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DATE: 19 MAR 05

In Andy, for sure there is this word: Courage! Otherwise how can he be so fearless even when he was drained of capital, how he took back his own word by investing in movies again, with a big sum of 80 to 100 million to strike out afresh.

Though he had previously in a few occasions collaborated with others but ended up in lawsuits, it had not daunted his spirit to be a boss. He had openly said he would not work with another person again, but only do all by himself.

Now with a new co Focus Gp, he is investing heavily in 8 movies, the first being one jointly invested by co from Korea, HK, & Thailand. In HK there is also a co investor.

The multiple lawsuits are not fathomable to outsiders. Though it has not affected his career, it had somewhat impeded his progress in work & caused some inconveniences. But with time, he seems to have forgotten the troubles, he is again shouldering up as boss.

This is his Never Say Die spirit, it is this that has made him alike a phoenix in the fire, becomes alive again & again. In HK, esp now with the doldrums of the entertainment circle, it is encouraging to see a person who can never be defeated.

No matter what it is, Andy is indeed a person with heart, he is not only doing it just to make big money, he uses the money he earns, in addition to putting in energy, to make movies that can satisfy himself. Should there be any dispute later energy to on with partners for whatever reason, it is to be said again, of course not his initial wish.

The days when he first set up Teamwork, he was v ambitious. As boss he filmed the movie Heaven & Earth, with heavy investment, but the movie failed to make in box office nor reviews. It was said °•Failure makes one Smart°¶ in the circle. But not for Andy, he continued with more filming, losing tens of millions in a few years, on the verge of selling the house!

The fall however has not discouraged him, esp investing in the low cost production. Made In HK directed by Fruit Chan was good & won several awards! This lifted his spirit, failed in big investment, he turned to small investment, for as long as he does not lose money he continues, this satisfied himself & nurtures new blood. Though not making money he has self-satisfaction.

Whether big or small, his enthusiasm with movies has never dwindle, several times of embroilment in court, as soon as he can pull himself out, he is again raising his flag high, not to say if he is v determined or stubborn?

Such a person in the HK entertainment circle is of course a role model . His recent achievement looks as if he will take over Jacky Chan to be the pillar of box office in HK. With the healthy image he has, his outstanding result in both music & movies, indeed he is more convincing than the Big Brother!

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DATE: 18 MAR 05

The 24th HKFA which is taking place this Mar 27 @ the HK Coliseum had a press con yesterday at the HK Culture center. Attendees included Jacey Fang, Race & Teresa Chang who are nominated in the Best Newcomer category. The organizer announced 1.500 free tickets to the show will be given out on Mar 20 at the HK Culture center & HK Hall from 9 am onwards, each person is entitled to 2 tickets. The first 500 will also get a commemorative postcard. 1,000 tickets will be given to free visitors to enjoy the show....

DATE: 17 MAR 05

Peter Chan's musical movie, 'If There is Love', has been renamed 'Forget Me Not'. Shooting is currently going on in Shanghai. LL was initially to play a mysterious role, but due to time slot it was called off.

It was reported yesterday that the role will be taken over by Andy. He will act alongside Jacky Cheung, Takashi Keneshiro, mainland actress Chou Shun & others. The role played by Andy can predict the future & can appear anytime. To sing & dance will definitely not a tough job for Andy!

Invested at HK$70 over mil, Peter had roped in Bao De Xin, the Oscars award winner of Best Cinematography , after Christopher Doyle turned down the offer as shooting is too long.


ATV is set to invest in filming movies this year. In the next half of the yr, the TV station is reportedly shooting a period epic Cao(2) Cao (1), the sum is estimated to be US$1,500K or HK$116 milllion! The backstage crew has been fixed, all are A listed internationally renowned persons, including Bao De Xin, Oscar award winner, Xu Chong Wen as art director, Samo Hung as martial art director. The director will be the executive director of ATV Xu Xiao Ming who has not acted in the last 10 yrs.

The movie, other than having big scenes involving wars, it will bring out the hardly-known emotional love life of Cao Cao. As to who will play Cao Cao, it is among Tony, Takashi Keneshiro & Andy. The female lead has not been fixed, any newcomer has a chance.

Other than the 2 leads, there is another important figure, that is the counterpart of Cao Cao, Chao Yu. It was planned to be a clean cut handsome guy, but to have a refreshing approach, Michelle Yeoh has been called to act the role, it is said she is studying the script & has not given her answer.


A popular mainland magazine, People, organized a survey on The Most Influential Persons in the 100 Years of Chinese Movies. Recently it announced 30 names from China , TW, HK to be in the contest for the Top 10 most influential persons.

The 30 nominees included Cheng Zheng Qiu, Shaw Brothers, Cai Cu Shen, Yuan Ling Yu, Cheng Jun Li, Tang Xiao Dan, Cui Gui, Chao Dan, Chao Xuan, San Guan Ling Chu, Bai Yang, Xie Jin, Bruce Li, Zhang Yimou, Liu Xiao Qing, Jacky Chan, Chen Kai Ge, Li An, Wang Kar Wei, Tsui Hark, Stephen Chao, Chow Yin Fat, Tony leung, Ge You, Andy Lau, Jiang Wen, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Hao Zhang, Zhang Ziyi, etc.

The results of public voting will be announced on the net. Public voting & panel of judges carries 50% each...

DATE: 16 MAR 05

A praying ceremony was held yesterday @ Ci Yun Hill for the camera-rolling of the new movie, Mong Tong, or The Dream of a Child, literally translated .The movie is directed by Chen De Sen. Also present were lead actor Andy, Karen Mok , Felix Wong & Lam Ka Tong. Cherrie Yim who was in court yesterday for drug abuse was absent. The director explained it was because she had to shoot a Johnnie To's movie.

Andy is most popular, fans gave him red packets. He has to play a role from age 9 to 80. A child star will play the 9 yr-old role. From the age 50 onwards, he has to look aged. After trying out the make up for 4 days he has developed skin allergy. Many red dots were seen below the chin.

Said, "This time I need to look aged, I cannot use skin care products as base, the skin cannot be oily, it has to be dry before make up is applied. So every time a 99% concentration spirit is used to dry my face."

He has to apply some cream with steroid component. But steroid cream cannot apply too much, so he has to take medication before make-up. It is damaging to the skin. He believes facials at a later stage will help the skin to rejuvenate. He is v happy that no make up is needed when he is playing the role at age 30, after all he is no longer that young.

As he has to act as one who looks old & yet is still young at heart, he has to mix with kiddies aged 10 over to understand their thinking, he found out that they are rather mature in thinking.

Felix laughed that he is 20 over days older than Andy & yet he has to be his father. Andy teased that it is a pride to be his father! Jacky Cheung is father of another daughter recently, & Richie is becoming a father soon. Andy said Jacky has the look of a father-in-law. Is he eager to be a father too, Andy was asked. He threw the question back to the reporters. When the reporters answered, "Definitely!" He replied, "As you said!" When is he going to have a BB? He quipped, "Only after finish shooting this movie is considered BB born."

Felix after a yr break is not filming TV serial temporarily. He seldom shoots movies, the last movie was The Tigers & he played a cameo role in Golden Chick. Andy had recommended the present role to him, he commented Andy is one who is emotional & treasures the past, whoever of the 5 Tigers has problem he will lend a hand, the only bad thing abt him is he is too hardworking.

Karen Mok is excited with her role, the first cooperation with Andy is to be his mother!

DATE: 15 MAR 05 @ 2345 HRS

Ever since after the lawsut of his company, Teamwork, with 'once-coinvestor' CCT, Andy has adopted a new company name called Focus Group, hoping to start afresh. Yesterday he admitted the pain in giving up the name Teamwork, set up single-handedly by him in 12 years. But this has not daunted his spirit in movie investment, he is setting his foot in again this year, & has plans to set aside 60 mil to invest in 4 or more movies. The fiest movie on the list is almost a sure win.

This first movie, Invisible Waves, starring the famous Japanese actor Asano Tadanobu, Eric Tsang, fat Mom Maria will start location shooting soon in Thailand, Macau & HK. The movie is a co venture of movie companies from HK, Korea, Thailand. One of the biggest movie distributor co in Europe, Fortissmo Film, will be i/c of movie distribution.

At the press con yesterday, held at the Peak, Andy , as one of the investors, attended. From HK, this movie is invested by Focus & Eric Tsang's Anytime Company. The intergration assures a return of cost in the investment. Also present at the press meet were Thailand director, Asano Tadanobu , Christopher doyle, etc.

When asked why is he not using Teamwork co to invest, Andy explained, "Teamwork actually still exists, I am keeping it. If I let go this name, I am afraid others may register the name to film movies. I dont wish to explain to the other person that I am not collaborating with anyone."

He added, "Actually Teamwork has established its name in Europe, it has produced movies such as AFB, FTK, Saviour of the soul. Many people has already known me."

Andy had lost hundred million in movie investment before, will he study the script carefully now? He said this movie suits the direction set by Focus. Said, "I have not changed, I will use my strategy as in 2000, the movies Dance of a Dream, FTK made money, I had filmed several independent movies, I understand some productions are more risky. I have calculated, for this yr I'll invest 60 mil, so I am asking my fee of 4 mil to cover, this is just getting the same fee as other actors on par with me."

When asked on his impression on the Japanese actor, Andy said he heard he is v good in playing guitar. Asano Tadanobu is again acting as a killer in this movie, when asked what he thinks of Andy, he said, "This is the first time I saw him, I had read abt his read in Japan before, had seen his movie, my impression is he is a trustworthy boss, I am also hoping to act opposite him."

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DATE: 13 MAR 05

To commemorate the 100 anniversary of Chinese movies, HKFA had called in 100 professionals to vote on 100 movies most representative of China. The melodrama movie filmed in 1948 directed by Fei Mu, The Spring of A Small City won the highest votes. A Better Tomorrow by John Woo starring Ti Lung, Chow Yin Fat & Leslie Cheung is second, while Days of Being Wild starring Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung by Wang kar Wai is third...

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DATE: 12 MAR 05

Andy is always enthusiastic with the development of the movie industry, he had invested in Made In HK & Give Them A Chance before. Though he had failed in several movie investments, a sum totaling more than 30 mil, in a recent interview by mainland media, he disclosed that he will invest a sum close to 10 mil to support new directors in filming movies.

He is prepared to invest in H D ( High Defination ) movies that is clearer & better in quality. Said, "I feel that the most lacking in Chinese movies at present is in giving newcomers a chance, I am prepared to invest in new technology to film H D movies, this a new attempt at digital movies. I will choose 6 to 7 new directors coming from mainland, HK, TW & other area in South East Asia, give each of them a chance to film a movie, hope they can be a big shot one day & be recognized by the audience."

When asked abt the difference between American & mainland movies, he said, The market in America is mature , china movies is just at the starting point. But actually we are not inferior to the Americans, there are talents in China, I believe it is not a difficult task to be on par. The greatest difference is the Americans are v supportive of their own movies & movie makers, but not so for the Chinese. People like Zhang Yimou is definitely a rare talent in the hundred years, but what I see on the press in mainland is scolding. If only we can be more open with themes, I dare to say Chinese movies will blossom, & is able to reach a high standard & achievement in the world.

Andy who has just been conferred Image Ambassador of the Hundred Year Chinese Movies, admitted movie is the first love of his life. He hopes when it is the 200th anniversary, though he may not be able to attend , he has a chance to be named again. On his 111 movies, he quipped this is a reflection of one's capability, there are people who like to watch thus one is able to continue filming movies.

A magazine People announced top 25 most influential persons in 100 yr of Chinese movies, Jacky Chan, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Bruce Lee etc were named, the last 10 are yet to be named.


The American authoritative movie magazine, Premiere, concluded from the statistics gathered from the most authoritative 15 movie critics in the whole of America that Liquer Man Diary is the top movie, winning the highest appraisal. Million Dollar Baby is at No 15 position, Zhang Yimous movies HOFD & Hero are at No 6 & No 18 spots....

11/3 @ 1130 HRS

ATV is setting up a movie dept & has plans to shoot 4 to 5 movie this year . Many directors will be called in. At the press con yesterday, Xu Xiao Ming announced shooting of the first movie will start in Sept. Johnnie To who was at the press con disclosed this will be a cop & thug movie, a new director will be called in. He will be the executive producer instead of as director. One who is enthusiastic in nurturing new blood, he said he will seek the cooperation if You Nai Hai will be the executive director, Lo Yong Cang as script director. As for actors, he is eyeing at Andy Lau, Lau Qing Wan , or Louis Ku. Johnnie feels that new artistes need to be promoted, but a pity their market is not optimistic at the moment. As for the production cost, it is yet to be determined. ATV movie co plans to film 20 movies in 2 yrs, An Le will be its distributor?


29th HKIFF is around the corner. Stars from China , HK & Japan are coming to render support. On the opening ceremony on Mar 22, a short film by Johnnie To, acted by Ken Chu & Louis Ku will be screened. On the opening night Jacky Chan, Stephen Fung, Daniel Wu etc will attend, Japanese movie The Hidden Blade (Kakushi Ken Oni No Tsume), director Yamada Yoji, Chinese movie Peacock, & its director will be screened & present. Andy Lau , LL, Michelle Reis, Japanese stars Fukada Kyoko, Ueto Aya etc are invited to attend.

DATE: 11 MAR 05

HK Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa yesterday confirmed his resignation for health reasons. Repercussions are varied from all walks of life, though it is more censures than praises on him, entertainment circle has not forgotten his contribution to the movie industry. On the acting Executive Donald Tsang , Chang teng Jian commented he has poor body language, he suggested Donald shd learn to package well, he is a shoddy politician, he blows whistle at one time & laughs wildly at the other. Most feel it is a good thing. Chapman To, Simon Yim & Anthony Wong feel it is celebration time for Hongkongers. Carol Cheng, Jacey, Nancy Seet commented Tung had done his best & worked hard for HK...


Andy was hand-picked to be the Image ambassador of Hundred Year of Chinese Movies. According to sina.com, the organizer had done so on the following ground:
1. He has continuously developed his movie career focussing on the market of the chinese movies,
2. He has prominent achievement in the movie circle & contributed prominenty to the chinese motion picture industry,
3. He is a well-known figure in the Chinese community,
4. He is enthusiastic in propragating Chinese movies.

Andy in his 20 yrs, has filmed 123 movies, his helathy image & diligence is well recognised by all the Chinese in the wold. Since after winning Best Actor in one of the movie awards in TW in 1998, he has earned a total of 17 awards for his performance. His professionalism & hardwork is regarded as miraculous in the HK movie circle. The movies acted by him has totalled several hundred millions in box office.


Thankyou, Mary, for your beautiful bouquet! Best Wishes to you!
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I am really enjoying the daily news from Andy. Thanks so much for all. i have been his fan for the past 18 years, and waiting for a chance to meet him. By reading your daily news report, i can feel close to Andy. Thanks again for everything. Mary Lauw :)

DATE: 10 FEB 05

Andy has been invited by the 5th annual Chinese Movie Media Grand Awards as the Hundred Years of Chinese Movie Image ambassador, to endorse the different activities held to commemorate 100 yrs of film making.

Andy has agreed to attend the award ceremony on the 20th in Guangzhou. He will represent the hundred actors & directors on the stage to deliver a speech. Lately he has photo shots taken for the propaganda posters to drum up the support for the grand meeting. Andy feels honored to be entrusted with the important task, & feels the significance of it.

Said, "I hope through my diligence, my name can still be there later in the 200 Year."


After the CNY, movies companies in HK has begun to reveal their plans for 2005. On the list is a movie called 'Auntie' with a cast of 6 Best Actors, camera for The Dream of a Child will roll soon, movies that had started shooting last yr such as Maybe Love, Eternal Hate Song (literal trans) etc have set dates of release.

Media Asis senior officers unveiled a 700 mil investment to film 8 movies. Initial D is at the end stage of work, imaginary movie The Dream of a Child is also heavily invested. Shotting will start in April & date of release end of the yr or early next yr. ..

DATE: 9 MAR 05

Tung Chee Wah is always supportive of HK industries, he had even attended HK FA last yr. But it seems he had turned down the invitation this yr. Chairman of HKFA Wen Zhou clarified he is too busy to attend this yr. Will they turn to Donald Tsang instead? He replied he is not sure yet, it has to go through a meeting...

DATE: 8 MAR 05

To commemorate 100th anniversary of filmmaking in China, for the first time, HKFA, which is takingplace on Mar 27, will give out 3000 tickets free to the HK citizens. The details will be given to the press on Mar 17. 1,000 tickets will be given out to the free & easy tourists to HK. Those with tickets can be at the red carpet, but only 300 standing places, it will be a tough fight getting a place.

A mag reported with a fee of HK$198 one can enjoy a meal plus a tic & a place at the red carpet to see the stars. Raders called to complain this is unfair as it is only for tourists & not Hk citizens.

HKFA chairman Wen Chou when contacted said HK FA is always faced with financial problem, in the previous yrs it was held at the Culture Center which can only housed 1300, this yr because of 100 anniversary it is shifted to the Coliseum, with a 3 sided stage , there is a total of 6000 over seats, only 1000 is given to the tourists.

He said the organizer did not receive any cash from them. The tour agent is the sponsor, it was arranged by the tourist promotion board...


GB was telecast by ATV this yr. When Andy & Simon were onstage to give out Best Actress award, Simon poked fun on Andy, "This is a live telecast by ATB!" Andy jolted backwards, "I predicted I had no award today ?!" They teased Chilian Cheung on her rumored love affair with Alex Fong. One said he couldn't swim, one said he could ski, the house broke out laughing. Stephen Chow not sure if he was disappointed at not being named Best Director & Actor, refused to go up the stage, not until the emcee used the mike to invite him, he appeared unnatural , had photo taken after the emcee pleaded him. He left immediately in a cab after the show!


Tony Leung was named Best Actor of GB this yr with the movie 2046, beating Andy, Jacky Chan, Stephen Chow & others. Though this is already the 3rd time he was named at GB, & 10 times named as Best Actor, he was still excited. He attended the post award dinner together with Rene, Yuan Qiu the Best Supporting Actor. Only 3 of them attended, attendance to the dinner was poor, Stephen Chow & the crew did not attend. Tony gave face by staying throughout the night. Andy did not attend. When asked if Andy congratulated him, he quipped, "I can feel his congratulations from his eyes." He admitted he will not opt out of awards, as getting awards is a drive, actors need encouragement & like praises. When asked if this has increased his confidence at the HKFA, he said he had attended the first round of voting. Did he vote for himself? He admitted as he feels he had acted well! He will have no chance to vie for the title next yr, as he is on long holidays this yr.


After GB Awards, Best Actress winner Rene Liu has not thought of increasing her fees, her regret is the movie cannot take part in HKFA, & Andy was not able to win awards together with her, as Andy is very good in bringing her into acting....

DATE: 7 MAR 05

The annual 10th Golden Bauhinia Awards organized by HK Movie Critics Association was held last night @ Kowloon International Exhibition Center . Hot fave Kung Fu Hustle despite the 6 nominations managed to clinch Best Film & Best Supporting Actor awards. Stephen Chow failed to get Best Director & Best Actor awards. The former was given to Derek Yee of One Night In Mongkok & the later to Tony of 2046.

On beating rival Andy again, he quipped, "Actually each of the 5 nominees has his won representation & credits, but there can only be one winner, perhaps I am just too lucky!"

The Best Actress went to Rene Liu. When she saw the award presenters were Andy & Simon Yim, she embraced Andy her thief-partner excitedly. In her acceptance speech, she said, "I am v thankful to the movie AWWT for making me actress of box office. I wish to thank Andy , Feng Xiaogang, I was so anxious that I had insomnia last night , I kept thinking how to thank Feng Xiaogang if I win." At the interview she said she would like to share the award with Andy & Feng & wishes she can film more HK movies.

Lau Ka Liang was conferred Outstanding Performance award, he was given a standing ovation, initiated by Jacky Chan.

The circle is supportive of the event, attendees included mainland director Feng Xiaogang, actor Dao Hong, Andy, Tony, Stephen Chow, Legislative congressman Hou Zhen Ting, Jacky Chan, Rene Liu, Daniel Wu, Simon Yim, Yuan Hua, Yuan Qiu, Josie Ho etc. What used to be a cold event was filled with glitterati last night.

When come to level of popularity, appearance of Andy & Gillian Chung won full house applause. Though GB awards has been 10 yrs, the situation was still v chaotic, there was no security guards, only a few workers helped out .Guests such as Yuan Hua & Yuan Qiu were not sure where to sit, Simon Yim helped them to find the seats.

Though Andy & Tony were seated, they were 'attacked' by fans who were at close range, asking for autograph & photo-taking. Looks like the organizer has to put in some effort with security.


The attendees came dressed to the nine, Tony, Andy, Jacky & Daniel Wu all came in black suits, Andy received the loudest applause from fans, winning top seat in popularity.

DATE: 6 MAR 05

2 nights ago Peter Chan arranged a dinner date with the executive producer of the Academy Awards Best Film, Million Dollar Baby, cum boss of Warner-Morgan Gp of companies, Andre Morgan @ a restaurant in Central HK. Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Samo Hung, John Sham, Andrew Lau & many big names in the circle attended, for once HK & Hollywood movies had a close encounter.

After attended Peter Lam's father funeral Andy, accompanied by his asst, arrived. He was surprised to see the reporters waiting outside. When asked if he came to talk on some big plans, he quipped, "Morgan is my friend, I know him before, quite long ago! I came for a meal & to see him!"

Eric Tsang told the reporters Morgan is his old working partner. When asked if they are talking on collaboration, he denied.

Michael Hui who once hoped to enter Hollywood & acted in a movie called Cannonball Run, co-planned by Morgan, was present too. Said he, "I may shoot a movie at the end of the yr, I shall see if there is a chance to work with Morgan. (What do u think of the Oscars results?) I am satisfied with most of the results, the roles in the Best Actor is v hard to act, Leonardo De Caprio acted v well, I have not seen MMB yet, I am going to see later."

At the phone interview yesterday, Peter Chan replied, "It is just a friendly dinner chit-chat! We're not talking on collaboration, how to discuss with so many ppl around? I was just arranging a dinner for Morgan! We had 2 tables, you know he had worked in Golden Harvest before, many in the circle had not seen him for a long time, so we met for dinner. Shi Na Shen, Michael Hui, even sang a song! ( Did he invite you to watch the premiere of MDB in HK?) yes, he has, but everyone is so busy, not sure if everyone can take the time off to go."


MDB producer Andre Morgan was in HK to promote the movie & attended the premiere last night. Peter Chan who in charge of the movie distribution, invited him to dinner at China Hall restaurant. Andre had worked a vice chairman in change of movie production & release in Golden Harvest before. Peter had worked with him in the release of movies such as Cannonball Run by Jacky Chan & Samo Hung & in the collaboration of Enter The Dragon by Bruce Lee...

DATE: 5 FEB 05

Lam Bai Xin , father of Peter Lam, devoted all his life to work & family, his strive for success & seriousness in work was respectable by many. At the funeral yesterday, many rich & powerful people in the city, celebrities went to pay their last respect. Those present included Chief Secretary Donald Cheng, billionaire Li Ka Shing, Cheng Yu Hong, Albert Yeung... (the list went on..) Those in the circle included LL, Andy Lau, Xu Xiao Feng, Mrs Heung, Cherrie Yin, etc...Andy stayed for abt 10 mins.


Unknowingly Andy has been in the circle 20 yrs, & filmed 111 movies. He is picked as the Actor In Focus for the HKIFF this yr. He displayed his calligraphic skill by writing the banners, which will be flying high all over the city. His multi talent attribute will sink deep in the hearts of many. At the press con on Feb 21, while on the stage he disappeared suddenly. He had gone behind to set the banners straight when he saw them not being placed properly. When he was satisfied with them, he put up a V sign & had photo taken with his masterpiece.

The real superstar has no airs, such as Andy, he lets you take as much photo as you wish, behind the stage he can personally hold the flags, it is no wonder he can be famous for so long !

DATE: 4 MAR 05

A company in Guangzhou has pirated Andy's picture on its products including shampoo, facial wash & others. Slogan, 'You beauty & mine, trust Huazai' was even used to win the confidence of the buyers.

Andy had issued lawyer letters twice to the co, his lawyers had tried to speak to the boss but received no response. He had thus resort to officially filed a lawsuit 2 days ago, after taken pictures of the evidence. He demanded the co destroyed all products that infringes on copyright, publish an apology & compensate him 1 mil rmb.

The co purportedly has also used the pic of Kelly Chen, when asked, Kelly's manager said, "I Don't know! Kelly is the spokesman of CDior, I shall check it out, or ask Andy!"

Andy's asst clarified that the figure 1 mil is incorrect, Andy is still discussing the figure with the lawyers. The lawyers are handling his case. Andy stresses he will not subdued to any infringement of his copyright, & vows to get to the bottom of the case, he hopes the business dealers be prudent.

03/03 @ 1115HRS

HK artiste Andy Lau filed a lawsuit against a cosmetics co yesterday in Guangzhou, for infringement of portrait copyright, seeking a compensation of 1 mil rmb.

In Jan 04 Andy's co in the mainland discovered a cosmetic co in Guangzhou was selling skin care cleansing products with the image of Andy, but actually the co did not ask for the right to endorse its products. Andy had asked a law firm in HK to send them letters on Jan 6 & 18 to stop but the letter were ignored, like stones dropped to deep sea!

On Dec 29, accompanied by witnesses from the authority, the lawyers acting for Andy went to the production factory, bought Andy's shampoo & other products, took the flyers & bags which were used for the promotion. The witnesses took pic of the site & products.

The reporters have seen the series of products 'endorsed' by Andy, the set used for the promo, including 'black hair dandruff removal' shampoo , the pic shows Andy smiling, in a cream color suit. Investigating shows the products are sold at exorbitant price, a bottle of 1130 ml bath gel is sold more than 35rmb when the cost price is only 3.5 rmb.

Andy's co had sue the co yesterday, asking for an injunction, all the related flyers & products be destroyed, & demanded the co to place an apology on People's Daily, Nan Fang Press & asked for a compensation of 1 mil.

DATE: 03 03 05

HOFD by Zhang Yimou & AWWT by Feng Xiaogang are 2 top grossing movies in mainland China last year. In the first of China Movie Top Chart, Organised by the Chinese Movie Producer Asso, The Chinese Movie Distributors Asso & Chinese City Theatre Developmnet, they earn 9 nominations. A pity Andy who acted in both is not included in any nomination & has no chance to contest in the Most Favourite Actor award.

Accordingly, for some reasons, selection is not open to movies acted, directed or produced from Macau, HK & TW temporarily, Andy has thus become a scapegoat. But the organizer has indicated for those who are excellent, they will be compensated with honorary titles, to commend the contributions made in the industry.


'Healthy Express Train' is a gift presented by the people from all walks of life in HK to the citizens in mainland China in the handover of HK to China. It is also the first eye clinic constructed on the train . Xiang Xue Hui who is always supportive of the train, has collaborated with Chen Qiu Xia to compose a song, The Longgan Tree in My Hometown. Jacky Chan, Alan Tam Jacky Cheung & Andy Lau are invited to sing the song. Alan had gone to Beijing with the 2 composers to launch the song & hopes to promote the train & raise funds.

DATE: 2 MAR 05

The 5th annual Chinese Movie Media Grand Awards announced the nomination name list recently, AWWT with Andy acting the leading role receives the most number of nominations of 7. Andy is on the run for the Best Actor award alongside Tony & Liu Cheng again. Andy is delighted on hearing the news over the phone.

Sponsored by South Metropolis newspaper, the event will take palce on Mar 20 in Guangzhou. The organizer is inviting big stars such as Andy, Stephen Chow, Chow Yin Fat etc to attend. A panel of 9 judges will select the best from movies around the region China, HK & TW.

The 7 nominations earned by AWWT include Media Appraisal Grand Award, Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress & Best Newcomer . Andy can finally contest in the Best Actor title with the movie after losong a chance @ HKFA.

Other than nominated for Best Actor, Andy is nominated for Media Respectable Movie Person Award, on the run include Feng Xiao Gang, Lu Chuan, Chang Wei Pin & Stephen Chow. Andy is excited with the nomination, said, "As a HK actor, to be named in mainland nominations is v exciting."

It looks like Andy stands quite a good chance this time, the others Liu Cheng (Beautiful Lady Grass) [..ummm literal translation] , Tony in 2046, DuoBuJie in Kekexili, Fang Zhong Sin in Mongkok One Night & others. Rene Liu is contesting with Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong, Sylvia Chang , Chow Xun etc, the chance looks slimmer.

Mongkok One Night, 203040, Kekexili wins 5 nominations each. Kung Fu Hustle which has 16 nominations in HKFA, earns only 2 nominations, Best Supporting Actor & Media Award. 2046 has 3 nominations.

DATE: 1 MAR 05

Results of the 77th Academy Awards were out. 9 yrs after 'Swing Swing, Swing to Grandma Bridge' won the Best Cinematography award, House of Flying Daggers caught the attention of the Chinese when it was nominated in the same category. However, it failed to subdued the local movie, The Aviator, which was named the winner.

Zhang Yimou , once a photofrapher, had put in quite an effort in HOFD. The movie touted to have good packaging, though nominated was not a hot fave. Zhao Xiao Ting who was the asst photographer in Hero to Christopher Doyle, was critised as insufficinet in skill. Compared to the others nominees, such as the glamor of Phantom of the Opera, vivid scenes in The Passion, & the great scene in The aviator, HOFD could only stop at nominations.