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Date: 27 Nov 01
Source: Min Shen Pao

After a lapse of 9 yrs , Andy & Anita joined hands in movie again. Though he new movie Ai Jin Ru Meng has another female lead, Sandra Ng, her role is less than Sandra, she does not mind at all.

From planning to shooting, the time is only a month. After 911 event, Andy has decided to put aside the initial movie PC0927 aside to film this movie which is more entertaining.

Anita acted as an arrogant rich man’s daughter skilful in dancing. She was later influenced by Andy & Sandra & changed to a merry-going person. Sandra who was always a loser in love in movies, for once became Andy’s gf. Anita feeling for Andy in the movie was only a fantasy.

Source: United Daily News

Who will be hosts of Golden Horse awards this year? The organizer disclosed yesterday that they are still inviting Andy, to be one of the hosts. Contacted via trunk call, Andy admitted he has been invited to be a host, but his work schedule is tightly packed. To be a host for the event has to be in Hualian 2 days early for the rehearsal. Is he able to give the time, it is still unsure. Not until the last minute, the organizer is not giving up.

Andy is still thinking, without saying yes or no. The rumoured Su Kang Yong confirmed he wont be hosting as till now he has not received the invitation letter. [news of him being a gay was out recently…]

If the organizer successfully invited Andy to be a host, it will be a breaking news. They are not too hopeful but hope a miracle will happen.

Andy is v supportive to G H awards. Lately he has tried his hands on many things, such as organizing Celebrities Cup, as host is not difficult task for him, but he wants to do his best.

He is nominated in Best Actor award, will be too restless waiting for result & hosting the event. This may be his reason if he finally say no to the organizer.

D f

25/11---Today everyone was rather tense during shooting, as the outdoor scene was rented for only one day. The scene to film is a big scaled one, so must save time, to finish shooting within the limited time. Everyone v rushed but finally could finish in time, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Date: 26 Nov 01
Source: China Press

Peter Stuyvesant & Genting Entertainment through Peter Stuyvesant Time To Breakaway will host Andy Lau in Concert 2001 at Gentings Highlands, KL Malaysia, on the 14 & 15 Dec.

The spokesperson promises every show is an exclusive experience to the audience. Aftert the concert, the organizer will hold a party at Dance Kafe for those 18 & above...

D f

24/11---Lately busy with shooting, no time for music, finally today can do something which I hardly have time for, that is recording~~~went back to studio today, feeling still so close. Discussed with the producer some new songs, hope to bring some surprise to all.

[A missed news...]

25/11 @ 1630 hrs
Source: Apple Daily

Lately entertainment circle has brought prosperity to HK tour agencies, after organizing gp tour to Mainland to watch concerts, visits to filming sites, now there is one that organize gp tours to TW to catch Golden Horse Awards.

With HK$1, 799, one can visit TW Hualian & watch the awards ceremony, showcasing the Best Actor/Actress nominees Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng, Shu Qi & Anita Mui.

38th G H awards will be held on the 8th Dec. Accordingly this is the first time gp tour is being organized for G H Awards. An agency said they have 3 gps, 40 in each, one of which was booked entirely by Andy fans, each pay abt $2,000

Over at phone interview, Andy asst said, “Andy is v grateful to fans support, but now schedule is v tight, not sure if he can make it. “

Date: 25 Nov 01
Source: Apple Daily

V interesting, those beginning to assume slight position of a big star, have better chance to get awards, will also not behave like Eason Chan, whose body turned paralytic soft, & declared arrogantly , “Other than Jacky Cheung, the other Heavenly Kings can never attract me to buy their albums… My principle is ‘more capable ones should take over.”

Aaron said, “Joke only.” Andy said, “V disappointed.” Senior said, “Once got the position, start to talk nonsense.”

But this attitude always appears in the e-news, not once only. Obvious that this person self discipline is not worth mentioning.

Words of praise are better come from outsiders. Sometimes stepping on your colleague will not raise your status. Every person has his dislikes, reasons for not buying, ‘singing’ in front in public, is lacking in ‘mouth ethic’----they have their own fans, their effort put forth is worth respecting. When there is a chance to go up, trying to get negative comment? This is degrading yourself. We really like to know the outcome.

This article does not pin point at anything, In actual fact, in e circle, many are complacent, this self-bloated image is ugly. Also, those who do not know the principle of following the movement of waves are getting more & more.

Seng Pao

Alan Tam commented that the achievements of Eason Chan compared to the 4 Heavenly Kings are negligible, not even one stroke out of 10.

He said if Eason had really said such words then he should really had not done so. Every artiste has put in sacrifices, to be called Heavenly King must have their own achievements, not just by words only.

In comparison, Nic Tse though appears rebellious, knows how to respect seniors, he is restraint in his doings, he is more likable. Kelly Chen said she keeps albums of all the 4 kings.

Source: Oriental Daily

Haken Li commented if Andy Lau lacks attraction, who else has attraction? He feels that juniors are not fit to critise others. He feels that nobody rules in music circle, when there was Alan, there was Leslie. Now many listen to Jay’s music, but here are others who listen to Andy’s music. Andy’s fans are v obedient, they don’t boo people…

D f

23/11---Went home this morning, sleep right away. But after a while. Have to go office foe meetings. But no shooting today, can take rest.

Something more interesting:
Andy Town at S'pore Concert

What I missed:
1) The 4-sided stage as in HK Coliseum. The 3-sided stage appeared cramped esp with dancers around. The forest dance was best seen when they were from 4 corners & converged to the center. Fans could not get a panoramic view.
2) The cave-man costume. The initial costume was changed to a light blue ensemble, with a leopard spot drape. His footwear!! The initial thick furry boots of the Eskimos was changed to one with leopard spots too!!!. The new look is v refreshing. I love both but I prefer the original caveman look more.
3) The 4 sided giant backdrop from the top, with wuxia story & words of jinag-hu fighting. It has been changed to pictorial China, with lyrics of song Chinese, penned by the singer himself. The song Pigeon Love was changed to Chinese. I love the first song more. But I like both.
4) No. I don’t miss the dinosaur or guest singer

What I like:
1) The songs. Many old Mandarin songs were sang, including If U Are My Legend, Gu Xin Lei, Thanks For Ur Love, unexpected surprise. Songs came one after another, with no pause, the singer ran from one end to the other, …v exciting indeed.
2) Innovative stage ---overhead bridge with stairs going up from both sides, & a platform in between for the singer to stop, he ‘suspended himself perilously from there as he sang.. [careful..] The stage was transformed to a magic-land with its lighting. General use of confetti.
3) The sequence. No 'quite' moments. It was high trroughout.

Below shows 2 photos taken at fans-gathering at Sheraton Towers. The gp photo was taken from The other photo is me taken with Andy!....

Thank you all very much, dearest friends!...Thanks for your help with the spelling...
Errata: Spelling of car--- LAMBORGHINI or LAMBOURGINI

[Andy Town: A mammoth amount of stuff today 19/11. I hope you enjoy reading...'Even if I dont write (sing) well, please clap', quote from Andy. I work hard, with sincerity, to produce good work...]

Date: 24 Nov 01
Source: Oriental Daily/Ming Pao

Andy Hui when asked to comment on Eason Chan’s remark, said, “Some people are more daring in behavior, some are more accommodative. Everyone has different character. What he said I have no courage to comment. Heavenly kings’ songs are good, I buy their albums!”

Newcomer Chan Si Han praised the 4 Kings are role models of new singers. They are pioneers in bringing HK music to other parts of Asia. This pave the way for future singers. He feels whether the newcomers are now taking over or the 4 Kings are still in the circle are 2 different things, there should be more rooms in the circle. He said,” I admired Andy’s attitude in ‘never giving up’, he is v hardworking. Other than Andy, the other 3 Kings I equally admired.”

D f

22/11---After the press con today, went back shooting. Discussed the script with Sandra, as tonite is filming the ending scene, need some preparation. I still have some flu, felt quite sleepy. Tonite has night shooting, maybe till dawn, after shooting need to take a good sleep.

Date: 23 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Sweeping through music circle 17 years far & wide but looked down by a junior. Andy admitted disappointed with Eason Chan (Apple Daily)
Andy cooly reacted to Eason Chan’s wild talk ‘V disappointed'(Oriental Daily)
Andy & Aaron both not on Top 10 Most Airplay singers, both stand on same line to snub Commercial (The Sun)
Andy disappointed with Eason Chan, not happy with his arrogant remark (Ming Pao)
Andy takes Eason Chan’s remark as joke (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy continues to boycott Commercial Radio charts (Sing Tao)
Andy: not buying album are fans too. Eason Chan’s remark invited repercussions (Sin Pao)

Andy attended an activity, organized by Microsoft, Commercial Radio & HK Social Service, ‘Everyone Has Computer & Hope' at Wan Zai yesterday. He was one of the main guests. He appealed to the public to donate old computers & share the expertise with others.

Eason Chan has become the highest airplay singer in CR. Recently Eason Chan’s had passed some remarks on the 4 Heavenly Kings. He said other than Jacky Cheung, he wont buy the albums of the other 3 Kings, he deemed them as lacking in attraction.

Andy said in the music circle, it is natural that the more capable ones take over. He has known Eason since his first album. He feels that Eason does not look like one who can talk so arrogantly. He did not read the details of the newspapers. But if the report is true, then he will be v disappointed with him. Andy said nowadays the youngsters may prefer to listen to Jay Chow’s & some younger singers' music, but they can still listen to his music. The market should be able to accommodate music of all types. He wont react too much to Eason’s remark. As what Aaron had said, “Joke only."

Eason’s record co Music Plus clarified that Eason did not mean to be disrespectful to the 3 kings, he was just saying his own likings.

For many years Andy did not attend C R music awards, will he break his record & attend this year?

“Any activity which is meaningful & needs me I will attend." He added 1st Jan is his holiday. Looks like he wont attend again this year.

D f

21/11---2 nites ago filmed till dawn, though cold & tired, filming was v cheerful. How come? Because many friends came to visit! The staff working behind lah, reporters lah…they all come to the scene, making it v busy all of a sudden. It was like a new year visit, happily gathering together. Filmed till dawn, the sky lighted up to blue hue, everyone enjoy the sun rise, really beautiful!

Date: 22 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Andy shows of chivalry in group shooting. Edison Chan’s Ferrari used as ‘temporary prop?(Apple Daily)
Andy in good mood, requested media not to disturb Anita, protective to her new romance (Oriental Daily)
Andy protective to Anita’s romance (Ming Pao)
Anita turned soft on seeing Andy (Sing Tao)
Andy not talking on Anita’s new love (Ta Kung Pao)
Heavenly Queen status obvious, Sandra sat aside & called Big sister. (The Sun)

Ai Jin Ru Meng had its shooting done at Wan Zai Harbor 2 nights ago. Andy, Anita, Sandra, Edison, Ronald Cheng & Lin Jia Tong braved the cold to film.

Edison who played a cameo role lent out his 2.2 mil Ferrari to be use as prop. Initially it was to borrow from Lin Jian Yue, whose Ferrari was damaged during the M A T Cup in Macau by Daniel Wu.

Edison said he wont charged money for it.

The wind was strong & it was cold When Andy & Anita had a photo taken together, Anita was v caring & gentle towards Andy. When his hair was messed up by the wind, Anita caringly stroke his hair to set it right. She actively suggested they changed a direction. She was v meticulous.

Nat Chan had teased her that she wants to marry Andy more than singing a duet. Andy said, “Don’t tease her la.?On Anita’s new Thai bf, Andy said he has no comments, as it is private matter, & asked the media not to disturb her otherwise it may blew away. He avoided the reporters when his romance was brought up but he kept his smiles..

Andy denied being unhappy at M A T Cup, they went away to meet CEO of Macau, & not leaving the place.

Anita has obviously more heavenly status than Sandra. Andy arranged the 2 dance teachers to take care of Anita, Snadra called her Sis Mui. Anita ‘complaint?that the boss Andy has high requirements, one dance scene was NG 10 over Xs, sometimes had to dance for 10 hrs a day.

It was rumoured that Sammi was initial cast instead of Anita. Anita said she is used to this type of rumour. Sandra defended that she was aware of Anita role from the start, the role was not meant for Sammi.

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Annual Hit Awards press con by C Radio was held yesterday. In almost all categories, names of the 4 Kings were hardly in. Andy & Jacky was given Highest Airplay Music Producer & Singer respectively. Aaron’s name was not in at all.

Source: United News

It is confirmed that Andy will not be the co-host of Golden Horse Awards with Carol Cheung. He has no time for rehearsal as he will arrived from Germany on the same day.

D f

20/11---Shooting from last nite till this am, v tired on reaching home, immediately went to sleep. Had a good sleep for ?a day, followed by another tight shooting. This is the first outdoor shooting after so many days. The location is at the harbour. Thought he wind wasn’t strong, not too cold, I still brought a gown, just in case. Everyone take care!

Date: 21 Nov 01
D f

10/11---Lately not in HK most of the time, yesterday was a bit free, so went back to office for meeings. Really so rushed~~so rushed~~Nite time went back shooting. Tonite filmed a big scene. Before shooting had to discuss with the director & other actors the details to get best result. Tonite film till dawn again!

Andy Town: There is no news today. Let me show you some photos taken by me at S'pore concert!
...heihei, I was seated at Row 10, (...shhhh...Ms Zhu said to be in Row 8..), our Prime Minister's wife Row 11, not bad huh, but the photos were quite blur,...but better than nothing lah...

Date: 20 Nov 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy rained cold water on the chest

Andy had 6 concerts in China & 1 in S'pore lately. He is v busy.

The most unforgettable thing is when he had concerts in Hefei & Taiyuan. Under a temp of below 10, he performed with open chest. Though the water was warmed up, when it hit his body he was so cold until he had rigors.

As his costumes are mostly summer wear, to keep warm, he had padded them with warm paddings & he warmed himself at the heater whenever possible.

Source: Oriental Daily/ Ming Pao

A total of 300,000 people had seen Andy in his recent concert tour in China & S’pore.

Andy had chosen to hold concert in places which are seldom frequented to meet different types of fans. But the locals had little experience in organising big event, leading to complaints by many who were denied entry even with tickets. Sources from China reported that his concerts in Hefei & Taiyuan had over 30,000 audience each night. In Hefei, 50,000 wanted to enter a stadium that can accommodate only 30,000.

Many of them sneaked in without tickets, those with tickets were thus denied entry. After the show started, more & more sneaked in, so much so that combat troop was deployed. The situation was uncontrollable at times due to the large unruly crowd. Many were pinned under the barricades, or pied one on top of the other. Luckily no death reported.

To prevent tickets from being forged, tic sale in Shanghai was computarised. The situation in Shanghai was better with no fake tickets.

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Andy's initial schedule was to have concert in America, in SF, LA, Atlantic City & Toronto at this time of the year. It is now postponed to next year. Though the organiser had asked him to stick to the initial plan, Andy said he will give too much worries to his family members & so dropped the idea.

In Dec, he has 2 concerts in M'sia, after that he will be filming. He will be going to Guangzhou & other places next year for more concerts.

D f

18/11---After concert in S'pore, took the earliest flight back to HK, then changed to helicopter to go Macau for M A T Celebrities Cup. Met Ai Jin Ru Meng actors including Ah Mui, Jin Ru, Jia Tong, etc. Thanks to them for the support.
The new star of our co, Li Yin Jian took part in the race. Though the result was not so satisfactory, but Marchy dont despair, continue to practise, next time will be better. We are all from Teamwork, we support u 100 %, remember to continue to work hard!

19/11 @ 1345 hrs
Source: The Straits Times
Headline: Under a heavenly spell

He charmed with his winsome humour and dazzled with his flashy costumes. But what stole the night was Andy Lau's sincerity.

AS WITH every singer tasked with rousing a sedate Singapore audience, Andy Lau did his fair share of crowd cajoling last Saturday.

But it didn't take too much talk and teasing to win over his 9,000-strong, full-house audience during the 2 1/2-hour gig.

With dynamic Latin dance moves studded by ample crotch thrusts, Lau brought female hormones to an all-time high.

By his fourth song Silly Child, the well-built Hongkong heart-throb, his sculpted chest almost exposed, had all under his spell.

Entranced, they flailed their cylum sticks, clapped merrily to each song in sync and begged him to strip.

UNDER WRAPS: Though fans begged him to strip, there are things Heavenly Kings just don't do -- at least not this one.

He shied from this request. Still, the Heavenly King pleased the crowd by skirting to all corners of the stage so he could be closer to his fans.

The mindful star even had something for the more matured ones.

'Aunties, this song is for you,' he proclaimed, then urged them to croon along with him to a Teresa Teng classic, The Moon Represents My Heart.

Visually, it was a feast too: He wore a resplendent white Red-Indian outfit for his lovelorn hit Water Of Forgetfulness, and donned a sizzling-red ruffled top as he popped out from a silver convertible Audi.

Never forgetting to thank his fans for their support constantly, he also charmed with his winsome humour.

I DON'T LOOK 40, DO I?: Fans, will you still love me even when I am singing at 60? 'Are you going to tell people tomorrow that Andy Lau is a bad singer? Oh, where did you learn to lie at such a young age?' he quipped in Mandarin.

When carrying a fan's oversized bouquet of flowers, he joked: 'Do I look like I just came back from buying vegetables?'

At one point, the guy even appeared as Fei Zai (Fatty in Cantonese) in a black tuxedo suit, an allusion to his role in his hit movie, Love On A Diet, this year.

Six costume changes and seven bouquets later, what stole the night was not so much the dazzling special effects or choreographed dances, but Lau's sincerity and rapport with the audience.

'I've been in showbiz for more than 21 years, and I don't look 40,' said the singer, who turned 40 two months ago. 'And I will continue to work hard. I still want to be a pop idol even at 60!'

19/11 @ 1240 hrs
Headline/Source: Andy’s 70 million dollar Car Parade turned chaotic. Presentation of cups cancelled due to surging fans (Apple Daily)
Had awards but no cup to take. Andy Anita face blackened like wok. First M T Celebrities Cup scene chaotic (Oriental Daily)
First M T C Cup chaotic scene, Andy hopes the reporters are accommodative (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy embraced Anita in Macau (Sing Tao)
Sandra braved the cold to wear low-cut to get attention (Ming Pao)
Celebrities Cup chaotic planning Andy & Anita left early (The Sun)

First Media Asia Teamwork Celebrities Cup was held at the Macau Grand Prix circuit yesterday. First time as the initiator of the event, Andy, rushed from S’poe after his concert, arrived via a helicopter.

He, one held two, together with Anita & Sandra, sat a British convertible Bentley. His car led 30 over others luxurious cars, including Ferrari, ‘Limbo-jonni?(spelling?), valued at a total of 70 mil, cruised around the circuit. The sight was spectacular.

Hundreds of Andy’s fans with flags waved & cheered loudly as his car passed by, Andy returned waving hands.

When the stars were invited onto the stage, Anita was called to go up after Andy, The stage was already having quite many people, Anita was thus forced to stand at the side. Andy, who is always so caring & considerate, gently held her waist, gradually pushed her & moved her to the center of the stage, to make sure she is always the center of attraction, definitely caring indeed.

The scene was terribly chaotic Stanley Ho appeared for a bare 5 mins & left. Big crowd of fans gathered around Andy's car.

Andy, Anita & Sandra were expressionless & appeared moody after going round the circuit once. The event ended an hr early without giving out the cups.

When asked if they were unhappy because of the chaos, Anita retorted the situation is chaotic every year. They were told at the last minute to meet the CEO of Macau

When Andy was asked, he replied, ?Chaotic? Be it lah, heard Jacky Cup was always like that too. Cant be helped. This activity was held not because I want to promote my movie, it is to foster relationship among people in the circle. Some juniors dare not greet the seniors, I may not know their name, but I have some impression. I hope to hold some sea or land activities in HK next time to let everyone get together again. ?He hopes the reporters can be more accommodative, don’t blow up the chaotic event, rather simmer it down.

[Ta Kung Pao]The unit that organised the event has never learnt its lesson, it is chaotic every year. The reporters are left to fend themselves for interview . But the most innocent person is Andy Lau His job is just to gather people, he has no experience with such activities. When the reporters lodged complaint to him, he knows no head nor tail. He is the first watching car race in Macau & he arrived just before the parade. He was dumb & embarrassed on being questioned.

Actually, Andy, don’t take it to heart, pity you were being chased by reporters because you are the initiator. The incidence gives experience, next time will be better!

Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy v friendly to fans

Andy returned from Macau 2 days ago. The writer Feng Shou Ren was back from Macau at the same time as him. At the departure hall, hoards of fans were waiting for him. The moment he appeared, the fans were incredibly warm to him. As he entered the departure gate, he yelled bye-bye loudly to them. At that time there was no reporter around, there is no need for Andy to put up a show. Compared to other famous stars whose face turn sour on seeing fans, Andy really dotes on his fans.

Date: 19 Nov 01
Source: Shin Min Daily 18/11
Headline: Andy created heat waves, thousands of fans supported. Encore as long as 40 mins

Andy's concert in S'pore created heat waves, thousands turned up to support, encore time as long as 40 mins, the longest ever in history!

One night concert instead of 2 had not seen decrease in quality of performance nor the enthusiasm of fans. In his almost 3 hr long concert, from the beginning to the end, the audience remained at their high. The fans became even more supportive, seats at the higher levels were equally packed, it was a full house with no vacant seats.

The concert kicked off at 8:20pm, Andy in shining costume invited shrieks & screams & catcalls form the house. He told his fans that he did not wish to have a serious audience & became in only towards the end, he wanted it hot from the beginning. The audience, finally, under his coercing, & effort in leading, turned the atmosphere higher & higher each time, & became more & more touching. One just has to respect this Heavenly King's charisma.

He enticed that even if he did not dance or sing well, the audience must clapped. He neglected not the audience at higher levels, many times he climbed up to wave to them, they audience responded warmly in return.

At 10:20pm ,he told the audience this was his last song, & wanted them to pretend to cry, as there were Caucasians & wont understand what he said, then they would be v amazed by his performance & introduced him overseas.

This made the audience happy. Amid thunderous 'encore', he appeared in fatso look. The audience showered him with gifts, flowers & champagne. He sang one song after another, 6 to 7 songs, including Heaven Will, You Are My Legend, Thanks for Your Love. He opened champagne & sang & raised the atmosphere to its peak.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao 18/11
Headline: Andy teary singing in front of his girl friend

..Towards the end of the show, when Andy sang Man Cry Is No Crime, his voice cracked.

Sources said his gf Zhu Li Qian was there to support. Singing in front of gf, he sang till his eyes wet with tears.

The extreme response of fans touched him a lot. "How can an artiste have so many good fans?hope I can be forever,…always have so many supportive fans."

At the last number Love U 10,000 Yrs, as he walked up the steps, his eyes were glistening with tears.

Was he singing to his gf, or was he moved by his fans of 20 yrs, that touched his inner heart?

The concert was full of pleasant surprises & has refreshing feel.

Rumoured girl friend came with family to support

Zhu Liqian & her family members were at the Stadium to support Andy.

She was seated at Row 8 VIP seat, among AWC members.

[…shhh……..hi, Da Shou, …see u in Genting next, okay?shhhh………]

After the concert, she was seen at the hotel, waiting for Andy in his room patiently as Andy went for the celebration party.

Both of them left S'pore in an early flight this am.

Source: The New Paper 18/11
Headline: Dramatic Andy!

After Andy Lau's concert last night at the S'pore Indoor Stadium, no one can accuse him of being stingy with dramatics.

In his 2 ?hr long concert, he unleashed tones of confetti, appeared in a silver convertible, exposed one nipple, got drenched in water & performed a Riverdance-esque item with his 16 dancers.

But his dramatic moment was when appeared in an outfit best dubbed Dragon Drag.

The costumed consisted of a white blanket-like drape with a dragon motif made from what looked black feathers.

Atop his head, a white feather concoction that would not be out of place in Moulin Rougue.

Drama aside, he never forgot his fans, & teased his 8,000 adoring fans with phases like "I need more, come on." "How's my hair?" & his favourite "Tell everyone I can sing."

His fans clearly love him.

While it's a given that Andy will work hard at his concert, his fans' obsession with glow sticks is incrediable. They never stopped waving them to the beat of all his songs. Even when Andy's not singing, or even not on stage.

The dizzy spins of luminous pink, blue & green created a hypnotic effect.

They gave him presents, soft toys & flowers. At one stage he had so many bouquets on stage, he nearly tripped making it tot the microphone.

His fans seemed to have spent time with their own dance steps too.

Their nifty moves---involving Para Para-inspired hand movements & ubiquitous glow sticks---in the front row nearly upstage the star.

Andy dutifully performed all his hits but the one that got the best response was his rendition of the Teresa Teng hit Moon R M H.

At first the audience sang quietly along with him, but upon his urging, everyone sang along.

It was a touching movement that moved even a non-glowstick waving, non-fan like me.

D f

17/11---S'pore is really v hot! What I mean are the fans here. The concert this time, the response of the fans was the hottest compared to the previous. The hall that could accommodate 10,000 was packed to the brim. The screams & clapping really made me unforgettable. The stage this time is smaller, so please be more accommodative with the dancing part. But this time I am really happy coming here. Hope next time when I come the response is as hot. Thank you, S'pore fans!

16/11---Today is really especially happy! Though filming till v late last nite, & rushed to S'pore this early morning, but have 2 things that made me v happy. After the press con in the afternoon, had a gathering with the fans. Had photo taking & spent a wonderful afternoon.
Another happy thing is I got awards! Ming Weekly "Artiste Dynamic Awards' this year, presented me with Most Outstanding Male Movie Actor award & Most Supportive of Artiste Dynamic Award to me. But as I am now in S'pore, I couldn't attend. Really must say sorry to the organizer! Thanks for the support from all, & thanks to the 2 female leads in Ai Jin Ru Meng, Anita helped me to get the award, also congratulate her on getting the Female award. Sandra called to congratulate me. V happy to have these 2 good partners. Shall film a good movie for all to see when I am back in HK!

15/11---These few days continue with filming, 2 nights ago filmed till dawn. The weather gets colder these few days, real cold! Lately filmed a BBQ scene, but was raining, so filmed with much difficulty, but it was like going for a picnic. Had a good time while filming!

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