DATE: 18 DEC 07

The Warlords, starring Jet, Andy & Takeshi, a few days after release, collected 100 million at the box office in HK & China, the result is ideal.

As the movie comes strong, HK cinemas have decided that during the Xmas time, The Warlords will be the only Chinese movie to be screened.

The movie received rave reviews ever since it is screened, from media persons, audience or those in the industry, it is touted to be a blockbuster in history. In the first week of release it has created a heat wave countrywide, cinema lines predict it is going to be the highest grossing Chinese movie this year, pointed out this movie has no comedy, no quarreling, it is one with the most good reviews.

The concerned cinema lines indicated that The Warlords, within the same period of time collected 6% more than Curse of The Golden Flower, 60% more than the promise, far exceeded Hero, Gong Fu, Curse of The G F & other blockbusters in the weekend collection.

In HK, 66 copies of The Warlords were released, after the first week box office was more than 10 million. As the movie is viewed tocontinue to do well, screening times have been reserved for it, this makes The Assembly, by Stephen Chow, to postponed the release time to Jan 4, & not at the same time as The Warlords


The first report card for music arena, 2007 TVB8 Gold Songs music awards took place 2 nights ago at Tseung Kwun O.

Eason Chan, Zhao Ge & Pang Wei Po with 3 awards each were the big winners.

Eason had earlier on said he is setting his eyes on A P Most Popular Male Singer award, he hopes to enter market beyond HK. But he was dig by Joey at the ceremony, she commented he should reserve his confidence for another year, as Joey feels that Andy is too strong, even if he were to be absent, he will still get it, as if indicating that Eason is not up to the mark.

DATE: 17 DEC 07

Andy has recently rehearses diligently for his concert which is kicking off this Friday. Bust as his time to go Coliseum for rehearsal is not enough, he has forked out a sum of 300,000 to build a one-to-one size similar stage at a warehouse at Tun Men, & practises 6 hour daily.

His slimming diet is much more hellish than before, his lunch is only 2 pieces of biscuits, he has thus lost another 5 lb than the concert he was eaelier on. But recently when he was practicing tough dance steps with Huang Xin, he received a small cake from Cherie Young, he ate up the cake as an encouragement.

The stage is designed personally by him, after that he then got a professional to complete the set up. The special thing is there are a lot of traps. Just lifts alone are 7, the lifts allows him to appear at different points to showcase his skills in magic. He has to thus be v careful with every step he moves & needs a lot of practice.

Singers usually rent a studio to rehearse for concerts, as time is very limited, Andy has built this 300,000 stage at a rented warehouse.

One week ago he had started training. The area of the warehouse is bout 300,000 sq ft, with a height of about 7 storey. Even if he were to build a stage the same size as the Coliseum, t here is still space for parking.

Last Saturday, Andy arrived the rehearsal site at noon had dance practice with Huang Xin, famed to be China Latin dance queen, she had collaborated with Andy before in 2001 concert, now working with Andy again they are going to have more difficult moves.

It was seen the two of them had many somersaults & standing upside down stances. They danced till they were all wet with perspiration, indeed very exhausting.

Everyday after practicing for 6 hrs, Andy followed with song practice, everyday he leaves the house early & goes home late. He keeps himself trim, now he stands at 145 lb.

Andy indicated he continues to take the menu he has for concert before, less salt less oil & no carbs, even his afternoon tea of pineapple buns or butter toast is omitted, he has two pieces of biscuits for lunch.

When he ate the cake given by Cherie, he said, "I will diet for 2 days then stop, then I will eat meat & fish, there is no need to diet everyday, esp during rehearsal I need a lot of energy. It is difficult to be even be fat."

When asked what is the special highlight in this concert, he said, smiling, "You will know when u see, I wish to thank Huang Xin for the help, the time is short, everyone is working v hard. Also we have to suit the time of the dancers, the schedule is fixed, I cannot thus make time to go to the photographer JC exhibition, hope he does not mind, wishing him success in the exhibition!"

During his concert tour in China, Andy had asked his fashion designer to stick crystals to his concert tee shirts, many fans had since then asked if the tees were sold in the company. Andy thus asked the designer to design a crystal-stuck, with silver or gold print tee shirts for sale.

Said, "The material is of good quality, my main aim is not to make money, it is for remembrance, remembering this year I spend 07 with them & crossing over to 08."

Andy added he is very thankful to Jan Lam who has designed the logo for him, said, "This logo was designed by Jan before my concert tour, he gave me for free, does not take any money, really v thankful to him."

Details on the concert commemorative items are available at http://concert.andylau.com

DATE: 16 DEC 07

Mirium Yeung, ..... & others attended Metro Broadcast Hit Awards 2007 polling activity yesterday.

It was announced that the 3 singers currently leading the pack for World Hit Singer awards are Andy Lau, Eason Chan & Mirium.

Mirium on being named the top 3, humbly said she pins highly on Eason, as he is the king of the universe. Kelly Chen thinks Mirium will get Asia Pacific Most Popular Female Singer award, Mirium was rather shocked, saying Kelly thinks too highly of her but she still feels v happy. She thinks she is still not up to the mark yet.


The Warlords is hot in Shenzhen, the degree is much more than Caution, Lust.

On the premiere night, just Golden Harvest alone set a good record of 150,000 in Shenzhen. Total box office since movie release stands at 910,000, even better than Caution Lust. The Warlords can be said to be a Chinese movie that raised a box office climax.

The first weekend of movie release, from Dec 15 to Dec 16, since 10 in the morning, movie-goers packed the Golden Harvest cinema hall, queuing to buy tickets. It was a sea of people.

At 3 pm, tickets to all the shows in the day were sold out, only a few tickets to the midnight show were left. Even the usually cold VIP hall was full. Screening was extended till 12 midnight.

Workers of Golden Harvest used mikes to inform the crowd repeatedly that all the tickets were sold, in order to maintain order, still, many remained at the hall refusing to leave. Such an explosive scene is comparable to the Western movie, Transformers, released in July.

An audience told the workers, "Too scary! This is not coming to watch a movie, if (I am) not careful I will knock into someone!" Many audience loitered at the customer service center, making inquiries on the movie screening time, & asked if additional shows will be added.


Andy's photographer JC has always wished to hold an individual photographic exhibition. Due to the heavy workload & sickness, he was unable to do so. A group of his good friends chip in to help to hold an exhibition, collaborating with the famous photographer Wing Shya.

Andy wrote a short note as encouragement, sexy HK model Li Long Yi praised that JC made her find back her confidence.

JC has helped many artistes to take photo shoots. Many singers in HK like to have him to take pictures for the album sleeves.

Recently a group of his friends helped to hold an exhibition, 「 AWAKENING PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 」, which will be from tomorrow to Feb 4the @ Central. Mirium, Shawn yee, Hins Cheung, Josie Ho, Li Long Yi & others have agreed to attend the opening ceremony. Chou Xun will come to HK on the 21st to show support.

Andy has in these few years enlisted the help of JC to do his album covers, movie promo & concert posters.

JC is now quite seriously ill. Andy had written a short note as encouragement & sends his best wishes. he wrote; Our destiny from 'Dreams', dreams are forever beautiful, but are also the cruelest. ‘Beautiful dreams’ are usually hard to keep nor last. Sincerely I wish to thank JC, through his lens he wholeheartedly helps to capture my many 'beautiful dreams'. At this moment, what I can do is to send to him non-ending best wihes. I hope he will never give up, continue to fight courageously. I am looking forward to working with him again, to create a more touching & beautiful dream. "

Andy praised that JC is a person who talks little but works a lot, is meticulous & diligent.

DATE: 15 DEC 07

The Warlords, 1 1/2 day after screening, collected more than 25 million in HK & mainland.

Media Asia, on hearing the good news, announced that it will hold a celebration party on Dec 19.

Takeshi in a recent interview by Sandra Ng @ TVB cable station talked on his feelings during filming. The one that leaves him with the deepest impression is shooting of the few minutes scene of him killing Jet Li.

The scene looks exciting, in actual fact it was a tough scene to shoot. It took a few days to complete. Also, it was wet & cold everyday. Their costumes shrunk after getting wet, even the hats they were wearing shrunk from big to small.

Premiere of the movie was brought forward to Dec 12 6 pm (instead of Dec 13). Box office countrywide, till 12 midnight, exceeded 10 million, in a matter of 6 hours.

Though movie premiere was not over a weekend, the box office itself is rather outstanding.

All the cinemas views this movie seriously, in Shanghai most cinemas reserved more than 90% of the screens to this movie, at a non-golden weekend slot on Wednesday, the movie collected 10 million in Shanghai.

Xin Tian Di reserved almost all of its screens to the movie, Shanghai Yong Hua movie line gave 8 of its 11 halls to The Warlords. With cinemas so supportive, in a night the movie scooped 10 million! Closed to 20,000 moviegoers entered the cinemas.

650 tapes & 377 digital copies were distributed by the company, this number sets a new record for Chinese movies. It is 200 more than the previous record set by Curse of the Golden Flower, the distributor is full of confidence with this movie to collect more than 100 million.

Media Asia boss Peter Lam was conferred Outstanding Youth Award in Guangzhou. He indicated there is no special feelings, he just puts in all his best in all things he does. He will continue to promote charity activities.

When the reporters asked him on the good box office of The Warlords, the result is extraordinary, he indicated he is satisfied with the response of the audience & box office, he will continue to invest in big projects in the mainland.


The warlords, collaborating wth Baleno, is bringing out 10,000 commemorative tee shirts bearing the screen looks of Jet & Andy. There are 4 sets, this is to help raise fund for Jet’s One Foundation. Jet hopes to create a culture starting from the present young generation, a habit of helping others, & propagating this virtue.


Long queues to ticket buying


Who is the most popular among the 20 hot stars, Chou Pi Chang, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Ah Ya, Andy Lau, Elva Hsiao.. & others. Recently, an online poll 'I am most popular in 2008' enters the second stage. Among the 20 stars, netizens can imitate whoever they like & post their work online for a contest.

Sina.com noted that 2 of Jay Chou’s songs are top of he list, many other are also from Jay’s songs. Other than Jay, quite a number imitated Andy, popularity of these two are almost on par.

200 will be picked to enter the 3rd round of contest....


The tee shirts are out for sale in HK & China, included are Jet Li alone & Jet Li with Andy, each comes in black & white. Per tee shirt is for sale at HK$80. Proceeds in HK will go to Jet’s One Foundation, while that in China will go to China Red Cross Jet Li One Foundation Project......

DATE: 14 DEC 07

BJ is hosting Olympics next year, HK is assisting in the horse riding event, HK & China will collaborate to make this 4-yearly event as grandiose as possible.

Andy’s company has specially made a set of calendars for friends & clients. In the 12 months, Andy appears in different sports events, he uses the right timing to bring out the feel of Olympics.

Other than playing tennis, running, golfing, he even included the game he likes the most, bowling, of course his pose is perfect!

Andy’s 16 concerts striking over the new year is kicking off in Coliseum next Friday, as the ticket sale is very tense, all the tickets were sold, even with added shows.

A reader Miss Li, complained to Apple Daily recently, she said she is a member of Andy World Club, she had through AIG bought tickets with credit card, she was promised to have the best seats, but the seats given were very bad. In a phone communication, she added, "Such a way of ticket booking, which needed to pay $16, the seats were after row 9, I bought 6 tickets, I was given tickets in threes, in 2 different places, this is really too much, I might as well Q to buy tickets, why do I need to pre-booked tickets."

DATE: 13 DEC 07

Andy has announced that he will be absent from all the music awards this year, as such, the award that he got from TVB every year, Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, will most probably goes to the hands of TVB god-son Haken Li.

At the press conference yesterday, when asked if he has confidence to get the award, Haken admitted he has never thought of it, in his eye, only Andy is most suited to the honor, he indicated he is not qualified, if Andy is not attending, he suggest the award be left vacant for a year.

Rumored to be the recipient of the award, Haken said really he does not know, & has no confidence, he will take it easy. Since Andy is not attending, his chance of winning will be better, he said he has never thought of this honor, he feels that Andy is the most suitable candidate.

.............it was also rumored that Eason has a high chance of winning Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer. When asked if he has the confidence, he said Haken had not produced any Mandarin album last year, but he had, he believes his chance is a little higher than Haken. Leo too stands a chance. Smiling he added Andy has won the honor every year, & may be tired of it, there is a driving force among the other singers, & this can give Andy some pressure.


Andy’s concert is always a hot commodity, esp so in the mainland, the organizers always vie to play key role, this has thus leads to initiation of disputes easily.

Ming Pao received a mail from North Olympic Broadcast Pte Ltd company yesterday, a person, Miss Ho, calling herself the spokesperson from an artiste company in HK was given total right to Guangzhou concert management from Entertainment Impact, of which Andy has a share, she signed the contract for Andy’s 2008 concert in Fusan, & had received a deposit of 350,000 from North Olympic Company.

After paying the deposit, the company then found out they failed to sign up Andy, Miss Ho has not returned the deposit as stipulated in the contract.

It has been dragged for over 2 months, both cheques issued were fake, the company produced Miss Ho's identity, & papers to show that they had officially signed the contract.

The reporter tried to contact Miss Ho, but no one picked up the call.

Andy’s company indicated they do not know who Miss Ho is, has never heard of the matter, & declined to give response.



12 December 2007
The New Paper

WITH more than 100 films under his belt, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau may have played many a role.

But what you will never catch him doing is baring his body like Tony Leung did in Lust, Caution.

'I don't dare to (bare),' Andy exclaimed in an interview with The New Paper.

Not that he lacks confidence in his own body. He says he just can't bring himself to drop his pants.

'(The inhibition) is a handicap that I'm born with, not physically, mind you, but mentally,' he quipped.

Moreover, his fans wouldn't be able to accept it, he says.

'They will feel embarrassed. I'm like a brother or son to them. I don't think they will enjoy watching their brother or son take his clothes off,' he said.

Andy, 46, was in town with co-star Xu Jinglei to promote his new film The Warlords, which also stars Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

He plays a bandit with a strong sense of honour and who is fiercely loyal to his sworn brothers, but is eventually betrayed.


In real life, Andy says he's used to being cheated and betrayed by 'brothers'. 'I have many such 'brothers', too many, in fact. I have been cheated of a lot of money,' he said.

How much money has he lost? Millions?

'If it's just a few million, forget it. There have been worse,' he said without elaborating.

But magnanimous Andy says he is still friends with those who have taken advantage of him, although he's more cautious now.

He added: 'I've learnt to be more calculative. I now separate the true friends from the fake ones.

'But you'll find that you are not as happy. When you're angry with someone, the one suffering is actually yourself.'

After more than 20 years in showbusiness, happiness ranks high on Andy's list of priorities.

He certainly seemed comfortably self-assured in front of the press, his smooth, taut face glowing with contentment.

And his cheerful and playful mood was evident at the movie's promotional event.

Prior to being invited on stage for the media conference, he peeped through the door and gave a megawatt smile.

He cracked a few jokes, at himself and mostly at director Peter Chan's expense.

'I think the director must have regretted asking me to act in the film. I'm always thinking about the character and asking him a lot of whys.

'We sometimes argue but we don't fight because I'm bigger than him, he's afraid that I'll beat him up,' said Andy.

Then he jokingly complained that Peter had neglected his safety while filming a scene where he was strapped to chains.

He said the scene was classified as a non-action drama sequence, hence there were no action choreographers nor were there any security measures.

'I had to fall flat onto the floor and I had nothing to cushion my fall... Then my finger got trapped between the chains and it got fractured.

'Why didn't the director think of his actor? I'm a big star after all,' he lamented with a cheeky smile.

Andy recently signed on with East Asia Music for a reported HK$200 million ($37m) and also sold the copyright of his songs to the label.

There has been talk that he has usurped Leon Lai's top dog position at the label and that the latter is not too pleased about it.

Shrugging off the reports, Andy said with another signature quip: 'I'm No 1, but only in terms of age.'


SHOOTING a love scene is stressful as it is. But when your co-star is gongfu star Jet Li, it's doubly so, as Chinese actress Xu Jinglei would testify.

'I think he's scared of his wife, so it made me scared too,' she jokingly told reporters at a media conference last Saturday to promote her new film The Warlords.


Surely, this age-proof, award-winning singer, actor and multi-millionaire does not owe his success to plain dumb luck. Today gets to the bottom of what makes Andy Lau a superstar

12 December 2007
TODAY (Singapore)

When Andy Lau - suave, successful, much-desired Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau - looks you in the eye and tells you he thinks he's naive and innocent, you expect him to break into a hearty laugh two seconds later, smugly run his fingers through his perfectly coiffed hair, and tell you he's just kidding.

But he doesn't.

Instead, the apparently age-proof 45-year-old star - who was in town last weekend to promote US$40-million ($57.7-million) epic movie, The Warlords, helmed by Perhaps, Love auteur Peter Chan - elaborated on his supposed dimness.

"I only act like I'm smart ... I think a lot but at the end of the day, I can't run away from what my heart tells me," he said in Mandarin, drawing comparisons to Zhao Er Hu, the simpleton character he plays in the film alongside Jet Li (Fearless), Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers) and Xu Jing Lei (Confessions of Pain).

The Warlords - set in a war-worn China, when the corrupt Qing dynasty was in danger of being overthrown - tells a heart-wrenching tale of three men bound by a blood-oath of brotherhood, which, as tragedies go, ends in betrayal and inevitably, death.

"(Er Hu) tends to make a show of how clever and capable he is, but he's really quite stupid up here," he continued, prodding the temple of his wrinkle-free forehead with an index finger.

Okay, say for a moment we take the bait and believe that Andy Lau, the actor, singer, multi-millionaire, is indeed as naive and thick as he professes to be. What then is the secret of his phenomenal success?

Lau has starred in no less than 130 films since 1978's Drunken Master. In 2005, he was named "No 1 Box Office Actor 1985-2005", with his movies yielding HK$1.7 billion ($320 million) in 20 years - beating both Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan.

As a recording star, the Heavenly King set a Guinness World Record for "Most Awards Won By A Cantopop Male Artiste", having won 292 awards by 2000.

Lau also has a heap of chart-topping hits (Thank You For Your Love, If You Are My Legend and Stupid Child) to croon about, the latest addition being The Warlords theme song of the same name. Lau will also be holding his Wonderful World concerts in Hong Kong from Dec 21 to Jan 5, although a Singapore date has yet to be confirmed.

And almost 30 years into his career, Lau is still one of the most bankable stars in the industry. Just last month, he signed a reported HK$200-million deal with record company East Asia Music, which also involves the sale of his more than 500-song music library.

As an actor, he's now at the top of his game.

The eagle-beaked star started out where many international stars from Hong Kong - such as Chow Yun Fatt, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Maggi Cheung - scratched around for a living: TVB.

He is perhaps best remembered on the small screen for his role as Yang Guo in a TV remake of author Jin Yong's Return of the Condor Heroes. Then, with more Hong Kong TV serials - such as The Deer and The Cauldron (also based on Jin's novel) in which he acted alongside Leung - Wah-Chai, as he is affectionately known, quickly became a household name.

He moved to the silver screen where he played everything from the funny guy in slapstick comedies like God of Gamblers to the dandy Romeo in rom-coms such as Needing You. But the good-looking actor - who was named in a recent poll by China Daily as the most desirable Chinese man in the eyes of Western women - was acutely aware he was being cast for his pretty face and not for his acting chops.

In 2004, he told Time magazine: "You showed your handsome face, maybe stood there in a smart pose, and that was it - that was enough."

Lau was not about to settle. Running Out of Time had set the stage for Andy Lau the serious actor, winning him Best Actor at the 1999 Hong Kong Film Awards. He bagged the award a second time for Running on Karma in 2003.

Then came his role in the critically-acclaimed Infernal Affairs. The third instalment of the trilogy finally won Lau his first Golden Horse trophy in 2004.

Since then, Lau has worked in prestigious projects such as Zhang Yimou's House of Flying Daggers, ProtÚgÚ and now The Warlords. Next year, he stars in a highly-anticipated film adaptation of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms with co-stars Maggie Q and Sammo Hung.

Does that sound like the achievements of a village idiot? Probably not.

Perhaps it's his friendship with the right people in the industry - not well-developed media savvy - that has helped his career along. Wrong answer.

In Andy Lau's world of fame and riches, friendship - or "brotherhood" as they call it in The Warlords - is a luxury he can't buy with all that he's worth.

"I believe in brotherhood," he said, pausing for a moment to contemplate his next words. "But I don't know if it exists in my life. To me, it's an ideal - you think it's a two-way street, but it doesn't always happen that way."

With his hands interlocked and stretched out before him, he described the protective wall he has built around him.

"I give what I can for friendship, but I'm not so noble as to get cuts and bruises for it ... If I had to choose, I'd rank family and love before friendship," he added.

Ah, so maybe it's an unbreakable love with a special someone, an undying romance that propels him along, providing the support he needs. Wrong again.

While the famously private Lau admitted his songs are a peek into his emotional world - "they're like excerpts of my biography" - going through his recent albums, you get the sense affairs of the heart are not quite top of his priority at the moment.

"I don't sing many love songs now. Everybody is singing love songs," he said. "My songs are more about life and what's happening around us - such as ongoing wars, Aids, the environment ... "

Oh well, maybe he owes his success to pure dumb luck. Maybe, but Lau thinks "reality is cruel" - that's what he learnt from making The Warlords. "You just have to accept it. It's okay to have dreams, but don't let it fool you."

But just as you're about to write him off as more of a lonely, jaded Scrooge than the innocent knave he's been trying to convince you he is, he tells you all he wants for Christmas this year is to smile. "I would like me, my family and the world to be happy."

You roll your eyes at this trite, rehearsed stock answer, and in that moment, you are now the cynical gargoyle, and Lau, as he promised, is the naive innocent.

Damn, he's good.

DATE: 12 12 07

Media Asia movie, The Warlords opens officially tomorrow. Leads Andy, Takeshi, Jet, Xu Jing Lei, Xiang Zuo, director Peter Chan, action director Chen Xiao Dong, art director Zhou Zhong Wen attended the premiere held at the ice-skating arena 2 nights ago in HK. Boss Peter Lam, together with artistes under his wing Mirium, Denise & director Feng xiao Gang also came to show support.

The premiere ceremony attracted few hundreds of onlookers. At the start was a group of soldiers holding flags of Warlords, followed by beating of drums to introduce the leads.

First to come out was Xu, then Andy, who immediately held her hands, showing they are on quite good terms.

When the emcee asked the actors on the most unforgettable feeling during shooting, Takeshi smiled sheepishly that he thing he expected the most was to see the bed scene of Jet & Xu.

Jet was all embarrassed on hearing this, & pretended to walk away, but later he said, "I too expect that the most!"

Later the staff took out a board bearing the words "Best Selling to The Warlords" for all of them to autograph, a pledge swearing ceremony was held.

Andy finished the glass of champagne, fans on the site continued to call his name.

Mirium said she has waited to watch this blockbuster for a long time. Some said it is bloody, is she not afraid without a male partner? She quipped she is a nurse by training, & she is manly, does not need anyone to take her.


Xu in a pink skirt is candy to the eye, she can finally beat the 3 men to be under the spotlight. Even Andy was attracted, he went forward to hold her hands. Jet & Takeshi maintained at arm-length to the opposite sex & strangers. Takeshi said he has not watched the movie yet & most expected to watch the bed scene of Xu & Jet.


The guests, actors all came decked out in suits, except Andy who was dressed in a grey sweater, he looked rather out of place.

He was like a chief minder who tried to take care of everything. At photo-taking after autographing the banner, when he saw the actors were all scattered, he actively went to bring Takeshi nearer, & indicated to all to come nearer for a photo.

When the emcee was talking he indicated to his hundred over fans to keep quite, as they screamed for him all the time. Andy in coordinating the ceremony yet help to maintain order, indeed mindful of all areas.




Kind bandit

There were memorable moments for Andy Lau on the set of The Warlords.

Stories by SETO KIT YAN

ANDY Lau Tak Wah, who plays honourable and compassionate bandit leader Zhao Er Hu, lost his voice a few times during the filming of The Warlords mainly due to the hollering.

"All the promotional material features my real voice, although most of what you hear in the movie is a voiceover by someone whose voice closely resembles mine.

"I was the only one who actually spent a great deal of my time and energy on this film, studying the script with director Chan, unlike the others (Takeshi and Li) who had to fly in and out of Beijing due to their other filming obligations.

"Since it's a story about three men, each has only a third of the scenes. Hence, the three different occasions when I uttered the words an xin shang lu (depart in peace) clearly delineates the distinct stages of my character's personal growth.'

The Hong Kong star's most memorable scenes in the movie featured him horseback riding.

"When we began filming, I didn't even know how to ride a horse. But, (action director) Ching Siu Tung kept asking me to do battle on horseback. After filming so many horseback-riding scenes, I’ve become almost an expert."

Another scene in the movie, which he felt very strongly about featured hundreds of soldiers just lying there motionless.

"The men were there all day amidst the dust and dirt. My heart went out to all those people. I felt that scene could have been computer generated."

One particular scene saw Zhao crying while his wife was shelling kuaci (melon seeds) and the director called for 14 retakes. In the end, Chan used the very first take

There was also a very emotional scene of Zhao struggling in chains, unable to keep his promise to spare the lives of the 4,000 prisoners of war massacred by his two sworn brothers (Pang and Jiang) so that food rations were adequate to ensure the survival of 10,000 men of their own.

"The crew couldn't find proper padding for me to use, action director Ching was not around and director Chan was fuming. In the end, they just wrapped me up in black fabric, while we filmed the excruciating scene.

"I can say that Er Hu’s character is very close to mine, personality-wise. For me, friendship is exceedingly important. Not only does he value friendship, he has complete trust in it."

Although Zhao's wife Lian and his sworn elder brother Pang unwittingly fall in love and eventually have an affair, he is blissfully ignorant.

"He never has any thoughts that the people he deeply loves have betrayed him. If he knew of their affair, he would have killed them for sure."

Lau had a few parting words. "I don't believe there are real heroes, although I believe in heroic deeds. In this world, there are too few men like Zhao Er Hu. I hope that in future, all those I meet will be like him."

DATE: 11 DEC 07

At the promotional activity @ Central yesterday, the 3 men were very courteous at photo-taking, Andy was forced to stand in the center by Jet & Takeshi

When Boss Lam came, the actors all stood aside to let him stand in the center

it was Takeshi's turn to have a photo with Boss Lam A group of big men pushing & pulling was so funny

The Warlords had a press con in the afternoon & movie premiere in the evening yesterday in HK.

Male leads jet, Andy, Takeshi, Xu Jing Lei, Xiang Zuo, director peter Chan, boss Peter Lam were present.

In front of the reporters, Andy complained his sadness during shooting, his finger bone was fractured.

Andy pointed out teasingly that Peter Chan is quite a silly person, there was a scene whereby both of his hands were cuffed by iron chains, he had to fall to the ground & pulled himself continuously, using real chain but without protection it was filmed just like shooting a non-action movie.

The bones of his left ring finger was finally fractured, luckily there is no residue permanent damage, & will not affect him in holding a mike to sing.

Andy could only gave bitter smile, if the director did not bother, the asst director should understand the situation, he really felt so wrongly treated.

Why is he scolding them now & did not raise the issue then? Said Andy, "During shooting I followed the director, also I did not wish to affect the progress, I think of shooting first, also after the incident, I was not able to become angry anymore!"

Andy jested that he accepted the offer to shoot this movie as the fee is high, then he clarified that it was only a joke.

Andy has closed-door training for his concert for one month already, he took time off to come out for the movie promo.

For the near future he will not accept any period movies, as after shooting 2 movies continuously, Zhao Zilong & The Warlords, in the former he had to attach moustache to look like a 70 year old, now the moment he smells the glue now he is so put off.

His screen partner Sammi has made a comeback to film movies, but Johnnie commented their images in Love On A Diet has too deep an impression on the audience, they should not collaborate at the moment, Andy feels that their combination is a classic, it has to have a new theme, new sparks & not anyhow working together just for the sake of collaborating.

Jet Li said he is just too happy to work with Andy, even though many said that those in the same be unhappy with Andy.


DATE: 10 DEC 07

Andy brought his 'wife' Xu Jing Lei to orchard road in Singapore, close to a thousand gathered to see him, in order to see him for 5 min they were all willing to wait for 5 hrs in order to get vantage spots!

Blockbuster The Warlords held a premiere at Lido last night. Male lead Andy & his screen 'wife' came to promote the movie.

Invested at 40 million, movie company spent lavishly on promotion, last week 100 people donning ancient wartime costumes ‘invaded’ Orchard Road!

Last night, leading his 'wife' Xu & crew Andy landed in the Lion city, indeed a formidable sight.

Under the eyes of many, the two walked the red carpet one after another.

At the front were local staff leading the way, surrounding him were 6 to 7 burly security guards in black, followed by another 6 to 7 workers behind. On the stage ‘soldiers’ in warrior costume stood on guard. Such a grand sight is suited only for a Heavenly King!

At the site, it was obvious that the crowd came only for him, every action by him caught the attention of fans.

Perhaps they had waited too long, their voice was exceptionally loud & clear, they kept calling out 'Hua Zai Hua Zai'.

To catch a glimpse, they came all prepared with eye-catching posters & big placards.

Local Andy World club fans of all ages were present since 4 pm.

A pity that Andy & Xu appeared for only 5 minutes.

Waited 5 hrs just to see idol for 5 minutes, is it worth it? Female fan Teresa yelled, "Of course worth it!"

After appearing at the hall, Andy & Xu went to each of the 3 cinemas where the movie was screened, & cracked jokes.

Smiling he said, "In the movie, Xu had emotional scenes with me & Jet, but in real life, she can pick Takeshi, not any of us!"

But he seems unwilling to give his 'wife' away just like that, added, "A few months ago I learnt that she knows calligraphy, actually we are the most compatible!

(Then do you still give out your wife?) As long as the one I love can find a true love is fine with me… but I tell you, she still loves me."

As seen, Andy took good care of Xu. He was wary that he would get all the attention, once he entered the hall, he passed tha ball to Xu, while he stood aside, letting the host & Xu be in limelight.

Earlier on, worried that the light bulb was too hot above her head, he used his hands to shield her head, said, "careful, too hot!"

His action made Xu felt so pampered, smiling in response.

Local artistes were seen present watching he premiere.

SOURCE: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=12320

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gallant warrior on guard

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All because of Gala Tonight !

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I caught Andy head-on when I took the elevator up to the second floor, ...

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Andy waving to fans

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Engulfed by fans, see my small YELLOW arrow

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In the cinema

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DATE: 9 DEC 07

Christmas & new year is around the corner. Movies slated for release during this period in the mainland are getting all set.

The Warlords, which will be out on Dec 13, had a premiere in Shanghai 2 days ago.

Peter is full of confidence with the box office, said, "Previously people like to watch comedy & lucky movies during the festive season, but nowadays as long as the movie is good, the audience will go to see. The Warlords though not a very happy movie, but on the grasp of human naturer can still hold the hearts of movie-goers."

Jet indicated Chinese movies have in recent years show good results globally. Chinese movies be it in cinematography, art have been recognized. The main test for Chinese moves nowadays is a breakthrough. To Jet, The Warlords is about a time when weapons were not so advanced, brutal force was used to suppress force, pain & suffering are reflected in the movie. Action movie is no longer a selling point, thought-provoking human character is the main theme for The Warlords.

Jet’s One Foundation held a charity dinner in Shanghai. Andy was in chaired of the auction. A pair of size 32" jeans with The Warlords sewn on was hotly contested, finally it was bought by a kind-hearted person with 65,000.

The jean is from a HK brand, RMC, it is a famous brand that has entered American market, whenever American basketball player LeBron James come to Hk he will buy a lot of RMC jeans.

A calligraphy written by Andy, 'Fortune' was put for auction starting from 60,000. It was finally sold at 150,000.

Said Andy, "This calligraphy was given by me to a physician years ago, he had donated for charity today, my pressure is a lot, I am not sure if all of you like it or not, luckily it was sold! Do more good deeds & you reap fortune."

Recently Liu Xiao Qing had watched the premiere of The Warlords in BJ, in her blog, she sang high praises, "The scene is grandiose, the plots are intricate, it peels open human character during wartime. The whole movie is like a raging fire, for a long time there has been no such good movies, The Warlords belongs to this type."

She added she had never expected a gentle-looking Peter can produced such a movie involving thousands of men & horses in the snowy land.

DATE: 8 DEC 07

The Warlords had the first premiere in Beijing Olympics Sports Center 2 nights ago. Male & female leads Andy, Jet, Takeshi, Xu Jing Lei & director Peter Chan attended. Close to a hundred fans gathered outside the stadium to catch a glimpse of the stars. Among them fans of Andy were the most ardent.

When the stars walked the red carpet, frenzy fans continued to surge forward, it was a chaotic scene. Andy finally could reach the stage, hastily held a drum beating ceremony & left.

Jet on seeing the amount of boisterous fans Andy has, smilingly said he was wary, as he was forced to do something which he did not like to do in this movie, that was to kill Andy. Looking at the fans, he smiled to them, "It was the director who forced me to do it!"

The actors entered the cinema to interact with the passionate fans, the response of the fans was good, they praised that the scene of Andy crying was most moving.

Andy explained on the spot that during shooting, Peter did not ask me to cry, but the moment he was in, his mood was such that he cried straightaway, Peter insisted he stop & had a retake, after some trying, take & retake 10 over times it was finally done. Andy still cried many times.

Pretended to be angry, said Andy "I am v vexed, the director finally used the first take!"

Peter laughed, "I was testing how much water content Andy has in his body, see how many times he can cry!"

Xu indicted she has the greatest honor of having 3 superstars shedding tears for hers, in one scene where she had to sit beside Andy peeling melon seeds & watching Beijing opera she did not know Andy suddenly started crying, she was shocked, but as the camera was still rolling, she dared not show out her surprise, continued with filming, so as not to affect Andy's mood.

In another scene she had to feed a hungry Jet porriage, he could not eat & threw out, splattering the food all over the place, Jet was in real tears too. She felt Jet can really cast aside his image to act.

As for the scene where Takeshi had to kill her, she laments it was the most regret, as she had to close her eyes & did not see how Takeshi tears flow.