top 10 blockbusters, mainly films from before the handover.

Film Critics Society chairman Shum Long-tin said that behind the big figures lay a grim future. "There's a lack of blockbusters since 1999 and it doesn't look like there will be ways to improve the situation. Perhaps we should start thinking Hong Kong should not be making that many films."

DATE: 13 DEC 05

Andy was @ RTHK yesterday for a recorded interview to talk on his work in the upcoming days. On Dec 15 he is holding 'Beauty of My Love' mini concert, & is preparing for it at the moment. After that he is going to America for concerts, he hopes to keep his moustache & wears long Chinese suits.

On the mini concert, 5 songs have been chosen, out of which he will get fans to go onstage to sing with him 3. He will also be wearing the Scottish kilt to meet the fans.

In the movie circle for years he has recently beat Chow Yin Fat, Jacky Chan etc to become the top box office grossing male actor in 20 years, in a survey done by UA cinema line at its 20 anniversary. But he is not sure if he can attend the award ceremony. Tony Leung was not on the list. Andy said this is because Tony films less movies, also, he always films Wang Ka Wai's movie, it cannot be compared.

Music awards are around the corner, Andy said he is not anxious at all, even if he is, he is only anxious if his songs can get any award, as he likes every one of his songs. Every yr he is a hot fave of the 4 station joint Grand Media Award, he smiled that he does not get every year, he does not think his chance is good. said , "Though I have Mandarin songs to catch up to the other station, is is v difficult, my aim is not in Media Award, I hope the song written by me in lyrics & song can get Gold Song award one day!"

On the current radio programes, he admitted some are too commercial. But this is unavoidable, on the newcomers, he admires Justin Lo, Ivana Wong & Janice Wei Lan.

The DVD of All About Love that was launched last week, due to its special thoughtful packaging, has raised a heat wave, from the original HK$199 the price has gone up to $288, some shops are even selling at $498, indeed unique goods stands out the most.

The distributor received many calls from fans that some shops took the opportunity to increase the price, Chou Li co apologized to the fans for not being able to get the limited edition, in actual fact, there are only 2,000 limited edition. The intention was to thank the customers during the Xmas, it was designed like a file, including the Ring of Tomorrow & others, just like a xmas present, never expect it to be so welcomed by the public, indeed a pleasant surprise!

The personal said Andy had foresight, when he saw the special design, he booked 200 sets for his AWC members, no wonder everyone always says Andy is such a caring person.

12/12 @ 2100HRS

DATE; 12 12 05


More pictures..

11/12 @ 2000 HRS

Andy Lau Vision Tour concert kicked off @ the Merdeka outdoor stadium in Malaysia last night. It was a packed full house of 25,000 strong. The response to the concert, which lasted from 830pm to 1130 pm, was exceptionally great, even when it had ended, fans continued to yell 'encore' for half an hr, refusing to leave. Though he was aware of how passionate his fans were, for security reason, the police escorted him back to the hotel, it was not possible for him to turn back even if he wanted to. The organizer had to announce 'Andy Lau Concert has ended' 10 X b4 they left at around 12 mn.

2 of his good friends, Lam Ka Tung & Felix Wong, came to support. He sang Infernal Affairs with Lam & 'An Li Zhao Mi' with Felix. When he teased Lam that Lam has always wanted to release an album, the audience screamed in support of Lam. Andy told Lam, "Remember these people, at least 7,000 will buy your album. OK, when we are back in HK I'll try to see if u can be in the music circle, haha."

On seeing Andy wanting to release album for Lam, Felix quipped, "Boss Lau, why not u sign me at the same time, I am not bad too! I love Malaysia the most, my first house was bought after I came here for show! At that time I had my first concert here, 20 shows, many here are my benefactors of my first house. Many thanks to the fans here! Haha." Andy said at that time TVB TV serials were v popular in SEA, same as Felix, his fist show in singing was held in Malaysia.

When Lam was introduced to the stage, Andy asked him, "I heard u always come to Malaysia?" On hearing this, Lam teased him back, "The number of times I am here is not as many as you,... ", as if hinting Andy has a Malaysian gf.

But Andy was composed, he retorted, "I come here secretly every time, nobody knows,.... haha."

Felix & Andy enacted a scene from WTYO to the delight of the audience.

At the rehearsal in the afternoon, the sky suddenly turned dark with thunder & rain, this made him very worried abt the show at nigt. The organizer told him to rest at the backstage & prayed. Just when even burning the joss stick they had to hold an umbrella, midway through praying the rain got smaller, & stopped 2 hr later. What a relief to Andy! Said, "It is like that almost every time when I come to Malaysia for concert, each time after praying the rain stops. Many thanks to the heaven." But due to the rain the floor on the stage was v slippery, as his leg has just recovered, he was v careful during dancing .

The audience seemed to enjoy the Broadway show v much. The sexy dancers made the male audience screamed. When he held the female dancers, they yelled, "Kiss her!" Andy felt so funny.

Different from the concert in China, Andy sang 10 additional songs, MV of his new song with Angelica Li was shown for the first time.

This is the first time he has the moustache look in concert, being vain, he said, "After so many yrs u are not tired of me, u find me so refreshing, is it because of my moustache today? Remember this, just shout 'Handsome boy' louder, I do not mind, as after I keep the moustache, everyone says I am not handsome anymore, I need some confidence back from here." After he had said, 'Handsome boy' echoed from all over the corners.

The other climax of the night was when he changed in front of the 25,000 audience. When the audience saw a sexy young lady helped him to take off his shirt & pants, & put on clothes for him, they "Wah..." in admiration.

Andy had 7 looks & costume change, including the glittering warrior look, emperor gown, shimmering black cocktail suit, The Big Guy, scholar & a general look.

The last general look made him closer to the audience, as he was like wearing the uniform of a Malaysian minister, even he himself quipped, "Do I look like I am going for election?" & he hummed lines of local folk song 'Rasa Sayang'.

Andy kept reminding the audience to remember him, he really like his artiste career! He said years later when you forget an aged him, he will still grab your hands & tell you , "I am Hua Zai!

"I will force u to look at me 30, 40 even 50 years later.", pretending as if it is an order !

Added, "Days of an idol singer will pass with time, but I do not mind being an idol, a matured idol. To save your pride, these few yrs I have really been practicing singing diligently, my singing has improved."

The 5-millon ringgit stage is truly rich in content. Other than multiple complicated changes, there were 3 lifts that can lift him from below the stage changing room, saving him trouble of going to the backstage.

The lifts on both sides can lift him up to 5-storey high, for him to interact with fans from far.

To be a mega star, one has to have hundred of ideas to present, so as to grab attention of audience & keep their eyes busy, come to a different song, there is different things to accompany it. The hard work of Andy Lau, with his experience, perseverance, & a diligent spirit, he is really one for the new generation to emulate.

Not haughty, comes progress. Iron-man Andy Lau, you have made it!

DATE: 11 DEC 05

HK Annual TV big charity event Happiness @ Tong Hua was held successfully last night. All the HK artistes & famous Cantonese opera singers in a marathon 7 1/2 hour event raised a record $76,288,888. As the economy in HK recovers, Hongkongers are more enthusiastic with donations, before 12 mn it had broken 70 mil record.



With an entourage of 15, Andy landed @ KLIA 1240 pm via CX 723 on Dec 9. When he got out of the gate at 1313 hrs, he was walled off by 30 airport security guards & policemen, so much so that the reporters had no chance to get near him, they only caught a glimpse of Felix Wong who was with him, not sure he was to watch the concert or to be a guest.

70 over fans in uniform coming from Indonesia, Singapore, HK, Macau, Thailand & Malaysia were present to welcome him. They came as early as 11am. Many took leave, one fan came with 2 kids.

When they saw Andy coming out from the gate, in unison they yelled 'Hua Zai we welcome you, Hua Zai we support you!' When Andy in dark glasses went forward to have a photo with them, the policemen stopped him. Andy had to indicate to them, "It is Ok, OK.." & even told them to back off.

After photo taking, 10 over policemen again encircled him. When the reporters went fw to seek an interview, burly policemen shoved them off, one almost fell. As there was no way of getting near, the reporters yelled to the air, "Andy, how is your leg injury?" Andy seemingly not bothered, but as he walked out of the door, he turned & said, "Ok already!" When he noticed the reporters were being pushed, he apologized profusely & helplessly, "Sorry, sorry!" before he was whisked off in a car.


On Dec 10 Sat 11am Andy had a gathering with a hundred over fan club members @ a hotel. At 10am fans were on line registering themselves. As it was a closed door event, AWC workers stopped them immediately when they whipped out the camera, & requested them to leave.



Annual charity TV prog Happiness @ Dong Hua was to be held on Dec 10 night. Andy who is always enthusiastic with charity will of course never miss the opportunity, but as he would be in Malaysia for concert & not able to appear in person, he had his segment pre recorded. He sang 2 songs Liang Zhu & Beauty of My Love accompanied by Chinese orchestra. He had the privilege of having famous er hu musician to play Liang Zhu .

2,000 copies of his newly release All About Love DVD special edition were sold out as soon as it hit the shelves, it was even auction at $500, Andy is v happy with the hot response!




2 nights ago Andy, together with Jay Chou, Fijita Emi & Vangie Tang, was at Tseung Kwun O TVB studio for the JSG recording. He sang his new Cantonese song. A regular winner of Media Award, he is not pinning any hope this year, for the reason that he will have v little time in HK, he predicts he will be absent in most of the music awards. He will be Las V for concert when Metro Radio holds the ceremony. He said it is not every yr he gets, he did not get last yr, sometimes it is funny that the news reported he got it! . He keeps all the trophies in the fan club, every station has its own corner, said, "C Radio section section is v empty, there is only one, when C R gave me the Joint Station Best Album to me, so there is at least one to display!" Andy & Jay were seen chatting cordially & even played magic!