16/5 @ 1130HRS

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I (The writer) first of all wish to congratulate Andy on winning TVB Weekly 'All Rounded Heavenly King' grand award. Not sure if good things always come in pairs, after getting this big award, another big present was there for him. It is a pair of most up-to-date adidas 36th anniversary commemorative limited edition of Superstar!

What is there to marvel about on a pair of shoes? Hear me out. In celebrating adidas Super Star 35th anniversary, at one go adidas launched 34 pairs of superstars that come with different designs. The last of the design was kept a secret, it was called #35 Top Secret shoe design. This was finally unveiled at the anniversary party. The shoes were made of super quality & v expensive material. It was made of real leather, white in color. Even the tip shoe shell toe is made of real leather, the soles were however made of wooden material, looking just like real leather. The most exclusive being there are only 300 pairs in the world, out of which 256 were given to the famous persons & celebrities. In HK, other than Andy, 3 other received the free gifts, they are Maggie Cheung, Stephen Chow & Wong Ka Wai.

To be given the shoes one really has to be of some status, I (the writer) am not able to get one even if I have the money!

The box is made of real leather, in it are shoe brush, shoe polish, the full set of shoe-care products. But Andy who loves sneakers, he sure wont bear to wear them, the shoes may not have a chance to show off its beauty.

The most special being the leather box, comes equipped with a gold-plated coded lock to prevent theft. Andy who is always in places with a lot of people, sure he is afraid the shoes can be stolen!


DATE: 16 MAY 05

No news today.

15/5 @ 1230 HRS

I told you Miu Kiu Wai has a semi-old racing horse called King of Pastuer before. Hey, the horse was a black horse yesterday, winning a race, Miu opened champagne to celebrate with jockey! News specially for Le My.

DATE: 15 MAY 05

DATE: 14 MAY 05

Yesterday was black Friday the 13th, in the wee hours was seen the greatest joke in the entertainment circle. At around 0030 hrs, it was rumored a superstar who possessed drug was nabbed, & had been brought to Mongkok police station. The whole of entertainment circle & media were in full alert. Soon it was said the superstar was non other than Andy who stays in Kadori Hill. No one was not shocked to the extreme. Feng Ren Chao at the first hour went to check, Andy at that time not only was at home having dinner, when he heard about the rumor, he had a good laugh. Who has time to bother with nonsense, after he had his stomach filled, he wrapped himself up comfortably & went to sleep.

As his assts were too busy receiving calls to clarify matter, it was then rumored the person was LL, a short while later it was said to be Andy Hui. The rumor became more messy. A pack of reporters stationed outside Mongkok police station to wait for news. LL called back later to deny. Andy Hui is outstation. After a long wait, the police & reporters left, the rumor thus died of natural cause. Some pranksters might have taken black Friday as April Fool to fool others. Though there were cases of the new actors harboring drug, now even those with a healthy image such as Andy & LL were being make fun of, this is really too much. If the person doing this is caught, he will be dead. Haha.


Lam Ka Tong set off to Cannes 2 nights ago to attend the premiere show of Election, one of the feature films in competition. He said he has never expected the movie to be picked to represent HK, he is happy & hopes the movie can bring back some honor. Andy, who is the boss of his managerial co, gave him a present of bow tie & waist band from Armani costing $3,000, for him to wear at the red carpet. Andy's thoughtfulness touches Lam a lot. Andy even wrote on the box, "Ka Tong, Cannes is your first step, Oscars is your target, work hard! Andy."

Lam said he will bring the box home & frame it up to encourage himself. On the encouragement from Andy, he feels some pressure. Andy has always asked him to work hard, hopes he can get Best Supporting Actor with Election, then get Best Actor with Peacock. Lam said he always put in his best in every movie, if there is award is of course good, but no award is ok, the most important is the audience knows he has work hard. His boss Andy sees that Lam will succeed one day, as he is always serious with his work, just that he is lacking in opportunity & luck.

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DATE: 13 MAY 05

ATV TV drama 'Beautiful Legend 2-- Wish of The Star', produced by Wong Jin will be out next Monday. The story makes use of those in the circle as blue print to bring out the unknown dark side behind the glorious faces in the circle. The truth is up to anyone's fancy.

Raymond Wong plays a role insinuating Andy, Eric Suen insinuating Tony, Monica Chan as Carina Lau, Cherrie Yin as Maggie Cheung, & Alice Chan as Anita Mui. One of the story has actors as those in Infernal Affairs, but the title is changed to 'Hell Change'.

The story happens in the 80s in HK, at the time when HK economy was prosperous for 10 yrs. Raymond, Eric, Monica & Alvina Kong graduated from TV artiste school. Raymond with his good look & lively character soon soars on the Tv screen & enters movie circle, he even sets up a movie company. But his love life bears no fruit. Eric as Tony appeared moody, but is good in acting, has won many awards, his love life is torturous, lingering between Monica who comes from Suzhou, & Cherrie who was a beauty queen. Alvina Kong as Sandra Ng is teased by ex bf as fat, successfully becomes slim & dates the director. The characters resemble those in real life a lot.


In an interview by C R yesterday Miu Kiu Wai was asked on the news regarding his 3-month non payment to the workers of his spectacle company. He did not admit or deny, he said he will not answer. He said the report has not affected the daily function of the factory business nor production, otherwise he will sue the media. He does not exclude the workers were paid to disclose the details.

On what Andy said about gathering the 5 Tigers to shoot a movie, Miu said Andy had already discussed with him, he is also looking fw to it. Will his wife come back to the circle? He said she has to surmount a lot of difficulties. First of all, her nickname Fatty Chen, he does not mind but will respect her wish.

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12/5 @ 2100HRS

IA3 opened on Apr 16th in Japan, meeting head on with Keenue Reeves's Constantine. Faced with a strong opponent the 2 male leads, Andy & Tony. had to set off to Japan for the promotion no matter how busy they are. The box office on the first week of opening finally hit No 10 spot. But it lasted for only a week, it dropped out of the top 10 on the follwoing week.

The author had asked counterpart in Japan, she said the promo of IA3 is heavily invested, but the result unlike IA was not as good, it failed to be in the top 5.

In addition, she revealed that Andy's popularity far exceeds that of Tony. So came to poster arrangement, Andy was placed in front, followed by Tony. The worst is LL, not only was he being critised non stop, he was only a silhouette as backdrop, even Chan Dao Ming's feature was sharper than his. Actually this is very bad.

DATE: 12 MAY 05

John Woo who sits in the jury of C FF this yr was interviewed at the Majestic Hotel yesterday. He said he used to like European movies when he was young, but now he likes movies from mainland China a lot, to the extent of respect. He sincerely disclosed that he has all this while takes pride in Chinese culture, its characteristic makings & uniqueness. He has watched Peacock, Kekexili, A World Without Thieves recently, he likes everyone of them. He is also v surprised, compared to American movies, Chinese movies fall short be it in investment or equipment. He has met many Chinese movie producers, they are extreamely eager to learn the advance technology. Moreover, even in the present stage, they are still able to produce such outstanding movies, he is really happy.

When asked why he is thinking about shooting Battle of The Red Wall (Battle of Chi Bi) , he said he wants the overseas audience to re understand the history of China. In his many yrs overseas, he was most touched once when he went to Beijing to shot a United Nations children short film. "Walking on every street corner in Beijing, whether they know me or not, I feels v close to them, I feel like they are like my neighbor, like my distant relatives." Such attachment he has for China has prompted him to decide to shoot the movie The Battle of Chi Bi next year.

He has 10 yrs ago wanted to put The Romance of The Three Kingdoms on the screen, but he lacked the ability. He knows they like Chinese movie, as he has been in Hollywood for a long time. But they do not quite know abt the movies in China, "I wish to film an international Chinese movie, to let them understand Chinese movie & culture."


Philips launched a new model of cell phone 2 days ago. The built-in camera has a highest resolution of 1280X960 pixels, & can even take up to 6 shoots. It comes with a flash light too. At the launch, Megan Lai was invited to share the use of the hp, she revealed her private wall paper. As which is a rearranged pic of her & Andy. She admitted she loves Andy to the extreme. Said, I like him since I was small, I have always hope to enter this circle, as in the circle I should have many chances to meet him, I hope to meet him, the best is I can work together with him , that will be excellent!

DATE: 11 MAY 05

The 58th Cannes Film Festival opens on May 11th. Although there will be fewer Hollywood stars than last year, there will be a host of Chinese names, including director John Wu who has been invited to sit on the Cannes jury for the first time. Films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are all in competition for the prestigious Palme Dor, including works by Johnnie To, Hou Hsiao-hsien and Wang Xiaoshuai. Taiwan's Yang De-chang has also been invited to judge the shorts section.

The global premiere of Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith, will be held. Director George Lucas, actor Ewan Macgregor and actress Natalie Portman are expected in Cannes for the showing.

A quick look at nominated films shows that this year's Cannes Film Festival will have fewer Hollywood stars than last year. Two that will be turning up are Bruce Willis and Clive Owen.

This year a total of 20 films have been nominated for the main competition. In addition to Sin City, other films on offer come from perennial awards favorites such as Lars von Trier, Jim Jarmush and Wim Wenders. This is the sixth time Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-hsien has been nominated and he will be in direct competition with Mainland China's Zhang Yimou, and Wang Xiaoshuai and Hong Kongs Johnnie To for the Palme D'or.

Men In Blacks Tommy Lee Jones has been nominated in his directorial debut. The new film directed by Woody Allen will be shown at Cannes but not compete.

The 58th Cannes Film Festival opens today will run until the final awards ceremony on May 22nd.

DATE: 10 MAY 05

A press con was held in Shanghai yesterday for Perhaps.. Love, a musical movie directed by Peter Chan. Takashi Kaneshiro, Jacky Cheung & Ji Jin Hee, the Korean actor who replaced Andy at the last moment,were present. It was said the role was changed because of the failure in reaching an agreement on the copyright of songs.

Ji tried to dodge the topic on replacing Andy. He indicated destiny has brought him to work with the director. He said, "I do not mind replacing another person, I like to work with Peter, he had filmed famous movies such as Comrade, Almost A Love Story & Three. He filmed very well. It took less than 3 days for the contract to come through when he contacted my managerial co. I am a bit worried before I come to Shanghai, as all the dialogue will be in Mandarin, I have to dance & sing throughout, it is demanding on me, but I have tried my best."

He recalled when the director contacted him there was no script, he only knew he has to sing & dance to relay happiness around. This has vast difference from all his previous roles, as such he accepted it readily. On Andy, he humbly indicated Andy is a legendary person, whereas he is of more lowly status, he dares not comment anything on Heavenly Lau.

Peter has a different view, said, "I chose Ji not because he is v hot nowadays. The TV serial at the most is hot for a few months. He may become a burden when our movie hit the street, so from now everyone should forget his role in Jewel in The Palace. Remember he is Monty, a fantasy angel who match-make Takashi & Chow Xun."


The 31st Saturn Awards was held in America yesterday. HOFD which had 3 nominations failed to clinch any award. Spiderman 2 with 5 awards was the big winner of the night, it was named as Best Fantasy Film, Best Script, Best Special Effects, Best Director-- Sam Raimi & Best Actor --Tobey Maguire. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 by Quentin Tarantino won 3 awards, it was named the Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film, Best Supporting Actor went to David Carradine & Actress Daryl Hannah of the same movie.

Best Actress went to newcomer Blanchard Ryan of Open Water. Nicole Kidman who acted in Birth , Uma Thurman of Kill Bill: Vol. 2 & Ziyi failed to win the award.

9/5 @ 1145 HRS

Nancy Seet was at a Mother's Day celebration activity yesterday together with some other artistes. They were at a big open-air square to assemble a red heart-shaped picture.

She was very proud & delighted with a Mother's Day present. From her eldest daughter in America, she has just received a copy of English newspaper. Her daughter is studying in UC Davis U. In promoting HK movies, her daughter has successfully introduced I A by Andy & Tony to be screened in the U, & has made a newspaper in America to publish a full page coverage on the news of Andy Lau. Nancy Seet is just too happy with this precious Mother's Days present. She put it in her bag to accompany her as she worked yesterday!

DATE: 9 MAY 05

In an interview earlier on, Andy had said he admires Cecilia & Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) the most among the new generation of actress. Charlene is happy on being praised, she hopes to work with Andy one day. On the comment that she is not mature enough, she quipped she is only 22, hopes she can be more mature at 25. She can act in all age gp, from 13, to 22, even 28. On the collaboration with Andy, does she think of acting as his lover? She said she dares not think abt this or ask for it, she is happy just to be his neighbor or cousin.

8/5 @ 1115 HRS

The 4th Children Charity grand show which has the director Stanley Tang as the Chief executive producer will be held on June 22 in Beijing Capitol Stadium. A hundred mil RMB is expected to raise to help the underprivileged children in the inland. The activity receives full support from the authority, heads of State will be also be present that night. The organizer is careful in selecting performing artistes who have to be of good caliber.

Most singers dream to be named, the ones who were confirmed earlier on include Jacky Chan, LL, Joey, Na Yin, Andy Hui, William So, Han Hong, Shun Nan, Andy Lau, Emil Chow, Jonathan Li, Elva Hsiao, Rene Liu, & Lun Yong Liang. It is said Tony will be invited as a mysterious guest, he will even croon a song.

DATE: 08 05 05

In promoting a new Korean movie, ATV held a recruitment exercise. It was the 3rd time yesterday & Yu Ke Xin was arranged to help out, also present were other ATV actors including Jia Yin, who acted as Yu in Wong Jin's TV serial Shoot To Stardom.

Yu attended with her mother, who helped her to wear the Korean costume. Jia Yin wore a sexy outfit. Yu feels that her look does not resemble her, but acting is good. Who has a better figure? She avoided te topic by saying Jia is cute. Jia was happy with the compliment, she will learn Yu's make up & the way she carries herself.

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DATE: 07 05 05

Mother's Day is around the corner, in the C R Tea Pot Talk Show, a poll to pick The Most Filial Artiste in 2005 was conducted. The result was Andy & Chan Bo Chu were voted to be the most filial children.

The votes come from listeners who are mothers themselves. Andy has the highest votes. But he wishes to share this honor with Chow Yin Fat, as to him, Chow is also v filial. On Mother's day, he has taken a day off to be at home. His sisters who stayed overseas have all returned, they will have dinner together with their mother. He used to give presents to his mother, but his mother always take the items such as clothes or bags for exchange, even mushrooms or other sea food. She always told him not to buy things for her, as he can never get a better price than her! So he will give her a red packet with cash.

Chan Bo Chu said his mother has a bad cough due to bronchitis recently, & was warded fro a week. She thinks she belong to the old-fashioned, different from her son type of being filial.


31st America Saturn Film Awards announced the nomination list yesterday. The nominated movies have to be science fiction , illusion, terror & unrealistic kind as themes. HOFD garnered 3 nominations. Namely Zhang Ziyi as Best Actress, Zhang Yimou Best Director, & Best Fantasy Movie. Though nominated, the others movies all come strong. Ziyi had won Best Actress in HK & China for her role, but she is meeting Nicole Kidman in Kill Bill 2 this time, in addition to others. Yimou too meets Spiderman 2 director & Harry Potter ..


ATV in promoting its new prg called Shoot To Stardom, invited Yu Ke Xin & a Andy-look-alike from Shangxi He Gang to meet in Shenzhen yesterday. In the whole meeting Yu was flirty & generous with actions, she did not mind holding onto his shoulder & cheek-to-cheek with him. She said she is not afraid to use Andy again as promotion, she was there as a teacher for the impersonator! She quipped he is not even the real Andy!

When the media asked them to have photo taken, there was no problem asking them to be intimate. When the 23 yr-old was asked to show her love, she even said, "You can ask him to do that, I do not mind." When marks were to be given, He Gang sang the songs I & The Dream I Chase , & Days Together with feelings to her. Yu's mother however complained that his eyes lacked emotion. Yu finally gave him 3 hearts for his look & external features, the voice & talking 2 hearts. She even took out her personal eye brow pencil to draw eye brows for him, so as to make him look more like Andy.

She praised highly that He's side view & the nose resembles Andy the most, with 99 marks. The 1 mark is due to difference in character. Did the copied Andy brought her back memories? She said, "I am here as teacher today, to teach him!"

On the book that will be made into movie, she admitted the producer had contacted her, she has thought abt it, she said she will not play the lead. She said shooting is her job, writing is her interest, the book serves as a memory. Will He Gang be the male lead? She said, "He is suitable, there will be no one more like Andy." She hopes to find a female lead from ATV prg. 23 yr old He Gang praised she is one who dares to love & hates. He takes her as a senior.

DATE: 06 05 05

Copyright of the current hit song 'The Mouse Likes The Rice' was owned by Emperor Gp. Twins have been assigned to sing the Cantonese version. But Andy was found to have taken a step faster in singing this song!

The reporter discovered a VCD of 30 over Andy's songs in Guangzhou, the quality is of low quality. In it, the song, claimed to be sung by Andy, was included! Actually it was the illegal businessman who got someone to impersonate Andy's voice to sing the song! The MV of Chang Yan dao was used, it is indeed ridiculous! When the spokesperson of Andy's managerial co Miss Tam was contacted, she said, "It is impossible for Andy to sing this song, as he is most afraid of mouse, he will get goose pimples if he sings, maybe they shd change it to Andy Loves Bowling!"


Johnathan or Hong, 23, has been carrying the name 'Andy's god-son' since the day he entered the circle. His action is being closely watched, it is quite a pressure to him. But Andy is his grateful teacher, he thanks him for nurturing him.

In these 3 yrs he has filmed in movies Give Them A Chance, IA2, The Park & others. Recently he is playing a part in a movie acted by Leung Ka Fei, as a conman....

Hong has never thought of entering the circle in his school days, after completed school he learnt martial art . One of the teachers introduced him to Andy who signed him up with Teamwork. Said, "I always respect Andy a lot, I always notice what he has done, what movies he has made in a year. I take him as my target of learning, I hope I can be Best Actor by age of 40, I still have 17 yrs to work hard."

His name is always attached with god-dad Andy, is he unhappy? He said, "It is v natural as Andy is the one who brings me out. Of course there is pressure! If my own name is tarnished it is ok, I am afraid to affect him! " Hong's career has just starting, it has not reached his target, but he is not disappointed, he is not thinking of changing line, he will produce an album this year. He chooses acting to singing, he hopes to act as hero or in wuxia movies.


Yu Ke Xin, touted to be the black spot of Andy, after publishing a book to publicize their past love affair, has planned to put it on the TV screen & announced she will play the lead role.

Unfortunately, the bridge is set forth by Wong Jin first. He is shooting a new serial for ATV, called Beautiful Legend II The Wish of the Star. Not only he will put the love triangle of Maggie, Tony & Carina Lau on the screen, he will produced the same love story of Yu & Andy, including their first night, his relationship with secret lover Carol Zhu Liqian, till their marriage, & the rumored love from Anita Mui. Not only is he not afraid of offending anyone, he is copying it all, revealing the secret segments.

Wong is famous with working fast, within 2 mths he is able to hand out the work. In the middle of the May the serial will hit the small screen. Though everyone claims the story points to no one, the characters involved are obvious.

In one story, the male lead Leung Fok Hua, played by Raymond Wong is entertaining enough. It narrates how he fell in love when he first joined the circle with a Taiwanese actress Yu Rou Huan, their rush first night, & the book published by her years later.

The male lead met a lady, named Zhuang Lili, from Singapore in a charity show, they fell in love at the first sight. To avoid being seen by the reporters, even in the restaurant, they sat one front one back, they had to use phones to convey their love msg. Not until the secret admirer of the male lead died of cancer that he dared to bring her to his alter & told her, "You need not worry, I have already found someone who can take care of me!" He proposed to her then, on the secluded beach they held a wedding ceremony.

In real life it was rumored Andy & Carol are married secretly & have a child, whether proposed in front of the alter or not is up to you to believe.

Wong has picked a newcomer of ATV , who has an innocent look with big eyes to played Zhu. It bears some resemblance.

The one who acted as the ex gf, Ka Wing, said the toughest was to act the first night scene, she said on TV it cannot be too sexy, luckily she has worked with Raymond before.

Chen Wei who acted as the secret admirer resembles Anita in some way, she acted as the 'bad girl' of the 80s till her death bed?

DATE: 05 05 05

In the radio interview Teapot Talk Show, Andy was asked if he meets someone who is his 'cup of tea', what he will do. He replied he is willing to forgo money, but he will not do so to his career. The most is he will dwindle the career. He jested that one cannot indulge in the 'matter' & forgets about the aim. By 'matter' he means his Honey. Career is his life, the one who loves him must know that he enjoys his work, it is impossible for him to be beside her 24 hrs a day.

Andy had said before that he will not be a boss again. Has he taken back the words now that he is filming H D movies ? He explained, "I said I will not collaborate with others as boss, (Alone you will do it?) Yes, I take back my words, Haha." In order to produce H D movies to support the new generation of directors, he has asked for a fee hike. Now from 8 mil a movie his fee is 10 mil. He has accepted 3 movies, it is enough to produce H D movies. In the fee hike, some bosses were unwilling, as to a HK artiste, 8 to 10 mil fee is the maximum.

Zhang Ziyi's popularity has soared internationally recently. Andy feels that she has her charisma, she is very focused & enthusiastic. She is v good, knows how to face others. He disclosed that before she entered the circle, she was his fans. Before she was well known, she had asked Zhang Yimou to bring her to see Andy for an autograph. Once she wanted to see his concert, she had no money to buy the ticket as she was a student, she danced for the workers at the entrance so as to get in!

If 10 taks is full marks, Andy gives Zhang 9 taks , those with 10 taks will be Maggie Cheung, Jacqueline Ng, Rosamund Kwun, Cherrie Chong, all belonging to his era, the new generation Cecilia, Sammi are 9 taks so is Twin Charlene, only if she is more matured.

Andy has not watched Jewel in The Palace yet. The wind has reminded him in the 90s HK productions in Korea was 'both hands take all', the Korean has improved, not sure now if the HK people has learnt.


Mo Zi War Strategy by the Japanese cartoonist Mori Hideki will soon be made into a movie. The male lead is set to be played by Andy Lau.

The story narrates the Mohist school of thought. Mo descendents Ke Li in propagating the teaching incesaantly helped smaller cities to defend themselves. 2300 yrs ago in the period of Warring States , Zhao country led a troop of a mil to the Liang country which had only 4,500 soldiers. The country sought help from the righteous anti-war Mohist school group. While the country was panic-striken, help arrived from the Mo school. But it is only one person, Ke Li.

The movie is confirmed to be directed by HK director Zhang Zi Liang, who had directed movies such as The Cage people, Meteor Voice. The movie is a co-investment of China, Japan & Korea at 150 mil, it is the most heavily invested movie of the year in HK.


[The article on Miu in Chinese is typed by Winnie Chan,
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The 5 tigers of yesteryear, each has his own winning stance in life. In Sept last yr, when Miu Kiu Wai was the guest of Andy's concert, he did not forget to tease Andy, "Want to compete with me again?" Never expected Andy conceded defeat immediately, "I have no wife no children, how can I ever compete with you? I have lost!"

Some love career, some love family, Miu has both, that is why he is not afraid to be compared. He is forever talking the most, when the 5 Tigers are together.

"Tony, Andy are so successful, I admire them so much, I am v happy for them, now whenever people talk abt the 5 Tigers, I feel honored. I like to see them both, Tony is soft, he likes to use his eyes to mesmerize girls, Andy is steely, can see that he is full of fire. Frankly speaking those who knows how to act all comes from TVB, I too, I feel so proud.

I admire Felix the most, since 1979 at the training school till now, I find that he is just like Guo Jing, very pure, he has no dispute with anyone, I admire how he gets himself clean of dispute, he is his ownself in character, for years he has never changed , v good."

Miu likes to smile broadly exposing his teeth . When he smiles, the crow feet around the corner of his eyes cringe up, it is very heart-warming. "Of course I have contact with Ken Tong, he is shooting TV serial in Mainland. We meet once a year at the year end, for years this has never stopped , last year we met in Andy's house for hot pot. Ha, old man old buddies, we sat down to chat, we do not talk who admire who! I am very fortunate? Ok lah!"

DATE: 04 05 05

What get you on ? What does not get you on?
What do u like? What do u don't like?
What is 'tak' with you ? What is 'not tak' with you?
'tak' is just a Cantonese slang meaning 'like'
I 'tak' you means I like you.
'tak' 10 X means I like very much, 10 X!
There goes the meaning of the title of the new song?
Haha.. my interpretation! I hope it is correct!
No news today....

DATE: 3 MAY 05

Andy's new song 'I Got You' has become the pet song on the lips of youngsters in HK. He went to RTHK for an interview & to promote the new song yesterday. He was asked what 'Got' him what 'Un-got' him. Though usually busy with work, he is aware of the new songs coming up in the circle. Among the 10 over new songs plugged, he sings praises on Kenny's song Don't Be Too Sad At The Departure . He commented Kenny sang v well & was full of emotion, he has never expected he is so outstanding, he did not know it was Kenny at first.

The other singers who release new songs this time include LL, Mirium, Karen, Nicholas, Alex Fang etc, why did he pick a new face? Andy said he gives new comer a better chance & feels that he has shown great improvement.

His most un-gotten thing is the toll increase of the Eastern Habor Tunnel. The toll is increased from $15 to $25. As a protest, he will wake up earlier to avoid using the tunnel, he quipped he is most un-gotten with the reasons given for toll increase, & the insincere attitude.

He had watched a stage show recently by Lin Yik Hua, East Palace, West Palace of the West Nine Dragon Emperor. This has gotten him! He has always admire the work of Lin, his work is harder to understand previously, but now his work is closer to heart & easier to understand, esp the songs , he likes them v much, it is best the songs can come out in an album. He intents to include their songs in his new album. [HKCD].

He had also gone to Michael Hui talk show 2 nights ago. Someone saw him chatting with CEO Donald Tsang. Andy asked if that person had seen wrongly, as he was not sitting next to Mr Tsang, but he had said Hi to him, Tsang had asked him how he keeps fit. Mr Tsang said he swims & exercise but is still fat!

On Mother's Day, Andy has planned to stay at home with family. His sisters will come back to HK. He is thinking of making glutinous rice chicken which his mother likes the most, he hopes he is successful in making !.

DATE: 1 MAY 05

It has always been rumored that Andy will act in the musical movie directed by Peter Chen, Perhaps?Love. Yesterday Peter announced that he is using Ji Jin Hee, the Korean actor made popular by the recent soap dram Jewel In The Palace.

The movie invested at US$9 mil has a unusual theme of using large-scaled music & dance. He admitted Andy was contacted before Ji, but they failed to reach an agreement on the fine contract details. Peter expressed regret. Ji had gone to Shaghai to meet Peter & agreed to stay in Shanghai for a mth to film the movie though his part takes only 10 days. JI said he feels the pressure to play Monty who dances & sings.