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Date: 19 June 01
Source: Ming Pao/ Apple Daily/ The Sun

Andy, as 'ambassador on investment' attended an activity yesterday. The activity was organised by Metro Radio, titled 'Varsity Young Investor' contest.

He presented a calligraphy, done by him, with words 'God of Young Investor ' to the station, to wish increase in popularity of the prg.

He was asked on tips on investment & if his company will be listed soon.

Andy said investment is like 'reducing weight'. One has to be persistent. He is discussing with the economy consultant on company listing. It has to depend on whether the products can be accepted by the public.

Andy humbly said he has no special tips on investment, he seldom handles business matter himself. He had sold away his housing properties 4 to 5 yr ago, & so he did not lose money. He stresses on his hair saloon & entertainment investment presently.

When asked abt Rosamund Kwan's beau being caught spending the night at her place. Andy said he has not contacted her for a long time, he is not her father, so there is no need to tell him!

Source: The Sun

Andy was at AWC anniversary party 2 days ago. The director Andrew Liu disclosed that Andy will start filming 'Man At 40 Dr Lau' in Sept. The female lead is Shu Qi. This movie will be a representative movie for Andy at his 40th bday, & he at 40 is not in recluse.

Source: Apple Daily

The charity concert, led by Andy & his nmg singers, held at the beginning of the month to raise fund for Bone Marrow Foundation was beamed 2 nights ago by TVB. Richard Li provided 60 hot lines for people to call in for donations.

However, due to technical error, callers were not able to call in during the first 45 mins, incurring an estimated loss of abt HK$ 500,000.

The phones rang but lines were cut off instantly. The lines began functioning only at 9:15pm after some rescue work.

The tele company expressed regret & had apologised to the Foundation.

Diary from
17/6---Today is AWC 13th anniversary. Abt 600 over fans celebrated with me. Every year my father is with me for the anniversary, because while celebrating Father's Day, celebrate his bday at the same time. But this year he has gone to Canada with my mother to visit my elder sis, cannot attend this anniversary. Somewhat loss,......really thinking of him a bit!
This time showed some MTV of my new album, will also tell some small secrets at the party, please remember.......dont tell other people!

Date: 18 June 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Surging enthusiasm from fans under a temp of 35 degree C

2 days ago Andy was at Tainan Far East Shopping Center having Thousand People Give Me Ten activity. With a donation of NT$10 (abt HK$ 2.3 or S$0.4, sorry I got conversion to S$ wrong in the previous news, it is not S$1), one can beat palms together with Andy. It attracted 4 to 5 thousands to the scene.

The temp was high at 35 degree C. Under scorching sun, fans were equally enthusiastic. Other than females & children, there was an 81 yr-old nanny & a Westerner, that shows how charismatic Andy is. The nanny was the first to beat palms with Andy. The foreigner spoke to Andy in English, "I like to watch your movie v much, & the brand of clothes you endorsed."…...

Source: Min Shen Pao
Headline: Andy, 40, a bull, busy working 18 hours a day

Andy & Jacky Cheung were both conferred WOYP before & have the same Chinese zodiac sign of Bull, both are at the age of 40.

Andy, an 'iron bull' works 18 hours a day. At the present economic downturn in Asia, he is a singer, an actor & a boss. He was faced with 'image change' problem before. At a midnight interview, he opened up & revealed his many view points.

As boss of TeamWork, the gloomy economic situation too gave him some pressure. He had 60 over staff before, after some budget assessment, he now has 40 workers. He has to pay the salary of these 40 staff. Other than acting & singing, he has learned to calculate carefully & be strict with budget.

"This wave of of bad economy is not the greatest challenge for me." Andy said. "From '91 to '95, when I first formed TeamWork, I owed a lot of money, that was my greatest challenge." After clearing the hurdle, now as boss of TeamWork, Andy felt he has become more careful with spending.

Andy, coming from a family of farming background, is always thrifty. Now as boss, with 40 staff salary to foot, has become even more thrifty. Though hailed a King, privately he always goes to the small eatery & has an economy meal, just like any other office workers.

Launching TeamWork is not to satisfy the feeling of being a boss. He said, "If I want to act till I am 60, with the present economy, & with my high figure, not many people can afford to employ me. Now as boss investing in movies, at least I can forfit acting fee, & I have a chance to select the movie I like to film.".

On the management of movies business, "In TW, box-office for local movies are v bad. HK now is heading towards a recovery."

Presently a local movie is estimated to rake in HK$25 mil only, but with market from Japan, this estimation can go up to HK$34 mil. This is also the reason for the co-operation with Japanese artiste such as Takashi & Takako.

There is only 24 hrs in a day, & there is only one Andy Lau, but TW, HK & Mainland are his business territory. His division of the '24 hours a day' to be at which place has a 'sequence' innate within him.

Only HK shows recovery of movie industry, China shows a burgeoning market for concerts, but TW has serious problem with piracy. "Piracy problem is not what I can solve." Seeing the dwindling of market for album in TW, it is impossible to hit a sale of 800,000 as his Water Of Forgetfulness before.

Andy is aware of this, "Certain thing are no longer within the grasp, so don't push too hard." This is also his 'opening up of mind." His held a v optimistic outlook with his present trip to TW, & he will only do his best.

At time when HK movie industry was at it peak, Andy was in, at the time when TW album sale was good, Andy was in time. Now, at time of recovery of HK movies, Andy too has a leg in.

He changes his image in the filming of Needing U , LOAD & others. He feels that at different age one should do different thing, so roles at age 30 should be different from roles at age 40. There is different thinking at different age.

"I sing, but I cannot sing for live." Andy already has plans for his future albums. He will change to EP. After every movie, he will produce an EP. "An album now has 10 over songs, but only abt 4 can be for promo. Spending so much, production fee so high, piracy so rampant, it is hard to manage."

Produce EP in future, movie co-ordinating with album, 'one fish eats 2 times', production cost lowered, he can take care of his fans in movies & in music, this is what Andy, Western zodiac sign of Libra is best at doing, FOREVER AT A BALANCE .

Diary from

16/6---Promo activity for the new album in TW is coming to an end. Had Thousand People Give me Ten in Taipei yesterday, today was going to the other 2 stations.
At noon took a flight to Tainan, hurried through the activity, immediately took a car to Taichong, continue to finish all the work to be done for the day. Then took another car to Taipei. Now just reached the hotel, but it was already 1am.
Though I did not stay long at places I had gone, but those who had bought my album, (of course the original), voluntarily donate NT$10, could take part in this palms beating activity. Listen to songs & do charity, I think it is v meaningful!

Date: 17 June 01
Source: Ming Pao/ Sing Tao/ Ta Kung Pao

[pic were from Xi Men Tin Give Me Ten]

Today is Father’s Day, usually Andy takes his father to AWC anniversary party & celebrate his father’s bday at the same time. But this year his parents are away on holidays to America, visiting his sis at the same time. Daddy Lau had sent apologies that he is unable to attend the anniversary this year. In remembering Father’s Day, Andy wrote, “Father, searching here & there, other than mother, you are the most lovable, I Love U.”

Source: China Times

Andy’s Thousand People Give Me Ten at Tainan or southern TW had caused a traffic standstill around the railway station yesterday. Many fans queued up on 15th night. Queue nos were given out at 10 yesterday, within a short period of an hour, 1000 nos were snapped up.

The weather was good. At noon, it was thousands of heads thronging. Abt 5 to 6 thousands turned up but they were orderly. Traffic around the area was paralysed for 5 to 6 hours.

As time got nearer, the fans became more & more excited. A slightest movement caused a stir. Actually scheduled to arrive at 2pm, Andy was an hour early. He let the workers start the show first to cool down the temp.

At 2:30pm, Andy with relaxed look of blue tees & jeans entered the scene. He reminded fans to observe order & not to push.

Despite being told not to give flowers or presents, fans still showered Andy with gifts. One gave him a pair of sneakers to walk the whole island!

Andy had called to ask on the injured fans in Taipei. He had increased security at these 2 shows.

In Xi Men Ting, a pregnant fan wanted Andy to feel her tummy, Andy beat palms with a baby, some hugged him An 80 yr-old nanny too came to see Andy.

In 2 days Andy had hit palms with 3,000 over fans..

Source: United News dated 16/6
Headline: Andy’s Thousand People Give Me Ten, fans formed groups to follow

The small accident at Xi men Ting last night did not daunt spirit of fans to give Andy a maddening chase. At central & southern TW 2 shows of Thousand People Give Me Ten, the scene were similarly packed with fans, who came just to get a glimpse of the idol & enjoy the moment of spark at the beating of palms.

Fans were as busy as Andy. They followed him just like a tour group.

Andy is v touched by their enthusiasm. After his return to HK to film the last bit of FTK, he will be back to TW next Tuesday fro the promo of movie LOAD.

Lately many Japanese & Korean artistes visited TW many times, HK artistes popularity seem to have dwindled. But not for Andy, he is forever swamped by fans. Some have the chance of having a word or 2 with him. His close body assistants too do not disturb the few minutes of their togetherness. Andy easy to reach mannerism have attracted even to those working around, all wish to take a look of him.

Source: Dong Shen News dated 16/6
Headline: Thousand People Give Me Ten, Andy beat palms till swollen

At Xi Men Ting Give Me Ten, despite the rain, the fans were equally enthusiastic, Andy too sincerely played hitting palms together with fans. He said even swollen hands are not a worry to him.

Source: United News dated 16/6
Andy’s Give Me Ten activity carried on as usual

Despite being affected in mood by a small accident involving falling of a lamp post, Andy carried on with activity at Central & Southern carried. More helpers are called to take guard at the posts to prevent accidents.

At 2pm he was in Tainan Fareast Emporium & at Taichong at 7pm.

Source: Da Chen Pao dated 16/6
Headline: To save Lin Xin Lei, Andy was almost raped by an ugly female

Andy recorded a prg for TW Central Stn. Lin Xin Lei acted as a hot cabaret girl Paramount Nite Club while Andy acted as hero. When he met Lin, he wanted to get her out. Acted as Lin’s sis, Ms Xi, fell in love with Andy at first sight. A scene of an ugly female attempting to rape a handsome guy comical show ensued. Everyone had a good time!

Diary from

15/6---Today went to a prg that I like the most as guest. In this prg there was a section that need to act a drama. Today’s show was from ‘Shanghai Grand’. I again had a chance to act role of Ting Li, of course I am v happy! But the happiest is to see the few djs & actors funny acting, I had a good laugh even before it was started. & during acting.........everyone’s dialogue & scene ‘burst abdomen’, that made me laugh non-stop. Laugh till my stomachache. till could not continue with acting! Really hope those friends who are not from TW, can see my acting this time. If possible, everyone can see it at AWC.

[I am very busy today. Andy has lots of news in TW, what I miss today I will be put them up in the next few days. Sorry for errors. ]

Date: 16 June 01
Source: Central Daily News

While Andy was doing recording at TVBS yesterday, by chance he met the psychic teacher Elizabeth. Andy couldn't recognised her at first sight, but he politely greeted her 'hello'. It was only when Elizabeth walked up to him smilingly, & saying, "You are v popular, & will be busier & busier." It then strike Andy the person in front of him is none other than the famous 'psychic teacher', who in the e-news hosted by Matilda Tao, with this photo, predicted the life of Andy.

She said Andy is married to his work & all the audience are his children. He is one who never forgets to repay those who are good to him & he is going to be more & more successful.

On her view, Andy stresses, "She is correct, really I am not married & I don't have children. His workers added for him, "He is busier & busier, that means he will fly to TW 3X a month." Elizabeth said, "He is very nice, gives people a v comfortable feeling." But since young, Andy said he is not good at predicting life, but he believes that for everything you do, have to work v hard before you can achieve success.

Headline/Source: Andy held north, central & south, 3 shows of 'Thousand People Give Me Ten' activity. First station was at Xi men Tin ( Central Daily News)
Andy had promo in Xi Men Tin, lamp post fell hit & injured 5 fans (The Sun)
Andy show of love by hitting palm, lamp post fell injuring 5 fans (China Times)

Andy held an activity called Thousand people Give me Ten at 7:25pm at Xi men Tin Taipei yesterday. An estimated 3,000 people turned up. As the place was thronged with people, a lamp post fell & hit some fans. 2 girls were slightly scalded, 1 sustained injury to head & was sent to hospital but was not serious.

Andy was touched by the enthusiasm of fans, he urged them to be careful & not to push. The event was over at abt 9pm.

Despite a downpour in the afternoon, when the event started, the rain stopped. The place was already packed with people long before it started. 10 clothed security guards & 30 helpers were deployed to keep order.

Andy hit palm with fans, as symbolic to protecting the original & helping others. Proceeds goes to the building of a school, estimated to be in millions.

Left hand signifies respect to original, right helping others. With a minimum of $10, fans can hit palms with Andy, carrying his album. The fans were told not to hug or hold up too much time, but many still hugged him.

Andy is going South today for another 2 shows of Give Me Ten.

Wearing flowery summer shirt, it was like a small concert, as fans sing along with him .

Only abt 1,000 over fans can have the chance to hit palms with Andy, out of the 3,000 over! Andy sang 2 songs on the spot, I am Willing & My Heart ...

Source: Sin Pao

Andy will come back to Hk tomorrow for the promo of movie LOAD. Interviewed yesterday, Andy said LOAd & Shouling Football opens at the same time. He said this is specially arranged to counter the Western movies joint-hand. As to why he sings the theme song, Andy explained that initially it was Stephen Chow to sing but he chicken out at the last minute, saying his voice is no good, he has to consent to the singing.

Central Daily News

Andy's appointments were again tightly packed yesterday. Other than attending the variety show recordings, he was at TVBS filming an avtivity ad for 'Saving Taiwan Campaign'. On the spot, he enrolled himself as an voluntary worker. & appealled to the public to join. This activity will be launched in Hua Lian in July, Andy will be there to join the volunteers, to help the promo of its local produce.

Source: Apple Daily

Andy recorded a variety show prg for TVBS titeld 'Young Army' & 'Super Sunday'

The most comical prg is in the 'Young Army'. The host Lor Zhi Chen got hold of a sport car & cross-dressed as traffic policewoman, Andy dressed up as police cop the two put up a show of 'big search' on the street.

In Super Sunday, when Andy met Harlem who was one of the host, he gave Harlem a booklet & asked him to autograph, Harlem signed, 'U so handsome, mine sell well! Harlem' Andy complimented that Harlem's album did sell well.

Date: 15 June 01
Headline/Source: Weather ambassador 'shook' weather department (ET News)
As weather ambassador Andy reported quake news first (Central Daily News)
Invited as weather ambassador, Andy reported on quake (United Daily News)
As newscaster for weather, Andy: easier to sing or act (Central Daily News)
Met danger of quake in TW (The Sun)
Andy not scared when he met quake in TW (Sin Pao)
Andy met quake 2 times in TW (Wen Wei Po)
Met with quake in TW, Andy was calm (Ta Kung Pao & Sing Tao)
Andy calmly lifted bed for protection (Oriental Daily)
TW 6.2 quake shaking earth mountain (Apple Daily)
Andy met with earthquake in TW . Weather Ambassador showed off his heavenly status with force of quake (Sin Pao)

As the Chinese saying goes, before 'Tian kai Le' or opening up of the sky, the earth will shake first.

On the night after Andy announced his relaese of album Tian kai Le, a quake of scale 4 shook TW.

At 9pm last night, while Andy was at AWC gathering, he experienced the quake. He was singing My heart Can Only Accomodate U at that time, when he saw the fans swaying from side to side. He didnt feel much of the quake.

But the second day morning, even before he broadcasted weather news, 'weather ambassador' Andy experienced first hand 'heavenly' force of a bull's shake! At 11am, he went to Central Weather station to report on weather news & to help in promoting typhoon preventive measures to the public. An earthquake happened at 10:35am, with a scale of 6.2.

He was thus led to Earthquake news room instead to broadcast news on the quake with a map!

He was at the 20th storey doing up his hair when the quake occurred. The workers screamed. Despite being caught frightened, he who came from HK which has no earthquake before, turned round & calmed the workers around him ,"Dont be scared." His calm manner simply showing his gentlemanly charisma. Everyone took her/his hat off on his cool.

He even joked, "That's why my hair style is untidy today!"

The quake made objects fell & shook the room. Andy felt the force of quake clearly.

At that time reporters from all the stations were present to get weather news for their stations, Andy's visit became a hot SNG news for them! A hundred over workers lined up to catch a glimpse of him, it was more forceful than the quake!

At night Andy reported news at TVBS. He lamented that it is not easy to be a newsreader, it is easier to sing or act. He had a series of NGs. But after an afternoon of practise & ngs, he began to grasp the skill & he gave an impressive presentation.

The chief newscaster invited him warmly to help out more often in future.

Diary from

14/6---Last night experienced only a small quake, thought it was only a small matter....nothing worth worrying abt, but not the same this morning!
At 10 this morning, while I was still in the room on the 20th floor, TW experienced a scale 5 quake, at that moment really quite at a loss, luckily everything was v soon back to normal, everyone was safe & sound, frightened but had no danger.... ambassador of weather, visited the weather station, to really understand the cause of quake & other knowledge, really benefitted me a lot! Not as worried or loss as in the morning! So everyone rest assured!
13/6---2nd day in TW, officially taking part in the promo of the new album. At nite attended gathering by AWC. All was going on smoothly & happily. But in between has a small incidence, because I felt that the stage where I performed, suddenly became shaking irregularly~~~. But see that there is no reaction from the audience down the stage, Why ? ? ? Though still singing, must ask the worker what had happened!?
Orr.........Actually is earthquake.........Because the Taiwanese friends are used to it, nothing special, so I become like them too, dont bother abt it!

Date: 14 June 01
Headline/Source: Andy occupied hall reserved for Taiwanese president (Apple daily)
Fans wish Andy a hundred shots, a hundred bull's-eyes (Sing Tao)
Andy's promo activity in TW perfectly co-ordinated (Eastern Daily News)
Fans gave Andy 100 dumplings (The Sun)
Andy's new album full force promo activity (Ta Kung Pao)

Andy was in TW yesterday for the promo of his new album Tian Kai Le, which will be out on the 15th. He held a 'Tian Kai Le All Directions Under the Sky' press con at Yuan San Hotel.

Yuan San ballroom is usually reserved for dinner by the TW president to receive visiting overseas political heads. Seldom was it rented out. Andy is the first artiste to hold a press con there. Yuan San even lent out the place to him for free. Andy treated the media to 22 tables, incurring a sum of NT$ 4400,000 or HK$100,000.

The con attracted media from TW, HK, & Korea. 60 lucky AWC fans were present. Some Japanese tourists wanted to get in to see Andy but was barred outside. Fans from HK TW & Japan waited for him outside.

A 4-sided stage was set up in the center of the ballroom, 4 posters of Andy, taken from 4 angles, front, back, left & right were put up near the stage.

Andy was rather surprised with the big scale press con, as piracy is v rampant nowadays. The record co is still willing to fork out money on his promo, this gives him lots of encouragement.

The title of the album is an inspiration Andy got when he was in Huang San filming a commercial, he experienced vastness of sky & Earth, mountain & water & thus the name 'opening up of the sky'.

To celebrate the launch of new album, Andy TW fans presented him with 100 home made dumplings to wish him success. The meaning of the Chinese idioms is 100 hits & 100 bull's-eyes.

A footage showing an activity held by the fans earlier for Andy, with a lantern to tell the world on the release of his album, & that his voice can be heard in all directions under the sky, reminding the pirates not to take the advantage on Andy's album. Andy is v touched by fans' thoughtfulness. He hopes to break a sale of 300, 000 copies.

A prediction guru from the States has said that Andy is married & has children, but he is married to his job & all the audience are his children. The media pestered Andy fro an answer, Andy mischievously answered, "You ask her la, she knows."

On the rumour that Leon Lai & Andy were fighting to sing the theme song of Shouling Football, Stephen Chow said that Andy will sing a robust & healthy theme song, Vicky sang one which is like Beethoven, He had contacted Leon to discuss the co-operation, as he wont sing.

Source: China Times
Headline: Influenced by Jay Chow 'unclear pronunciation', inspired Andy to sing at a realm of 'released'

The new gifted singer of TW, Jay Chow, had penned a song titled 'A Pot Of Homesickness' for Andy. During filming of LOAD, Andy had heard Jay's singing & when he wanted to get Jay's previous release, he was shocked to know that it is only Jay's first album. Jay has influenced him a lot.

Andy always looks for perfection in singing, he wants clear pronunciation, but Jay's music does not stress on this, if you dont look at the lyrics you wont know what he is singing, yet it gives the listener a v pleasant feeling,

Influenced by Jay, during singing, Andy unlike before is not bothered to pronounce every word distinctly, he was not as tense or stressed as before. He feels natural, relaxed & is more acceptive to imperfection. If he has to concentrate on pronunciation, it wont be able to bring out the feel of the song. If he uses his old method to sing, it is too obsolete. Despite being the senior in the circle, Andy humbly said he learns a lot from Jay & introduces this new singer.

Headline/Source: Lan Xin Mei's breasts pasted on Andy's face, the two hugged uncontrollably, kicking Jacky Wu aside. (China Times)
Lan Xin Mei one jump, Andy jumped with fright (Min Sen Pao)

Lan Xin Mei who has separated from her bf, in an TV prg 'Super East & West Army' recording, acted 'excessively', her jump landed on Andy's body, her butts landed on Andy's chest, both breats pressed on Andy's nose, the two hugged tightly for a few minutes, not sure who is 'molesting' who.

In the prg, during acting of Needing U, it was at first demonstrated by Jacky Wu, Andy & Lan. Jacky was waiting for Lan at the restaurant to discuss on separation, Andy appeared & wanted Lan to make a choie, Lan chose Andy.

Jacky was pitiful, during the deal, he was being splashed with water on the face, signifying impossibility of retrieving water which had been poured. Andy acted as director, he too playfully splashed water on Jacky's face.

To take back Lan, both kneeled at Lan's feet, each holding onto one of Lan's legs. Jacky commented, "Hey, who do u think u are, allowing two heavenly king to kneel in front of u?"

When Lan made her choice, she patted Jacky on the head, "I choose u" When Jacky was joyous, she added," chose u to be excluded."

Diary from

12/6---Today still cannot completely finish filming of FTK, work has to stop because I have to go home for a wash up, to attend the press con on my concert this year. Feel a bit excited.........
there are a hundred over reporters, but still v orderly, even has continuous applause as support, funny.........still not concert yet.......
This year concert temporarily fix at 10 shows, will there be additional show...........? All depends on u!

Date: 13 June 01
Headline/Source: Andy presented with platinum card, whipped card on the spot. 888 tickets to be given away (Apple Daily)
Andy targets to have 9-piece abdominal muscles in preparation for his summer holidays concert (Ming Pao)
Andy practises hard at dancing in preparation for the concert (Sing Pao/Ta Kung Pao)
Andy whipped card using $350,000 to purchase 888 concert tickets (HK Commercial Daily/The Sun)
Andy willing to part with half of his fee. Opened champagne to wish concert success (Sing Tao)

Yesterday Andy held a press con for his Aug concert, Summer Fiesta Andy Lau In Concert 2001, at Tsim Sha Tsui HK Zhou Ji Hotel (former Reagent Hotel).

[pic shows Tao Di green tea served generously]

10 shows are scheduled from 17 to 26 Aug at HK Coliseum. Tickets are now opened for booking through Dong Ya Bank Credit Card, sponsor of concert. Public sales of tickets will be announced later.

Dong Ya Bank presented Andy with a platinum card with a pre-loaded sum of a 6 digit figure. As the top limit is not stated, Andy pressumed it to be a maximum of HK$ 900,000.

At the presentation ceremony, Andy symbolically whipped the card. This whipping of card unknowingly whipped up 888 tickets to his concert! The media calculated the sum for him, it amounted to HK$355,200! Andy joked that luckily he still has some left to use. He would use it on his concert.

Andy will give the tickets to those who don't usually see his concert, he believes that after watching, they will like his concert.

Since after filming LOAD, he has put on some weight due to excessive eating. To win back his usual tout 6 abd muscles he has to exercise more. If he could train to have 9 piece solids, he would wear little clothes & show to all! But it is quite impossible as he is not tall enough.

At the press con, Chang Yao Yong praised Andy many times for his cute fatty make-up. Andy quipped that if Chang is willing to dress up as such in his concert, he would give Chang half of his concert fee.

Andy said the concert will stress on music presentation this time, there will be a mixture of old & news songs. The concert gives the audience an incomplete feel if he does not sing his classics.

On concert preparation, Andy said his weakest point is in dancing. He needs to spend more time on this. He has started to practise Para Para & Latin dance, & will present the best to the audience, his dance may even look like sword fighting!

About 30 costumes are being prepared. There is a nightly change of 4 to 5 suits. He would not wear Xiao Feng Sian or skirt.

Source: Apple Daily dated 12/6

Andy will be in TW tomorrow. He penned 4 ½ songs in this album. Even th title of album comes from him. On the 15th June, he will be at Xi Men Tin McDonald for 'Give Me Ten' activity , if the fan donates NT$10 (abt HK$2.3 or S$1) She can the palm with Andy.

Movie company is indeed serious abt the promo of the movie LOAD, even before the movie hits the screen, they have thought of gimmick to produce toy figures. The fatty looks of Andy & sammi were turned to Q version toy. The toy box set also includes a tee-shirt pressed to a heart shape, & a movie ticket to LOAD, it is available for sale between14/6 & 20/6 at theatres screenig the movie. Buy a ticket & get the box at $160, while stock lasts.

VCD on The Making of LOAD, showing the secret & process of Andy & Sammi being blown up to 300 lb, comical NG scenes, little scenes during filming, including preview of the movie Shu San Lgend opening in August. Andy & Sammi 'gold-p lated' finger hanger comes with the purchase of one vcd.

When movie releases on 21/6. with purchase of a ticket, pay $15 more to buy a pair of 3D Ball Chain hanger , while stock last.

Also, commemorative 'gold plated' stickers are for sale on 14/6, tgether with a $5 ticket coupon & a poster of LOAD. Limited stock.

All the above items are for sale on 15/6 Tsim Sha Tsui Miramar Shopping Complex special booth for LOAD

Diary from

11/6---Lst night filmed FTK till 6am. Still raining heavily outside, I was too tired, forgotten what the surname of thunder god is, soon fast asleep when head hit the pillow.
Started work again at 4pm today, hope today can finish filming the whole movie, so I can have peace of mind to go to TW for the promo. Okay, getting readyor work!

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