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Date 23 May 01
Source: Oriental Daily

Alec Su who had signed up with nmg was in HK recently. He had recording done for his first album with nmg. The songs selected includes boss Andy's classics.

As it is the first album for Alec & boss Andy, they pay much attention to it. Alec said he has more confidence this time compared to the previous album recorded in TW. Other than Cantonese songs, there will be 1 to 2 Andy's songs.

Actually Alec always admires Andy & is v familiar with his songs. He had always wanted to re-dub Andy's songs but it was difficult as they belong to different comapnies. He likes Thanks For Your Love, Days Together. He chooses the songs that make Andy famous rather than the others.

Diary from

Filmed Love On A Diet [Thin Man & lady] till this morning, went home for a shower, then started packing for trip to Japan. As I will be away for abt 2 weeks, so need to bring more things.
Now on my way to the airport. Ai......beginning to feel sleepy......okay....see u in Japan...

[Hi Terrie, Andy & the crew had gone to Japan for filming of Thin Man & Lady yesterday. Location of filming & duration not stated.]

Date: 22 May 01
Headline/Source: 300-pounder forced girl friend to loss weight. Andy locked the fridge to stop Sammi from stealing food to eat (Apple Daily) Thin Man & Lady fatty look exposed, Andy: look like Johnnie To (Show 8)
Sammi complained being 'molested' with fatty look (Oriental Daily)
Andy acted as a 300 lb fat man (The Sun)
Andy becomes a 300-pounder, no loop-holes with the special make-up (Ming Pao)
Andy fatty make-up melted under the heat (Sing Tao)
3 long hours needed to do a fatty look make-up (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy helped Sammi to lose weight, understands difficulties of fat person (Nanyang Siang Pao)

Andy & Sammi appeared for a press interview 2 nights ago at 'Jia Long' studio in Yan Lang while filming for Thin Man & Lady. Andy appeared in his 300-lb fatty look. This look was enough to attract 60 over reporters to the site. As the space was limited, the place was v crmped. His appearence caused a stir, everyone was astonished by the transformation. The change was hard to believe! There was no lines or scars. As Sammi did not film the fatty lady part, she did not appear with the fatty look. .

Andy was v co-operative, he turned left & right for all to take photos. After photo taking, he immediately left the scene. Later he explained that the area was too warm because of the crowd, his make-up will melt under high temperature, so he went in for a touch-up. He was given an air-con to cool down the body. Also too much movements had disturbed his make-up.

Andy said his feeling after the transformation was like wearing a few coats of padded jackets, hot & stuffy, & is quite a tough job. As he has to put layers of rubbery glue on the face, initially he has some skin allergy problems, but now it is better.

With the make-up, Andy moves the bare minimum, & talks little when he is not filming to preserve the make-up. He said it is v troublesome when he needs to go to the toilet. He has to remove the 'fat coat' first. It is difficult to perform fine movements.

After the experience of being a fat person, he understands difficulties of a obese person, the person can't even find the zip on his pants, can't see his own feet, & finds difficulties in wearing shoes!

Andy said his fatty look resembles Johnnie To, Johnnie To looks like Deng Kwan Yong, but Johnnie protested that he is not so giant-sized.

The company had set up a small house in the studio. This house is supposed to be Andy's house in Japan. In the movie, Sammi goes to Japan to look for Andy for help on slimming. The house is quite small compared to his weight. He locks up the fridge to stop Sammi from eating.

Andy & Sammi had left for Japan yesterday to continue with the filming. They will both appear as fat guys walking on the street.

[ out for them, dear friends in Japan!]

The movie will be screened on 21 June in HK.

Johnnie To is confident with the movie, he commented that Andy has acted well. Though it is tough going, Andy has so far never lost his temper, he jokes with all, he is indeed very professional.

Diary from

20/5---After few days of continuous work, our director finally couldn't stand, fell sick today... ....!
Just abt the time to go out today, informed by the assistant that the activity for morning was cancelled, me have a day holiday. Plus this gloomy weather, is a real good day to sleep!

Date: 21 May 01
Click here to see pictures taken by Andy's German fan, Andrea Renkel She is a part-time journalist writing for a quarterly magazine about asian cinema. She met Andy in Cannes & had taken close-up pictures of Andy. Thanks a lot, dear friend, Andrea.

Source: Sin Pao

...In the special preview of AFB in Japan, Takako commented she was excited with the release of the movie, it will be most wonderful if there is another chance for her to act opposite Andy...

AFB had topped boxoffice collection in HK for 3 consecutive weeks, its performance in Japan is yet to be seen.

Your mail received with thanks!
From Chee Yee
Hi Katherine, my name is Chee Yee I'm from Brazil, my parents are chinese. I love you site, and Andy Lau too you don't know how much!!!!!! He is so Beatiful, inteligent... I can't find some one to talk about him with me. So i'm writing to you!...

Dear Chee Yee, welcome! Join andylau mailing list for more friends, okay?

Diary from

19/5---Filming of Full Time Killer was over earlier than scheduled. Resting for a while after lunch, had another short nap. Waiting for the driver to pick me up for filming starting at 3+pm for the night shooting, but after 15 min the driver still hadnt come........?! after calling then realised the time was actually 5+pm, real annoyed..........! Then have another samll nap la!

Date: 20 May 01
Source: Apple Daily

Tokiwa Takako was at Warner cinema [?] Japan yesterday for the promo of the movie, Fighter's Blues. She was in a low-cut dress revealing her full assets, a look rarely seen in her lately.

Andy who was not able to be there, had prerecorded a video clip to greet the fans. He said he is sorry to leave Takako alone to do the promo, he will give her a treat later!

Source: Ming Pao

Shu Qi who is still in Cannes said she will be be filming Andy's movie Man At 40 later.

Diary from

18/5---Because of a heavy downpour, all the activities in the morning were cancelled. Immediately went home to take some rest.
Since there is time, after having slept for a few hours, made an appointment with the office to hold meeting on the concert. But after lunch, while waiting for the driver to pick me up, unknowingly fell asleep again..Haha....finally I was half an hour late for the meeting.


[pic removed due to space constraint]

Thank you very much, dear friend, Terrie, for the identification:
From far left: Andy, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Katori Shingo ( who dressd up as Shingo Mama),
Inagaki Goro, Kimura Takuya with Chef's hat and Nakai Masahiro (the host) kneeling Tokiwa Takako.

Date: 19 May 01
Source: Apple Daily

Andy, spokesman for Super Warm, he had filmed its commercial in NZ Nov last year, in feb this year, he had jointly sent 2,000 thremals to Mongolia with the company. Though their relationship has always been good, lately Andy's comapny Topman Global Ltd, filed a law suit asking for a sum of 1.5 mil.

The suit claims that Topman had received a cheque of 1.5 mil in May but the cheque bounced.

Thro' the assistant, Andy gave the reply as he wont response, he had handed the case over to the lawyer.

Diary from 17/5---Today started the day & night filming again, moring filmed for FTK, evening started making-up for Thin Man & lady. This will go on for a few days......!
Luckily recording for the new album had all been done, now left with some after-work & cover design, all these I can choose not to be involved, giving me time to have good rest.

[Views of Andy Town:
Having travel more miles than others, having more education or wealth, or having easy accessibilty to a film star do not maketh one a class higher, nor can one wins respect.
Dear Yumiko, do not be bothered. You have all the support from Andy fans.
Thank you too for your support on Andy Town.]

Date: 18 May 01
Source: Apple Daily/ Ta Kung Pao/ Ming Pao/ Sing Tao

Recently Andy had gone to Japan & pre-record a TV prg called Smap X Smap. But before the prg is telecast on 28 May, many Japanese mags already carried reports of it to satisfy fans of Andy & Smap.

[Smap has 5 members. I searched the web & got their names in English.
Other than Kimura Tayuka, I am not able to tell u who is who in the news, as they don't have the Chinese translated names. The other 4 members are:
Nakai Masahiro
Inagaki Goro
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Katori Shingo
Maybe our dear friends in Japan can help us?]

At the start of the prg, the host, [ Cong Ji Wu Kwan], reading from a scrap, in broken Cantonese, asked Andy, "What do u like to eat?"
The gp had never expected Andy could answer, in fluent Japanese , "I like sea-food, fish…" They gave a shock & all started to 'Whoa. Whoa…. "

Cong Ji later asked what impression Andy has on Smap Andy answered humorously, "One of them is a female! I like Zen-wu mama the most!" This made them laugh a lot. Later [Xiang Qi Zen Wu] quietly left the scene to appear later in the costume of 'Zen-wu mama'. This made them broke out with more laughters!

They elaborately cooked up dishes for Andy to taste. The other 4 were divided into 2 gps. One gp prepared [Kimura & Zao Kung Jian Gan] a dish of 'fish bladder' [?] & fish head , the other gp prepared Wantan shark-fin noodle.

Finally Kimura gp turned out the better cook. The loser [Zenwu gp] pretended to look glum, saying they already knew before hand as Andy & Takako pointed to Kimura during tasting of food. Andy gave Kimura gp first grade Kuan Yin tea as gifts. Andy said actualy it is because he does not like wantan usually, & the shark fin noodle is a bit too salty!

After the prg, many workers of the TV stn asked for autograph & photo-taking with Andy. Andy obliged them all. They were extremely happy & commented that Japanese actors have never done that, they were touched by Andy's warmth & friendlyness.

Source: The Sun /Oriental Daily

Landow Li when contacted yesterday denied vehemently on the report that Andy is withdrawing from nmg. He just had a meeting with Andy the night before. The report has strong effect on the business & development of nmg. He stressed that he & Andy has jointly invested in nmg. For many years there is no change with the collaboration. There is no disagreement between them. As regards to changes & transfer of staff, it is v common in any organisation. There are false reports such as saying Kuan Suyi is the only one signed up by Andy. The person who was said to have resigned is currently in Beijing helping with the filming of Zhang Sanfeng. He hopes that in future the media will ask either Andy or himself directly.

Diary from

16/5---Start the preparation of my concert this year. The first thing of course is to take photos for the promo poster & promo video clippets. I wont say more on the details. Guess what style I will be?
Actully during this trip to France, many things happened. But the thing worth mentioning is, actully sea-food is v popular there & v fresh. It is v yummy & not oily, so every meal in France, all of us eat seafood, big feasting...
15/5---As the flight schedule was changed, arrived HK hald a day earlier than scheduled. Other than going home to rest, went back to old house to see the renovation work, though still take quite a long while before completion, the progress is still satisfactory, if only I can shift in earlier.
Night time have to do replacement shooting for Fulltime Killer. I think a few more days all will be done. Hope this movie will be released soon, to share with all.

Date: 17 May 01
Source: The Sun

Last year, Andy had set billions of dollars to invest & re-launch his New Melody company which was set up by him 10 years ago. The new company, nmg, is a joint venture between him & Landow Li Xiao Ling. It is a pity that barely a year, there is a rumour that he is planning to withdraw from nmg & separate from his partner of many years!

Accordingly Andy & Landow each has half of the shares. Andy always leaves all business dealings of nmg to Landow & he concentrates working on TeamWork. In the last half of year, there are some serious differences with business dealings of nmg between the two partners. There were also changes made in the staff, with the resignation of 2 senior staff, & re-location of Andy’s senior assistants to Beijing & TW. Andy was not able to know happenings in nmg.

The main reason for Andy to withdraw his stakes in actually poor performance of nmg. Other than Andy’s own album, Dicky’s album & his TV serials sell well, the other productions such as Takashi’s concert in HK & TW, Dave Wong’s concert in Guangzhou are less satisfactory.

Andy is faced with the problem of withdrawing his album contract with nmg. He ahs to withdraw this before he can control his own album production. The upcoming charity concert on 2 June, Andy’s concerts in Mainland at year end, Dicky’s filming of TV series Journey To The West have all been processed at the moment, so it is most likely that Andy will continue with his contract with nmg.

The Sun reporter contacted Andy’s assistant last night, she refused to comment, saying Landow handles all matters considering nmg, she wont answer. (Is nmg losing money?) This will be left for Landow to answer. We are still carrying on with work, Andy’s concert is still on!

When Landow was contacted, he said there is no such thing & cut the line off hurriedly.

Source: The Sun /Ming Pao

In Japan, Smap the 5-member team, is a recognized smart & handsome combination. When Andy attended their TV prg recording of SmapX Smap, he won the admiration of the 5, they praised him for being full of style!

Andy & Takako attended the recording hand in hand, Not only he stayed by her side all the time, he held her hands now & then. The 5 screamed & commented Andy was suave. The leader said he will blush if he did the same thing. Kimura wanted Andy to play finger-guessing game. The all feel that Andy appearance in their prg is a memorable day for them…

Date: 16 May 01
Source: The Sun

The movie starring Andy & Takako opens in Japan soon. Though Andy is fairly well-known in Japan, collaboration with Takako further boosts his popularity, he is honoured to grace the cover of one of the 3 most popular female magazines in Japan. The magazine usually uses the top local artistes to front their covers. This issue of ‘Nu Xing Zi Shen’ uses pic of Andy & Takako. The mag boosts a circulation of more than a million copies per issue.

The mag carries 4 pages of reports on the details of the promo activities of the two leads. Andy fielded all questions posed to him, he praised highly of Takako in front of the media. He openly admitted that every time he sees Takako’s smiles, he can feel her gentleness. Said he, “Takako is a lady I admire a lot, I like her ears.” The mag included a pic of them hugging each other during one of days of filming. Compared to Leslie Cheung who coact with Takako in Moonlight Express before, Leslie went to Japan for the promo, though he appeared in Female Seven's cover, his name was not mentioned, just the words, ‘Her Dream-mate’. Treatment Andy received is the most generous this time, it is one & only exclusive treatment.

The promo of AFB in Japan covers all nooks & corners. Other then the previous big scale press con, the two will appear on 3 newspapers, 13 TV prgs, 15 magazines!

The most noteworthy of Andy’s trip to Japan is his appearance a TV prg on Fiji Channel SampXSmap, the most popular TV prg in Japan. Andy will also be on air on a morning radio prg, woman’s prg in the afternoon, evening Super News, etc. The most interesting is he will he hosting a prg alone on NHK, titled ‘Speaking Mandarin’, even the national educational station does not miss him!

5 sets of souvenirs on AfB will be launched, including posters, past-cards, phone-cards. If the movie sells well, these will become hot collectibles. The other treat fans get is a half-priced ticket on the first day of release, at 1,000 yen (HK$65) each.

The wide publicity Andy gets this time is equivalent to a Hollywood star. Following this, his cooperation with Takashi Sorimachi in Full Time Killers will be another stir, as the storyline suits the taste of Japanese…

Source: Sing Tao

In his 5-day stay in Cannes, other than work, Andy stole some time to relax. He toured the area, tasted local delicacies & even visited a night spot.

One morning, Andy had an interview at the hotel balcony. While he was looking far at the opposite balcony, he saw a lady sun-bathing naked. Andy mused, “Haha! Of course I carried on with the interview seriously, never steal side-glances! Actually this stuff is v common overseas, only Hongkongers find it surprising, (Really you did not peep?) How not to peep? My view is so wide, haha.. But my first impression was will she catch a cold? Though there was sunlight, but it was not hot, can catch a cold….” Andy joked that man always are naked as they open their top all the time.

Andy had a tough shooting schedule of 2 movies before he went to Cannes, this trip to Cannes though work related, is relatively light. Andy said the lane lesuquepst is most unforgettable, it resembles HK’s Lan Qui Fang, the lane is all pubs, there is live music performances. In HK, Andy does not go the night spots, he went pubbing once in Cannes, now back to HK, he has to restrain himself & start his day & night shooting again.

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