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Date: 6 Jan 02

Celicia Cheung, injured in a car stunt show for a TVB charity prg 2 days ago, was confirmed to have fracture of the coccygeal spine (tip of coccyx). All her work schedule is now suspended, including the new year movie by China Star opposite Andy. Other actors include Lau Qin Wan & Gigi . The movie opens camera today. Johnnie To is considering Cherrie Yin to replace her.

Andy the male lead, was busy with the make up for the new role yesterday. He was worried for Cecilia, he hopes she is fine, & said not being able to film the movie is alright, most important is to rest & injury not affected.

D f

5/12---Tonite busy with the photo taking of the role in new movie, time is really v rushed. Tomorrow starts the actual filming. As time is limited, so every minute is precious, hope to finish smoothly.

Date: 5 Jan 02
Source: Sing Pao

TVB Music Awards will be held on 13 Jan. Voting has begun 2 days ago. Till noon yesterday, not in order of votes, the top 5 singers for Most Popular Male Singer are: Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou, Andy Hui, Aaron Kwok & Andy Lau.

Headline/Source: Sandra does not believe Anita is unhappy (Sing Tao)
Sandra: Don’t believe Anita is angry with me! Sisters turning against one another Andy becomes center of dispute (Oriental Daily)
Sandra does not believe Anita is jealous because of Andy (The Sun )

At phone interview yeaterday, Sandra said she does not believe Anita is angry with her. Since filming started, everyone is happy. On promo activities, she said whoever is free will go . On having steamboat at opposite restaurants, Sandra said she is not aware of that. It was not a celebration, just a gathering after the radio prg.

She said she had known Anita for a long time & understands her fully. She denied Anita left early at premiere, she said the 3 of them finished the whole show before they left.

Andy who is caught in between said he does not believe the rumour. Andrew too said he is not aware, but it is a good promo tactic.

When Anita was contacted, she was the only one who admitted she does not wish to response to the matter.

D f

3/1---New Year movie will start shooting soon, now busy with preparatory work. Had 2 meetings continuously today, hope to get everything well.

Date: 4 Jan 02
Source: The Sun
Headline: Three times absent in DOAD celebration party. Anita protests in silence. Anita not happy to be a sub-actress & turns against Sandra

Rumor was rile lately that Anita was unhappy Sandra had a kissing scene with Andy in DOAD but she hasn’t got one, & thus turned against her. Even the crew members were talking abt the discord. But actually Anita is unhappy because Sandra has a meatier role than her. From the initial lead actress she became a supporting actress. She turns against Sandra, friend of 10 years!

Initially DOAD had Sandra as lead, but to strengthen the cast, the co invited Anita to lend a hand. Anita agreed because of Andy. Nothing happened during filming. Not until screening that Anita realized her role was completely overshadowed by Sandra. Though the movie co was apprehensive & at the ending part, did not specify if Andy had chosen Anita or Sandra. The initial plan of the duet between Andy & Anita had also included Sandra. Sandra was praised to have a good vocal. She was v ‘showy & seductive’ in front of others, this irked Anita a lot.

Anita left half-way watching the premiere, & quarried the movie co. Mrs Heung consoled her. She left with Anita to have steamboat dinner at Bro Hui’s restaurant in Kowloon City. But Anita was still unhappy, she did not attend the steam-boat celebration party which was held after the premiere at the other restaurant, which is only abt 10 steps away from where they were.

She was absent at Sandra radio prg, Andy handled the prg single-handedly.

When DOAD had celebration party at Exhibition Hall & another one held for box-office breaking a million, Anita was absent in both, as a form of protest in silence.

The most obvious was at the Talk Show of Sandra & Chang Tat-ming, Anita only sent bouquet to Chang Tat-ming & not Sandra, leading to the worsening of the situation. Andy caught in between was in a tight spot.

The director Andrew does not believe the rumor, saying the duo was as good as sisters during filming, they had meals together during filming. (Was Anita unhappy that her role was slashed?) “Cannot calculate, where got a timer to count?” Andy, Anita & Sandra have not given a reply at time of press.

Anita is always jealous because of Andy

It is well known that Anita always admires Andy, but a pity Andy is never lacking in rumor with Rosumund Kwan & Zhu Liqian & others. Anita had become jealous many times. Few yrs ago, Andy always had Rosumund’s company in bowling. On knowing this, Anita commented in a jealous tone that Andy only invited Rosumund & had never invited her. Despite this, their relationship was still good. Though they do not become lovers, they are known to be best friends.

Anita took time off to film DOAD, not knowing this had led to unhappiness.

[Below is interesting…hahaha..]

Your vote: How can Andy pacify Anita’s anger? (The Sun)

Love her to compensate---5.1 %
Film a movie with Anita as lead ---12.2 %
Apologize to Anita on newspaper ---13.3%
Wash & cook as Anita’s maid ---69.4%

D f

2/1---Today starts filming of anew movie, it is a collaboration with Johnnie To, planned for release during Lunar New Year. As time is tight, lately will be busy with the preparation work.

Date: 3 Jan 02
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy absent in C R, ate dessert at home

2 nights ago Andy was absent at C R music awards. At 12 midnight, he was interviewed by Sandra through phone in her prg ‘Wahwahwah! Got You!’. Sandra asked Andy which secretive place he had been again.

Andy said,”Finish going to the secretive place! I am now at home, I have just finished being busy, really cannot make it (to C R music awards). Now many people are at my home having a party, to take dessert.” A din was heard at the background, some were laughing out loudly, they yelled Happy New year to Sandra.

Sandra joked that she wanted to greet Andy’s family, asked him who is who, if he could tell her the names. She asked, “Do u really have children, the whole house full of people!”

Headline/Source: I Love Andy (Apple Daily)
Sandra still loves Andy (Ming Pao)
Sandra still yells, “I love Andy!’ (
Sandra still as herself (Ta Kung Pao)

Lately a Weekly reported that after filming DOAD, Sandra kept proclaiming ‘I love Andy’. This has made Anita jealous, she told others that Sandra’s acting was exaggerated, during filming Sandra intentionally or unintentionally critised her, & thus she was absent in the promo activities. At premiere Anita even claimed that she just ‘admires’ Andy but not in love with him, she wont be like Sandra, unlady-like.” The bouquet she sent to the joint Talk Show was addressed to Chang Tatming only, taking Sandra like transparent..

At the interview, what Sandra said seemed to have meanings. She purposely announced that on the 1st Jan (CR music awards day) Andy will go to a secretive place. She said 2 days ago Andy went to her house with slippers. The first time she saw Andy’s toes, she was so excited. She said, “He come bringing 2 pizza, 3 cups of coffee. Even Karen Mok called to ask me, lately I keep saying I love Andy, do I really love him a lot? I told her yes, at his period of time I really love Andy Lau.”

Recently Sandra was tele-interviewed again, she laughed heartily on the magazine report, she only replied, “I love Andy.”

On reply, Andy said, “You don’t say love me lah, you said ‘admire’ me, can or not?” Sandra immediately followed, “Cannot! I Love u!” Not sure after hearing it, will Anita be unhappy?

Source: The Sun

Jacky Chan heads 2001 top 5 artistes with the highest income again this year. Jet Li was second. Andy Lau is third, from his hard work.

Andy, famous for being hardworking, is the top earner for HK artiste outside Hollywood. His 15 concerts had a total collection of abt 12 mil, movies LOAD, FTK & DOAD give him filming fees of abt 24 mil, 4 albums, concert EP & vcd abt 7 mil, in addition, there was commercial fee from hair shampoo, motorbike, drink & dress etc, 4 commercials rake in another 30 mil. The yearly income of abt 80 mil.

Date: 2 Jan 02
Headline/ Source: Andy acted as fish & tree to welcome New Year ( Sing Tao)
Sandra kissed Andy first then hugged bf (Sing Pao)
Andy spoilt the mike when he squirted champagne (The Sun)

On New Year eve many artistes put up shows to make money. Sandra Ng & Chang Tat-ming had their final Talk Show, with Andy Lau & other members of the crew from DOAD as guests.

15 min before the countdown, Andy went up the stage to present them with flowers. The trio acted funny with their bodies, they acted as octopus & Xmas trees. It amused the audience so much & won lots of laughter. Andy & Sandra sang the duet in DOAD & danced with the audience, everyone was happy.

At countdown, Sandra’s bf was called up the stage, the audience asked her to kiss him. Instead, Sandra darted towards Andy & smooched Andy, she chased her bf to backstage. She was booed by the audience, under great pressure she then kissed her bf. At he end of the show, apparently moved, she thanked Andy, Chang Tat Ming for bringing her career to new height.

They opened champagne to celebrate, but Andy wetted the mike, Tat Ming estimated they have to compensate few thousands dollars.

Source: Oriental Daily

RTHK has not hold its music awards ceremony yet, like a joke & touted to be ‘meat diving’ & rigging, its Top 10 singers are given to 15 singers. Now ‘Most Popular Chinese Songs’ final top 5 list, include Eason Chan’s Shall We Talk & Aaron Kwok’s Para Para Sakura. But these 2 songs were not included on the 30 nominated songs before.

Readers called in to complain, Oriental reporters checked the initial list, it is really true. Explanation given by RTHK was equally funny, “It is v complicated, maybe we didn’t explain clearly, those 30 songs were from HK, Guangzhou, & Beijing, but Mainland 40 stations were not restricted by these 30 songs”

Not happy of being out, Aaron hinted to belittle Andy

Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Nic Tse & Sammi were at Guangzhou RTHK show 2 nights ago. When it was time to announce top 5 singers, the audience screamed Andy’s name. Nic Tse & Jay Chou were among the top 5, Aaron was excluded. Looking low spirited, he said, “er…I understand, ‘cos in ’01 I have no Mandarin album…I am already happy as I have song nominated. It does not mean most popular must be judged by an award, for ’01 I have 3 ads wildly shown in the country, the commercials supported me a lot, one ad after another, proving my status in the Mainland.” His remark is suspected at mocking Andy.

Eason Chan with 4 awards told to restrain himself

Commercial Radio 2001 music award ceremony was held last night. The 4 Kings, Faye, Cass Pang, Daniel, Cecilia were absent, the ceremony was lacking in glitterati, but many winners cried on stage.

Eason Chan was the big winner with 4 awards, Faye & Aaron have zero. When Eason embraced ‘Hero’ award, at the ‘thank u’ speech, he said he is not a hero, someone down the stage shouted, “Go home, stop lah!”

Andy’s song Pigeon garden was one of the top 10 songs.

D f

31/12---Happy New Year! Stepping into the new year, wish everyone one step further! Tonite had a most happy new year eve, together with actors from DOAD, we went to enjoy Sandra & Tatming’s Talk show, their acting was v exciting, made me laughed! Sandra invited us up the stage, to countdown with the audience, the scene was moving. We played happily, indescribably happy.

1/1 @ 1320hrs

Shaolin Soccer & Full Time Killer commended by American website as good movies

American leading website ‘Ain’t it Cool News’ announced the best 35 movies of the year yesterday. Top on the list is Lord Of The Rings. The happy News is 2 HK movies, SS & FTK, are on the list.

Despite haven’t screened in America yet, FTK is able to nab No. 10 position, overtaking many other Western movies. The critic committee responsible for selecting the 35 movies had watched FTLK 12 times, commenting FTK is a movie vastly different from the contemporary action movies, both Andy & Takashi Sorimochi are v charismatic in the movie.

SS slated for release in April is at No.28 position. The critics commented SS is lacking in depth, but is an interesting good movie.

...what better way for Andy Town to start a new year than to receive your bouquets, thanks a lot, dear friends...

Jcwong .....I love your website. It is the best Andy website I have seen on the web so far. Keep up the great work!
Makemecry writes: hi. i love your website on andy lau. i thing he is very attractive...
Doreen Ong writes: hello Katherine!! my name is Doreen, ..I'm a great fan of Andy Lau for a long time and have been a much more greater one after discovering your smashing website. although i'm a Chinese but i'm a Chinese illiterate student. it had been hard for me to know more about Andy Lau as i can't be able to read Chinese character. Luckily for me i understand Cantonese and a teeny bit of Mandarin. well this just show how hopeless i am in Chinese language. thanks to your website which i just discoverd a month ago, now i know more of Andy Lau's daily news. almost everything about him i get to learn more from your website. THANKS A LOT KATHERINE!!!! for making my role as a fan of Andy Lau a more meaningful one. i owe it to you! i think you don't have to worry much about your translations. you translate all of the news very well and understandable. i think you are great! i hope you'll continue to do this website for as long as you your website is the only one that i can get Andy's latest news. i don't know how i can express my thanks to you but i'll support your website as long as it's still going. my deepest gratitude to you! thanks!

Date: Happy New Year!
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: New Year wish for the stars

Andy Lau: This year I want to write script, do movie script .

Headline/Source: Andy speaks good for him (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy praised Eason Chan’s singing is good (The Sun)

Andy was the big winner with 5 awards 2 nights ago at Metro Hit Awards. He left early after photo taking in the post award celebration as he was having fever & flu.

At the interview, Andy said he was v satisfied with his first music report card, after all, the time he could spent on music last year was not much, abt 2/3 of the time he was filming, so much that his is similarly satisfied with his result in movies. His 15 concerts were v unforgettable. As time spent on albums was not much, he gave himself a rating of ‘qualified’.

On the awards, he said he always has confidence to get World Chinese singer award & Asia Pacific Male Singer award. But on HK Hit Male Singer award, Andy felt that Eason Chan should have gotten the award too, because Eason’s result was really not bad last year, his songs are nice.

On earlier report that Eason had critised the 3 Kings’ albums, Andy said he did not put it to heart, he quipped that he is Libra, his character is to be fair, if the other party has good result, he deserved to be praised.

He added that every singer in the circle needs to be encouraged. He had similar experience before, he will forever forget those who had encouraged him in his 10 years in music circle.

Other then Eason, Andy also looks favorably at newcomers like Miriam, Edison & Jay Chow .

It was rumored that Andy & Faye will get Most Popular Male & Female Singer awards in RTHK music awards. Andy said he does not know, but he has confidence with this award.

Andy examplifies the annual music awards alike the annual reunion for a family, the parents give out hongbaos. Be the red racket $10 or $100, most important is to be happy. Andy said the most outstanding children are not those who are waiting to get the hongbaos, but those who work hard to earn more money for the family, that is terrific.

Andy who had been absent in C R music award for years, will he have a ‘reunion with the family’? Andy indicated that in the eye of this ‘parent’, the radio station, he should be the best. Because every year he gives by working hard outside to earn money, he had not returned to ‘C R’ to collect hongbao, the station should understand what he had said.

[…Superb saying, Andy!]

Source: Ta Kung Pao

RTHK held a press con in Guangzhou yesterday t announce Top 10 singers, some singers attended. There was a countdown last night & some singers also attended. Andy attended neither.

Though it was for Top 10, nos of singers were 15. The station explained that it was due to some singers having the same nos of marks. To prevent chaos, many singers were told not to come.

Source: The Sun
Headline: Andy: Tomorrow will be better

With the 8 words, ‘Tomorrow’s happiness depends on today’s being’, Andy encourages Hongkongers to continue working hard in the coming new year. He said, “Actually economy in HK these few years has not been good, many are jobless. People are panicky, actually in everything there are ups & downs, most important is to work hard yourself, no matter what the situation is, always think: tomorrow will be better! Though everyone thought I have good luck, but I have experienced time of being low, as long as u are willing, there will be a way, everyone encourages one another! “

31/12 @ 1545hrs

D f

30/12---Tonight I am quite surprised, never thought I can get 5 awards, really v happy! Most happy is to receive World’s Hit Male Singer award, proving that everywhere in the World I have a degree of likng by fans, many thanks to fans from all around the world, I will continue to work hard, wont disappoint you!

Date: 31 Dec 2001
Headline/Source: Metro Radio Hit Awards held last night---Andy snapped 5 awards to become big winner (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy swooping 5 awards leading the show (Ming Pao)
Andy the big winner snapped 5 awards at one go, Cecilia, Daniel & Ekin had zero award. Aaron Kwok with 3 awards absent in celebration party (Oriental Daily)
Andy with 5 awards in Metro Hit Awards taking the lead (Apple Daily)
Metro Hit Awards 2001 Andy crazy sweep of 5 awards became the big winner, first round beat Eason Chan (The Sun)

Metro Radio Hit Awards was held last night at Exhibition Hall New Wing, starting the battle for music awards annually in HK. A total of 57 awards were given out. In this first report card, almost everyone had a share, & everyone was happy. In terms of results, the best is Andy Lau, he was garnered with 5 awards & was the big winner of the night. He does not failed to prove his Heavenly status.. He is followed closely behind by Eason Chan with 4 awards.

In the female category, Sammi Cheng with 3 ½ awards takes the lead temporarily. Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, Nic Tse & Jay Chow had 3 awards each. Faye Wong had 2 awards. As it was a live telecast, each singer had only 1 min to sing the song.

Metro Hit Male Singer award went to Andy Hui, Andy Lau & Aaron Kwok. Other then this award, Andy won Hit Song, Hit Song Airplay, Hit Asian Male Singer, Hit Male Singer of the World awards.

The singers all came decked out in their beat, mostly sporting the latest fashion of leather & hat. Perhaps wanting to look cool, male singers such as Eason, Nic, Edison, all came with dark glasses. Nic wore the same dress as in the TVB JSG Seasonal Selection awards.

Singers took turns to announce the winners. 21 Hit Song awards were given out. Cecilia & Daniel were losers in last night ceremony. Best Newcomer had 2 champions: Victor Chen & Fang Lishen.

Jacky Chan did not attend the ceremony. Aaron was absent at the post awards party, maybe he was not in a good mood as he had 3 awards & having lost to Eason.

Source: Oriental Daily
Headline: RTHK Top 10 Singers nominations. Andy & Faye Wong are Most Popular Singers in the Country

24th Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs by RTHK will be held on 18th of Jan. Names of the Top 5 Most Popular Songs & Singers in the Country & the Top 10 Singers will be announced tonight at the countdown to welcome 2002.

Oriental Daily was first to know that the Most Popular Male & Female Singers in the Country will be given to Andy Lau & Faye Wong respectively. [….Huh???..]

The Gold award will go to Andy Lau, Silver Jay Chow, Bronze Nic Tse.

Top 5 Gold Songs are tough contenders, Andy with the song My Heart Can Only Accommodate U is one of the hot faves.

Instead of Top 10 Singers, RTHK has increased it to 13, results are to be seen.

30/12 @ 2310hrs


Andy has won 5 awards in tonight's Metro Radio Hit Awards:

Hit Song---Summer Fiesta
Hit Song Airplay---Summer Fiesta
Metro Hit Male Singer
Metro Hit Male Singer in Asia
Metro Hit Male Singer in the World

Date: 30 Dec 01
Headline /Source: Andy will invite the crew for a tour in Europe if DOAD collects more than 30 mil (The Sun
Andy & Sandra mouth-to-mouth celebration (Sing Tao)
Andy & Sandra kissed in the air to celebrate box office exceeded 10 million (Oriental Daily)
Andy & Sandra full of expression in lip-singing (Ming Pao)
Andy celebrated with fans to announced good news (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy & Sandra kissed to celebrate (Apple Daily)

In celebration of DOAD breaking 10 mil at box office after 8 days of screening, a party was held 2 nights ago at Exhibition Hall. Andy, Sandra who rushed over after her Talk Show, & the other actors attended, together with 1,500 fans. They sang, danced & opened champagne to celebrate. They played games & held lucky draws. It was a fun night.

Andy as boss gave out diamond accessories to every actor. Sandra on receiving it, wanted Andy to wear for her. Andy teased her with the line from the movie, “Want me to wear for u? Got to be crazy! ..” But Andy still put on for her at the end, & they pretended to smooch. The sang a duet, but as Sandra has no time for rehearsal, they lip-sync. They made many mistakes, Sandra laughed till she dropped to the floor!

Andy teased that she has become million dollar actress.

Sandra said if box office exceeded 20 mil, she will treat the crew to a tour in Japan, & Andy will treat the crew a tour to Europe Vienna if DOAD exceeded 30 mil.

Andrew said he had not agreed to produced a shorter version so that the cinemas can screen 9 shows a day to boost box office, at present the cinema screen 6 to 7 shows a day. It is estimated that the movie will break 20 mil by next week.

Source: Ming Pao
Headline: JSG Seasonal Selection everyone is happy

2001 4th Seasonal Selection was held last night, the result is such that almost everyone had a part, everyone was happy. Other than 12 Gold Songs, there were Most Popular Mandarin Song, Most Popular Male & Female Singers on the net, Most Potential newcomer & Newcomer award, a total of 21.

Andy won an award with song Still Remember Me.

D f

29/12---Last nite partied till late at nite, felt quite tired. Rested whole half a day today, nite time to attend JSG Seasonal selection, everyone should have seen me on TV! Thanks for your support, allowing me to have another award added.

Date: 29 Dec 01
Source: The Sun

The first music report card for 2001 will be given out tomorrow by Metro Radio. Other than Best Newcomer, Most Popular Male & Female Singer are hot contenders. For the male category, Andy & Aaron are the hottest followed by Eason Chan.

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Metro Radio Music Hit awards 2001 will be held tomorrow. Response of voting by fans was overwhelming, excluding votes from the net, it had exceeded 100,000, breaking the previous record.

HK movie goers have the pleasant delight of seeing collaboration of Andy & Anita in movie again this year.

Andy admitted that Anita has improved, previously she was suited to act in some successful female roles, lately he found out that she could act in other roles such as demure females. Actually every time when Anita is beside Andy, doesnt it always give the feel of a demure lady needing protection?

It is the 2nd time Andy filmed under Andrew Lau, he feels that Andrew has shed some of his previous image, such as storyline of comic origin, this time the movie is closer to real life.

Lately there was a report that Andy used only 10 over days to finish shooting a movie. Andy replied, “I am surprised, why are they saying this? Does it mean we are not serious? Actually we had filmed for 32 days. Abt the same days as ROOT, FTK. Such comment is unfair to Sandra, Anita & other actors. We filmed wholeheartedly, standard & sincerity is not worse than Western movies. I am not unhappy, but the crew are low in mood, I have to clarify!”

As boss of movie co, Andy has plans for the new year. The co has 3 directions in the coming year. First is to cater for the traditional Asia market. They will film some fighting hero movies, next is to film with high tech computer-generated movies. They are looking at not only HK, they hope to open overseas market. Storm Ridrs II, some arthouse movies will be filmed.

Andy’s effort to promote local movie industry is really worth the respect!

Source: Oriental Daily

Sandra Ng & Chang Taming Talk Show has opened for almost a week at Coliseum. Asked when is she performing Latin dance. She promised she will perform the dance, but she wants Andy as her partner, she will only perform when Andy appears. When is Andy appearing? She would tell, she said there are still $200 tic available, can buy the tix still…

D f

27/12---Went to Shenzhen today, to attend music MTV awards. So happy received 2 awards. To thank all, I sang Home Sweet Home & Man Cry Is No Crime. The response from audience was great, thanks for their support. After the ceremony, went back to HK, ‘cos tomorrow has ‘Ai Jin Ru Meng Crazy Nite’, hope tomorrow can party to the fullest!

Date: 28 Dec 01
Source: Ta Kung Pao/The Sun

Haken is staging 5 concerts from 13 to 17 Feb 2002. At press con yesterday, he disclosed that Andy called him during Xmas & asked how many concert he is holding. Andy had actively suggested that he will sponsor Haken with all the fireworks needed for the concert, without counting cost. Haken is v happy & thankful to Andy.

Source: Apple Daily

HK Movie Association announced top 10 movies of the year. SS tops the list, grossing HK$60,730,000 at box office, beating top Hollywood movie Mummy II by 20 mil, the result is excellent.

2nd on the list is LOAD ….(& others)

[Thanks Janechu for the names: Jacky Chan’s movie is Rush Hour II, the other is LaBrassiere.]

D f

26/12---Today enjoy a day holiday. See all tomorrow.

27/12 @ 1800hrs
Source: i-weekly
2001 Top 10 HK Chinese movies

1. Shaolin Soccer
2. Love On A Diet (***)
3. (?, Jacky Chan's movie)
4. Chong Wu Yan
5. Full Time Killer (***)
6. A Fighter's Blues (***)
7. China Strike Force
8. 'Ultimate Good Bra' (...obviously wrong name given by Katherine)
9. Lao Fu Zhi 2001
10. Tong Ji Mi You

DOAD opens in Singapore today!

Date: 27 Dec 01
Headline/Source: Andy tied up hair to impersonate gege (Apple Daily)
Andy imitation of gege in wearing skirt & exposing legs was lifelike (Oriental Daily)
Andy imitation of gege was remarkable true to life (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy becomes a new generation impersonator ( Sin Pao)
Andy successful in impersonating as gege (Sing Tao)
Andy kept leg's hair & imitated gege to expose shirt (The Sun)

Andy has done a big breakthrough in the new movie DOAD. He impersonated Leslie Cheung concert classic look with the same skirt & had the legs exposed. The audience laughed uncontrollably. Everyone praised Andy has talent in impersonation. Actually Andy had decided to impersonate Leslie from the beginning, he had spent some time to study how to do well, to give the audience a shocking surprise. Andy’s effort has not gone to a waste, other then the look, his expression was impressive.

He said, “I feel gege (brother) is terrific, I have learnt his singing for a long time. His long hair with the hair clip is cute, but everyone said his skirt look was most deeply ingrained with the audience, so I use this look. I had watched his concert tape many times. Hope to do the best possible.”

In order to act as gege, the make-up & hairdo took him 3 hrs. The skirt was specially tailored, “I am not as teffific as gege, he had Jean Paul Gaultier to sponsor. That skirt is beautiful. After my make up, everyone screamed, I look just like gege, everyone wanted to take photo with gege. So satisfying. Haha. But I am not gege style, so no matter how I admire his look, I wont be able to look as good as him. As long as I can satisfied in movie I am already happy.”

Is there any other artiste he wants to impersonate? Andy said he had impersonated Adam Cheng before, he had confidence to impersonate ‘Ah Chan’, but he may not be able to eat 30 hamburgers !

D f

25/12---Merry Xmas! How does everyone pass Xmas? Today I celebrated with the fans, v happy can chat with them, esp feeling warmth of festival. Nite time even happier, can party with a gp of friends. Usual time v busy with work, have less time to meet them, take this festive time to meet up with them, so happy, indescribable.

since 28.4.01