3/2---You Are The Best, first time on 933 Top 20, #17. Dear fans in S'pore, please call 1900-912-0933 to support!!

Date: 26 02 02
Source: Ming Pao

The highest grossing movie for Lunar New Year golden slot is Hollywood computer anime Monsters, Inc, which is still going strong at 25 mil collection.

2nd on the list is The Lord Of the Rings, followed by HK movie M A R M & F C S. The 4th movie is again a Western movie, Ocean's II. C O 2002 is at # 5 spot.

Western movies again dominate the market. HK movies are unable to retain its force as in the first half of last year. In 2001, Rush Hour Lunar New Year movie collected 30 mi, Wuyan collected 27 mil, S Soccer peaked in the summer holidays, hitting a record high of 60 mil for HK movies.

Since then HK movies saw a decline. Harry Potter during Xmas period grossed 43 mil. Japanese movie Spirited Away collected 25 mil, ahead of DOAD which collected 10 over mil. The other HK movies such as 2002 & ROOT II were even worse.

The main problem with HK movies is not lacking in computer generated skill, but are lacking in inspiring the children, attracting the whole family as audience. The themes are lacking in creativity, M A R M was banking on Sammi’s popularity, in tune with general female population of wanting both love & money. Fat Choi Spirit is more lively & rich, box office subsequently is better than MARM. But mahjong as theme of course is not too fresh, & parents may not bring children along to see. CO with crazy period drama theme aims at the market in the Mainland, which sees a trend towards this genre. HK has already passed that stage.

11/2 @ 1300hrs

Source: Min Shen Pao

Tomorrow, 12/2 or first day of C NY, Andy will appear on TVBS e-news,an exclusive prg dubbed when Andy was in TW to promote his movie DOAD with Sandra. The recording was done undercover, even his movie co was not told abt it.

For years, Andy is the guest of TVBS e-news on the first day of C N Y. First time collaborating with host Huang Jia Jian & Huang Yi Ling, Andy said Huang Jia Jian is v comical. She in turn urged Andy to promote her in HK. Andy requests songs from Huang Yi Ling.

Andy lent out his office to HK news reporter for filming. It shows Andy is a careful designer. Though he does not go to office often, he designed a comfortable av room , with big screen & 3 rows of seats, just like a small cinema.

On the day of interview, Andy was not in. His staff sang praises of him, hopping that Andy will reward them after watching it. Andy joked since they dared to be on screen, “Go back I shall fire them!”

Andy’s music achievements was recounted by e-news. Andy sang hip-hop version of C N Y song, even has lion dance, it was v fun!

[Dont miss, folks!]

Date: 11 02 02
(Happy C N Y Eve !)
Headline/Source: Sandra transparent clothes raised atmosphere to climax (Sing Tao)
Sandra in a transparent look for Andy (Apple Daily)
Andy has no problem signing for 300 (Ming Pao)
Andy’s calligraphy presented to fan (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy injured his hand, use thumb print instead of signature (Oriental Daily)
Andy: my dad says my calligraphy is poor! (Sing Pao)

2 nights ago many stars recorded a charity TV prg, ‘All Work Together for Dong Hua’, for telecast on the 3rd day of CNY. The climax for the show was a duet by Andy & Sandra, for curtain closing. Sandra, to a rousing audience, was in a transparent Bra Top & low waist skirt. Andy held gently at her waist

She was asked why she was all-out . Was the Bra Top bought for the prg?

She replied the top was old & had wore before. She said she wore it because of Andy, she joked that she had become a minister’s wife that night. There were many ministers that night, she had become one thro’ Andy’s help in 'adoption'.

DOAD vcd & dvd were out recently. The response was v good, dvd version had all sold out. To thank the fans & to greet them for the C NY , Andy specially held an autograph session yesterday. He wore a red top.

Abt a thousand thronged the place before he arrived. 300 fans Q up early for the autograph.

Other than autograph Andy wrote 4 calligraphy, ‘Rou Yi Ji Siang, Ren Jian Ren Ai, Dream Comes True, & Jin Zi Hao Jiu, (Ai Jin Ru Meng actually) on the spot & played drum.

The calligraphy was given to a lucky fan thro’ lucky draw. She hugged Andy uncontrollably, to the rouse of the other jealous fans. Though he signed for 300, he said his hands are not tired. The most unforgettable incidence was once in S’pore when he injured his hand & couldn’t signed, he had to use thumb print instead. [Actually it was an op to remove a ganglion on his hand].

Does he still practices calligraphy?

Andy replied he seldom writes nowadays. He used to write calligraphy with his father for C NY previously. His father will always chose his to paste, though his father has better handwriting. His father wrote ‘Tian Yi’ for his album, his younger bro was i/c of taking the photos.

Does he ask his bro to help often? His bro complains that his co always wants fast products & always makes changes. For so many yrs he had only helped in ’91 Return of C H & Tian Yi. He said his own bro will not like to earn his money.

Andy will have reunion with his family. There is avian flu in HK lately, will he eat chicken ? Andy thinks it should be alright, he leaves it to his mother to take care of that. He will rest & play mahjong.

Andy is a staunch Buddhist, but v low-keyed. Andy prays to Bai Long Wang in Thailand every year. He said he had already been to Thailand to do so He has released a cd on Buddhism, ‘Clearing the Doubts’ in Cantonese. Mandarin version will be out soon. . Andy said this can help to promote Buddhism to different nationals. He has a room at home for his prayer, as he has to offer incense, he has made special ventilator.

On box office for F C S, Andy is not worried he said it should get better, he said Su Ming Fong had told him in private he can do it.

D f al.com

9/2---Today recorded a charity prg, v meaningful! Today is also the 28th of lunar calendar, is a day for cleaning. I had done spring cleaning, have u done yours? I do spring cleaning every year, to clear away old stuff & take in new, signifying a new beginning, to welcome a good new year.

10/2 @ 1120 hrs

Headline/ Source: Andy urges fans to stay calm (Sing Pao)
Andy wants to set up drama training school the most (Ta Kung Pao)

(...look at his legs, heehee...,folded up!)

Andy has already set up an empire, Wong Jing praised that he is farsighted. Andy admitted when he was 30, he experienced failure in business. This made him realised that at 30, he shouldn’t be not achieving anything, so he started planning how to earn money. Actually his greatest wish is to set up a drama training school, to train the wannabes.

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8/2---Tonight so happy! Had dinner with all the stuff from Teamwork. The prg not bad too, got mahjong to play, good food, most happy was of course lucky draw ! Congratulate all the winners, wish all staff a smooth Year of Horse .

Date: 10 02 02
Source: Sing Tao /Apple Daily/ Oriental Daily

Andy attended an activity rehearsal at Culture Center yesterday.

Box office on 8 Feb showed M A R M leading by a wide margin, after raking in 1.08 mil on the opening day on the 7th, again broke mil record at $1, 040, 430 on the 8th.

Fat Choi Spirit is at 2nd spot, collected $592,231 on the first day 8/2.

Chinese O 2002 collected $351,465, 3 fold less than M A R M .

Though Su Min Fong predicted C O will do the worst this time, it is not final till the last minute.

Andy is not worried. He quipped, “I am not worried abt the box office. This movie has strength, the movie talks on my good character, so box office will be good too. “

Andy felt that his movie is inspiring to one with adverse condition, & talk on ethics, it may not be as widely accepted by all on the first look, but he is confident to win.

At Wong Jing’s radio interview 2 days ago, on rumours that ‘sing the worst among the 4 Heavenly Kings’, ‘Has acting skill but no fate to get Best Actor Award’ & ‘ a sexual pervert’, etc Andy feels v unfair. The rumor abt him as ‘sex pervert’ is the worst.

“In ’90 it was rumored I was with Mok Shou Cong. I ever swore ‘if I am a sex pervert, I will die of AIDS within 7 years’.”

He thought this could stop the rumor. But the more he talked , the more they thought it was true, so he just ignored it ! At that time he feel the worst at being maliced.

Host Wong Jing defended him, “Though Andy cannot say to be lecherous, but his sexual tendency is totally like me.”

As to his singing is no good so become a ‘writer singer’, Andy defended strongly, “Actually whether can sing or not, I will still chose to do that, I wont bother if they like me, every singer at a certain stage, need some other way to sustain continuality.” Andy feels the artiste who is most wholesome is Chow Yin Fat. The only thing Andy is better than him is in singing.

Wong Jing praised Andy is the most obedient actor, he will follow what the director asks him to do. Andy said once the director told him he was unethical in not doing certain scene, so he followed his wish. Wong Jing: “If it was Stephen Chow, he will said, ‘Is it ? I no actor ethic? Then he will pretend to be on line talking & refused to act the movie !”

Andy has outstanding results in both music & movie circles, is a busy figure in both. But this does not lessen his concern for his good friend Anita Mui. Whenever there is news on Anita, he will enquire. There was a report recently saying two of them had some disagreements & their fans had a war on the net.

He said, “I had not heard abt the matter, but the most important thing is our way of relationship, but such private affair I don’t wish to talk in public, I cant tell the fans in details too. I can only tell them, ‘u all control yourself, be good, listen to me, believe me will do!’”

[wah, I woke up late today, haven’t finished surfing the news, may have more, going to work now, continue later.]

Date: 9 02 02
Source: Stareastnet
Headline: Stephen Chow & Andy Lau vying for Best Actor in Golden Bauhenia Awards

7th Golden Bauhenia Awards nominations will be announced on the 19th after first round of eliminations by the jury. Andy who was winner of Best Actor award last year is again nominated for his movie LOAD. Stephen Chow is nominated with movie S S, according to sources. The other nominee is Chang Tat.min.

Source: Stareastnet

All the 3 new year movies after a series of promo activities finally hit the screen yesterday. Marry A R M screened a day earlier is formidable. Fat Choi Spirit temporarily leading Chinese O 2002.

Marry A R M collected 1.07 mil in a day (33 cinemas), was the no.1 movie. F C S opened 1 day later leads C O by a wide margin, with collection close to M A R M. It is a formidable movie too. The movie is welcome by many students.

At the 2:30pm show yesterday, M A R M & F C S both collected $100,000 (33 & 28 cinemas). Whole day collection for both movies hit close to 1.20 mil. It is a real tough fight. C O 2:30pm show collected 60,000.

2 cinemas showed long q with viewers buying present & advance tickets. Both F C S & M A R M golden slot on N Y eve 9:30 pm show were 60% booked. CO result is considered satisfactory too.

D f al.com

7/2---Went back to office for meetings after waking up early, pm continued with meetings, the whole day spent at meeting room.

8/2 @ 1130 hrs
Source: Min Shen Pao/ China Times/ United Daily News

Andy’s home in HK had undergone some renovation recently to welcome the New Year. His home is of simple design. Most of his furniture is from Ikea. To him, the most important is cleanliness & comfort. Previously ha had a big TV& a big sofa in his home, now he has a big TV & 2 big sofas. Does it mean after renovating he will bring in a wife ?

Andy said since entering showbiz 21 yrs ago, he has been asked this question 21 yrs. His ans varies from yr to yr. Lately at a radio interview he disclosed that he will marry Zhu Liqian in these 3 yrs, Now Andy sighed that the media forced him into saying this. Whether he marry or not this year, he promises he will tell everyone.

During Lunar N Y, he will have reunion dinner with his family. His parents will hold 2 tables with some must-have traditional dishes such as ‘mosses veg’ to symbolise prosperity, pig’s throttle as fortune within grasp. As the dish is eaten, they chant some good words.

On the 2nd day of C N Y, Andy will be guest of Haken’s concert. On the 3rd day, he will go to Berlin with Sandra & Johnnie To to promote DOAD & FTK. He returns to HK on the 8th of Lunar N Y. (19/2)

After that he will have 2 weeks holidays.

[….wow, life is v 'boring' without news of Andy.]

Usually he will use the time to accompany Zhu Liqian to her home in KL.

Filming of a new movie starts in early March.

For new year Andy wishes to film an action movie like Jacky Chan & sing some good meaningful songs.

Date: 8 02 02
Headline/ Source: Andy’s wax figure is the most loved (Sing Pao)
Fans frenzy kiss on Andy’s wax figure (Oriental Daily)

Andy’s attraction is irrepressible, even his wax figure has become the most popular among the young, really terrific!

His wax figure, of abt 90 % resemblance, always cause a stir among visitors. Female fans not only take photos, they kiss the figure to fulfill their dream.

This wax figure has proved to be the most popular figure this Valentine Day. 1 week before Valentine Day, a gp of Andy’s fans gathered at the wax museum, queuing up to kiss Andy on the face. The curator have to clean up the lip sticks mark everyday. Some female fans bring along rose & heart-shaped chocolates to convey the msg. A recent survey by the museum shows Andy is the most popular celebrity to be stranded on an island with.

Source: Sing Tao/Ming Pao

Marry A R M cast has started a publicity blitz in Mainland China yesterday. On Andy’s remarks that Fat Choi Spirit ( F C S) will beat M A R M by a margin & wanted to prove Su Min Fong wrong, Sammi said generously, “There is nothing wrong in Andy saying that. It is Johnnie To’s moive, cant be helped, all of us are so familiar, box office at #1, #2 or #3 is alright. As long as all 3 movies do well. All the hard work put in cannot be denied. No 3 deserved to celebrate. “

Pirated copies of the 3 movies are all available in Shenzhen, selling only at 10 RMB !

7/2 @ 1720 hrs ---I saw the poster ad for Lek-ku Lek-ku New Year Fortune at Lido cinema !! The English name for this movie is actually Fat Choi Spirit.

D f al.com
6/2---After the radio interview, had meetings with the staff in the office. Hope to settle all matters before C N Y, so can have peaceful holidays.

7/2 @ 1120 hrs
Source: Ming Pao
Headline: Andy’s witty reply to poignant questions

Sometimes how an artiste fields questions thrown in by the reporters, the way he handles them, is a real test on the artiste. Whether one has culture or not becomes evident. Yesterday the author saw how Andy handled poignant questions threw in by a senior reporter. The juniors should learn from Andy.

That senior famed for his gift of gab, asked Andy, while busy clicking away, “Hey! Wahzai ! Are u going overseas this Chinese new Year with your gf?” Everyone gasped, & turned to see if Andy’s face was ‘blackened’. Andy, appeared to be respectful to the elder, smiled, “Even u ask me like that? I have never told u I have a gf. If u were to ask me a question that has no answer, it is better not to ask la! “

“I am famous for asking sharp questions, because u are Lau Tak wah that’s why I ask u! I wont ask a second person!” The senior retorted.

Again, smiling, Andy said, “Next time please give me your 'upper hand', render some help, don’t ask lor!”

Both use jokes to make the conversation flow smoothly, minimizing smell of gunpowder to the lowest. It was really a sword-crossing of 2 master-hands.

Date: 7 02 02
Headline/Source: Andy wants to beat Chinese Odyssey & Marry A Rich Man (Sing Tao)
Andy wants to bring down Su Min Fong’s signboard (Oriental Daily )
Andy kicked up to counter Sammi (Apple Daily)
Confident Lek-ku lek-ku will win, Andy vows to bring down Su Min Fogn’s signboard (The Sun /Ming Pao )
Andy hopes new movie can break 40 mil box office (Sing Pao )

3 local HK C N Y movies of equal strength, Lek-ku Lek-ku New Year Fortune, Chinese Odyssey 2002 & Marry A Rich Man are already crossing swords even before screening.

Lek-ku lek-ku N Y F had the premiere 2 nights ago at Causeway Bay Exhibition Hall. 45 min before the show, the actors entertained audience with games, songs & dance. The audience gave loud applause, it was full of festive atmosphere.

Andy sang live to liven up the atmosphere with the song I Hate I Am Crazy, but he did not sing the theme song for the movie live.

Andy had heard abt the prediction of Su Min Feng, a fortune-teller who had a cameo role in Marry A R M , that Marry A R M will take the lead. Andy retorted that he will not only win but will prove the fortune-teller wrong! He turned to Mrs Heung who asked him who Su Min Fong is, Andy said he is the present Lai Bu Yi! They joked that they shall bring down his signboard by taking lead !

Mrs Heung said a public survey showed that their movie would win. Andy added that he has confidence, actually his movie is abt equal as Marry A M, but he thinks he can win by a small margin.

(The Sun) Su Min Fong interviewed via phone said it was a only a passing statement, he is not a movie expert, but a predictor, it is just for a joke. Anyway, they all know each other, so there is really no problem !

Other than Lau Ching Wan, the others all sang 2 songs each. The movie opens tomorrow in HK.

Date: 6 Feb 02
Headline/Source: Andy learns meaning of life from mahjong game(Sing Tao)
Andy understands life through mahjong (The Sun)
Andy has fear of mahjong (Ming Pao)
Andy: win or lose depends on a grain of rice ! (Sing Pao)
Andy ‘Never Give Up’ in life attitude with mahjong game (Ta Kung Pao)

Yesterday Andy attended an activity called ‘Everyone has a computer & hope project’, organized by Ming Pao, Microsoft, C Radio & other orgs. A batch of assembled computers were sent to the needy elders. Volunteers helped to set up the computers on the spot. The seniors were taught basic of net surfing. They can continue to learn how to use a computer later on.

Andy was asked if he knows how to assemble computers. Scratching his head, he said, “ I was in charge of loading the soft wares initially, but this takes up their time, so I decided to clear up the place. On computers, I only know how to turn on & off, haha!”

After filming the new year movie, Andy said he begins to feel scared of the mahjong, because for the last 20 over days, everyday when he woke up he was faced with a mahjong table, all his 24 hrs were playing mahjong. But he is happy as the movie has a meaningful theme. The movie narrates how a person understands life thro’ playing mahjong.

The movie is not to promote gambling, as a master of the game, the lead is still a chivalous person. Andy believes one should not continue to gamble, one should know when to stop.

“Life is like a mahjong game, whether u are holding a trump card or a lousy card, u still have to continue with the game, never think u are sure to lose if u are holding a lousy card. The most important thing is not the skill, it is luck, nobody knows, if the next card u get is a good one, never give up , u will get a return.”

Source: Oriental Daily/The Sun

At premiere last night, actors Andy, Louis, Lau Ching Wan, Cherrie & Gigi attended. Abt 1,500 people were drawn to the site.

Cherrie joked that Andy left when she began to sing.

Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Marry A Rich Man fights with Lek-ku lek-ku

HK new year movies Marry A Rich Man, Chinese Odyssey 2002 & Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune are all attractive in terms of casts. M A R M was premiered 2 nighs ago & vies for slots to screen from tomorrow onwards. Sammi use the tactics of not collaborating with Richie Ren anymore to attract viewers. Another predicted this movie will lead.

Chinese O premieres tomorrow night, Lek-ku lek-ku was premiered last night. C O has the most strong cast, with Vicky Chou, Tony Leung & Faye Wong. Lek-ku lek-ku has an interesting theme….

News dated 5/2
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: King of Mahjong, steals from rich to help the poor. Andy had mahjong game & feast at the bay

In the new movie Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune Andy acted as a chivalrous mahjong expert, who always rob from the rich to help the poor. The final scene was taken at a bay, with a hundred people taking part in a grand finale of mahjong game. Andy posed with a red chongsum showing off his guru status, playing with his disciples at the beach.

The movie opens next Fri, the 8th, to challenge the other 2 new year movies, Marry A Rich Man & Chinese Odyssey 2002.

The director Johnnie To had Andy acted as a chivalrous mahjong player who specializes in winning rich man money to help the poor. He was always at the old grannies homes to play mahjong with the oldies, v considerate person. He won the Mahjong King contest & became a real king in Mahjong.

To add flavour to the king grandiosity, the final scene was taken at a bay showing he has students of all ages.The red attire adds flavour to the lunar new year.

At the interview, Johnnie To said, “I had chosen mahjong as theme together with Han Jia Hui, as the game suits new year mood, & people from all walks have interest in mahjong. I had filmed many love movies, this time thought of changing genre.”

On the other 2 HK movies, Johnnie commented it is hard to compare, as the genre is different. Both he & Han Jia Hui feels that now the economy is no good, many are struggling in the adverse situation, so it is good to film a movie which is heartwarming & happy ending, so everyone feels happy after watching it. A benevolent mahjong expert to help the poor, he thinks it is the dream of many Hongkongers.

D f al.com

4/2---Today more free, have time to meet office stuff to settle office matters. Hope to finish all the remaining work, can have a holiday to relax.

5/2---News update will be delayed today. I am going to M'sia.

4/2 @ 1630 hrs
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3/2---Today went back to AWC, saw many members & friends, feel v warm. Finish all the work on hand, can meet up with all, & chit-chat together, v comfortable & happy. Hope in my work schedule in future, can have arrangement to meet AWC members periodcally. If u have any problem, can let me know thro’ AWC, I shall answer one by one at fans gatherings.

Date; 4 Feb 02
Headline/Source: Andy & Sandra acted comically to congratulate God father’s 70th birthday (Oriental Daily)
Andy & Sandra danced Cha Cha to congratulate Hu Fong’s 70th birthday (Apple Daily)
Siblings congratulated God father’s 70th bday (The Sun )
Jacky performed magic, Andy performed hot dance to congratulate Hu Fong (Ming Pao )
Andy followed the rest to call God father (Sin Pao)
Andy is not his God son (Stareastnet)
Stars comical act to congratulate Hu Fong, Andy called him God father (Ta Kung Pao)

TVB celebrated Hu Fong’s 70 th bday 2 nights ago with a special prg. Hu’s wife & their grandchildren attended. TVB higher officers & many artistes such as Andy, Jacky Cheung, Lisa Wang, Lydia Sum, Sandra Ng, Nancy Seet, etc attended. Hu was presented with a gold medal. Jacky Cheung had a duet with Hu, he also drew & turned out a fish for Hu.

Andy, Sandra, Chang Tat-min & Ku Tat Chao used body language in a mime to sent their congratulations. They acted as octopus, fireworks gold fish, & others. Together with Sandra, Andy danced Cha Cha with Hu.

The other god-children such as Leon Sandy Lam, Nic Tse, Andy Hui, etc sent pre-prepared msgs.

Hu was visibly moved Touted as ‘Public God Father’, officially he has 11.

Andy called him god-father as the others, he said, “There is no real ceremony, everyone call him thus, so I call too! “

Source: Apple daily

Stanley Tang at a press con in Shanghai, disclosed his collaboration with a Mainland gp to set up a movie production co. He too revealed that the co will work with Fruit Chan & Andy to film a serial of 120 hrs & 3 movies…

D f al.com

2/2---Met Sandra this am, to discuss what to perform for Bro Siew prg tonight. As we respected this senior v much, so we think v hard, hope to do an exclusive prg, to make him happy. Finally we think what we want to do. As to what prg, watch TV tomorrow to find out.

Date: 3 Feb 02
Source: Sing Tao/ Apple Daily/ Stareast net/ Oriental Daily

Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune had a promo activity at Mongkok Grand Century Plaza (New Century Mall) yesterday. Abt 400 were attracted, mostly fans of Andy & Louis. Lau Ching Wan & Cherrie Yin were also present. The stars lighted up the promo board in the shopping cneter. They played games with fans & greeted them an early CNY.

The stars wrote calligraphy on the stage. Andy was slow in writing, the host teased that they were not competing needle-work.

In photo taking, Andy acted funny by stooping low.

After the promo,Andy went for a recording to celebrate Hu Fong 70th bday. Andy has known Hu Fong for a long time. Hu had many god-sons including Jacky Cheung & Leon, is Andy the god-son too ?

Andy said he is not sure who the god sons are, his relationship with Hu is friend & teacher-student. Andy praised Hu is an optimistic person, everyone should learn from him, he is sincere towards other people.

Will u act until age 70 like him ?

“Hope so!”

Which HK movie do u think will do well during CNY ?

“Every one is good. For Western movie, it should be Lord of The Rings.”

Would movies would u during CNY ?

“It is rather inconvenient for me to go the cinema. I would buy all the vcds & enjoy slowly at home.”

2 nights ago there was a celebration party for DOAD, Andy, Andrew the director, Sandra & the crew attended, Anita still use the excuse of being busy & absent herself. They had a steamboat celebration.

Source: The Sun

Media in Mainland China announced list of Influential Persons in China entertainment circle 2001 lately. Jin Yong, Jacky Chan & Wang Kai Wei are the top 3. Jin Yong is the famed author of many period sword fighting stories. Andy Lau is at no. 15 position.

D f al.com

1/2---Today busy a whole day at AWC, what did I do ? Haha~~~keep it a secret, everyone will know during CNY!

Date: 02 02 02

No news today.

'Star Trails'--- Andy, Louis Koo, Lau Ching Wan & Cherrie have a promo activity for the new movie at Mongkok New Century Mall 3 pm today. At 9 pm Andy has a TV recording with a gp of artistes.

D f al.com

31/1---These days had been v busy working. V happy can have a day off today, really want to enjoy well, see u tomorrow.

Date: 1 Feb 02
Source: Stareastnet
Headline: Lek-ku lek-ke New Year Fortune wins even before screening

2002 local HK CNY movies includes Marry A Rich Guy, Double Odyssey & Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune. All 3 crosses paths next week, with a series of promo activities. Sources gathered by this newspaper via phone interview to 100 locals, revealled the winning movie is Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune, which has mahjong as theme. Hongkongers just love mahjong game too much. Half choose to watch this movie.

The cast is strong. After DOAD, Andy has another breakthrough, he appears with a new look as a gambler. Gigi multiple appearances is another draw.

Mahjong is one of the must-have activities for Hongkongers during CNY. The interviewees indicated this movie attracts because it talks on mahjong & suits local taste. The strong cast is another draw. There is young starlet Cherrie. The movie will attract young & old. China Star has invested on promo activities, there are ads posted in the tunnels, on the newspapers & mags. The movie predicted to have a good haul is not without reason.

The other 2 movies are not to be overlooked too….

Source: Oriental Daily/Stareastnet

‘HK Music Critics Association’ annual awards ceremony 2001 has collected 250,000 votes from Chinese all over the world. The results were released. 7 awards were given. Andy Lau & Sammi Cheng have the best results with 3 awards each.

The 3 Gold awards by Andy include Most Popular Male Singer of the Year, Most Popular Pop Song ‘Blue Heart’, Most Favorite Album Summer Fiesta.

Source: Oriental Daily

DOAD, starring Andy, Anita & Sandra, was not able to break 20 mil at box office. But being able to gross 18 mil under such economy slump is considered unusual. Other than Andy impersonating as Leslie as selling point, in its soon-to-be-released DVD there is another ‘secret selling point’ ! That is the never disclosed 3 endings.

Did Andy choose Anita or Sandra, there is no definite answer in the cinema. But during filming, the director Andrew had already filmed 3 endings of the movie to be included in the DVD, the audience can pick own choice.

The 3 endings are: Andy chose Sandra, Andy forsook Sandra & picked Anita, the last is Andy chose neither. The audience can choose what u prefer, the concept is rather interesting

Andrew indicated this is not just to increase sale, it is to stimulate the audience, while watching the movie increase their interest. Including a few ending options is actually already common overseas.

D f al.com

30/1---Last night so pleased, can have enough sleep, today full of energy. Finished with filming, today went for some interview, also have to manage work in the office.

Date: 31 Jan 02
Headline/Source: Andy’s female fan jailed 6/12 for injuring people (Oriental Daily)
Andy hopes to put ‘Sun Zhi’ on screen (Apple Daily)
Andy reads Sun Zhi War Strategy (The Sun)
Andy urged fans not to use force (Ming Pao)
Andy introduces Sun Zhi War Strategy (Sing Pao)
Andy was shocked & advised fans not to follow (Starestnet)
Andy introduced good book to students (Ta Kung Pao)

Andy is always loved by a gp of well-behaved, obedient & loyal fans. But a female fan from Chengdu, Chang Xue Er, 17, held a photo of Andy with frame & hit another person, thus ended up in jail in China.

Reported by a newspaper in Chengdu, the incidence happened last year after Andy’s concert in Fuzhou. After the concert, this fan was following Andy to go to Xiemen to continue seeing his concert. She had a frame up photo of Andy with her. A passerby pointed to her photo & passed some bad remarks on Andy. The female fan was irritated & used the frame to hit that person on the head & body. The 2 ended up in a fight. The female fan was jailed for 6/12 as a result of the rash act.

Yesterday, the reporter told Andy abt the incidence. Andy was v shocked & worried. He said, “Actually I am already v happy with the support given to me by fans. Everyone has his right to like someone, everything should be solved peacefully. Don’t fight & injured other people. “

Andy attended an RTHK activity ‘2002 Top 10 Books ’ as guest yesterday. He recommended ‘Lively Sun Zhi Strategy in War’ to listeners. He said even if he is b busy, he spends a lot of time on reading. “Usually when I go outstation on the plane, I like to read. Reading is inspiring. I am now reading a comic ‘Turning Left & Turing Right’.” He reads all types of books.

Andy was asked if he has intention to film Sun Zhi War Strategy, just like Jacky Chan. Andy said he had thought abt it many years ago. The book is full of reasons & ethics, it is inspiring & teaches us how to face problems, how to keep thinking. But the scene has to be grand to be attractive.

He said if he acts as a general, the scene & story will be v boring, but it is different if Jacky films the movie. “

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29/1---Tonite filmed till 3:30 am, finally mission accomplished! Now v tired, want to sleep.

Date: 30 Jan 02
Source: Apple Daily/The Sun

The final shot of the new year movie ‘Lek-ku lek-ku New Year Fortune’ was done 2 nights ago at Kowloon Wan. The story was abt Louis Koo, Andy, Lau Ching Wan, Cherrie taking part in ‘Lek-ku lek-ku Mahjong King’ contest. The final winner was Andy.

Playful Andy during free time treated himself to mahjong game. As most of the actors are heavy-weight, how can he outshine the rest ? He said he acted as his own self, each has its own advantages. He indicated in this comedy movie, the comical part is left to Lau Ching Wan. His role is to teach ethics.

During CNY, he will take a holiday at home in HK to spend time with his family.

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28/1---Today is actually filming the final scene, but keep filming, filmed till night still haven’t finished. Now still carrying on. See u tomorrow.

Date: 29 Jan 02
Headline Source : Gigi Leung becomes Ox Leung (Apple Daily)
Andy loves big bosomy ox Leung (Oriental Daily)
Rumored Malaysian partner wishes to separate / Andy declined to answer (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy avoided topic on dissolving of partners (Stareastnet)
Andy & Sandra flying to Berlin (Sing Pao)

2 nights ago Louis Koo, Andy, Lau Ching Wan, Gigi & Cherrie were filming at Kowloon Wan Trade Exhibition center for a mahjong challenge scene of the new movie. They met with cold winds & drizzle. Filming was done throughout the night. It must be an unplesant experience.

Andy looked v tired. He had been filming 4 days 4 nights, sleeping only an hr or 2 each day. The movie is slated for release during CNY, 7 days is needed to send the film to censor board, so they have to rush with shooting.

Gigi was called Ox Leung, as she was working rather hard lately. But she preferred to be called Iron-man Leung rather than a cow. She has acted as policewoman, Wet lass, Broom Head, student, airhostess & big busted, 6 looks in the movie.

Andy commented Gigi’s role is good for displaying acting skill. He thinks the big bust look is comical. It is proportionate as she has the height. But it is not easy. Andy is also called Ox Hua for being hardworking. “I belong to Zodiac Bull, no problem in calling. It is better to toil than nothing to toil ! After filming I will rest. On the 3rd day of CNY is Valentine Day I am spending it in Berlin.”

Are u not spending it with the other half?

“Don’t need a lover to spend the day.”

Is he spending with Sandra?

“Don’t talk anymore!”

It was rumored that Malaysian boss of nmg, a subsidiary of Teamwork, is going to pull out & he had gone to HK for negotiations. Andy as a partner in Teamwork declined to comment on the matter.

He answered, “The best is to ask Lando Li. I wont answer any question on music dept. As to if there is any effect on my album movement ? My album is distributed by BMG, so there will be no big difference.”

In last week’s Channel V music awards, it was said because Andy was absent, so was given only one award ( One of Top 20 songs ), is he disappointed ? Andy replied,, “This is not something never happened before, try again next year! “

When Kelly was in Beijing recently, at the fan gathering, she saw a ‘fake Andy’ who came to the stage to sing the duet I Don’t Love U enough with her.

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27/1---The weather is really v cold. Also raining. But today filming was done at a small lane, a fighting scene. Really feel the cold. Still had some fans came to visit. But it is really cold, hope everyone take care.

Date: 28 Jan 02
Source: China Times
Headline: MTV Asia Awards critised as being unfair, even before the ceremony

The inaugural MTV Asia Awards will be held in S’pore this Saturday.

This Awards & Channel V Tops of Pops held last week in Beijing are being attacked by many record companies as being unfair. In MTV Awards, awards were given even before the actual ceremony. Channel V list of winners was disputable. As May Day did not win any award, Rock Records is thinking of boycotting awards from Ch V from now on.

MTV Awards will be held this Sat to honor Most Popular singers in 10 countries, namely TW, HK, Mainland, S’pore, Korea, Japan, M’sia, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines. Voting was from 12 Nov to 18 Jan. The contest was keen.

But the original transparent net voting turned privy in early Jan, results were no longer revealed on the net. Warner Music had stipulated their singers Na Yin, Sammi & Sun Yan Zhi be given Mainland, HK & S’pore Most Popular singers. MTV Taiwan however does not wish to abide by Warner’s list. Warner counter attack, indicated Na Yin & Sun would not attend the ceremony.

The most coveted Most Popular singers for TW was initially led by Ah Mei, May Day & Jay. Ah Mei’s fans managed to push their idol to no.1 spot at one time. But the votes were 'sealed' on the net. Warner learned that May Day will get the award, & thus protested.

But Rock Records heard TW M P singer is Jay, because May Day is not going to S’pore....

Source: Min Shen Pao

Many moviegoers has discovered HK movies are getting better nowadays. Movie dealers have learned to meet the demands of moviegoers. They are using the original dubbing to screen movies. Andy’s DOAD original songs & dance is loved by many.

The movie showcases high level of dance skill, singing of few super stars, & music to accompany dance drama. Andy & Anita singing & dancing are captivating, even Sandra’s singing & dancing are successful comically. If DOAD is re-dubbed in Mandarin & song re-sung by others, the outcome is disastrous.

Source: United News dated 27/1

TVBS-G e-news host for outdoor news Yang Qian Pei had a interview with Andy & Sandra. In order to dance with Andy, she learned Latin dance by hard. Sandra is her no.1 idol since young. She expressed her admiration for Sandra & sought a kiss from her, forgetting Andy totally. This gave Andy a rude shock, after Sandra gave her a kiss, Andy too gave her a peck on her cheek !

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26/1---For days I rush filming the new movie. Slept only 10 hrs in 5 days. Today have a little extra time to sleep. Must rest properly.

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