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10/9 to 18/9---I am leaving for a holiday in Australia on the 10th, & shall be back on the 18th. News update maybe a bit delayed.
Till then, take care & byebye!

CONGRATULATIONS!! ANDY is the winner of Most Popular Male Singer in S'pore Hit Awards 2001! Thanks for your votes!

September is a special month in Andy Town. E-mail me your bday wishes for Andy.

[...thick furry boots of Eskimos...]


Joey writes: haPPy birthDAY!!! hello andy, first of all allow me to wish u a very happy 40th birthday and sincerely hoped that u will have many happy returns on 27/09/01....but bear in mind, work hard but not 4getting that its time for u to get a "mrs lau" already.... "seng yuk fai lok" from ur s'pore fan....joey

juliana achmad writes: hello-hello.......I wanna say "Happy Birthday ANDY LAU".If your Birthday's half as great as you will have fun the whole day through. Have a great day!! Semoga Tuhan Selalu Bersamamu. Amiiiiiin. September is also special month for me. My birthday is 4 september.

Soh Yen Jin writes: Hi all this is jane here, here i want to wish Andy a very Happy Birthday! Hope Andy will enjoy his Birthday and hope all his wishes and dreams will come true. I also really hope that Andy will take good care of himself, and hope he will flim more good movies and sing more good songs! And also want to tell Andy that all singapore fans are waiting here for his concert hope that time we will really have a good time! Lastly congratulations to andy for getting the MOST POPULAR MALE SINGER in the HITS AWARDS

andy chheuy writes: Happy B-Day to Andy Lau.


Stephanie Ng writes: Birthday Wishes to Andy lau! Hi Andy Lau Just want to wish u the best of wishes that u have a great birthday! And hope I can see u in Toronto! since u r going there! I really want Wish U a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My birthday is in Spetember 18 very close to yours. Stephanie AKA Stef

A Happy & Sweet Birthday to you, Stef, from Andy Town.

Angus.L writes: Happy Bday to ANDY LAU! Hi, Sept is also a special month for me. It is also my Bday. I therefore wish Andy Lau all the best to his singing and acting career. Also, success for all his concenrt around the globe. Hope he will soar to greater heights. His achievements, everyone knoes abt it. I am proud of him. He is always The Man of Steel in our minds. He is always our best respected idol. HAPPY BDAY to those who in the moth of Spet like me... Bye.....

Happy Birth-month & Happy Birth-day to you too, dear friend!

Date: 17 Sept 01 @ 0830 hrs

Andy will be in Melbourne today for a fan'sgathering-cum-bday celebration.

News update will resume on/after 19 th Sept when I am back home in S'pore.

Date: 16 Sept 01
Headline/Source: Stranded in foreign land for 3 days, fighting for seats with tens of thousands passengers. A pretty lady helped Andy to get out of Canada (Apple Daily)
Andy flew over NY safely on his journey to Australia. Thousands queue up to clear customs, just like a war (Oriental Daily)
Andy felt like fighting a war (Sing Tao)
Andy finally left Toronto & arrived in Australia (The Sun)
Andy: boarding a plane is like fighting a war (Ta Kung Pao)
Andy left Canada safely. Chinese ground crew volunteered help to leave Canada (Ming Pao)

Attack of the terrorists on America had led to the paralysis of transport in N America. Andy who was in Canada was affected. He was grounded for 3days.

The process of getting a flight out of Canada was fraught with lots of hardship. There were more than 10,000 tourists stranded in Canada. The airport was v chaotic.

3 days ago Andy went to the airport at 4am. He bought a ticket to go to Korea, but it was announced later at 9am that all Korean flights for the day were cancelled. He had no choice but to wait again. At 2 pm, there was a flight to Japan. He quickly bought the ticket. But it was again rumoured to be cancelled.

Luckily Andy met with kind souls. At the airport there was a Chinese lady ground crew who knew that that flight was the most probable flight out for that day. Andy had waited at a wrong place. So in a hurry they set off to the right boarding gate. But when he was there, thousands were already waiting to be checked in. The plane was taking off soon, Andy was extreamly worried, luckily this ground crew again helped him to check in. It was just 5 min before plane took off time.

Despite boarding the plane successfully, Andy waited for another 2 hrs before the plane took off. The plane was not full, despite tic being sold out. This was because of stringent checking of luggage, leading to many who couldnt board the plane in time to board.

After 11 hrs of long wait at the airport, Andy finally reached Japan successfully at 2am yesterday. From Japan he changed a flight to Australia.

The situation was like having a war. In phone call, Andy said ,"I have never experienced such a situation, many thousands wanted to board the plane, but almost all flights were cancelled. I was so worried for not being able to board the plane. When I saw one going to Japan, I immediately buy ticket, but was useless, the checked-in line was so long.

"Actually that day the plane was not full, because of v stringent checking of luggage, everyone is checked for a long time. Much time was wasted. I was so happy to reach Japan. I find myself like coming from another world, finally escaped from danger successfully!"

Andy was able to take the first flight out of Toronto was because of help from a Chinese lady ground crew, he wished to thank her thro' the newspapers. But this ground crew who helped him was scolded by many who queued up. Andy said he is apologetic to them, but he has commitment to go to Australia, it couldn't be helped.

His plane flew passed NY, but he was not aware of it, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep. he knew it only when he was in Japan.

He will arrived in Sydney on 16th morning for the concert at night.

Date: 15 Sept 01 @ 2030hr

Sydney concert will be on 16th Sept. Andy arriving tomorrow in Sydney. Concert in Melbourne is cancelled.

As u can understand, Andy has & is trying his best to make it out to the fans!

D fr

14/9---Andy is on his way to Australia, diary stopped one day.

Date: 15 Sept 01 @ 1100hr

Concert in Sydney most probably cancelled today, as Andy is not in Sydney yet.

Date: 15 Sept 01 @ 0830hr

Andy is arriving Sydney this morning!

D fr

13/9---Everyone here is as worried as burning fire, everyone is thinking abt what to do with concerts in Australia. Knowing the airport is closed, still packed the luggage & tried to wait for the plane. Hope to catch the first flight ever to leave the place. Of course……..there is not a single person at the airport, still closed, we go back empty handed.
All is not under control, we could only sigh helplessly!
Other than going back disappointed, really somewhat unhappy! Today had many phone calls, but every call is asking abt the concert directly, & not a single one asking abt our situation at the moment, ai…..v pitiful!

12.9---Most of the people stay back at the hotel today. But everyone is v busy, everyone is calling, asking abt the situation in the airport & seating condition, telling friends & relatives that we are safe, & making arrangements for concert in Australia. As such…most probably the concert will be postponed, but everyone is already trying the best, any changes, take note at!

Date: 14 Sept 01 @ 1200hrs Melb

[Andy Town: Sydney airport is closed this morning due to collapse of Ansette Airlines. Hope there is no problem for Andy in coming to Sydney.]

Headline/Source: Stranded in Toronto. Frequent trips to airport to wait for flight resume. Andy in Canadian airport looked at pastry to quench hunger (Apple Daily)
Andy stranded in Toronto 3 days. Cancellation of flight, no able to go to Australia (Oriental Daily)
Andy goes to & fro Toronto airport empty-handed (The Sun)
Andy casting net like fisherman in buying plane tickets. Airport closed, trip to Australia suspended (Ming Pao)
Andy unable to go to Australia because of closure of airport (Sing Tao)
Airport as home to wait for flight resume Andy to cancel Australia concert (Ta Kung Pao)

Andy was stranded in Toronto for an extra 3 days. Everyday he went to & fro from airport, hoping for flight resume. In a phone call home yesterday, he said, "Since 4 am in the morning, I have been going to & fro the airport 3 times, hoping the airport is opened & I can board the plane at the first hour. But I waited till 12 noon, there was no one who can give me an answer. There is not a single staff working. Every flight has the word cancelled next to it.

"There is security guards at every entrance. They told me there is no point going inside. Even no one is seen at the pastry shop, one can just see, cant even buy food to eat."

As it is too troublesome to go back to hotel every time, Andy shifted to a friend's house nearby to stay, so it is easier for him to go to the airport.

In order to get to Australia in time, just tickets alone Andy had bought 5 to 6, now all became waster paper due to cancellation. Andy said he had told the organiser in Australia to refund tickets for fans. But no matter what, he will still go to Australia once, maybe just to have a fans' gathering.

At the moment, he hopes to catch a 8:45am flight to Vancouver, then to Korea & to Australia. Then only he will be able to make it to the concert on the 16th in Sydney.

Though it is 20 over hrs of flight, Andy said he will be happy just to be able to fly. He is not sure what will happen, he will still see fans in Australia, so they wont be disappointed.

Date: 13 Sept 01 @ 2130 hrs Melb Andy's concert in Sydney is changed to Saturday, 15th instead of Friday 14th. Concert in Melbourne is as scheduled on Sunday 16th.

Date: 13 Sept 01
Headline/Source: Stranded in Canada, Andy could not board plane. Concert in Sydney postponed(Apple Daily)
Andy stranded in Toronto. Flight cancelled, not able to go to Australia for concert (Oriental Daily)
Andy stranded in Toronto concert in Australia postponed (The Sun)
Andy stranded in Toronto, faced terrorists attack in America while attending Film Fest (Ming Pao)
Andy stranded in Toronto (Sing Tao/Ta Kung Pao)

Andy went to Toronto to attend its Film Festival few days ago. He planned to go to Sydney 2 evenings ago, from Toronto via LA, for his concert performance. But on the same day America was attacked by the terrorists. Airport in Toronto was closed. Andy is thus stranded in Toronto. FF was stopped for a day with the outbreak of the disaster.

In a trunk call home, Andy said, "Actually I was v happy coming to Toronto, but never expected such disaster happened on the last day. I was v sad to see the news on CNN in the morning. Never know such horrible disaster can happened. Really wish that was just filming of a movie, & nothing was true. I really respect the rescue workers. They sacrifice their lives to save others. The more I see the sadder I am."

Andy planned to take 6pm flight from Toronto to LA, then to Australia. But all flights were cancelled. Actually there was a flight to HK that evening but as it has to pass thro Alaska, it was too cancelled.

Yesterday at 4 pm, Andy & his asst went to airport again, hoping to catch a flight to Vancouver, then back to HK, before going to Australia. But the airport was empty. They were told abt cancellation of flight at 6pm. They had to go back to hotel again. Andy said, "Now I can not make it to the concert in Sydney on the 14th. The most is to Melbourne concert on the 16th. Then back to Sydney on the 18th. Such a big thing happened, I am sure the fans understand."

Telecommunications in Toronto was stopped for 4hrs,Andy was not able to call home in HK till 1 am HK time.

D fr

11/9---Today something v big happened, believe everyone has seen fr the TV, it happen really too suddenly, other than giving shock to everyone, really make us v painful in the heart!
Everyone dont worry, I am now in the hotel safely watching TV all the time, taking note of the latest happenings. My only worry is, not sure when the airport will open so I & my assistants can return to HK. Andy reporting fr Toronto.

[...& this is Katherine reporting from Melbourne!]

Date: 12 Sept 01

You must had watched the horrifying news. What was usually seen on movies was the real breaking news from CNN.
Warmest regards to all the fans in America & Andy in Toronto.
Take care, all of you!!
May Peace prevails on Earth.

Date: 11 Sept 01 @ 2030 hrs Melbourne

Greetings to you from Katherine from Down Under!

Hi Tai, Hi Veronica, Katherine calling from the other pole! Hi Margaret, coming or not??..Hi to all...Hi to Andy in Toronto....

Our sweet Aussie fans, Jesy & Cecilia, will report to u on concerts in Aust, stay tune to alau mailing list!

Meanwhile, here is the update on the diary...

D fr

10/9---Came to Toronto Film Fest, found out FTK is quite welcomed here. Actually only one show was arranged ror screening, but the response fr movie dalers was hot, the cinema added another 2 shows. V happy to hear the good news. Also this trip becomes unfruitful.
Today alos went to a v special place, we visited a vine yard. Watcheed how wine was being brew fr beginning to end, & tasted the freshly brew grape wine.

Date: 10 Sept 01
Headline/Source: Andy caused a rousing stir at Toronto Film Fest (Apple Daily)
Andy’s charm swept Toronto. FTK exceedingly hot (Xing Pao)
Andy hosted premiere ceremony of FTK in Toronto Film Fest (Oriental Daily)
Andy views Toronto FF with weight (Ming Pao)
Andy appeared at Toronto FF, FTK invited for show (Sin Pao)

Andy set off to Toronto few days ago. His movie, FTK, was premiered at midnight Sunday. Though it was only for viewing, Andy took it seriously & hosted the ceremony. Despite being at the wee hour in the morning, fans’ enthusiasm was undaunted. Many had come from outstations & many of them were Caucasians. The fans were v excited with his appearance. They screamed, clapped & asked for autograph. Some came with specially-made pink heart-shaped balloons just to get his attention.

Andy was equally excited & happy to see the rousing welcome. He gestured them to keep quite for the movie to be screened.

His popularity is no less than Hollywood stars.

The movie opened to a full house.

He will hold concert tour later in the year in America, the fans will be able to get closer to him then.

D fr

8/9---Today have a gathering with Canadian AWC members. Maybe because life is quieter here, the members here are more gentle than the HK membes. Other than cutting the bday cake to pre celebrate my bday, they gave me quite a lot of gifts…………..also asked many questions, topics mostly on the concert & new movies. Actually the continuous support & concern from all, I really have nothing more to ask for, only a big ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart!
Went back to hotel for a short rest, later on I am going for the premiere of FTK. Premiere is at 12 midnight here, so………I want to rest now………byebye………..

[I wish you were there, Jane!... ]

Date: 9 Sept 01

Singapore radio stn FM933 held its 8th annual Hit awards last night. Andy emerged winner of Most Popular Male Singer. This is the 4th time he wins the title, a feat unsurpassed. Sammi Cheng was the Most Popular female Singer.

D fr

7/9---1st day in Toronto. At breakfast time in the morning, bumped in to my ‘rival’, one who is always looking for me, finally caught by him now. He is Simon Yin! Actually the world is v small! After the concert, today is the first day of real rest. A gp of us went to Nigara Falls for sight-seeing, as tourist for a day, quite fun!

Date: 8 Sept 01
D fr

5/9---Abt to leave HK, many matter to settle, work is full to the brim today. Other than a few hrs of dance practice, have meetings for 'don’t know how many times'. All abt work arrangements I am going to have in the next few months & plans co will have. Interesting thing is I forgot abt the time, have 2 meetings appts at the same time. So...I have to run in & out... of the 2 meetings rooms at the same time. Busy….v v much!

4/9---After the concert………..keep on raining. Every day is either ‘yellow rain’, 'red rain’ or ‘black rain’. Have arranged some work outdoor, keep postponing again & again. As I am leaving HK soon, there is really no time to delay. So forced to film the new series of com today.
Really funny………this morning though is not sunny. Still there is no rain, some blue sky & white clouds in between. But the crew is still v worried, worried the weather will change in the way! Maybe have done many good needs always, ‘do good begets good’……so today whole day there is not a single drop of rain, really thankful to Heavenly God for the blessings!

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