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8/12 @ 1330 HRS

Andy, Jay Chou & Fujita Emi had a pre-recording done for TVB Gold Songs yesterday. At the recent TVB8 music awards, Andy was absent as he was shooting in BJ, the Most Popular Male Singer award went to Haken Li. On this, Andy said he does not mind at all, as TVB had announced its regulations last year, absentees will get zero award. Each has its own rules so there is nothing to be anxious about. He feels no pressure at all, though not his promoters. He will set off to Malaysia these 2 days for concert in Malaysia & America, after that he will be back to BJ for more shooting.

As to whether he can attend the subsequent music awards, he is not sure. Actually he had applied leave to attend TVB8 ceremony but it was not granted by the director. He teased that luckily the award went to Haken, it is alright, it was Haken's bday, he would be too happy!

DATE: 8 DEC 05

Andy had filmed MV of his new Cantonese song Beauty of My Love earlier on. The 9-minute long MV was directed by Wang Jin Po, with leading lady Angelica Li. It is a tragic love story set in the 60s & will be out worldwide online today.

In this MV, Andy acted as an artist specialized with painting canvas for Cantonese opera, while Angelica was a sickly mute girl. They met in the cinema when he was painting alone & became good friends. Andy taught her talking, while she taught him sign language. A pity they had no chance to be together finally.

Andy had wanted to take scenes from Xin Guang cinema. But the cinema was under renovation, & unable to lend out the space. He had to lend a studio to shoot. To learn the sign language, the co employed a teacher to hold classes for both.

In the MV, Angelica had always wanted to sing Cantonese opera. Andy who had leant how to play with the long-sleeve before, temporarily become a teacher for her, teaching her how to use the strength of her arm so as to throw the long sleeves with ease.

When shooting a scene of having dinner together, Andy peeled an apple for her. Within 2 mins Andy finished the job, the skin after peeling was not broken, Angelica gasped with surprise, she exclaimed, "Never thought in this world there is an Andy Lau who seems to know how to do everything, even peeling apple which is a girl's job he can do better than girls. Just who is he?!"

Smiling said Andy, "It was said if u peel apple in front of the mirror before 12 midnight, u can see your future husband, but I do not need a husband, I do not do sucha stupid thing, it is just by experience!"

Andy has returned to HK from BJ recently, he is going to Malaysia for concert soon. He attended the premiere activity to congratulate Peter Chan at night. He did not stay to watch the movie, he went back to practice singing instead. Said, "I wanted to watch it v much, it was said Peter incorporated singing & dancing into the story, it is v touching, when I come back from Malaysia, I hope to find time to enjoy."

Andy went to the premiere in a trench coat, the look of a mysterious man, & came with a bottle of champagne. He teasingly stared at Sandra Ng's abdomen, alleged to be pregnant, Sandra was embarrassed, she said, "Dun do this.." & lean herself shyly on Andy.

7/12 @ 1530 HRS

Perhaps Love, a movie directed by Peter Chan, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Chou Xun, Jacky Cheung, Ji Jin-Hee had its premiere last night 9 pm at the HK Ocean Center open-air square. Takeshi, Chow Shun, Ji Jin-Hee, Andy & Mirium attended.

DATE: 7 DEC 05

Organized by Absolute Entertainment, with main sponsor Berjaya Sport Toto, co sponsors Chivas & Ogawa, FM988 as appointed media, the only Andy Lau Vision Concert Tour 2006 in SEA takes place this Saturday Dec10, 8pm @ the Merdeka Stadium!

Organizer director Mr Wong disclosed most of the crewmen are already in Malaysia & busy with the setting up of the stage , followed by lighting & sound systems later, to be ready for Andy's rehearsal as soon as he arrives.

Andy is arriving this Friday at 1240 hrs with CX 723 & will exit from the VIP lounge on the 5th floor. Fans are welcome to take this opportunity to welcome him, let him feel your passion before his concert !

In addition, to avoid unnecessary trouble, take note of the followings :

Come with valid concert ticket
Children below 3 need a ticket
Video & sound recording are forbidden
Glass bottles, umbrella, helmets are not allowed in

The organizer will on the day of concert set up ticket booth @ the stadium from 12 noon onwards, fans can enter starting from 6 pm. Those taking light rail LTR & Monorail rest assured, as they are operating till 1 am. !

DATE: 6 DEC 05

Andy was back to HK yesterday.


Filming of Mo Gong is going on like raging fire, it converges actors from across the straits, it has Andy, Nicky Wu, Wang Zhi Wen & so on. From the list , it is hard not to think it is a man's movie. As such, the only leading lady Fan Bingbing becomes the red flower on a backfrop of the greenery.

Fan had acted in pretty roles before, in Mo Gong, it is the reverse, the look comes nothing close to beauty, not only she tanned her face, she is dirty all day & wears a helmet. She has no glamorous clothes, in place is the ragged tattered war clothes. Despite this, she has a lot of satisfaction, as this role is different from her previous one, it is full of reality acting in it.

DATE: 5 DEC 05

Andy had filmed a new series of winter wear for Baleno. The advertiser invested a 7 digit sum in the production. Director Wang Jing Po used computer Motion control camera in the shooting, this allows repeats in the scnes to give special visual effects.

In it, Andy experienced different weather in a day, sunny, rainy & snowy. Before the shots were taken he had to walk in front of the camera many times, from scene A to scene B, & had to complete all the actions within a stipulated time. Of the 3 scenes, the most special one being the rain in the living room & the snow-filled hut which looked so romantic. He had walked in the rain on the street many times, but to get drenched in the living room he was yet to try. While waiting for the computer to function, playful Andy sat on the sofa under an umbrella. He kicked water to the workers, who got wet like him. He jumped up & down to take photo, asked, "Who gives you a pool of water? Only the advertisers!"

Actually he is a posh pool himself, the water level of this pool gets higher each year. According to a survey in mainland, he is a super money tree in the eyes of the advertisers, he is their No. 1 choice, as goods advertised by him is sure to soar. When he was asked if his fee increases as the product he endorses, smiling he said, "Of course, product worth its value!" Actually the commercial done by him are many, if he is willing, commercial alone pays better than movies. But he does not accept commercials indiscreetly, he is careful with the products, said, "Shooting a commercial takes the most 2 days, is almost the fee of a movie of mine, some even more. But I really like movies, even if it is tougher I will still film movies, as endorser the pay is good but the responsibility is there, I have to consider carefully before accepting. I wish not to mislead the consumers."


Strict follower of 'Singers who are absent will get no awards', TVB8 held its music awards ceremony 2 nights ago. Andy Lau who was the big winner with 4 awards last year had zero awards, even though he was a hot fave this yr! It makes 'one's glasses dropped'! In contrast, Michael Kong Leung, a singer from Malaysia, with one song Legend won 4 awards & was the big winner.

4/12 @ 2145 HRS

Andy has filmed the latest winter series of advertisement for Baleno, the ad will be out on Dec 5. This is the third time he is collaborating with Wang Jin Po directed this series of commercial, after Jinag Hu & the new song Beauty of My Love.

DATE: 4 DEC 05

The temp is minus 10 in Beijing, Andy in full gear shooting was still feeling so cold until he starts dancing.

[News as reported below]

3/12 @ 1600HRS

Andy's latest Cantonese album 'Andy Lau's Beauty Of My Love + Compilation' will be out on Dec 13. It is a double CD, one with brand new songs & one with 28 of his old songs, really worth the value.

As fans always like the theme songs of movies sung by him, in this album, other than the new song Beauty of My Love, once & for all all the theme songs of movies that have never been out before will be included, such as: Infernal Affairs (solo), IA III, WTYO theme song Never Dare Again, song to inspire Hongkongers Sky High, CNY song Gong XI Fa Cai, & Yearning For Love which was forbidden before due to contract problem.

On Dec 15, Andy will be back in HK for a Road Show Live 'Andy Lau's beauty Of My Love Musical'. At the telephone Q & A session in exchange for tickets yesterday, the response was very hot, within an hr it was all taken up. The hot response was unexpected.

Andy who is now in BJ shooting, & will be in America for concerts later on, had specially employed dance instructor Sunny to fly to BJ for 3 days to do dance choreograph for him. But during this week, he has shooting every night, so he has to practice only in the day. At night while he was waiting to be in the set, he practices too. The director was amazed where he gets the energy from. Smiling, he said, "Even if I was waiting & not practice dancing, I will be so cold until I am dancing. At night the temp is minus 8 to 10 degree, it is v cold. The hands & legs are freezing. Even sitting down I will be so cold haha, so I dance, exercise to keep me warm, both beneficial & constructive."

Fans who have the tickets to the musical are v lucky, as in the America concert, he is planning a new dance segment, which he will showcase during this Musical. Said, "As fans could not get ticket to concerts in America, I decided to do for fans in HK to see. I have learnt some these few days, it is quite difficult, Sunny has to leave soon, I have asked my workers to video it , so I can see & practice myself."

At TVB anniversary celebration show, Andy wore a Scottish kilt, everyone likes it. As requested by his fans, he has decided to put it up again at the road show. But last time he had accidentally exposed his underwear, how about this time? Said Andy, "Actually it was not exposed, I had a black short underneath. During the dance when the movement is more it is unavoidable. Anyway I am not a girl, it is alright. Maybe I wear a longer underwear, so that you (the reporters) can take a better picture. OK? Hahaha.."

BJ so cold that he has to dance, Andy however reassures his fans he will not be sick, as he has brought along many thermals & warm bags, even chocolates that he does not take usually he will also take at night to give himself energy. "I feel that I have put on some weight. But the workers said I look better if I am fatter, so I follow what they say & eat a lot everyday!"

DATE: 3 DEC 05

28th RTHK Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs music awards will be held on Jan 23 @ HK Coliseum. At the press meet yesterday, Top male & female singers with the highest airplay, & Top 10 songs were announced. Joey led in the female singers while her song has the highest airplay.

For the male singers, in order of merit, are Andy Lau, Eason Chan , Leo Ko & Haken. Newcomer Justin Lo comes strong at No 5 spot. Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui & Jay Chou are not even in the top 10.

Highest airplay is not an indication of awards, as the criteria includes market survey which occupies 50%, public voting 30%, professional selection 20%. 12 awards category will be given this yr.

10 persons have been nominated for the Golden Pin award, they are Lung Kim Sang, Adam Cheng, Andy Lau, Chan Po Chu & others. Many yrs ago Bak Suet Sin had turned down the offer as she felt her partner Yam Kim Fai were a pair, the honor shd not go to her alone. Some say Andy Lau may not accept the offer, as he is still actively contesting. RTHK director however feels that Andy has enough experience to accept the honor. The music circle lacks new gp singers, so this catgory may be scrapped. But newcomers are aplenty, the contest is v tough. Janice Wei Lan & Ivana are v hot.

It was suggested before that the awards ceremony shd be scrapped to save govt resources, chief executive said, "Actually the station has included this in its budget, we have all along use the ticket sale to support the production, also the ceremony is to support the music industry, so for the time being we will continue to hold the event."

DATE: 2 DEC 05
Beauty of Andy's Calligraphy

Sha Po Lang (kill-smash-wolf)
See the signature after these 3 words... 'Wah' !!!!!


Men's fashion magazine Esquire in the mainland picked Mr Esquire for the 2nd time recently. The event was held @ Zhong Shan Musical Hall in Beijing. Liu Yu, Andy Lau & China table tennis main coach Liu Gao Liang were conferred the title. They were picked for their healthy image, attributes such as graciousness, firm will, & talent.


Andy, Maggie Cheung, Eric Tsang & others have been invited by chairman Hu Jintao to the Great Hall of the People for a reception on Dec 28. Also invited are movie persons, stars & directors from China, HK & Taiwan, including Gong Li, Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Chow, Chen Kai Ge, Li An, Wang Ka Wai, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Hong zhu Xin, Stanly Tang et al. To celebrate 100 years of China movies, heads of states are inviting them to an unprecedented high standard reception. The entourage from HK will set off on Dec 27.


Leon L was cast as a retarded person at the upcoming movie Moonlight in Tokyo. Before shooting he paid a visit to the retarded & handicapped. He said, "Actually they are aware of the discrimination, their thinking is more sensitive tan the mentally normal people." One thing impressed him the most was one of the disabled asked him, "Can you bring Andy Lau along next time?" He answered that Andy is working, but he will bring Andy's autograph for him next time.

DATE: 1 DEC 05

30/11 @ 1615 HRS

Andy who is shooting Mo Gong in Beijing & nursing a leg injury, exhibits his Iron-man spirit yet again, he involves himself deeply in the work relating to the release of his upcoming double CD Beauty of My Love. In tandem of the album release, he is holding a musical Road Show @ HK Trade & Exhibition Hall! The new CD has 8 new Cantonese songs, 5 new Mandarin songs & 15 Cantonese classics. Other than the new Cantonese song Beauty of My Love with 3 versions, there is also Mandarin song, Dare Not Again, a phrase he likes to use when he does something wrong. This is the theme song of WTYO, & penned by Andy himself. Also has Infernal Affairs sang by Andy, & That Day , from AWWT.

To prepare for the musical, he has arranged a dance instructor to teach him dancing at the shooting location. It is no wonder his value remains at top level for years in the circle!

The musical is a collaboration with HK Kowloon Bus. The buses cruising all over HK are already dressed with big posters of Andy. MV of Beauty of Love is played on the bus. To make the activity more meaningful, 25 buses with Andy's autograph will be auctioned for charity purposes at al.com.

30/11 @ 1530 HRS

Do you want Andy to be with you for two full months? No problem. The paid TV channel of today not only has paid to get hit Jap & Korean shows, it has also taken care of the old classics.

From November onwards, the new station will for the whole 2 mths, telecast old TV classics of Andy: Return of the Condor Heroes, Eagle Hunter, Take Care Your Highness, Heir To The Throne, & Inspire. Fans who missed the old days of Andy are ready to Say I Love You one more time!

The 5 TV serials have period & contemporary, have love & inspiration, Andy the lead, has Teresa Mo Suan Wan, Carina Lau, Lau Qing Wan, Idy Chan accompanying him, 100% good shows, 100% worth reminiscing.

The old classics of course attractive, but the main dish is Andy Lau, said the PR officer of the station, "Andy is hitting the first blast, this is because he originated from TVB, he is successful in music, movie & TV, he is representative."

The station has arranged old serials of other stars to be screened. After Andy is Lisa Wang, "We'll arrange a young one, followed by a senior one, taking turns." If Andy represents the young, then Kenix Kwok who hinted Lisa Wang, winner of Best Actress award @ the recent TVB anniversary is is too old for award is clearly understandable.

DATE: 30 11 05

Andy is releasing an album comprising of new Cantonese songs & a compilation of old songs in the middle of Dec. His old company, Capitol Artist, however chooses to release an album with his 3 old songs which had never been exposed before at this time. On meeting head on, said Andy, "Doesn't matter, I trust fans will buy both, I have dividends on the sale." But he pointed out Capitol Artist does not keep his words, the co had promised before that his photos with body exposed would not be released. Said, "At then time the co wanted me to remove my clothes & used the photo as album cover, I dared not refused as I was new. I really dislike the photo & pleaded them not to release it, they promised. Never have I thought now they broke the promise. Luckily at that time I was not too fat, the topless look is still presentable."

Due to contract reason he was put on the shelf by TVB then, the recording was stopped half way. Leslie took the 2 songs which Andy had then recorded, I Do & Love In The Heart to sing later. Said Andy, "I am v happy the songs were sung by Leslie, as he made the songs popular, though I miss the chance to sing a popular song, but there is gain & loss in life, do not need to be calculative. "

Before Capitol Artist releases this album he had contacted them asking them to give the songs back to him, but they refused. They said they want to be first to release.


2005 Joint Music Awards held a press con yesterday to announce the criteria on awarding & announced the categories of awards they are involved in. Metro Broadcast will take charge of Outstanding Performance Award, C Radio Album Award, TVB Gold Song Award while RTHK Media Award.

The singers voted winners to the awards. Most feel that Eason Chan will get Album award. Mirium thinks Joey or Andy Lau will get Media Award. Joey thinks Andy will be the big winner, & quipped at the year end he is always terrific!


29/11 @ 1800HRS

Koran new actor Wing Si Won is shooting Mo Gong in mainland China. Recently he received a special gift from Andy, it makes him extremely happy.

At the press meet, Wing told the reporters that Andy gave him a piece of art work personally made by Andy himself. On the 15th, Andy asked him what his name in Korean was, & told him to write on paper. The next day he received the stamp bearing his Korean name!

Wing said Andy had tried on paper & made changes. Wing is a member of the 12 Boy-band Super Junior, he is v excited working with Andy.

DATE: 29 11 05


Leslie Cheung had a song I Do that was once popular. Andy had privately recorded this song but never made it public. 20 years on, this song is now out. In fact, a number of photos that have never been exposed before, including one that he exposed both tits, will hit the street, once & for all for fans to keep.

Hua Xing will release an album of Andy tomorrow, Only Know Loving You At This Moment, in it are 3 songs of Andy that had never been exposed before: I Do, Love In My heart, & The Second Love. These 3 songs were dubbed in '85, but due to contract problem, when he had tiff with TVB, a mother company of Hua Xing, the songs were kept under wrap.

The first 2 songs were recorded by Leslie Cheung before. 20 old photos are included in the album. From the photo one can see the younger days of Andy, despite the baby fat, he was still full of character.

Hua Xing with no singer under its belt at the moment, the hidden songs of Andy are taken like treasure. With a heavy sum the album was sent to Austria to make into n-CD, the first ever in Asia, to counter piracy. Fans will not be able to upload the songs to the net, even if the songs are sent by email to share with friends, they will become invalid after 5 days, hopefully this can successfully counter piracy !

28/11 @ 1230 HRS

DATE: 28 11 05

Andy, together with Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu & Korean actor Cui Xi Yuan were at the press meet for the movie Mo Gong (Mo Attack) 2 days ago. All the actors praised Andy is enduring person, except Fan who claimed she is more enduring than Andy, as she can bear the cold better.

The weather in Beijing is turning cold. Recently Andy shot a scene of diving into the water prison to save Fan. Jacob together with 10 over workers went under water at temp of 7 deg for a long 6 hrs. For safety reason, 10 life-guars & divers, 10 oxygen tanks were on standby. Though they wore diving suits, it was of no use. The workers handed them large quantity of hot water & ginger drink as soon as they surfaced, everyone was shivering with cold once they were out of water. It is the coldest ever Andy had experienced. Only Fan did not shiver.

Andy created a joke during shooting. He was to bring Fan up from under the water. But it was so dark in the water, the moment he touched a body he held it out to the water. It turned out to be a diver & not Fan! Everyone had a good laugh. Laughed Andy too, "It was so dark down there, just like shooting Titanic, I kept bumping into the pillars." The water was muddy & dirty, Andy was wary of eye infection & had brought along eye drops. He could not open the eyes under the water. The scenes needed 6 takes to complete. He quipped it was deadly cold, there is no feeling however beautiful the beauty was!

Fan indicated when Andy is not on the set he is v relaxed, but when he is in he is a v serious person. Smiling, said Andy, "You do not have to be scared of me, only the lazy actors are scared of me!" Fan said in the movie she always mingled with the men, in addition, it was during war time, so she does not need make up most of the time. Nicky Wu said he has learnt a lot from Andy, though they know each other for some yrs, it is the first time he has a chance to work with him, & Andy is a v clever person.

Andys look is too modern in the movie, will he be accepted by viewers? Said Andy, "I am changing constantly, hope everyone gives me a chance!"

27/11 @ 1630 HRS

Working with Andy is a thing most admired by the actresses. Fan Bingbing however told the reporters she has a lot of pressure working with Andy, as Andy is v strict, "Though every now & then I am besotted, actually I am quite afraid of him, he is a perfectionist, not only he has high expectation on himself, he expects those ard him to be the same. But his professionalism is indeed respectable." On the emotional part with andy, she said, "It is v light, the way it was shot was v subtle, more of fine movements, nothing exciting."

When the media visited, Andy was shooting at the horse stable, as Ge Li. He was helping Liang City to prevent an attack by the Zhao army. But the Liang generals did not trust him, they paid little attention to the words he said. At the press meet after the visit, said Andy, "Ge Li with the ideology of Mo Zi hoped for a peace. At the Liang State, he used his wisdom to help the weak. But when faced with the enemy, he changed unknowingly. Liang Emperor afraid he was too well-liked by the people finally banished him. The role played by me is controversial. He always swayed between the right & wrong, but finally he was insistent, he can be said to be a tragic character." With a crop of short hair Andy looks modern, he quipped this is the requirement of the movie, it can be more exaggerated by shaving off the hair, but they do not accept.

As to Fan saying she is afraid of him, said Andy, "Those who are lazy are afraid of me." But he followed up so as not to mislead the reporters, Of course I do not mean Fan Bingbing is not working hard."

DATE: 27 11 05

Mo attack directed by Jacob Cheung, starring Andy Lau, Nicky Wu & Fan Bingbing had location shoot shifted to Hebei. The weather is getting colder, in the morning there is ice, even the river has solidified. The director is v worried about snowing, if it starts shooting of many scenes will not be possible. They must complete most of the big scenes on the war before snow comes. Every actor is to remain in Beijing & no one is allowed to take leave.

As the location is very remote, life is v simple, facilities are lacking. The hotel where Andy stays is poorly equipped, there is no hot water supply. Andy with his asst went out to buy a heater. Never had he thought after installing the heater, there is no cold water!

Said Andy, "The problem with shooting here is bathing. After buying back a heater, there is hot water but no cold water. There is also no bathtub, only a shower. I had to buy a bathtub back, everyday when I am back from work, the first thing is to collect a tub of hot water, wait for it to cool a little before I bath."

If it is not because after work his body is loaded with mud & dust, when he is so tired he really does not wish to spend so much time bathing. It is so troublesome to have a bath. But when compare the condition, it is not as bad as when he was shooting HOFD in Ukraine, there was nothing to eat, at least here he has a lot to eat!

Yesterday he was shooting 2 scenes, a scene of discussing war strategy with Nicky Wu & others & a fighting scene involving tens of thousands of army & horses. A hundred over media from China, HK, Korea & TW were invited to pay a visit. The studio has a specially erected City of Liang.

Though his injury is still not all healed & needs physiotherapy daily, during shooting one can never tell he is still nursing the injury. Said, "When I was in HK, I had changed to a new support, not only I can flex the knee, even when shooting action scenes it is not affected." Yesterday he was even on a horse shooting. Is there any more big scenes that involved him? He quipped this is a big project, almost every scene is considered big scenes!

Andy said his leg still has a brace, when he bath he takes it out. When he goes up & down the stairs he needs others to give him a hand.

As it is a co investment of 3 countries, it is like in an international house everyday when they work, they communicate in a few languages, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, English, it is v interesting. He has also learnt a few Korean words. His first collaboration with Ahn Sung Ki is v good, they get along v wel, he respects Ahn a lot. Ahn who does not known a word of Chinese will need his lines dub in future, so in shooting he tries to use Korean words that are close to Mandarin , he memorized them though they have no meaning at all, he is still very into it, & acts v well.

Andy said everyone is happy. As he stays with the Korean actors on the same floor, he treats them to Chinese food & the soup he brews. Korean actor Cui Xi Yuan gave Andy a suit of thermal wear, & treated him to kimchi. It is like a big family.

Ahn indicated he has seen many of Andy's movies in Korea, & reckons Andy is a handsome man, now he is truly convinced after seeing him in person! He is v happy to work with Andy, & respects Andy that after injury he does not take leave, & was even on the horse 2 days ago, Andys horse riding skill is v good.

About 50 Korean media people were present. Almost all the reporters asked to take photo with Andy. Most have seen Andy's movies in their growing up. During an interview with Ahn, Ahn asked a female reporter, "You like Andy a lot, don't you? Haha!" The female reporter blushed. Another female reporter yelled "Andy I love you!" to him!

Some reporters said Andy shoots movies in China almost all the time these few years, said Andy, "I never take Mainland & HK as separate, we are all shooting Chinese movies." One question he does not understand, why he is so famous in Korea, yet for years no one has called him to shoot movies, he hopes there is a chance in future.

26/11 @ 1930HRS

Director Kelvin Tong is returning to his roots & making a quirky love story, in the fashion of his first film, Eating Air.

Tong is currently filming Love Story, a US$500,000 (S$850,000) film funded by HK actor Andy Lau's production company Focus Films as part of its Focus: First Cuts project, set up to encourage the regions budding directors.

The film centers on love life of a pulp romance novelist, played by relative unknown Lin Yilun from China.

TV regulars Evelyn Tan & Ericia lee as well as newcomers Tracy Tan & local band Electrico's keyboardist Amanda Ling play his various love interests. Tong's lead actor in Eating Air, Benjamin Heng, also has a role in the film.

Like Eating Air, there are elements of magical surrealism in Tong's new film.

"I;ve always like cinema that has an element of escapism, without the usual linear narrative. It's a lot more about exploring the mind. It follows ideas, rather than a storyline." He said.

Said Tong, "Love is the only real story left in the world . Be it in literature, dream or the arts, love is the only eternal subject."

Accordingly to Tong, Focus Film gave him complete creative freedom when it came to scripting & casting, --- a move as liberating as it was surprising.

"My generation of film-makers is v cynical. I thought they would eventually come round to changing in my work but they haven't yet." He said.

"In fact, there is a clandestine network of all the other film-makers under the project, & the word is that their films haven't been changed either."

Love Story will wrap up filming by the end of the year & will be shown on Star Chinese Movies (Starhub ch 62) There are also plans for a commercial release in cinemas here & the region.

DATE: 26 11 05
SOURCE: http://www.operagallery.com/artist.aspx?id=22&g=7

2 oil paintings of Andy by Anton Molnar exhibition at the Opera Gallery, Pacific house, Queen's ROAD, Central:

25/11 @ 1230 HRS

DATE: 25 11 05

Andy, Fan Bingbing, & Nicky Wu who are acting in Mo Attack had been given full thoughts to make their looks in accordance to reality. Their looks have always been a mystery, esp that of Andy's , the fans pay the most attention to. Their looks are finally unveiled yesterday!

The costumes worn by the actors are all v simple, so as to suit the background in chaotic war time. The clothings are shabby, the director asked the color to be uniform, such as the civilians use the color of earth, the attackers of the city, Zhao army, in black.

In individual look, fine details are looked into to bring out the actor's characteristic, such as to bring out the wisdom of Andy, the hair on both sides is swept to the center, to give a contemporary look. As for Ahn Sung Ki who acted as Zhao general, to make him look magnificent, his costume will have a lot of Chinese element added, also to make viewers forget he is a Korean.

Andy indicated his mustachioed look reflects his role, said, "The backdrop of the movie is war, a person living at that period is constantly worrying for the life, he cannot have the mood to dress up to look nice & shave. I had discussed with director Jacob my role must in coordination, needs to keep a moustache, I had even thought of shaving my hair, as the original but the director disagree."

Fan Bingbing is the only female actor, she had actively asked to make her look less feminine such that viewers do not know she is a female, she said, "I discussed with the make-up artiste, the simpler the better, best is without any make-up, among a big gp of male actor, no one notice my female identity, but the director wishes me to maintain a little feminine image in me, so in my garment he added dark red color, to bring out a little softness in the steely side."

Nicky Wu who acts as a farmer has his skin tanned. He said, "My skin tends to be fair, but to act as the farmer, since summer I had started to tan myself , now in Beijing, the weather has turned cold, I use the sun lamp, now even without make up my skin is copper color. With the rough cotton costume, I really feel I am a farmer, this is the toughest look I ever have. In the movie I also have another look as an archer, I will be on helmet, this makes me look so mighty."

Andy had filmed new series of advertisement for Swiss watch CYMA. At first he appeared in the mustachioed look, when he has shaved he can continue with other looks next time. His partner in one series is a golden retriever . But whenever he caressed his neck, at every critical moment, the dog went back to its owner behind the screen, no matter how much he called the retriver wont come out. When he heard the dog is a male, he quipped, "No wonder! He is not attracted by me!"

When filming the watches for ladies, the ad stresses the importance of couples supporting one another, Andy feels the same, said, "This sort of concern & encouragement is v important, as the men in their work & career are faced with challenges & hardship, sometimes they can be exhausted, with the partner warm concern & supporting in silence, it is a medicine of the heart, this can bring back the fighting spirit & confidence."

24/11 @ 2100 HRS

Andy obediently kept a moustache acting in the period epic Mo Attack! He plays the role of a general under Mo Zi during the era of The Warring Three Kingdoms . Though many people feels that a clean-shaven Andy looks more refreshing, & have advised him to shave, he gave a professional reply, "The director does not allow me, nobody shall touch my moustache." Invested at US$16 million, Mo Attack is directed by Jacob Cheung. Andy had injured his leg during shooting earlier on. When he was back in HK a few days ago, he did not forget to visit the dr. The dr in China advised him to rest for 6 weeks, but drs in HK feels that his recovery is satisfactory, his leg shd be ok after 2 more weeks. This makes Andy feels better & hopes to finish shooting earlier. Andy with the previous experience shooting HOFD, knows how to ward off the cold. While filming HOFD in Ukraine, Chang Yimou had given him a light wool thermal, now shooting in the cold, he still takes it out to wear.

23/11 @ 1320 HRS
South China Morning Post
November 23, 2005 Wednesday

SECTION: NEWS; cityseen; Pg. 2
LENGTH: 180 words

BYLINE: Andrew Sun

It's not every day that an international artist takes an interest in Hong Kong's stars. But Paris-based Hungarian painter Anton Molnar (below) is fascinated enough by Andy Lau Tak-wah to make him the subject of two canvases.

The oils are featured in a new exhibition at the Opera Gallery, on Queen's Road Central, opening tomorrow.

Molnar says he was introduced to the artistry of Lau by an old Hong Kong friend, celebrity gourmet Chua Lam.

"I've known Chua Lam for 20 years and when he was in Budapest he talked a lot about Andy Lau," says Molnar from Paris. "Then, in Singapore I saw a beautiful book about him and thought it would be interesting to capture in a painting a little bit of his career evolution. Chua also showed me some of Andy Lau's records and I thought, 'Wow, they're fantastic'. But I've only seen one of his films and it was only in Chinese. I don't know the film, but he changed the colour of his hair in it."

Molnar will be in town and is hoping the Canto-pop king will drop by for the opening, too. "Chua told me Andy Lau said he will come if he can."

DATE: 24 11 05

Commercial Radio Music Hit Awards ceremony will be held on Jan 1 06 @ the HK Exhibition Hall. The station launches voting with sms this year to pick the most favorite male, female & group singers. In the first round of voting till Nov 22, singers with the highest votes are as follows: (not in order of merit)

Male Singers: Leo Ko, Haken, Chet Lam Yi Fung, Jan Lam Hoi Fung, Jay Chou, Endy Chow Kwok Yin, Justin Lo, Eason Chan, Leon Lai & Andy Lau.

Female Singers: Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Denise Ho Wan Si, Sandy Lam, Joey, Stefani Sun, Kelly, Mirium, Stephy Teng Lai Yan, Wei Lan & Fiona Sit Hoi Kei

Group Singers: at17, Cookies, FIR, L Love You Boyz, Krusty, Ping Pung, Soler, Twins, Grasshoppers, Tat Ming Yi Pai.

Closing date for sms voting is Dec 5 12 noon when the last top 5 in the 3 categories will be announced. Voting thence enters the next phase, which is from Dec 7 to Dec 30. The final top 3 will be announced on Jan 1 at the awards ceremony.


Bday Party on Nov 20 for AWC Members born in the months of Oct, Nov & Dec .

23/11 @ 1300 HRS

'Happiness in Tong Hua' Charity Show will be held on Dec 10. Attendees at the press announcement yesterday included Lydia Sum, Joey, Yumiko, Leo Ko, Yan & Deep Ng, who was acquitted of an assault case recently. The exe producer disclosed that many artistes will perform on that night, on the list are Andy, who will perform with a er hu specialist, Hou Shi Jie, of the Chinese orchestra some Chinese folks songs.[prob pre recorded.] Leo will perform magic, Joey pole dancing, Twins jumps over the hurdle & high jump, while Yumiko performs catwalk outside the tall building. Shawn & Qian Jia Le played spinning tops, Lisa Wang & Lo ka Yin opera show & others....

DATE: 23 11 05

Absolute Entertainment, organizer of 2005 Andy Lau Vision Tour Concert has donated 200 tickets to a Mei Men Disabled Foundation. The personnel i/c of the Foundation is v thankful to the concern shown to the handicapped persons. She had received the 200 tickets on behalf of the Foundation, said, "This type of opportunity is hard to come by, we are v thankful to the organizer & Malaysia Youth Party." To get tickets from Mei Men Disabled Organization, called 03-79736579 or 019-2198440. Tickets are given out on the first come first serve basis.

Absolute Entertainment director Mr Huang indicated Andy is always supportive of charity activity whenever he holds concert. They will arrange a section in front of the stage with a special aisle, for the 200 handicapped to enjoy the show peacefully.

Andy will arrive in KL on Dec 9.

DATE: 22 11 05

After his injury in Beijing while shooting, Andy had come back to HK for rest & a check up. 2 days ago he held a celebration dinner for his movie All About Love good box office, which exceeded 12 mil, which mans it is not a loss to the company. After 4 days of rest in HK he will be back to Beijing again.

Said Andy at the dinner, "The movie I invest may not make money, but I will continue to work hard, as long as in the days I have work, everyone will have work too." The house gave him loud applause.

The 2 female leads Ah Sa & Charlie happened to be not in HK. When they heard the lucky draw included cash prize of HK$100,000, they complained from overseas.

Other than a 20-table banquet, Andy contributed $100,000 for the lucky draw. Almost everyone won a prize. Called Ah Sa from China, "Hey, what's going on? I told you to wait for me, you do not!" Answered Andy, "Who do u think you are? Wait for you only! Actually I wanted to give u a big bday cake, now no more!" Yelled Ah Sa, "My husband gives me cake & yet I do not have a chance to eat! So mean! I was not there when the MV of the movie wrapping was shot, now lucky draw has excluded me, not fair.. "

Charlie had called & regretted, "$100,000 lucky draw & I am not included, not fair, I think Andy better hold another one when Ah Sa & I are both back in HK." She advised Andy to take good care of himself.

In ABL, Andy gave Ah Sa & Charlie a Ring of Tomorrow, since andylau.com launched the sale, it ran out of stock several times. Some online auction showed from $120 to 1K each. To make sure his fans are not disappointed, Andy has decided in the early Dec when the DVD of the movie is out, he will launch 2,000 sets of special edition, in it, other than the movie pictorial book, double DVD including the making, movie film & a chain with Ring of Tomorrow.

Andy who loves movies, has invested 6 movies under his Focus Film. The Mermaid (The Show Fairy) had won a Art Design award @ GH. Andy is v happy. The other 5 movies are being filmed concurrently. He hopes these will give good results too & give new comers a chance.

On his injury he said there is not much of a problem now, as long as he does not do big movements & bend the knee too much, the injury will be OK after 3 weeks.

HI! Dear friends, I am back from my HK trip! The Birthday party, exclusively for AWC members born in the months of Oct, Nov & December was held at the fan club office.
It is everyone's concern as to how his injury is now. Well, good news, he is recovering rapidly. Sporting a neat crew cut he looks extremely fit, & macho with the moustache & goatee! The knee was still under protective bandage, hidden under his loose jeans, no longer needing the long leg brace.

The hall was decorated with multi-colored ballons & happy bday banners. A big bday cake & rows of cup cakes of black sesame & chocolate decorated a table in the center. The chairs were arranged 3 sided around a center stage. He came walking out amidst our loud cheers. He wore a white tee inside & a black jacket. After singing bday song, he took photos with the fans, standing behind the table. It was 6 at a time, instead of one-to-one, so that he did not have to stand too long. Each of us was given an autographed bday card & a cup cake!

After photo taking it was the dialogue session. He told us he had finished shooting his parts for the time being & the director gave him a few days rest. He sat on a tall swirling chair , with the L knee outstretched, & rested on a stool, he narrated how his was injured & others... The heartwarming chat lasted for over an hour. It was a very close get-together between Andy & his fans! Thank you, dear Andy!

DATE: 21 11 05
NEWS DATED 20 11 05

Andy walked out of the arrival hall of HKIA at ard 1 am on 19/11. Clad in long pants & with a backpack , he was accompanied by several assts. He required no assistance throughout the journey, though he was walking exceptionally slowly. He indicated his injury had not recovered yet & there was slight pain still.

[The newspaper carried the report that the main reason why he was back was to seek treatment, actually it is not, as I had explained above during the meeting with fans. ]

His caring fans showered him with gifts, cards, & well wishes. He was v touched by the fans who came in the wee hours of the morning to receive him. He urged them to go home early to rest.

He will be back to Beijing later to continue with more shooting.

Nov 20 & Nov 21---As I am in HK for the Birthday Party organized by AWC, news update will be delayed!
Till then, Bye2!!