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Dater: 8 Nov 01 @ 1150 hrs
D f

7/11---Good news! Really make me very excited! This am went to Hefei. Sat car for a very long time before I reached. As I was feeling quite tired, suddenly received a good news from the phone, that is the ‘fatso’ is terrific! This Golden Horse awards, I was nominated for Best Actor with the movie LOAD, is the first time in 20 years! Really feel quite moved. I & my workers had a celebration dinner tonite. Everyone was so happy. As if I have really become the Best Actor. Haha~~~~

But has some regrets, FTK has only one nomination, but never mind, next time I will continue to work hard with the co staff, make more high quality movies, let all see.

Source: Hefei Wanbao dated 8/11

Last night, had zero distance with Andy.

“Andy, what is the driving force for working so hard all these years?”

“Is ----you all.”

Last night, the reply from HK Heavenly King Andy Lau at the press interview won loud applause & cheers from 100 over fans. Though he remained at low tone during talking, he stole away all hearts from his fans.

Andy arrived in Hefei last night. At 8:30p, donning a casual black windbreker, in light steps, he was calm & even looking a bit shy. At the beginning he seated himself quietly at the chairman seat, it was only when the reporter started asking him questions that he exuded the exclusive star charisma. When the organiser repeatedly pleaded the fans to calm down, he put his index finger on the lips & ‘shu..’ The gesture was mischievous but effective.

The reporters asked questions related to his work, perhaps it is a show of respect for his years of persistence in the circle, no one ask abt his private life. One asked how he view the commercial & artistic aspect of music, he said music should be mutli facet, now he is doing entertaining music. One Hangzhou female fan asked him if he will continue on for life. Smiled, but looking real serious, “I will continue to go on, but not sure if it is for a whole life.”.

Date: 8 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Headline: Anita Mui Shu Qi hot fight in Best Actress Golden Horse awards. Andy Lau Ekin Cheng vying for Best Actor title (Apple Daily)
Andy Anita nominated for Best Actor & Actress titles (Ming Pao)
Andy Ekin first time nominated for Best Actor in Golden Horse awards (Sing Tao/Sin Pao)
Andy Ekin broke through zero to vie for Best Actor title (Oriental Daily)
HK movies dominates Golden Horse nominations. Ekin Andy vie for Best Actor title (The Sun)

38th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards announced its nominations yesterday. First time nominated, Andy Lau & Ekin Cheng both enter in the Best Actor category. Anita Mui, Shu Qi, Sylvia Cheung, & Qin Hailu are nominated in the Best Actress category. A movie on ‘homosexual’, ‘Lan Yu’, directed by Kuan Jin Peng garnered 10 nominations.

The event will be held on the 8th of Dec at Hualian Taiwan.

Andy Lau is nominated for his role in Love On A Diet, & Ekin with the movie ‘Jiu Long Ping She’ (Cool! Hero as in Taiwan). The other 2 actors nominated are Liu Ye(4) & Hu Jin, both are Mainland actors from the movie ‘Lan Yu’.

Andy who is now in Hefei China, when contacted via phone, said, “This is the first time after 20 years nominated, first time enter Golden Horse to vie for Best Actor title, really v happy. Ekin’s Jiu Long Ping She is not bad, all are tough enemies.” (Any confidence?) He is not sure, it depends on the requirements set by the judges. He said he will take this nomination as having won. The next target is to win. He had submitted AFG last year but was not even nominated. He hopes to have more chance to develop from now with the nomination. .He said his movie is a comedy, Lan Yu seems more suited to Golden Horse awards.

Andy said he has to attend Film Festivals in Europe, he is still not sure of attending.

Simon Ren was nominated as Best Supporting Actor in another movie, he lamented that he did not get nominated with FTK, & Johnnie To was not nominated .

Other than Lan Yi with 10 nominations. ‘Hurry Holidays’ (?) has 9, ‘Durian Biao Biao 7, Zhu Mountain Warriors 5, showing the judges seem to favour art house movies this time.

D f

6/11---Today attended RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs press con, never know become the model for the new female singers to learn from, a bit unexpected. Made me feel like a big brother, but since become another person’s model, I will do better myself.

Date: 7 Nov 01
Headline/Source: Andy expectedly becomes one who the juniors are to learn from (Oriental Daily)
Andy is happy to be one to learn from (Apple Daily)
Andy: Anita has no new love (Ming Pao)
Andy becomes the idol of newcomers to learn from (Sin Pao)
Andy praised new comers are energenetic (Sing Tao)
Viewed as person to learn from by new comers, Andy hopes to encourage & progress together with them (Ta Kung Pao)

RTHK 24th Top 10 Gold Songs press con was held yesterday at Tong Lor Wan. Singers attended included Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, Coco Li, Andy Hui, Nic Tse, Eason Chan, Mirium Yeung, Gigi Leung, Cecilia Cheung, Edison Chan & some new comers.

By chance perhaps Andy Hui was seated next to Sammi’s rumoured bf Nic Tse. Two of them chatted continuously. On the contrary, Andy Lau & Aaron Kwok seated next to them were not seen to be talking .

RTHK chief executive director announced names of Top 10 singers, result of the present trend on the chart. Eason Chan & Sammi top the chart in the airplay. Faye & Mirium were not on the Top 10, the organizer explained that it was due to their late album release.

Top 10 male singers are Eason, Jay Chow, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nic tse, Power Stn, Aaron, Chen Xioa Choon & Edison.

Andy was chosen by the new comers to be one who is to be learn. Fu Tian Yin said Andy dancing has improved compared to 10 yrs ago, Rain Li Cai Hua even joked that it was because her mother likes him, Andy was v delighted & told her to introduced her mother to him., he said, “V happy that even the new comers support me. I wish to advance along with time!” He was humble to say that he is not terrific, the new comers are the ones who are terrific & energetic.

Golden Pin Award is now open for voting on the net. .

Andy was asked if he had seen Anita Mui’s bf sending her to work lately, or she is more cheerful now. She is rumoured to have a new young Thai bf. Said Andy, “Love affair is kept in the heart, don’t need to say out. For yrs Anita is always happy. I haven’t seen man sending her. “

Andy said Love U Like Dream (Ai Jin Ru Mong) is only a temporary name. {Jin Ru as in Sandra Ng Jin Ru) . Andy joked that Sandra always dream of him thus accepted the movie. Maybe the name will change to ‘Ai Mong De Hua’ or ‘Ai De Hua Mong’!

The ceremony will be held on the 18th Jan 2002 at the Coliseum.

Date: 6 Nov 01
D f

5/11---Tell u something which is unimaginable, happened on a real person & a real event. It is abt a hair.

Talking on concert in Jinzhou, while the workers were helping me to change below the stage, everyone was rushing for time, suddenly someone screamed loudly, aiyoh~~~~drop a hair! Everyone silenced temporarily. It was one of the workers who was not careful & pulled out one of my hairs on the leg! Wow! We had a good laugh, never thought in such a short period of time, had a pleasant surprise!

Source: Ming Pao

Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Kelly, Coco, Gigi, Eason, Andy Hui, Cecilia, Edison, Nic, Miriam, etc will appear at 24th RTHK Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs press con today at 2pm in HK.

Date: 5 Nov 01
News from
Title: Jinzhou weather is very cold

5/11---Andy continued with his China Concert Tour in Jinzhou last night. He held a first ever big-scaled concert locally. The weather last night was colder than Taiyuan, on top of the continuous rain. The audience gave fullest support. It was a full house.

Andy is busy shooting new movie lately, almost everyday he is filming. But his stamina remains as good. The concert was enthralling last night. Andy superb performance made the audience screamed continuously. Rain or cold all swept away. Everyone was engrossed in the show. Andy led the audience to sing along with him. It was a warm scene. Though the audience kept calling him & were v enthusiastic, it was the v orderly last nite. The concert can be said to be v successful.

D f

4/11---The weather in Jinzhou is v cold today. Even colder than the last station. Tonite’s concert, the rain was non-stop. The fans never left me, but chorus with me. Their support gave me the real warmth, that made me carried on singing, v thankful to Jinzhou fans!

3/11---Today set off to Jinzhou. Took a plane for 2 over hrs, then by can another hr before reaching destination. As soon as arrived, had press meet with the local media, to introduce the concert. Later finally had time to rest. Nothing special to do, chatted with the workers abt concert tomorrow, wait till tomorrow to meet Jinzhou fans!

Date: 4 Nov 01
D f

2/11---In order for Love U Like Dream to be in time for Xmas screening, busy shooting everyday. Together with the others actors in the movie, everyday practise v hard at dancing, not a bit laxed. Must thank the staff a lot this time, because all of them willingly act in cameo roles. Hope when the movie is shown, all can appreciate our effort.

Date: 3 Nov 01
Source: Oriental Daily/Ta Kung Pao/The Sun/Sing Tao
Headline: Andy’s concert in Shanghai is one of the performances for Art Festival

3rd Shanghai China International Art Festival opened on the 1st Nov in Shanghai. The event will last for a month. 20 over countries & other localities art group were invited to attend. A total of 50 over shows. Andy's concert in Shanghai is one of the shows.

Source: Apple Daily Feng Ren Shou Diary
Headline: Andy Johnnie to film New Year movie. Sammi out because too expensive

China Star had asked Johnnie To to film a Chinese New Year movie. The initial female lead was Sammi, but because of her steadfast high price of 45 mil, with no discount, China Star was unwilling to pay this price, so turned to Cecilia Cheung instead. She will paired up with Andy, Lau Ching Wan & Louis Koo.

Actually Sammi has fame today should be thankful to Johnnie To. If To were to film movies, the price shoulnt be so un-negotiable. After a round of fast bucks, not sure if she can guarantee her selling value?

Source: Min Shen Pao

Johnnie To went to Japan Film Fest the first time. He experienced extreme warm welcome of Japanese fans last night. Special screening of LOAD invited a full house, laughters & claps lasted throughout the whole show.

Needing U is scheduled for release in Nov in Japan. America UCLA will hold a show case of Johnnie To’s products. He has attracted interest of many film dealers from Hollywood.

It was rumoured that To is not on god terms with Ekin in the movie ROOT II. He denied such rumour. He & his good partner Han Jia Wei are preparing for Chinese New Year comedy movie starring Andy & Lau Ching Wan, even before he finishes with X’mas movies.

Johnnie intended to introduced FTK to Tokyo but Teamwork couldn’t finish work on preparation, it will goes to Korean Film Festival instead.

Many Japanese asked for his signatures & had photos taken with him. Some came with his v old movie that he said he couldn’t even find them now.

D f

1/11---I always have a dream, that is to be able to pull till ‘one stroke horse-stand’. I had been practicing it since before the Summer holidays concert. I was pulling my tendons all the time, hope one day I can achieve this small dream of mine.

Finally Heaven never fails one with determination. After a series of hardwork, now has some result, I can pull to a ‘one-stroke horse-stand’! Though still need 2 to 3 inches to be complete. But I will still work hard. Hope to show to all to see. Haha, everyone wait & see!

Errata: 'Huan Ya' is Media Asia

Date: 2 Nov 01
Source: news dated 1/11

This morning, a motorcade of 19 container trucks arrived in Hefei. The entourage included 40 over architects from HK. Starting from today, they will be busy in the town, to set up the ‘Flying stage’ for Andy’s concert on the 8th.

These 19 containers carry the equipment for the stage, sound & light systems, worth HK$40 mil. Sources said Andy has 2 sets of such equipment. This set is transferred fr Taiyuan. Equipment for concert in Shanghai on the 10th will be another set. After Hefei, the equipment will be shipped to S’pore. Andy himself carries 2 containers of costumes with him to fly ‘here & there’.

As Andy has many songs, the organiser opens lines for fans to request songs, from the 55 printed on the tic. The top 8 will be the must-sing songs. Till yesterday afternoon, songs with the highest votes are Love U 10,000 Yrs, Man Cry Is No Crime & Icy Rain

From tic sale, abt 26,000 fans will be in Hefei. Transport is free for outstation fans. 4,000 police are deployed to keep order.

Source: Sin Min Daily
Headline: Andy Lau concert, two shows becomes one show

With the economic slowdown, Andy Lau concert in S’pore is slashed from two shows to one!

The concert will be held on he 17th Nov at S’pore Indoor Stadium. Sources said the initial plan was to have 2 shows, but due to the high tic price, at S$140, $110, $85 & $50, with the regional economical slump, the organiser has decided to hold only one show.

[Andy Town: it has never been announced to have 2 shows actually]

Andy has been holding concert in S’pore since ’86 [?? it is ’93 ].

In ’94 his tic price was as high as $180 per tic.

Many who did not manage to buy the tic were disappointed. In order to make room for more people, nmg has added an extra 300 seats. At the initial launch, the bank-card holders enjoyed a 10% discount. Now concert is 2 weeks away, all the seats were taken.

The extra 300 seats were not at v good spots, they are priced lower at $40 & $60 each.

Source: Oriental Daily
Andy Anita Leslie render support

Once a gala event in the entertainment circle, Jacky Chan Cup will stop temporarily. Another event called Media Asia Teamwork Cup will be held, co-hosted by boss of Media Asia Lin Jian Yue, who threw in millions to support. Artistes & popular figures in many movie companies are invited to attend. It will be a 2 day activity, to foster relationship among those in the circle & restore life to movie industry. Teamwork & Media Asia collaborated for the first time to film movie Love U Like Dream.

It will be held on the17th & 18th Nov. A party will be held on the17th nite. Leslie Cheung & others will attend. On the 18th there will be a racing car parade, temporarily not meant for a car race event.

Andy will sit with Anita in one car to lead 30 over others.

Source: The Sun

Owyang Haisuan disclosed that she will film 2 movies soon, & will be acting with Sammi & Andy.

[Names of movies not stated.]

Source: Ta Kung Pao

Sandra & Chang Tat Min were interview at radio stn yesterday for their New Year eve comical show (which Andy is a guest). When asked abt Anita’s role in the new movie, Sandra said she is not too sure, but Anita will act as a single lady, learn dancing from Andy & Sandra. She develops feelings for him, thought she was in love but it is actually her fantasy.

D f

31/10---2 nites ago filmed till dawn, this am went home right after work. Need to have agood sleep. But sleep on the bed, mind still keep thinking of this new movie, finally did not sleep well. Still in my mind all the ime, so after that went back to office for meetings.

Date: 1 Nov 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy sold watches to help the children

2 days ago Andy went to TW for the opening ceremony of the first Omega store in Taipei. Andy sold 3 watches within 30 mins. The distributor specially donated HK$ 50,000 + for Andy to Children Are Us Education Fund, to help those in need.

Andy indicated he will attend Golden Horse Awards next month if he has time.

As his schedule is v packed, he stayed for less then 24 hrs in TW.

Source: The Sun
Headline: Jacky Chan Cup stopped, Andy will go to Macau to support

Jacky Chan Cup will not be held this yr as Jacky is too busy with work. It was said that Andy's Teamwork & Huan Ya Movie Co will hold a Teamwork Cup instead.

Andy had given an official reply to the committee yesterday. He is not taken over hosting of Jacky Cup, he is promoting the movie Love U Like Dream together with the movie production co. He wont be contesting on that day. Anita Mui & Sandra Ng, both stars in the movie will be there to support.

Andy said there is a dinner this 17th Nov, but he will be in S'pore for his concert, so he has to take a direct flight to Macau to attend. Li Yingjian, Teamwork newbie & famous car racer in HK will take part in the race. Accordingly Aaron is taking part too.

(Chen Pao): The Cup will be held on 18 Nov in Macau, there is a gala dinner on the 17th. This activity is different from Jacky Cup, which invites pretty ladies to take part as an attraction. This Teamwork Cup will not be using artistes to race, but require them to sit in the racing cars, as a team to cruise the course once. Many artistes will be invited.

Andy as boss will appear, to lead the team.

D f

30/10---In TW today, attended Omega ribbon-cutting, actually it is also a charity activity, to raise fund for a local retarded children. I posed as salesman, within a short time sold 2 watches, to raise money for the activity. Why sold so fast? Of course la, I know 'my working attitude today is not enough', so I used my most sincere attitude, managed to sell away the 2 watches v fast. After that, rushed back to HK, start to shoot new movie.

Date: 31 Oct 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: Andy replaced Sammi with Anita

Sammi turned down invitation of Andy to film in the movie Love U Like Dream. To replace her, Andy invited Anita Mui to act the movie, coacting with Sandra Ng & himself. The cast is of course is not as good as with Sammi. But Sammi asking price is 45 mil. Andy receives this amt of money filming in Teamwork. But frankly speaking, Andy has a much higher outstation selling value than Sammi, so to pay her so much it is obvious that Andy wonld feel the pain.

Headline/Source: Andy posed as watch salesman (China Times)
Andy is terrific. Posed as watch salesman sold a 250,000 watch within 10 minutes (Min Shen Pao)
Andy as watch salesman performance first class (United News)

Andy flew in to TW for a charity event from a thousand miles away, after his concert in Taiyuan, on 29th Nov.

Despite the packed schedule, he was sprightly & looked good, not a tinge of tiredness. They had Shanghainese food that night, followed by bowling. Andy will release a Cantonese album at end of the year & estimated another Mandarin album by March next year.

Yesterday afternoon he was at the Omega flagship opening in Taipei. In a smart black suit he attracted a large crowd to the shop. The crowd was even more bustling than any other big sale. Some fans posed as temp salesgirl. Andy posed as the salesman, a young lady bought a watch costing 250,000 from him. Andy help her to put on, she was blushed.

Another similar watch was sold by Andy later

When Andy was invited to cut ribbon, he turned down the offer at first, saying he does not usually do this, but when he heard it is a charity to help Children Are Us, he readily agreed.

The watch distributor donated 250,000 to the Children Are Us charity.

Andy was invited by Omega to be the spokesman next year. Omega has always used international stars as world spokesman.

The shop was so crowded that the media could only enter to take pictures in batches. Andy the salesman was v patient, again & again he smiled & posed for them to take photos.

After photo taking, he disappeared, the time in the shop was only 15 minutes. After the event he rushed to the airport.

He did not take the fee, in return Omega presented him with an antique watch of limited edition dated 1938.

Talking on antique watches, Andy is full of knowledge. He had 60 over antiques collected since he was 20. All the watches were stolen when he house was broken in in '95 while he was filming in Thailand.

Source: Newspaper from Shanghai
An interview with Andy: Increase in age, increase in charisma

Before the special interview with Andy, 10 over females asked for a favour---can please get an autograph photo of him. Because it goes against my working principle, so rejected them totally. Of course followed with a remark to express apology: "Andy Lau is already 40, what is there to chase." The reply I got was unanimous: "40, man is just beginning...."

Pushing the sofa over, lucky to be one of the only 2 media granted with the privilege to have an exclusive interview with him, worth the price of waiting outside the door for one over hr. After all the interviews from TV & radio stns, the reporter was invited to the room.

Due to communication error, the other party thought all interviews were over. He started packing & prepared to leave. Though the Shanghai organiser was a bit 'shocked', he just kept quiet & allowed the guest to pack his things. The reporter shouted loudly, "Still got our interview not done."

Andy, startled, immediately said, "Sorry, sorry". His clasped both his hands to ten, a gesture of apology.

The reporter took out the notebook. Andy saw his sofa was a distance away from the reporter, actively suggested, "Too far, we get nearer a bit."

After saying, before waiting for his asst to do it, he already pushed the sofa over.

This action reminded the reporter 2 things. 1) 8 yrs ago when Andy was late for the press con in Shanghai, he was confronted by the reporters. He couldnt give an answer. He turned, under the protection of his guards he walked away. 2) 5 yrs ago he came to Shanghai to promote his movie, a female fan jumped from her seat & darted onto his body, asking for an autograph. The guards came over & pulled her head away. Andy pushed the guards aside, held up the female fan, gave her what she wanted.

Within these 8 yrs the reporter had interview Andy many times, but it was the first time as close as 1 m .

As an artiste, Andy method of conserving his look is indeed one grade higher than the norm. Years seems to leave no marks on his face.

[Medically Andy Town fully agrees with below, thus the highlight.
Remember the one who took his measurements for Wax Museum? She was equally amazed by his perfect measurements.]

His handsome look originates from his perfect proportion of his frontal bones & cheek bones. This is higher than the normal yellow-skinned species & yet not too protuberant as in the Caucasians. His eyes, nose, mouth & ears are set in the right ratio distribution & yet not losing in distinction.

With a face such as this, one can only sigh with admiration. It will be unfair not to let him become a star.

The reporter said had seen his LOAD & felt that it is the best movie by him. Andy was not humble, he nodded immediately in agreement. But his reasons are v meaningful:

"I am satisfied with the movie is because of the special technique used in making me fat. The reason being for once I dont need to let people see my face, only allowing them to see my eyes. I hope my eyes can also move people. People dont see the face of Andy Lau, & can still accept Andy Lau. This movie gives me more confidence with my acting skill."

Many artiste after 20 reaching 35 golden period will close down. But Andy is getting busier & busier.

"I filmed 4 movies last year. This year 3 at least. Also want to release albums. Of course, need to take care of my movie company. Fruit Chan was brought out by Andy Lau."

Remember the 3 yrs from '96 to '98. Andy ever trained bowling diligently, reaching a level of 190 to 200 professional marks. Asked why there is no news on this now. Andy smiled.

"I myself is not sure if I can score 160 now. Really too busy, no time. Next time when I am a bit more free, I will definitely go again. "

Asked after 40, is there any definite plan. Andy said, "Every year has work for that year, now the thing I wish most is to do Shanghai concert well."

Date: 30 Oct 01
Source: Apple Daily
Headline: ‘Face & head' changed at Tokyo Film Festival. Edison's 'Wishing Tree' becomes ‘ A Moment of Romance III'

Acted by Edison Chan & Amanda, Wishing Tree was premiered at Tokyo Cultural Center 2 nights ago. The poster used to promote the movie carries the name 'A Moment Of Romance III'. This leads to the misconception that the movie was 'A Moment of Romance III' acted by Andy Lau & Jacqualine Wu in '96. Is it because when this movie was screened during Summer holidays in HK it was last in the box office, collected only abt HK$800,000, so the name was changed by Japanese film distributor to cover up ?

Johnnie To, director & producer of A Moment of Romance III said he was not aware of this, but showed some unhappiness. At phone interview he said he has no control & it is hard to pursue the matter. The executive producer of Wishing Tree Chen Bushen is his good friend, he had taken part in filming of A Moment of Romance series, so it is hard to pursue the matter. He will leave it to Mr & Mrs Heung to decide. But he feels that if one were to pirate another person's name, it is only ethical to tell the other party. He hopes one should have more discipline & respects the other person.

Raymond Wong, producer of Wishing Tree when contacted, denied knowing the matter.

Source: Sanxi Wanbao
Headline: Under moonlight last night Andy stirred up emotions of few tens of thousands fans

Looking from the furthest viewing station, Heavenly King Andy was just a palm-sized shadow, vaguely visible, but I believe, he is the only one leaving an indelible memory to 45,000 people last night. Under such a situation when tens of thousands people in unison singing to the tune, you would sigh again & again, the touching scene between a powerful idol & his fans.

The concert last night at the city stadium was one of his Concert World Tour station. First 10 over songs were all familiar classics of the years. This set the concert to a climax right from the beginning. When he sang Moon R M H, 40 over thousands chorused in unison to the simple & yet touching lyrics. The beautiful & great background singing of the audience brushed gently beside your ears, lights went all out silently, moonlight shone from atop, it was touching like time passed beyond.

Born in 1961, entered showbiz at age 19, 20 years of happenings. These 45,000 audience not only have the hot blooded youth’s ‘boisteri-ty’, there are memories, & the time passed.beyond.

When Andy sang Water Of Forgetfulness, I (the writer) walked to the center viewing station furthest away, listened quietly to the tens of thousands singing along. From here almost could see nothing. But clearly seen on the big screen were thousands of hands waving green light sticks. Under the enchanting gentle singing, those extravagant costumes, beautiful & ever-changing lights, perfect sound effect, all the latest new gimmicks, plus Heavenly Lau baring the toned chest, all seemed to be not so important.

The concert lasted 3 hrs. When he finished singing the last song, under the shrieks of lovelorn female fans he waved everyone goodbye. The night was deep, monlight still strong.

Heard Andy had attracted countless audience to here, even as far as Sizuan. For some reasons or other, when the concert started, there were still a thousands over fans with tickets lingering outside, until end of concert, they could not even caught a glimpse of Andy.

Source: Taiyuan TV Station
Title: Andy professionalism touched the audience. Security persons impudent acts sadden people.

Under a temp of 6 to 7 degree C, Andy donning a white singlet wrought in rain, with the song Icy Rain touched all the audience on the floor. His professionalism is evidently present. The night Andy had almost finished performing all his famous songs, his dance with the female dancer was an eye-opener for all.

From beginning to end Andy did not show any sign of slackness. This is in accordance with his seriousness with work & his professionalism.

Performance of Taiyuan fans was equally outstanding. Though the show was delayed by half an hr, the audience rendered fullest & incessant support with loud applause, cheering, from beginning to end.

But, in contrast to the performer's professionalism & gracious behaviour of audience was disorderly organisation. The security behaviour was like hooligans. Many reporters were barred outside the door at the previous press con. Before the show, many audience with tickets were denied entry to the show. Mnay security guards used their position to bring in their own friends & relatives.

The reporter also noted that a pregnant lady was pushed aside roughly when there was some dispute with her ticket. This behaviour riled the people around there.

Comment: comparing to such an excellent show, the unruly behaviour is damaging to the image of Taiyuan people. Dont spread civilisation & kill civilisation at the same time.

[Andy Town: News report from China are always written with higher Chinese loaded with flowery words. My inadequacy in language becomes apparent. This reminds me of a friend---Jaime. Words flow from her pen will be as beautiful. Jaime is now in UK doing her Masters in Law. Do keep in touch with egroups...I am sorry that you cannot come back for Genting concert next month. Take care & best wishes from us always, dear girl.]

Source: Oriental Daily

3 Lunar new Year movies will hit the big screen this year.

One of which is by China Star starring Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo & Cecilia Cheung. It is a movie on wooing girls. The other 2 movies one by Golden harvest will star Sammi & Richie Ren, The other period movie will star Tony Leung, Faye Wong, & Vicki Chao.

Source: Min Shen Pao

Omega opens its first flagship shop in the North today . Andy is invited as the ribbon cutting guest. A mission impossible task was given to Andy, he has to sell 3 watches within 30 min. The organiser & Andy are donating 250,000 to education foundation.

D f

29/10---Finished with Taiyuan concert, this am rushed back to HK again, then rushed to TW, the whole day taking plane like taking car, really sit till back a bit pain.
After almost a whole day, night time can relax a bit, because have time to go bowling!

Date: 29 Oct 01 @ 1530hrs
News from
Title: Taiyuan concert met with blizzard

The 3rd station for China concert Tour in Taiyuan was held last nite under a cold temperature. It was a full house of 40,000. Security was v tight last nite, situation was orderly.

The sequence of concert performance was the same as the 2 previous stations. The only difference was the weather was really v cold. The director & workers were all worried with the man-made rain scene, worried Andy would not be able to stand it. But finally he performed under the rain. The audience returned with loud & enthusiastic applause. Other than supporting Andy, they appreciate & respected his professionalism.

Towards the end of the concert, when Andy was singing full-heartedly, the audience in the last few rows, suddenly lighted up their lighters. The lights sent whiff of warmth to the stadium, the effect was v heart-warming. The concert ended under a v touching scene.

D f

28/10---So freezing cold! it was so cold in Taiyuan tonite. But tonite got concert in Taiyuan. Before the show, the director considered scrapping man-made rain scene, because the weather was really v cold. He was worried that I would fall sick. But I hope all the audience in all concert can see this scene, at the end I insisted on doing it.
Saw the v warm support from 40,000 audience, really transformed cold to warmth. Though throughout the whole nite as I performed my nose ran, I am v happy performing, thanks a lot to the support from Taiyuan fans!

[ touching, feel like crying as I type..]

[A T runs out of pic today...]

Date: 29 Oct 01
Source: Apple Daily

Hot social dance has now become a fashion in the social circle. A social dance nite was held 2 nites ago. Mr & Mrs Heung took the new comer Cherrie Yin Caier along.

Mrs Hueng disclosed that China Star is filming a dance movie soon. The leads in the movie are Andy & Cherrie.

Source: Yangtse Wanbao

Andy's concert tour in China does not include Nanjing city. This upsetted hearts of many Nanjing fans. Though Nanjing is not too far from Hefei or Shanghai, but in order to see Andy's concert, fans have to find transport & lodging, this is really troublesome.

Hefei concert organiser is prepared to provide transport for fans in Nanjing to go to Hefei for Andy's concert.

The news aroused intense interest of fans in Nanjing. The ticket booth, hot line were crowded. 3 spots are available for the free transport. With the ticket, they can take the free transport to Hefei.

Source: Min Shen Pao

Andy has been to TW the most times among all his overseas trips. He likes to read, but he hasnt been to the most famous book store, 'Zhen Ping', in TW yet.

Not that Andy does not wish to go, the shop owner is wary with Andy's visit, the situation in the shop will become chaotic. The first time Andy proposed the visit, reporters were called. Another smaller shop on the other hand was happy to receive him, but business had to be suspended first.

Andy is determined to visit 'Zhen Ping' one day, he said he will go in simple clothing...

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27/10---Today set off to Taiyuan. From HK went to Guangzhou by car, to take a flight to Taiyuan. But the flight was delayed, & delay, a total of almost 3 hrs. Waited till I was blurred. The time was meant to be 3pm, finally reached Taiyuan at past 8 pm.
This is the first time I come to Taiyuan. Thought the place is further & thus more rural, perhaps not too advanced. But when I reached the city center, there were many neon lights, the progress is more than I expected.

2 things are v famous in Taiyuan, namely vinegar & mian. Tonite I tasted hand-made mian & mian shredded by knife. Both types are v nice. I have always like to eat my food with vinegar. These 2 local products suited my taste v much. Could I be a Taiyuan person originally? Haha!

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